Great, I look forward to seeing what you come up with :blush:

Ref 1 | Ref 2
Skin: like the second one here
Hair: Dark (almost black) brown, a little higher than waist-length
Eyes: like this- dark brown
Weight: Strong and fit.
Expression: almost annoyed, one eyebrow raised and arms crossed(if possible!)
Genre: High Fantasy/
Background: Anything.
A little more info: This is an Indian Fantasy, so I’d love it if you could have her in a sari something like this

Also, here’s a pinterest board for the story you could take inspo from (all the models there might fit as my protagonist, as long as the colors work) Empire of Lies

Also, thank you SO MUCH!

Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see you’d replied me until now!

Character 1
Character references - Her skin is a dark brown, she wears her hair in medium length cornrows and has chocolate eyes
Expression - she usually has an indifferent expression or one of profound boredom
Genre - its a black fantasy in a precolonial african setting so she wears something like


with a plain skirt
Background - just a black smokey background like your second example

Character 2
Character references - She’s light skinned, almost tawny, wears medium length braids and has hazel eyes
Expression - determined, and almost always has a smile
Genre - same as Character 1
Background - same as Character 1

I’d like it they were standing like this

I know this is a lot, so just let me know if it’s too much, ty!

Is this still open? Or are you going to wait for recovery?

It will become legit when the prices balance out. I am certain.

I’d rather not kill the environment to own a receipt to a URL, but that’s just me! I’m big on my social issues. :slight_smile:

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Hey! No, this is not open. I intend to complete ones I said I would when I get time, but work is sooo busy right now T_T


Ah alright! All the best!

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I’m probably too late, but if you open again after catching up, I’d really appreciate if you could create art for my MC and her best friend.


Character References are photos. Boy has black hair and blue eyes and slightly tan because he is white and Native American. MC is biracial (black and white) with Auburn hair and hazel eyes, and has freckles across her nose.
Expression: Neutral
Genre: Mystery
Background: Preferably the same and a forest.

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