Cover needed (Payment included)

Hello lovely’s :heart: I have decided to write a Christmas story, that I might put in a writing contest.

Anyways I really need a cover for the story, I am happy to follow everyone who tries, along with giving credit to the designer cover I use.
I will really appreciate it so much! :blush:

Tittle- Winter Love.
Author- Nicole_Lisa
Theme- snow/ romance/ Christmas
Ideas- Anything with a couple in love, around snow or Christmas time. It has to show romance in the holiday season.

Thank you in advance!


ooooh, might try this!

Hey there,

Your thread looks like it’s better suited to #artistry-castle:cover-graphic-requests , so I’ve gone ahead and moved it there for you.

– Joy :darkbunnylord:

So I got excited and made three :sweat_smile: lmk if you like them. I’m also open to font changes & colour :blush:

Cover One

Cover Two

Cover Three


I tried



Let me know if you don’t use it. I will use it as a premade.



They are awesome :grinning: thank you so much! I will definitely let you know if I use any of them, also I can’t seem to find you on wattpad, if you just drop me a link to your profile, I’ll follow.
Thanks again.

Thank you so much, it’s lovely, I really like it :blush: I will definitely let you know if I use if, if I do I will give you credit. Also I think I’m already following you, so if you have another sort of payment you would like me to do, then just let me know I am more than happy to.
Thanks again.

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Thank you so much it’s amazing :grinning: I will definitely let you know if I use it, if I do I will give credit. I’ve also followed!
Thanks again.

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I tried one~

Please let me know if you’re going to use it.


Thank you so much! :blush: It’s awesome, I will definitely let you know if I use it, if I do I will also give credit.
Also I’ve followed, thanks again.

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Thank you, I hope you end up using it.

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Had a go ^^

Let me know if you’d like any changes! :smile:


Thank you so much! They are awesome :grinning: I will definitely let you know if I use it, I’ve also followed.
Thanks again.

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Aight! Here’s the link to my Wattpad profile!

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Thank you, I’ll follow now :blush:

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@bottle_of_rum @Zena @NuminousAuthor @LadyOfTheRiver @CarKann I just want to say a big thank you to you all for taking the time and effort in making a cover for my story. I do love them all, but I have chosen to go with @bottle_of_rum cover, as it fits more with my story. Once it’s posted I will give credit in the summery.

But a massive thanks to everyone :blush: I really do appreciate it.
stay safe


No problem! Thank you for the opportunity! :grin:

Ofc! It was a pleasure making the covers! :yum: