Coming to terms and being realistic...FINALLY!

I am going to make this short and sweet.
I am going to give up my dream of becoming a published author. I don’t want to publish my books. Because I want to write purely for funsies, hobby related, and practicing my craft. I want to grow old enjoying my writing experience. If my mind changes, then it changes, but I rather not publish a book. Too much work no matter which route I go through (trad or self). I can not be bothered.

So, I no longer have to worry about my dreams dying anymore. They’ve been dead for the longest. I will just write for fun and maybe post online to get others reactions. They will be either the Llyrian Stories or something else.

New coming year and new Qualeshia as well.
Because I have given up on my dream to spend more time to relax and have fun…I don’t have to take it too seriously.

So, the point is, I am going to focus on writing for the fun of it and not for the goal of getting fame and fortune and recognition.

What are your thoughts on this?
I know what needs to be done. I can’t be bothered with being a successful writer even if it does sounds enticing as hell.

Any thoughts?


It was suppose to be “short and sweet”, but it doesn’t feel short and sweet. LOL!

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You do you. :wink:

The publishing industry (self-pub or traditional) isn’t for everyone because it is hard, and unfortunately, it’s a reason why so many quit writing or quit trying to get published because truthfully, they either can’t get what they want, see that it’s too difficult before trying, or they aren’t determined enough. That side of writing is rough and very few people come out of it alive and unscathed.

But on the same token, you don’t have to be published to be a writer. You don’t have to want to write with the idea of needing or wanting to publish. Social media and websites like Wattpad have made it possible for people to write without the idea of publishing and still gain an audience somehow. And even though it isn’t easy and there isn’t a big chance of it happening, but there is still a chance you can get published if a publisher, editor, or agent picks it up. Or if Wattpad sees it, they can also pick it up. It’s happened to many people.

Traditional publishing is hard, but it’s more exhausting than anything (or at least, from the sidelines it feels like that—I haven’t even started querying and I already know it’ll be exhausting). But this has to deal with making sure the manuscript is the best it can be and if your query is great, and then mentally preparing yourself for the rejections one after another for getting an agent, and then again once your manuscript shops around with acquisition editors at publishing houses. And then, if it doesn’t work, you have to do it all over again with another manuscript or rewrite it or something. Just thinking about it is mentally draining.

Self-publishing, though, is a whole other can of worms because you’re your own publisher and having to do everything, especially without prior knowledge of it, is terrifying, mentally exhausting, and more. I applaud all self-publishing writers out there because… HOW?

Overall, if you don’t want to publish, you don’t have to. You can still write, still love writing, and not want to or not need to. It doesn’t have to be your dream. Not all writers dream of becoming published.


Thank you so much.
I feel better and I don’t have to write like I am on some damn deadline anymore.

I am going to take my time and do my best to enjoy the creative writing process and experience.

It is like a little weight is off my shoulders now. I am tired of trying so hard and ignoring the fact that I am writing to have fun and love the hobby.

I miss having fun and loving the writing process without stressing so much.

I know being published was a long time dream since childhood.
But my heart isn’t in it like it was in the past. I will still ALWAYS love writing and growing as a writer.

No need to take it so seriously anymore.
It is fun, Qualeshia. Writing creatively for hobby-wise is suppose to be fun.

I miss having fun and just enjoying the writing process.
Some times next year, I will possibly post on a writing website.

I don’t know if I should go back to Wattpad or elsewhere. My other option is FictionPress, but that place is mostly dead.

Sorry, I am rambling.



Well, I can feel your mood here, your feelings, and your reasoning also…

As a 49yo who only really put pen to paper as it is said, some 9 years ago… Never really believing that I could make it, nor even seeing that some would even like what I wrote (though I feel at times that it is a “Lip Service” of R4R’s of sorts which is “Yeah, I love what you have” and “I love the Olde English Tolkien Style you have” just to make me feel better and hoping I will say the same for them… Gets a bit tired… And I feel less incline to do R4R’s…
Anyway… I still write as I have a tale to tell, regardless of if I get published, or even a slight following at these such forum-sites… What really matters is that I have stories to tell my grand children, regardless of anything else…
In doing so I leave a legacy to those who matter most… And I’m most happiest with that thought alone…

I wish you all the best for the new year, and I hope you manage to do as much writing as you feel you can do. Writing is a long process to get right. You have many great ideas (which you have shared before with me), and I hope you get them written. I honestly do.
My last words to you in 2022 is just this:- Look after yourself, both physically and mentally, only then can you do what you wish to do…

All the best my Digital Friend, Qualeshia3.



Thank you kindly.

I appreciate the feedback greatly.

I am looking forward to a new year of pure fun and lack of stressors with my writing endeavors.


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[quote=“SecretDurham, post:8, topic:13502, full:true”]
I wish you all the best, I really do.
And if you need advice, or anything that you wish to discuss with me, please do not feel that you can’t… I will reply in kind, when I am able as I am support worker in the UK who does indeed works long hours.

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What’s most important is that you do what you feel is best for you :+1:


What is important is to have fun and not stress so much.


Follow your heart…

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Exactly! And if not publishing helps you do that, then don’t publish


Thanks again.

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I had always gone into this without wanting to be serious about it.


That is good and inspiring.

I rather focus on the fun and enjoyable than the serious and stress.




Thanks for the hug, buddy!




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