Cover needed

I need a cover! ( I have tried several times, but I can’t do it like you all)

First thing first:
Everyone that tries: A follow, Read 2 stories with comments and a detailed critique of one story
One I choose: A follow, a mention in story, profile, Read all of your stories with comments and a detailed critique of 3 of your choice of your stories.

Information is below

Title: Tainted Blood
Author: M.L.Tracy
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Thriller/Mystery
Summary: After the murders of their parents, the Stolin siblings trained under The Pyka to become the World’s deadliest assassins.

For Alex, revenge is a confession of pain. She has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she was ten-she’s a Stolin, one of five siblings born with extraordinary gifts.

But it’s more complicated when these gifts are used, there are consequences. That will stipulates until they unravel the mystery of what happened to their parents. Anyone could have done it, and The Pyka is holding a piece of the puzzle. Will the siblings work together to finally discover the truth, or will secrets finally tear the family apart?

The price for revenge is might cost Alex her or her brothers’ lives.

Colors: Red, Black. It’s a dark theme story.
Ideas: ( See note for below photos)


I really like how the colors are here. Few things I would change is one character (Alex, long dark brown hair with light brown eyes), the background maybe with a Russia/europe theme.

My Favorite. Few thing I wish to change is Color and tile font/color from first image. The characters. (have Alex in middle with her four brothers behind her with two on each side. Brothers are Dark brown hair with dark brown eyes, Light blonde hair with blue eyes, light brown hair with hazel eyes, dark blond long hair with brown eyes) If you can add Sir Ben Kingsley with red eyes at the top looking down at the siblings. or something like that.


Something about this on I like… Mainly the title.

I like the simpleness to this one. Tho I want the colors red, black, white and grey. Instead of knife a gun or bow and arrow.


I really like this one as well

If you need more info let me know!


you’re the cover creator bruh if you can’t do it, who can :sob:

maybe @/dumplingbabe? @/DazzieSh might make covers too I can’t remember


I got so frustrated with trying. hahaha. I gave up and wanted to see what others can do :slight_smile:

do you have a deadline by any chance?

is it okay if i make typography based?

Nah! Take your time!

Def! I’m open to anything!

I might, maybe give this a try if I have time~!

i hope you like this as much as i do

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