Critique Trades!


I’m an active writer on Wattpad, but wanted to build our audience! I’m always looking to improve my story, and feedback from other passionate readers is the best way to do so!

  • My critiques will focus on character development and plot and vary between 3+ lines.
  • I won’t be leaving cheap, generic comments.
  • My only request is to do the same on my story COLD CREEK
  • I’ll continue on your story for as long as you continue on mine.
  • My return speed will be between 1-3 days, longer if I get a lot of submissions.

My story is MATURE (sexual situations, language, dark elements).

I look forward to reading your stories, drop your link and I’ll begin this week!!



A lot is going on it, but I feel like it’s some of my best work.

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Thank you so much!! I’ve added your story on Wattpad :smiley:

If it interests you, I’d be open to a trade!

Unfortunately won’t be able to do trades unless through GoogleDocs! WATTPAD has been deleting stories and mine was one of them :frowning:

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