Congratulations, you finally got the dream home that you always wanted...

So, what style do you want for to fit your dream home?

Some type of core (cottagecore or something else).

Ooh, show pictures please and thank you.
I wanna see your favorite styles and designs fit for your lovely dream home.

EDIT: If you are living in your dream home, what is the style like or what would you like it to be like? You don’t have to show me pictures if you aren’t comfortable.


I think we’ve done this before, but I’ll play again! I still have no idea what this style is called, but I do love these modern, open glass houses with huge window walls and furniture outside. They seem awfully insecure, like some stranger could just walk into your house at any moment, but I love the look of them. :blue_heart:(ღ˘ᴗ˘ღ) :heavy_heart_exclamation:애! :purple_heart:



Son of a…I hate when I do that.
Never mind it is fine. I appreciate you commenting. LOL!

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Girl, you got good taste in homes.

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So what’s your dream home like? I don’t think you’ve ever told us. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


I do. It’s nicely laid out and has a large garden. The neighborhood has a lot of walking space and has a rec-center and a few decent malls.

The improvements would have been a high school already (they are finally building one, but it’s too late for my kid) in the neighborhood and when they reopen the rec-centre after renovation later in 2023. We’ll have a lane pool added to the more of a play pool and will have access to the gyms and the skating arenas again.

I am also looking forward to moving to a condo again after we retire. Home ownership requires a lot of chores to be done that I don’t want to do in my sixties.


It’s either in the desert or Miami, and it’s practical, spacious and minimalist.

The Living Room is like this:

And those things on the back wall? They are gonna be whiteboards for all my ideas that I can pull down easily at any time and are magnetic and always full :slight_smile:

The bedroom is like that, without all the crap photos and images laying around. It also has a computer desk area for my research.


It also has a table and chairs and a sofa a bit further down.

The bathroom is like this.

And this will be the extension on the end of it.

I don’t care about the rest of the rooms but I am assuming that they will follow a similar theme throughout the house.


Hmm…I suppose something like this.

or even this.

Hey, a girl can dream…right??? LOL!


I like your style…a lot.

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Thanks, lol. I like minimalism.

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Wow… sounds like you got it made. Lucky! LOL!

A rustic country house with a front garden, climbing ivy scaling the walls, and a backyard with a chicken coop and a goat shed. Not too many rooms but large enough to entertain guests. Plants in large terracotta pots, warm wood finishings, almost an oppressive amount of art on the walls, and tastefully mismatched yet impeccably curated furniture (because I’m postmodern and bricolage is what we do). I want to point at a chair and say, “Oh! That’s a vintage Ponti. Isn’t it lovely?”


Got any pictures to show?

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Ooooh this is gonna be hard. I know I’ll definitely live in a big city but I don’t know which city exactly, and some cities don’t really have room for mansions on proper grassy plots of land :joy: I’ll come back later after I do a little housing research

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A few ideas / requirements for my perfect house design…

  • Outer shell must be (Australian) bush fire and flood proof.

  • Tropical, costal location. About ten minutes walk from the beach, and ten metres above sea level.

  • Contemporary / modern architecture, open two-storey design. Low deep steps inside and outside.

  • Automated steel roller shutters for the outside windows.

  • Triple-glazed, polarised windows (panoramic design preferred).

  • Solid, insulated, sound-dampened walls (either stone or hardwood).

  • Wide pebble driveways.

  • Diffused sunlight room lighting where possible. LED ‘warm’ or ‘neutral’ lighting only. Human eyes don’t like prolonged exposure to the blue light spectrum.

  • Ample room for an indoor free-weights and martial arts gym, photo studio, custom computers and simulator rigs, scale model building / collecting, 3D-printing, and study / writing.

  • Passive air conditioning, moister control, and ventilation throughout.

  • Main house built in the centre of a two-acre block. Subterranean three car garage + two-car workshop (ventilation everywhere). 25 metre sheltered swimming pool behind the house.

  • Random herb and wild flower lawns, with a focus on plants that attract bees and non-destructive insects and repel wasps. Plant-specific herb and vegetable gardens around the house.

  • Interlinked concrete and steel perimeter fencing, two metres high and two metres deep. Invasive / weed root systems and ant colonies can be tenacious.

  • An Aliens / Altered Carbon style security system for the perimeter (invited guests only, thanks).

  • Polished hardwood or concrete and resin floors. One house on Grand Designs had shredded recycled CDs and DVD mixed into the resin to give the floor a sparkling appearance. An interesting concept. No carpet anywhere…its a dust and heat trap…

  • No rooms smaller than four metres by four metres, hallways two metres wide, and ceilings at least three metres high.

  • A modest yet elegant museum / armoury for historical weapons and firearms (that work)…for story research, and wildlife control…

  • Three or more bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and ensuites.

  • Three months worth of emergency food, water, and energy storage.

  • Enough ‘Masters’ art, photography, and sculptures to make the National Gallery jealous. Ornate bookshelves everywhere.

  • And someone else to clean and maintain it.


Damn, that is a lot for a dream home. LOL!
I would love to see a picture of this, but I doubt that will happen.

A castle looking house or a Victorian house.


  • I’d say about 50/50 gothic and royalcore
  • the beauty and the beast library
  • big enough to run inside
  • one of those towers you see in castles (think Tangled)
  • 2 offices, 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, dining room
  • pool

Honestly, I could go into pretty great detail from furniture to specific door and cabinet handles.

Gothic Royal or Royal Gothic?
Which rolls off the tongue better? LOL!

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Maybe some sort of combo of this?

download (7)

download (8)

download (9)

download (10)

download (11)

download (12)


Ooh, that is a nice bathtub.
I like how oval shaped it is.