Cover for Wattys Entry

Hey everyone, I need a cover for my Wattys entry and I’m actually stumped for ideas. My story is a Paranormal-Comedy-Romance (that is the best way that I can describe it) and I will include the synopsis here:

Story synopsis: Julio talks to dead people. And he knows when someone is going to die.

After he meets his boxing hero, Dory Smith at a restaurant, the ghost of Ramon Ramirez tries to coerce him into conversing with his widow to tell her about buried treasure in his yard, which he will get a cut for in return.

When Julio reluctantly agrees, he witnesses the death of prized soccer star, Lombard Ortiz on a sidewalk going home. Lombard and Julio start to converse with each other and fall in love.

All is well until a change in circumstances rips them both apart, and Lombard can’t remember anything about their encounter.

With the help of his friends, can he get Lombard’s memory back before it’s too late and everything is forgotten about?

Mood: (happy, sad, dark, etc.): Sharp, bright and comedic with a little tinge of seriousness. Romantic. Urban fantasy.

Colors: I was thinking neons, reds, yellows, blues, and pinks.

Simple/Manip: (‘simple’ style or manipulated images):

Inspo: (put some pictures or links to pictures here):

Payment: I will follow you and post 10 good comments on the first 5 chapters of your story.

Other: Please make it as eye-catching as you can. Julio is 20/21 and Lombard is about 26. You can use silhouettes if you like, or related images. I don’t fully have face claims for either, but you can experiment.

Anything else? Just ask me and I will reply.


Oh yeah the story’s called: Can we kiss forever? I can’t believe I forgot to add that lol


I tried to find inspration online but all the covers look like this:

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Yes and my story doesn’t have that vibe lol. Of the one you posted, and I’d be worried if it had that vibe.

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Removed. :]


If you’re willing to wait for a day or two, I have an idea I want to try. I can’t do it rn because I’ve got an exam tomorrow, but I will be free after that!


Hey, thank you for posting this cover. :slight_smile:

Would you mind waiting a couple of days for me to make my final decision? I’d like to see what @Novel_Worm (and maybe some other people) come up with.

Thank you.


I can wait :slight_smile: thank you.


Sure no worries.

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So I came up with two covers…(don’t use these photos, I’ll send a hd version if you want to download)

I can make edits if required

I originally had a completely different idea, but finding stock for that one was extremely hard, and this just happened with the images I had


I do like the concept and the effects on the images of the second one, but is it possible to get stock images of models that better match the image I have in my head for the characters, although I don’t exactly have face claims, but more general descriptions?

I want to see that first before I make up my mind between your cover and Vint’s if it isn’t too much trouble.

If it’s alright with you, could you try and find someone that roughly matches Julio:

  • Early 20s
  • Tall, lean
  • Shaved head, tanned skin, and dark hair
  • Dark brown eyes

And Lombard:

  • Brown/ Dark skinned
  • Buzzcut/ short hair
  • Well built
  • Mid 20s

Thank you so much.

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I will try, but it was really hard to find stock photos for this
They may not be interacting with each other in this way.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

@JohnnyTuturro can you go through these and tell me which one fits most?


(colors of glow and lights will be changed)

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The second one, thanks.

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Hey, just want to let you know that a lot of things have come up and I will not be able to get to this until the weekend or next week. If it’s not possible to wait that long, I understand

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I need it before the eighteenth, and I will have decided and closed the thread by then.

If anyone else wants to have a go, the deadline is the 17th. I will be choosing then, and anyone who has entered, I will check out your stories, even if I didn’t choose your cover.

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Finally got around to this