"Cry! Because that's all you can do when being utterly helpless."

Have you ever written a character moment in your story, where any of your characters became so helpless in the midst of a certain situation, that not only left them speechless, but also in hysterical tears?

This character had no words to express how helpless they felt, but the tears did it for them. This character cries at their failure to help and to be strong and despise their weaknesses, that when they were able to face the situation, it sinks into that characters’ mind how truly helpless they are.

This situation can be anything and this character can be anyone, not just the MC. The goal is to focus on the character who cried after realizing their weakness and their inability to handle the situation and their total failures.

What moment in your story has a character dealing with this? What is the cause of the situation? Did any other character give support to that character? How will your character handle the situation, now that they are possibly a bit more accepting towards their weaknesses and wants to get stronger?

How does your character define what is considered strength and what is considered weak? Has that moment made them a stronger in terms of their character or are they still growing and learning from the situation?

If you have a character that isn’t the type that cries and breaks down emotionally, how did they express their feeling in the face of feeling helpless and weak?

Thoughts and feelings?



Tears of frustration? Yup! Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact situation or even which books those moments appear in. My brain is too consumed with the current work, and I doubt that such a moment will appear in this particular book. But maybe! I still don’t have a usable outline, so I’m not totally sure what’s going to happen in this darn story yet. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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When you reach that moment, hurry and come back or if you remember doing this for another story that you’ve worked on, again come back to give your comment.


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This is, sadly, going to happen to Pinti very soon. Her family is murdered and she realizes she couldn’t keep her promise to her sister to protect her. This cry is out of frustration, anger, confusion, and regret. She decided to free her kind from the Ilvagis’ poisonous wall by destroying it, but brought punishment to everyone.

She will find support from some surprising people. Pinti knows there’s a moonstone out there calling to her and moonstones can enhance her magick. She thinks she can get revenge on the Ilvagi race. The people tell her she should do it. They all run away together to escape the Ilvagis. But the Ilvagis come after them and pick them off one by one.

Pinti will have another breakdown. She becomes separated from the others and doesn’t know where to go or what to do. She’s captured by Sorcerers then saved by desert Humans. Things will start to look up…hopefully. This is where she will be with others a lot and refuse to show any weakness or cry.


All the time, but I don’t leave them there, for long, in the story, so I’m not sure it always registers.


Tears for the lost… Yes, but that is all… So far that is…


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I want you to give Pinti a hug, without telling her that you’re the author who put her through that. Like a friendly stranger who is willing to listen and comfort not just for their own sake, but because you really feel terrible.

Though as a writer/author, that is pretty different…maybe. LOL!


She will have someone like that soon :grin:


Thats good to hear! :blush:

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Hmm, now that I think about it, I have written some “crying” scenes but almost none of them are to a point where the character is so hysterical, they can’t really communicate. I have however, written a panic scene where one of the MCs is running from someone who had kidnapped her and she escaped, she ends up running into a jewelry shop in the middle of a robbery face first into one of the masked “burglars” and she’s having an asthma attack. So by the time she’s crashed into him, though there are tears, she’s mostly a gaping fish because of course, she can’t breath. She’s been on the run + fear etc, def a recipe for an attack. He recognizes she’s having asthma because he has a little sister with the same condition and he also recognizes the pleading in her eyes. When the kidnapper runs in for her, the “burglar” she crashed into turns his gun on him. :laughing: It’s a starting scene for a dystopian romance I was writing that I never finished. I can send you the two chapters if you’re interested but that’s pretty much the gist of it without going deep into the lore of the world.

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There are several scenes of crying in my stories, or evidence of a character’s near-uncontrollable crying between chapters. However, the characters usually cry in silence.* There’s only one time I’ve included hysterics with crying, both being symptoms of the character experiencing mind-bending pain.**

*Later, Karl told me I was crying and shivering more than Julia’s child but I did not make any sounds ~ Polanski.

**Freyja, I am going to be in a lot of pain. But it’s not Dov’s fault. Don’t blame him ~ Krista.

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Thanks so much everyone.

I think I have written moments like this in my story when I was writing Jorildyn’s story that time and maybe before that. I can’t remember much though.

Again, thank you all for answering this thread.

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…is this thread closed then? :eyes:


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