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I thought I’d start this topic since I couldn’t find one on the topic at all. Well, I couldn’t find anything on Dark Romance. I wanted to create this topic to help each other out with writing a Dark Romance story but keep it all in between the lines. In other words, as to not break any rules.

With this topic, I also want to offer my help (as much as possible) to those venturing into the Dark Romance sub-genre. With of course Paranormal and Fantasy Dark Romances included.

My goal is to create a topic and have people discuss the tropes, how to implement the tropes in their books and how to also help others out with their Dark Romances. Even giving feedback where necessary.

I know I can probably do this in a group setting as well, and maybe I will. But as a first time Dark Romance writer, I’m just trying my luck.

I hope to be allowed to do this.

Because I don’t know how to write a Dark Romance and I want to write one. See where it leads me and hopefully post it on Wattpad once finished. I know I’ll have to go to the darkest corners of my soul and writer brain to be able to do this. And not necessarily write a happy ending or a happy-go-lucky story. And I don’t mind. I want to — sort of include the past relationships I’ve had and twist one of them into the antagonistic part of the story. I don’t know. I’m still figuring all of this out. I’ve been doing a lot of research on it too. Which I’ll hopefully share with all of you who are interested.

The story I want to work on.

It’s sort of a story that has been brewing for quite some time. I’ve always wanted to write a story about my Autism, Anxiety Disorder and ADHD. And even include past relationships in this story. And sort of write them word for word at times. And take creative liberties other times.

I think I want to go with a Dark Fantasy Romance including Fae, not vampires. As Vampires may be the obvious choice here. I want to go pretty dark. With pretty much, mature themes. The one thing I’ll struggle with are the sexual scenes between the protagonists. But I don’t want a Ghost Writer for those scenes. But can you write a Dark Romance without having to write sex scenes? I don’t know. We’ll see. Any help, in any way, is more than welcome and I’ll share what I have researched already.

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Dark romance?

Controversial themes came be explored as long as they are 1. Not glorified, 2. Have content warnings (quite often), 3. Serve the plot.

There’s really a lot of leeway there. I don’t consider myself a dark romance writer because I don’t focus there. But as I’m an older writer, I don’t shy away from negative scenes, either.

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I’m not a dark romance writer but I have seen trends of what has crossed wattpad and what hasn’t. Usually when it gets too graphic and detailed it may become more susceptible to a take down. I think as long as you don’t depict the novel to be breaking any laws beastiality, rape, etc. you should be on the safer side. No guarantee though since I don’t know what the writing sites are thinking.

In terms of having a dark romance not have sex, technically yes. It’s dark, doesn’t mean just the sexual stuff needs to be at the forefront. Like blood, murder, morally grey characters and other dark topics are all part of dark romance and could be what defines what makes your story dark.

Also, dark romance with fae sounds freaking awesome. Fae not being angel equivalents would be interesting to see since fae in a lot of modern media tends to be associated with little girls media sort of stuff.

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