Describe a terrible day you've had at work.

If you’ve had a terrible day at work some point in your life, tell me about it :DD I wanna know what it’s like to have terrible work days since I’m a minor and don’t know much about work :C


Uhm so I was a janitor in college. One day, I went in to work and the other janitor there had suddenly taken a day off. So I was stuck with trying to get two people’s jobs done instead of one.

But, the manager was being a total dick for some reason that day and gave me instructions six times as if I were half braindead or something.

And, it didn’t end there. The person who’s supposed to clean in the morning didn’t do their job right either.

The icing on the cake would be the construction guys in the building accidentally setting off the fire alarm with the dust they made. So, I had to go shut it off and talk to the fire department when they came too.

Another terrible day would be the time I tried to work through a severe cold that gave me laryngitis. That wouldn’t fly anymore in 2020.


I’ve helped out at my great aunt’s French bakery and there are some of my weird share of customers, thankfully, I haven’t met a Karen.

Most of the people I meet are really kind and they are super sweet, I once had a costumer run in and ask for a coffee but she didn’t have any money and I kinda freaked out since she kinda looked like she was on drugs. I politely declined and she just bolted out of there, idk what she was on but I hope she’s ok or something.

I usually like working at the bakery since, I get free food, and since the job demands for cash because the owners don’t have a credit card reader thingy, we get a lot of tips. We also don’t have a monthly wage, it’s more of what we get for tips and once we split it with the other coworkers, we can keep. Since I only help out on random days I get about $20-30 usd, my mom who used to work there would get $40-50 a day. The customers love our food, we even have some people fly from other states to try out our food. It isn’t a wide spread bakery and we only have one in Minnesota~


Omg, that sounds so bad


deadass i almost got fired from my no pay job when i was thirteen because according to some shitty supervisor i hit a kid

i did not hit a kid


That’s really awful! I hope your occupation and life is better now!


Bruh, I would of walked out of that, no pay tho?!


it was a volunteer job
i woulda fucking worked for my grandma but nope
i’m not gonna be a part time landlord


Oh, all the time. I work fast food.

Yesterday, I explained to an older man that his coupon wasn’t working as it should so I’d charge him for the coupon prices but the receipt would say otherwise. I printed him his proof of payment receipt (with what he was actually charged) and sent him on his way. Literally, five minutes later he came on screaming for my manager. My manager dealt with it and doesn’t really care about them complaining - I don’t have the permission to fix the prices myself and we were busy at that point so I couldn’t have asked someone to change it when I’d put the order through - but oh god was it annoying. I hate when customers complain, especially about me. My job is to make pizza, not deal with the people. If I serve you, it’s only because I’m trying to do a nice thing for the front people who get so overwhelmed during peak.


You stupidly start daydreaming becuase it’s slow at the Mickey Ds and not realizing we’re starting to pick up and–this only applies if you’re on friend products or grill–you’re starting to run out of stuff. Constantly. You start getting annoyed becuase you feel like you’re causing a lot of the problems becuase they can’t serve people their food fi there is no food to serve. Then the manger comes in to yell at you for the same reason.

I’d describe it as a bad day.


Oh man! That’s awful! Glad your manager didn’t punish you or anything.


Mickey D’s is honestly the worst place to work at imo, maybe cause my town is ghetto I guess. I could imagine how terrible it is, hopefully you’re doing well through that hell and hopefully your life and occupations get to the point where you don’t have stress :DD


When I sold a 30,000 order. Sounds good, right? Yeah, I didn’t check the stock. And this was the second time they’d messed up that companies order. Boss told me to learn maths or leave (I have dyscalculia - I can’t just learn maths). I spent a good hour crying at my desk that day after he shouted and shouted and shouted.


I once showed up to work (I clean houses) and the old lady who’s house I was cleaning that day was wearing nothing but her underwear (it was purple, fyi)
I’m scarred.


This week. The few days before England goes into lockdown for a month.
Working in a chocolate shop.
People have been spending hundreds and hundreds. Literally I’ve been working there 1 1/2 years and it’s never been so busy.

I love my job. But with people not socially distancing and we don’t have enough bodies in store to effectively stop people coming in, our deliveries have stopped because of imminent lockdown. People are arseholes.
They’ve been “where’s our free chocolate?” (When it’s not COVID we give people a free sample of chocolate)
They’ve been so shitty if we don’t have anything in stock.
They’ve been impatient with queuing because you know we also have to socially distance form colleagues and when you’ve only got two tills open it’s hard.

Bearing in mind all of this plus it’s a small shop, masks make it hard to hear people as we’ve also got the shield up between the till and the customer. So people have also been getting pissy if we ask them to repeat themselves.

We then have to constantly replenish stock. Which is time consuming and tiring.

I’m finally now off for the month because of lockdown. But honestly it’s been awful. Mainly because of people.

And I swear if I heard one more person making the “but chocolate is essential so you need to stay open” comment I would’ve done something I would’ve regretted.

COVID has really brought out the shit in people.


I love my job, and worked for the same company in some shape or form for over 15 years. But I’ve had some truly sucky days. This one in 2008 was probably the worst…

I’d been crazy busy, travelling around the country for meetings and working very long hours. This was when I was a lot younger so I was also going out a lot. I hadn’t been feeling well for a while but was working/socialising through the pain as had so much on. Eventually, I squeezed in a doctor appointment in between work meetings to find out what was wrong and he told me to go straight to A&E (ER). An hour later, when I was supposed to be delivering a big pitch to a prospective client worth millions of pounds, I was in surgery having my appendix and part of my bowel ripped out. Not a good day.

Don’t prioritise your job over your health, people! Despite my inflated opinion of how important the work I was doing was back then, the company easily survived while I was in hospital.


In terms of in general the worst day I’ve ever had of any work?
I was illegally and immorally sacked from a job because I had too many sick days. Basically, I’m registered disabled (diabetic) with protection by the UK Law. Because of my diabetes, I am higher risk of getting more infections than a “normal” person and if I get high or low blood sugars it can render me really ill sometimes. So naturally, I will have more sick days than an average, “normal” person.

I’d told my boss when I started that the month before I started working there, I had to have major surgery because I’d had to have a termination of pregnancy for medical reasons, and the surgery with my diabetes meant I was still suffering. Obviously, I was also mourning my loss. She was pregnant herself nad had kids, so I thought she would be a little understanding. She wasn’t. She would rub it in my face that she was pregnant, she worked me harder than anyone else.
I’d taken a few days off sick because of surgery complications and also because she was stressing me out. I eventually got signed off by my doctor because of the stress.

When I went back I found out she’d been signed off with pregnancy illness and taken her maternity leave earlier than expected. She had left a note for her replacement (who knew nothing about me) to sack me for having too many days off sick. I tried to explain everything to him but he was literally following procedure apparently and his “hands were tied”.

At the time, this was a few months after my surgery and I didn’t know this at the time, but I had actually fallen pregnant with my now-3 year old. I kicked up a stink but it didnt get me anywhere.

Literally, probably my worst day/few months of days of work ever.

A few months later a friend who was friends with a lawyer helped me document everything she did to me, and we took the evidence to the company, who admitted she had wronged me and because of my disability, none of my absences actually counted (apart from the stress, so one time of sickness basically which was fine) and I was actually re-employed, got some money as compensation and a really big apology.
I then told them I was pregnant, and because they basically legally acted as if I was never sacked, I got full entitlement to my maternity pay with my son.

So it kind of worked out in the end, but it was a very, very stressful time and why I will never, ever work in the care sector again.


That’s awful. He need to learn how to be more respectful.

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You can get a job at thirteen? Is that even legal?


it was a volunteer job