Confusing? In need of feedback for this sentence.

“Obviously, last night’s limbed snake with a side of stringy lizard was not enough.”

Does this make sense?

Read this after reacting: I had this issue where someone thought I meant to say “lizard” when I said “limbed snake”. But in this world, there are snakes with multiple limbs and there are lizards and they are two different creatures that people sometimes eat when desperate.


Yes, I think this makes sense.
Edited because I read the blurred section and yes it definitely makes sense

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Give creatures names that way it distinguishes each creature.

I have Great Drakes, and Great Drakes. Two kinds that is. So to stay confusion, I gave one breed (four limbs and the vast wings of usual Great Drakes) the title of Great Drake. And the other breed, (Serpent like without wings and fore limbs only) the title of Terror Worms. They are both Great Drakes in my world, but look very much different.

What you wrote made sense to me, but this will avoid such issues in the future.



Why would people who know biology have problems with limbed snakes?

Some DO have what is called “vestegial legs” (Pythons and Boa Constrictors) and one of the earliest ancestors was fully limbed. It is VERY clear that at one time snakes had limbs.

The only reason to NOT know this is either a lack of education or a desire to dismiss everything that vaguely supports a religion’s “mythology”. If it be myth, it’s likely to support something they noticed was happening, so there is no reason to fear something like that being purely fact. As for the education, yeah, sometimes they skip something that should be taught.

In fact, if you were eating Python in a world that wasn’t ours vs a viper, I’d probably call it a limbed snake.

And the only reason I disagree with calling them vestegial although they clearly lack the lower leg on the hind limb is because larger creatures often need the extra support for birth or laying eggs, thus making it necessary for a continuation of the species, NOT anything vestegial that can be lost.

Hell, a divergent world and maybe they didn’t lose their legs.


Yes, if it’s made clear at some point before reading this sentence that limbed snakes are a different creature than lizards.


I think that the strangest part is how they lost them. Imagine if more animals followed suit. Limbless cats, limbless spiders.

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They have legless lizards. They aren’t snakes. Skinks lost the hind legs.


The only reason I remember skinks is because of a certain show that was about how animals with toxicity had magical powers.


Cats and humans deal with polydactyly with little loss of function, and sometimes an increase in function. (Cats open doors better when they have a deformation that rotates fingers into a more thumb like position, but you’re not going to mistake these for thumbs.)

All birds have pretty much lost their teeth except the shell-breaking tooth (sometimes chickens have a throwback). A lot of flightless birds lose bones or have twisted bones in their arms.

Beetles on windy islands lost their wings because flight blows the breeders off the island, to their deaths.

It’s overwhelmingly a loss of function, genetically, but not species-ending.


It’s so cool, though.

I had to read it twice.
If it’s the first time mentioning limbed snakes, it might be confusing but if they’re already established, it should be fine.


I second the idea of giving them names or at least nicknames.
The best nicknames reflect attitude.

For example, I have a race of flying demons called Empyreals. But then one of the other demons calls them Sky Puppies because they’re harmless. And it offends them so that’s a plus in his eyes.


I’ve seen hyrdas with legs, so snakes with limbs might be OK.

Then again, snakes with limbs also applies to certain kinds of dragons.

I got it.

Skinny Dragon.



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It does look like a greyhound.

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The worst part is that you’re right.

@TheTigerWriter Some people might think that “limbed snake” means dragons.

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That comes from confusing Serpent with snake. Those things overlap and are not the same. Serpent covers snake, lizard, dragons…


I think that’s where the idea came from :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wormeows? :stuck_out_tongue: