Creating fictional months and etc???

In the world of Llyria, there are a total of fifteen months in a single year along with there being ten full days within a week. There is also thirty hours in a day.

Each nation on Llyria has their own time zones that follows this pattern in a different way.

However, I need to come up with names for fifteen months and ten days a week. So, I am not asking for help, because I know what to do.

Anyway, what are the names of your fictional months and days of the week?

Bonus Question:

  1. Do you have a fictional zodiac?

  2. How many fictional holidays do you have? Can you describe only two?




The calendar and the time zones have a direct bearing on your plot?

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Which plot? I three stories.
I mean it might make more sense in the novel R.E.D Reign: Supremacy.

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In any of your stories, in this case. There’s no point in wasting time coming up with fictional months and time zones if they don’t serve the plot. Is there going to be a deadline for your characters to solve a mystery? If so, then it might be necessary to show the reader how much time is passing. But if there’s nothing like that to make such information relevant, then you’re just procrastinating instead of writing your book. A lot of fantasy writers seem to do a lot of unnecessary world building that really should be done while writing. No need to invent something until there’s a need for it, eh? Anyway, good luck on your books! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

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Idk why this isn’t in Chatters :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if you look up how “January” got it’s name, you might get some ideas. Then you can find the equivalent of that in your world and give the month a name.

Or you could do what I do: not bother.

My blue feline race Kathula do know about the names of the months that humans have, but they follow their own system. Seasons glide into one another, so they usually have a frost for the colder times, the dry season when it’s really hot, and they just go day by day for the rest, really. Time of rain, isn’t really set, but it’s another one.

Btw, I still haven’t figured out if it’s a joke, but a book I’m reading called Perdido Street Station has “Shunday” which is, you know, Sunday, but not really? :stuck_out_tongue: So, like, you could mess with the words that already exist. I can’t exactly remember, but I think there was some word like “November” in the book somewhere, but it was only mentioned once so far so idk.

True…very true.

Uh not that I know at the moment.

sigh I feel like you are revealing things about me that I knew but was too blind to see.
Thanks for that.

I guess I want these stories to make total sense to me that I continue to waste time on plotting and planning. Excuses, excuses, I have too many.

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I meant to put it there. My oops.

I already have names of my very own. This thread is more like me seeing what other’s fictional months and etc are like.

I am curious.

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Ah, I see. Well, in that case, I’m curious, too :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. They have a coordinate system and star signs with stories behind them. So, there is astronomy, and astrological signs, coordinates, etc. but there isn’t an official zodiac in place.
    I’ve debated including one, but I can’t see what purpose it would have other than assigning bias to my characters personalities. There’s also a bunch of other titles/things that dictate a character’s personality based on societies bias, so adding to that I feel would be packing in a little too much of “this character is societally ridiculed through no fault of their own”.

  2. There’s 4, one for every season.
    One during the wintertime is meant to be a month-long period of paying respects for the dead. This is when they clean their homes, leave offerings, most have an alter/memorial in their homes with an item or drawing of their passed loved ones

Edit: sorry, initially thought you were asking for advice ah, my bad for the wrongful assumption :slight_smile:

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How did you decide to do your astrological systems? Are they relatively similar depending on the nation, or are they conflicting?

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Overlord did it

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