Christmas Romance Book Cover

Graphic type: Cover

Title: A Christmas to Remember

Author: M.L.Tracy

Genre: Christmas Romance

Mood: Happy, Joy

Colors: Christmas Colors. or Blue and White/Silver

Simple/Manip: Manip


For those who try: A follow, comment on 5 chapters of one novel.
We can talk about it, if I choose your cover


Not a cover artist aaaaand I don’t like telling people read my books but I’m bored and have canva premium can I try?

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I… I just like purple and gold it makes me happy but if you don’t like anything down to the snow is edited, so I can take it out or whatevs but Wa-la my rendition.


Do you mind if I take a crack at it later?

Okay, so I had to kill some time :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I’m supposed to be asleep, following a 9 hour overnight shift, but here we are:

One with a Christmas bow

Edit 2: the font was a template but can be interchangeable

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Could you specify some more? What are the main elements of your book?

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