Daily Word Count Goals and Progression!

Pretty much, this thread is for everyone to list the word count that they’ve reached today or plan on reaching.
Similar to another thread known as “Struggling Writers’ Daily Den” only this thread focuses on word count growth. If you want list how many chapters you’ve done, that is fine too.

I am curious to see what progress you are making with your word count and if you are reaching a certain goal.

Note: I hope this thread does good.


Word count has been 0 for maybe a month?I’m on strike.

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Oh dear! What happened if you don’t mind me asking?

3820 in the last week. Not my best, not my worst

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It’s the start of my weekend, but it’s also the end of day one of my weekend, so I got like one full day to try to catch up on stuff I didn’t do today (which is everything lol). I’ve been away all day with my sisters and we just got back (it’s almost 12:30am as of writing this) and… I’ve been up for thirty-one hours. :flushed: :upside_down_face: But I wanted to get at least some words in tonight, so my goal for tonight is to reach 350 words. So… I’ll update this comment again to see how I’ll do. :sweat_smile:

Update: It’s been like twenty-odd minutes and… I’m 216 words in while falling asleep at my laptop lol. So I’m gonna go ahead and hit the hay. Hopefully I’ll reach a goal in the morning. :wink:

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Well, all the projects I need to finish were on another phone, and I haven’t done the work necessary to get back into them, first.

Second, I did a ton of writing without reading for over a year and I’ve done lost my mind lmao.

I’ve always been a person of fits and seasons, so to have been disciplined enough to finish a few things was entertaining,.

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I am done with part 5 and it was at 2,423 words.
Now, I am at part 6.

I have not progressed because I learned that mazipan pigs exist.


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Anyone else?

All righty! It’s the start of a new day! Today, I’m hoping to get at least 1,000 words in by the end of the today, though the minimum is around 600 words (for a total of 800 between yesterday and today). I’ll be writing off and on today, so I’ll update this comment box as it goes on.

Right now, my goal is to hit 300 words. Let’s see what happens. :sweat_smile:

Update: I hit that first goal! I just finished writing 403 words! c:

New update: Now, I completely surpassed my initial goal. :sweat_smile: I’ve been writing since around 11pm–12am and it’s now 3am… I’ve written 1,449 words in that time-frame. :scream: I was seriously in the zone and couldn’t stop myself. Though, I wish to keep going—especially since I’m not necessarily tired yet—but I do need to go to bed. So I’m stopping for the night and will pick back up where I left off next weekend. :wink: This also means that I’ve written 2,062 words between Friday night and today-ish (Saturday, I’m meaning… though according to the clock it’s now Sunday), and that is a successful writing session to me. c:


I’ve finished part 6 of chapter 3 at 4,347.
I am done with chapter 3 and now I can start chapter 4 part 1.

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150 words done out of a 400 word daily goal
1.2k words on Chapter 30 so far

Will take a short break to stretch, then continue! ^.^

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like 200 these past two weeks

I’m in a really bad slump


I am at 553 words for part 1 of chapter 4.
I really want to start a new story which is nagging at me.
I hate that.

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Now, I am at 655 words.
Which is good, but could be better. I am trying not to overdo it too much because I rather not deal with the physical toll it puts on me. LOL!

We writers sure do suffer for our creations! LOL!

I’ve written three or four words today. I don’t like to pressure myself. Word counts mess with my karma. (*・_・)ノ⌒*

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That’s fine. So long as you wrote something, that is all that matters. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now, I am at 1320 words.
I could do more but this tired feeling and heavy eyes is starting to get to me.

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I’ve surpassed my word count goal. I’m technically taking the next two weeks off from writing. (I’ve been getting up every morning, doing my workout and then writing a chapter before my baby gets up) I just finished my second book for the year, and now I’m working on both my October book this year and my Christmas book for this year. I wasn’t planning on starting on them really until I got back from my trip, but here I am at my laptop after my baby has gone to bed writing.

In the last two days I’ve written five chapters. Two this morning and three yesterday. I do about 2000 words per chapter so I’d say my best guess of words is 11k (Just because some chapters go over anywhere between 50 words to 200 words.

But that doesn’t count anything I’ve done on my scary book. So I’m feeling pretty proud of myself and ready to tackle all the chores I need to get done before my flight on Thursday. I just wanted to get those done before I left so that I wasn’t leaving the last chapter for 2 weeks later.

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