Descriptions | How to describe a male in a fantasy novel


It’s Rue Jay, and I’m having trouble creating a longer, more vivid description with magical vibes. His name is Calix, he looks generally human, but if he wills it, he can have wings which my narrator describes as “seeing moonlight up close.”

Other details:

He has dark or dirty blond hair. He has ocean eyes. He has a wide, muscular frame.

If you want, you can try to pry more physical details out of him, but that’s what I got so far.

Also, here’s my attempt to describe him the first time:

I ran into probably the only friend I had besides my family on my way through the forest.

Perhaps friend was too light of a word for what we had. Upon crashing into his broad frame, memories of late nights I would sneak out to meet him every week came back. It was routine for almost the last two lunar years.

Playing in my mind was the shredding of our garb and our heavy sighs as we explored one another’s bare flesh in a decrepit barn. There, I could find release under his muscled frame. There, I could find a voice who understood my dreams and what pressure I was under to feed my family. And above all, there, I could quiet my brain from any thought and just soak in his bliss.

As I brushed off the lining of my floral corset, I met his eyes, which made me feel as if I were stepping into an ocean. “Calix,” I let out as I pulled away from his chest. When I had all of him in my periphery, I swallowed a gasp.

Gods, he was so alluring. Dappled sunlight made parts of his hair darker, while parts under the sunlight were a hue of dirty blond. Meanwhile, his wavy locks fell to his chin. I couldn’t help remembering when I ran my fingers through his luscious waves.


Same way you describe any person. You might be overthinking this.

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I see nothing wrong with how you described him there in the excerpt above. @NotARussianBot is right, there’s no special trick to descriptions of male characters in a fantasy setting, it’s the same as anywhere and anyone else.


Honestly, I think this intro is perfect :eyes:. It’s giving me inspo to get my butt up and finish writing this new chapter with a character intro. :muscle:t5: