Cover Needed again

Hey, I’m writing a story called Summer Without You. My request is that I have a cover with the silhouette of a pregnant woman. I see a summer background. The rest is up to you. It’s about a girl who writes letters to the father of her future child who disappeared the night before graduation, aka the night they conceived the child.

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hi, are you still looking for a cover?


do you offer payments?

Yes. I do. What kind are ya looking for? A follow, shoutout, dedication, etc?

I’d like shoutout for trying.
If you use it I’d like shoutout and dedication.
I’ll work on your cover now.

i’d be waiting your payments

non-commercial/personal use

Hello, can I know the update of my payment?

I’m going to give you a shoutout. I like the cover, but I think I’mma use one from @MLTracy.

ok i’m waiting for it

What’s your Wattpad username?