Come ramble about anything

Go all out! Ramble for paragraphs and paragraphs about some niche interest of yours! Or do a short and sweet ramble, your brief thoughts on something!

Basically it’s a place where people can prioritize talking to themselves over talking to other people? (But you can chat too!) It’s really interesting to hear about people’s niche interests, latest crush, ordinary breakfast, or literally whatever else.

This was a thread I had on the old forums and also on my discord server. It’s something I really like. just rambling and listening to people ramble about whatever they want to.


I kind of like having Athilis as my profile pic since I’m currently in love with her, and I created her design specifically as one I’d relate to.
However, this pic of her is kind of muddy and not the best. I have made several drawings of her face, so I should see if there’s another I’d like to use. (edit: I changed it. I like this one.)
Athilis has a lovely design. I really want to see more androdynous girls in fiction. There’s just this certain vibe that I want to vibe with. (I’m too tired to be coherent :joy:)
It’s like, being female doesn’t necessarily mean long hair, a less direct manner, or any of the other things that are commonly portrayed as feminine. And if you don’t have those things it doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian either. Although I wonder if my being asexual has something to do with my gender presentation. Being asexual doesn’t really have much attached to it in terms of how we dress, from what I looked up.
But yeah. I want to see myself represented, and somehow even creating my own character that I relate to makes me feel good.


Oof, let’s see if I can ramble while keeping it vague, since I don’t really like naming my Party or our ideology openly, I just keep it as “The Party”, but okay

My Party is simply the best
The first day I arrived, I meet our First Secretary, the Leader of the Party, he bought me a coca-cola

The first event I went to, it was one of the best days of my life, not the best one tho, I must leave that to the 08/09/2018, but it was really great, I felt like I had finally found my place. I meet lots of interesting people! The entire leadership of the Party, the Ideological Formation Committee, etc.
I also meet weird people tho, since our Ideology is a little controversial, that’s bout to happen, I meet the daughter of an important ex-general of a Peruvian Terrorist Group O_O The general himself wasn’t there tho, idk if he’s in prison or what, other members of the Party left it clear to me that we by no means support terrorism tho, which was a calming thing to hear

Anyway, moving on, then the first meetings came, it was great, we would go out and give out newspaper, paste propaganda on walls, etc.

We were a small cell, 4 people, which was the Cell Leader, his wife, and two old men, I was the youngest (Unless we count the Cell Leader’s son, who isn’t part of the Party as he’s 4, but he was always there in the meetings), we discussed lots of stuff, most of which I can’t tell you, I tried to get my friends into the Party… unsucesfully, before it was finally succesful, a friend I made joined after I presented her to Party members, she was quick to join in. She’s from another cell tho, but our cell also growed, now we are like 10 people, we decided a few weeks ago that it’s time to create a more formal hierarchical structure in the cell now that we have more people, so there is now a Agitation and Propaganda Committee, of which I’m part of

Meanwhile, the Student’s Organization was created and I obviously was one of the Founding members, I rejected leadership positions tho, later, the Woman’s Front was created, I didn’t join it at first since I thought I was male

My friend went to her first event and there she meet the First Secretary, I presented him to her, he signed our books, and ever since them we are, we could say, his favourites, there are lots of Secundary Students now, but we are like, the ones he always talks to. Although in last event before covid he was busy :frowning:

The Party also made me meet interesting people from diverse parts of the world, I meet an ambassador from another country here in Chile. I also meet representatives from the Cuban Government :astonished:

I also had to live a “split” in the Party, tho calling it like that would be a benefit, it happened on my friend’s cell and she’s partly responsable (In a good way tho), she was in a meeting and casually noticed another member’s notebook had weird instructions, such as “Go to the bathroom for 5 minutes, then come back”, she reported it, and they discovered he was an undercover cop, he defended himself saying this was a move by the Central Committee to stop him from arising to power (Which is a pretty ridiculous statement considering that no one cared about him, and this isn’t a Game of Thrones episode), he was expelled, so he and his girlfriend started a new Party and called everyone to join… no one did, however, our intelligence committee qualified his Party as a “Split from us”, the other Party died next year

Finally, my friend has got 3 people into the Party, she has never missed a meeting, obeys our statutes greatly, and she’s very excited for the whole Party thing, she’s considered an exemplary member, and I’m so happy for her!

That’s all I have to say

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ooh link to your discord server, maybe

actually nah that sounds like a bad idea

I really want to see more androdynous girls in fiction

I want to see girls who are actually emotionall strong in fictionnnn
maybe I’m jut looking at all the wrong sections
for once,

actually, I’ve never watched a rom-com out of kdrama
and then i did.
it was like
watchin YA come to life on screen
annoying voices
guys pretending to be cool while also pretending to be normal
girls pretending they’re not interested when the music in the backgorund and all their friends say otherwise

i wanted to break my TV
or at least walk out of the rooooom
especially when they pretend the characters have more depth than the 2D excuses for some shallow romance

ok i don’t hate romance
but I kinda do

I mean, if you were going to go with the “terrible first meeting” trope, AT LEAST MAKE IT ACTUALLY LOGICAL
it was the usual “the girl misunderstands something about the guy and then snaps at him”
ahhhhhh ugh


and then
when it’s not STRAIGHT romance

they make the girl lesbian or something!

I like a good character dynamic, too,
but romance isn’t the answer to everythinggggg

what about cool friendship??
or just
vague relationships??
romance sucks the interest in a story away from the main plot
just sucks.
:eye: :eye:

it was nice to read at first,
but then I started seeing romance in KIDS SHOWS.
they don’t need that trash!
they’re 5, 6, 10
it’s like the idea ‘romance is normal’ is being shoved down their throats!
WHY is it difficult to even find a kid’s movie without romance???

i’m trying very hard to say somethign positive about romance right now

oh! those stories that don’t pretend to be any deeper than a romance,
those are nice.
they acknowledge what they are,
and they properly explore relationships.
they properly develop the character, and then the relationship itself
and sometimes they’re so fluffy!!
those are nice.

but not when romances introduce other ideas, but then SKIM OVER THEM, because they don’t actually care about those other ideas, they just wanted the romance to seem deeper/more meaningful than it is, when it isn’t that menaingful at all because that’s not how they set the table
they jut threw it in there because they know it’s popular,
without respecting the characters themselves.

…ok I ALMOST said something positive about romance?


aw no more than 3 consecutive replies



haha, positive
I remember that one scene in the office where somebody tested ‘negative’ for a test for this terrible condition, and the main character started sobbing and was ike “I’m sorry”
and then he came on and spoke to the camera, and was liek “how was I supposed to know ‘negative’ was good news?”
everyone else’s face though :rofl:

so I DO like shoujo manga though!!
it has so much romance in it,
but like
idk, its bearable when it’s something I don’t have to read in words or sit through and watch while music plays in the background

I like kdrama!
it’s a challenge to find a kdrama wihtout roamcne
acually, I haven’t found one yet
but it doesn’t bother me!
because they actually DO care about the character, even though romance sucks up most of the scenes!
there are soooo many slice-of-life scenes, which they make entertaining to watch!
they actually really care about their characters–
see i don’t mind seeing that
taking like 9 episodes, one hour each, for the characters to even suspect they may be in love,
and none of their actions leading up to it actually showing indication they were interested in each other

american shows are different,
the characters just, exist on the screen, and YOU KNOW THIS IS A SLOPPY ROMANCE

ok, so maybe i just have a problem with characters who meet each other and then fall in love within the 1 or 2 hour movie
like, they characters are only developed thorugh romance
and nothign else!
that’s just sad, that they have nothing outside the romance
they obviously do because they existed as people before the romance began, so obviously, they had character outside the romance,
and not just a vague backstory that plays as a background or setting to their new romance

i looove shows that are like
“dude, that was the one person, you’re so much more important than a romantic relationship, you have so much else going on for you”
and they remind the main character to be a person again, and not just one half in a couple

(does this thing have a word limit? i’m not finding it, which is nice, though i can’t reply more than 3 times in a row)

Oh! but it is getting better
i think a lot of newer kids shows keep the romance out
like bubbleguppiesssss
no romance!
and they sometimes have fun little narratives/fairy tales, again with NO romance!
it’s kinda interesting

and i totallllly appreciated moana for
you know, moana actually being a human being and not a damsel in distress
ok that isn’t fair
tangled was pretty good at that too

i guess it’s the older shows that still have romance in kids shows
the older ones that the generation before grew up with (ie. me)

now lets hope kids shows aren’t the only ones changing

ok, but still, some kids shows still aren’t romance-free
but 100% percent, this is better than beforeeee


Alright, so I’m someone who likes to write. A lot. And my latest project is a rewrite of Nolelle Stevenson’s She-Ra reboot. Good thing she put her name all over the articles so I have someone to blame.
Hey, if you take responsibility for a project, you can take the blame for it.

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I feel like I’ve most found these in cozy murder mysteries. Just two of them, the one with the magical cats and the one with the bakery that I still can’t remember the name of.
Ah, the mature middle aged woman who’s got her life together and doesn’t overreact to anything. There was also that one from that middle grade fantasy book… she was an anthropomorphic bear. Why can’t I remember the names of any of them?

I know that feeling

it’s like, everything is good in moderation! …but nobody can write something with a platonic relationship between the two leads. Okay not nobody but it’s just too uncommon.

I feel like I watched that!

:joy: I mostly just know about anime. …anime has a problem with female characters :man_facepalming:
there are so many anime where every female character that exists has to be in love with the mc. It grows so, so tiresome.
There’s also this thing where they’re perfectly capable, but they present as weak? Like they do the blush fawn over a male character thing, or they’re sexualized, all of them, and I don’t care how many times they saved the male characters lives or how many enemy soldiers they killed I DON’T LIKE THAT.
I just want variety! I loveeee it when there’s a stoic male, a stoic female, a male who does the blushie thing, and a female who does. It’s the same as what I like with how they dress. VARIETY.
I think, though, that most anime is for a male audience primarily- or that was what the author was thinking. So there’s mostly only relatable guys and sexier girls.

In stuff made by women for a female audience, though, it’s not always not like that… it’s definitely different, the guys are sexualized, but there’s still often the problem that’s there’s not a variety of gender presentations or levels of stoicness in the girls! I do see this trying to change, though. Many authors are attempting to be more diverse which is nice.

yeah, you don’t have time for much more there!


I’ve been thinking about something for quite a while. I see all these writers exclaiming how music helps them write better works.

The reason why I am not for writing while listening to music is best represented by the questions - what are words? and what is writing? Words are sets of articulated syllables that carry their meanings. Writing is one of the many human activities, aka crafts, whose main and only material is the word. The next logical question is: is music favorable for the process of creating well-composed words? People agree it mainly depends on what kind of music we are talking about. Instrumentals, without words, are considered better for writing than songs. They are said to help “sink into the atmosphere” and concentrate, and that some studies have reportedly shown that quiet ambient music improves creativity. In the end, it all comes down to the fact - and I will begin from that point - that the process of creation is different from person to person, and that this phenomenon is still insufficiently researched to say anything with certainty. What I write, therefore, will be a matter of some personal experience and inner logic of mine, which, of course, does not apply to everyone.

So, I return to the original two questions - about writing and words. It is clear that the pen uses words, and nothing but words. On paper, we do not hear, smell or feel, but primarily see, and what we see are black traces that form meaningful signs. Everything beautiful and ugly that people experience while reading books is made possible by these signs. They cut through the eyeballs, reach the brain where they are absorbed and digested, and then a miracle happens: the imagination is activated; scenes created with words are compared with past experiences and open new vistas; we enter the story as if the text were dragging us under the cover with its hands; we feel, rejoice, and suffer along with fictional characters; we hear and smell the air of the unknown world; the other senses and corners of the being ignite even though they had no other real stimulus than black shadows. This is the greatest charm, but also the flaw of literature - if words fail to break through the jungle within us, all the way to the center where the soul resides, they are nothing but dead letters.

How then can a writer create such sharp words? There are many different paths, and unwritten rules and exceptions, and tricks and illusions, and finding some scripture about creativity in general, at least for now, is as possible as an independent flight of man. However, what I firmly believe in is the law of silence. The as yet unwritten words, for which we have established how powerful they can be, require us to feel them with our whole being, to look at them carefully from every angle, and to allow them to grow stronger over time and wander through us and demand freedom, making riots under our chests. - until the moment we must express them, forced to do so as when we cough because of a natural reflex. One needs to know how to be silent for a long time, in order to write well.

I also believe that just as thoughts should be “digested” in silence, they should also be coughed up in silence. I consider music an obstacle in honest digestion, especially as soon as the digestion approaches the final part of its journey - when the fingers, in front of the keyboard and the blank screen, are ready to blurt out what has been under them for a long time. Melodies in creation only distort that which is, they inflate, or seemingly weaken every word, feeling and image. The second work, from a completely different art, begins to mix with ours, and, in the worst case, what is created becomes bland in relation to what could have been created. Creating is not like cleaning the house during which background music makes an otherwise boring thing more fun; creating cannot be done while picking your nose, it is necessary to dedicate oneself completely to it: when you write, you ought to write; when you listen, you ought to listen. The craft of words should stick to the words.


:rofl: tell me when you do, cause I need a good, strong female lead

it feels like nobody!

haha, let’s talk about their voices first.

actually, let’s not cause.
internal screaming

and then their mannerisms.
internal screaming intensifies

oh my gosh yessss
they’re ‘strong’ but only when the author wants them to be
and then they don’t even give them that sometimes!!
like, they’re strong, but only under these very specific conditons-- and of course the male lead is always more capable in the end.
and i’m just like–

and yes!
the blushing, the fawning the over-sexualizing! AHHHHHHHH
like, please, don’t. just, don’t :sob:

and all those YAs, where OBVI everyone just HAPPENS to be 17. all together.
come on.
like, really.

and there’s these popular tropes–
oh my gosh, I hate the broody guy with the dark past trope.
actually, I hate the broody anybody with a dark past trope if that’s all they have to their characters.
like. come on, that can’t be the all-defining description for their characters.

I think, though, that most anime is for a male audience primarily- or that was what the author was thinking. So there’s mostly only relatable guys and sexier girls.

it’s aimed towards guys,
when SOOOOO many viewers are not male.
and there are soo many guys who also feel uncomfortable with girls being depicted over-femininely or something, because THEY’RE HUMAN TOO, AND THERE’S NO WAY THEY DON’T FEEL IT’S WEIRD

it’s definitely different, the guys are sexualized, but there’s still often the problem that’s there’s not a variety of gender presentations or levels of stoicness in the girls!

ok, yeah, when you go faaar into the opposite probelm
i don’t like it when every guy that enters the scene is supposed to be ‘hot beyond all reason’ and things…(actually i haven’t seen guys over-sexualized? idk what that even means. they…show off their manliness? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: like, flexing their muscles or something?)

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I think one of them was curiousity thrilled the cat- but don’t take my word for it because I don’t remember it very well at all :joy:

ahh I wish I remembered the bakery one’s name! I’ll tell you if I do.

I feel like that’s part of the annoying idea of femaleness that they have.
oh you know that thing they do where they stand with their knees pointed inward? ughhhhhhhh

sometimes it’s like that, with the light novely things, but sometimes it’s not even that! like there are anime where they’re perfectly capable and seem to be treated like any other character, but they just these ‘feminine’ mannerisms and get crushes more than the guys. Like they’re capable, but also silly. all of them.

I guess there are two things- either you’re writing for a male audience so females don’t need to be relatable (which is annoying) or you’ve been drowned in so much media like that that that’s just normal and you write your light novel/book/show like that.

:joy: varietyyyyyy

I realized that I need a more normal character in my story. Athilis is the edgy tacturn woman (this character is usually male, but I wanted one that wasn’t) and Pearlgrass is sort of tough and a bit immature, and Brett is like that but more angry.
I talked to my sis about why the dramatic reveal with Athilis’ curse seemed like it was going to come off flat, and she said reactions are a huge part of why dramatic reveals are dramatic.
So she helped me come up with a more normal character to join their group. Not sure where this story is going, but I guess it’s about the characters :joy:
I just have to keep writing!


abs! :joy:
okay, that’s most of what I can think of. (in a YA novel it would be overdescribing them, especially ‘lean legs’ :joy: oh, and purple prose.)
It seems like many shojo authors are really bad at drawing guys though?

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i found it~


the guys are usually oblivious in anime
it’s usually the girls who initiate the romance arc somehow

right?? >:(
I’m trying to write female characters that are…like, regular people.
well, not regular people, but likeee, not overly feminine or damsels in distress

oooh I once did this thing where Noon was a guy (Noon was a guy in my first 0 draft version) and then I tried replacing the same scenes with Noon as a girl.
and then I tried vice versa, write Noon as a girl, and then try to reimagine the same scenes with noon as a guy.

idk, even I had totally different representations of Noon depending on Noon’s gender… mostly, how Noon interacted with Dilna and how Dilna responded.
One thing I definitely noticed was, when Noon was a guy, he couldn’t touch dilna as casually or hit or argue with her or else–for me, at least-- suddenly the scene became muuuuch more intense? idk, he was never a love interest or someone who was capable of hurting her too much, but still. the relationship changed drastically depending on noon’s gender
maybe it’s more a me thing than a… thing?

oh my gosh yes
reactions are a huuuge thing
when I was rp-ing, or even when I was wiritng with my cousins
we always needed someone sane who reacted… normally??

yes i’m still salty

it’s refreshing when other peopel take the hint and try to accommodate your characters instead of just… being crazy by themselves.
if we’re all crazy, no scene gets the gravity it deserves

i mean… i’m assuming :joy:

i see a lot of abs in shojo manga, and then there are all these comments about abs
and i’m just like
am i missing something here?

i’ve read those
i’ve skipped over those pages and still

had to look that up
where there are pages of ok writing, and then suddenly–
paragraphs describing things

ohh yeahh I’ve gotten that
a lot of the fantasy ones where guys wear suits
are like
rectangles on top of thin legs
…which I actually wouldn’t have noticed, until somebody pointed it out and then that was all I could see

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I notice my females turn into this certain kind if I’m not paying attention… they tend to be this no nonsense asexual type :joy: Grey from when goals meet, lavender from the princess story, vaska… was vaska a girl? from the dragon’s tale, and pretty much any mc that was female, unless I specifically made her not asexual, like in mysterious romance (I’m not sure she doesn’t come off that way though)

I like that I’m representing something I want to see, but also, variety. :joy: I need to vary it up more.

ohh interesting! I feel like I’ve tried that on a smaller scale when I’m in the early stages of deciding who a character is.
yeah, I feel like hitting is a lot more okay from a girl to another girl, or from a girl to a guy. In some social circles maybe not, but generally. And I don’t even know how touch plays into social interactions :joy:

come to think of it most of my characters don’t really communicate through touch at all. Beyond cats being pet, that is :joy:


yeah! groups need a variety of different kinds of crazy that have normal parts, or a normal person who seems crazy because the others are.

:joy: it means ‘this guy’s attractive’ I don’t really get it either, but apparently it’s popular!


ahh :joy:
I just remember the boxy torsos in magical girl manga. It was so surprising at first, I would think that these super popular magical girl manga would have great art! but no, it’s just barely passable in some parts. a lot of famous manga don’t have the best art, in fact. As long as it has an appealing style and a good story it works.

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I’ve been watching the starts of several anime on hulu.

I watched all of yona of the dawn again (so good!)
a few others, and
a certain magical index, (accelerator is the cutest ahh)
and I’m watching angels of death. I was puzzled why I enjoyed this anime so much the first time, but I realize the pacing and shot composition and all are really nice, even though I think I liked the sub voice acting better.

I’ve grown tolerant to dubs just because that’s all hulu has, but I get a deeper enjoyment out of subs.

Does everyone here hate slice of life or something? :roll_eyes: Does everything have to be set in a magical, dystopian wet dream for people to like it? Does everyone have to be purple? Does it have to be written in such a way where you pretend to be quirky?

Why can’t people appreciate a good slice of life story that doesn’t fit into one of these categories, like chicklit or New Adult in college?

different people like different things, it’s just a matter of taste.

Personally I like things that are written in a direct way that combine life threatening stakes with character development and some down time to develop the character’s more casual sides.
It’s not what everyone likes, and that’s okay! I can still find a crowd who likes the same books, shows and webtoons as me.

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You see, I feel like something as mundane as a character getting a test for an STD/AIDS (or something along those line) is “life threatening stakes” without it being this over the top swashbuckling mad piece (nothing wrong with that, Pirates of the Carribbean was good–except for that three hour one). And down time is them dreaming :joy:

Yeah, we can find out tribe which is nice. And our audience.

there’s nothing wrong with different people liking different things, though! what for you may be over the top is for another person just right.

For me I like action stuff that’s character focused. For some reason action scenes can really thrill me, but they feel empty without character stuff. They both give me a different kind of thrill, and together it’s just right. (like code geass. I think you’d find that incredibly cheesy, but again, for me it’s just right.)

I dunno, for some reason stories set in a realistic world, or one where there’s no fighting, don’t excite me as much.
I mostly watch anime and read webtoons, rather than reading, though.


I almost feel like I should make more threads just to liven this place up! I could make one for writing questions, other story games, something like that. But I already have three threads, I think that’s enough. What we really need is more people! It’s the people that make these places fun. It’s kind of like a big game, the more people playing the better.

It’s coolest when you can go on latest and there’s a variety for stuff going on, some polls, a controversial thread or two (okay those are probably a pain for the mods and they tend to bring out the worst in people so many not come to think of it) an art thread, some chats, open questions, all that.
mostly this place isn’t occupied enough to have that much going on at once.

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I started a dtiys challenge, but I’m not sure anyone is going to join. I should ask the art threads here, and maybe my family members? Not sure how interested they’d be.

I need to get up tommorow, so I’m going to bed shortly even though it’s only midnight! wow so responsible of me. I’m probably gonna be too insomniac to sleep anway.

I started playing chrono cross! It’s super cool. When your world is so developed and real feeling, you don’t even need well developed characters. It’s like the world makes up for the characters.
And it’s so immersing, spending time in its enviorments. It almost makes the five seconds it takes to get in and out of battles and the kind of pointless feeling ‘puzzles’ not feel like a waste of time.
It’s like spending time in another world.
And the atmosphere, it’s so different. The character designs, the ost, even the enviorments are different from say a final fantasy game, which is really the only thing I have to compare this too. Well, the closest.
The battles system is not engaging enough to make up for the amount of time it takes, at least not right now, and I can’t ever really see the thing with gambling whether your hits will hit becoming interesting.
The elements sound like they could be really cool in harder battles, though.

I’m so tired of silent protaginists. I’d just like Serge better if he were more of a person, right? Even though he does do the thing where he shows emotion even though he’s a silent protag.
But man, even though the characters aren’t that characterful they do a really good job of putting you in the mc’s shoes just through how vivid the world is. Although it’s also a huge time passer, I love how much each npc has to say, and how much of that is directly tied to the game’s themes.
That feeling of sadness is something this game has in common with chrono trigger, now that I remember that… although I barely remember that game, I played it so long ago. I remember it could get so, so depressing.

I feel like this game’s setup capitalizes on that excitement of getting a new character :joy:
even though they’re just faces, a bit of backstory, a speech style, an inate element, and… is there anything else? they’re exciting to get and to see foreshadowed.

ahh the music of this game. I feel like I’ve watched someone else, probably my next oldest sister, play parts of it, and it was around in my childhood, but also, just, it’s so good! the battle theme is something I can see myself getting tired of, I’m not terribly enthusiastic about it, but the victory theme is just perfect. perfect.

The amount of spoilers I’ve gotten is like… enough to spoil some of the main surprises, and get rid of the feeling of wondering what’s going on, but not enough to really understand most of it, and I’m blurry on how exactly the big scenes went down. Or what happens in each place. So there’s enough surprise left for me- and probably some of the surprise is going to be more vague senses of deja vu like ‘oh I have seen someone play this part before but only when I was really, really little!’

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