Cover Needed for Dark and Sensual Fantasy

Hi, I’m Rue Jay Hamilton

I’m looking for a manipulative blend cover by the title of “Red as Blood.” I’m looking for something darkly sensual with a dose of beautiful and romantic.

If possible, use this palette: Color Palette: #4C0027 #570530 #750550 #980F5A - Color Hunt and this:

Onto the plot: Meet half-angel, half-succubus, and, oh, it doesn’t hurt to mention, wealthy 38-year-old Luna Palazza. Longing to escape the darkness of her past, Luna pursues a friends-with-benefits relationship with 19-year-old angel Keyvan Taj, CEO of a fashion company that is quickly gaining popularity, where Luna quickly gets a job as a fashion designer. Just as Luna is about to catch feelings for Keyvan. Now, meet 24-year-old human female Janessa Nike, a tomboy with a dead-end job as a waitress while training her sister for the Olympics. While she’s pretty much over her ex-girlfriend, C.J. Pierce, who dumped her for a girl named Kyssa, one day, C.J. shows up at Janessa’s house, apparently now a succubus and wanting to be human again. After being told by Kyssa that only the blood of half-angel half-demon will turn C.J. back into a human. And there’s only one in existence: Luna.

But when Janessa and Luna meet, nothing can prepare them for a spiral of chaos, awakened feelings, and choices to make along with the consequences that come with everything and all the odds stacked against them.

What I want: a glass rose, Prada heels, a mansion in the background lined with a beautiful courtyard.

How will I pay you back: Perm follow, and dedication of chapter in book when it comes out.

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Hi there! Your idea for this is really interesting and I’m definitely looking forward to attempting this! However, please note that there are additional payments (a shoutout and comments) that I ask for, and I want to ensure you’ll be okay with doing those before I proceed to make you anything.


Hello! I’m totally in for doing additional payments such as a shout-out and comments. For comments, are you asking me to comment on a book or something else?

A book, I’ll give you all the details once I’ve submitted something <3

Also, I’m only able to work fully on weekends, so I’ll only be able to get something to you either this weekend or, more likely, next weekend.

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@shakespearian1 Heyo, here’s what I’ve managed to come up with! Not sure if it’s what you envisioned exactly, but I hope you like it. <3 Anyways, let me know if you’d like to use it and I’ll PM you the payment details and a HD version.


I would love to use it.

I’m glad you like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll PM you once I’m on my laptop.

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