Christmas time is either here or almost here!

Depending on where you live in the world, it’s either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day tomorrow.

It’s either going to be another day for you or a special day, depending on your situation.

Thought and Feelings?

Regardless of what it is for you, Merry/Happy Christmas to all of you!

Do not appear on Santa's naughty list


Happy Goku beating the shit outta Frieza day!


Yikes! :cold_sweat:


How’s everyone Christmas Eve or Christmas Day is going so far?


Merry Christmas Qualeshia! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Merry late Christmas to you as well! :grin:


Happy holidays! :hugs:

Now we’re closer to New Years!

Unfortunately, it was just another day (for Christmas). We traveled to see my sister and parents, and it was a small holiday because money is tight with all of us, though our parents still bought us some stuff. I got a book, a hair diffuser, a shirt, skirt, and another piece of clothing I can’t quite recall.

But it was also a rough night because the sister we went to see has dogs that are very naughty and aren’t well trained, and one of them bit her (trying to take a piece of ham) while she suffered stomach pain and dealt with their excessive barking because we brought our dogs since we couldn’t afford the 400 on boarding (and we’d board them up here in the city but they have to pass tests to see if they do well with other dogs—which they don’t, not really… it takes them a while to get used to the dog and even then, they’re very protective over each other—and also have to be fixed which one of the two isn’t fixed, plus they’re a lot more expensive (30-50 a night per dog). The boarding where we live is like, “We’ll take her” and that’s it. And it’s 15 a night per dog).

But along with all her medical issues, she ended up going to the hospital Christmas night and spending the night there to get her gallbladder removed as he stomach pain was coming from gallstones.

And at the same time, my parents had to leave back to their home two hours away because one of my mom’s front desk employees quit so she had to take over the desk the next morning.


But my sister got out and is feeling a little better but has some minor issues walking and bending and stuff. While also feeling kind of sick. And after lounging around the house for a few days, we finally got out of the house to do stuff, so I’m kind of happy about that.

It’s a vacation, but more like a vacation from home. :sweat_smile: Since it doesn’t feel like an actual vacation. But honestly, I’m not ready to leave. We’re supposed to be back on the road on the second. :confused: Every time we stay here, it makes me want to move more and more. :sob:

How has your holidays been?


Yup and that will be another day for me as well. Minus the good food that I will have on that day.


Ordinary and the typical same.
Spend the holidays with my mom/stay in my room doing the same thing.