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My goal this week is to get all caught up on everyones books. Hopefully ill figure out something to write here soon. :see_no_evil: im still lacking writing inspiration. I also need to update my profile because its no longer Christmas. :upside_down_face:

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That is my goal also. I am so sorry all. I have been a ghost on here… Haven’t even had time to update my book for people to read. It has been a perfect storm of work, having to move and now my cat having diabeties. (Anyone else have to deal with this?) Stress lvls 200% :sob:


It honestly just seems like a phase of life that people are going through right now. I swear everyone I talk to, it’s either everything is perfect I’ve never been happier, or everything is miserable and it’s all these things piling up. I’m so sorry to hear about all of that! It’s never fun dealing with a sick animal and it makes things so stressful, having more work on top of it is a lot. Take the time you need, I love that this group is relaxed and allows people the space they have. Those who are invested stay, they may need a break for a moment but they come back so I’m honestly not worried if you’ve read my story or not. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for giving me this grace period and for beling so understading. I love this awesome crew! <3 I promise I will be back when life is not so chaotic. In the meantime, you may see me chip away at your stories. No rush to hop on mine I will let you all know when I have updated the full package. :slight_smile:


Of course! This world needs all the understanding. :heart:

@TMinx804 - DOTM completed Chapter 1-5
@TMinx804 - Smear completed Chapter 1-5
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@KnightofEmpires - Blood and Cinders completed Chapter 1-8
@Shea - Throne of Misery completed Chapter 1 -3

I updated Ornella’s Fable - The White Woods up to Chapter 10 already :smiley:

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Feedback please! :slight_smile:

Looking through my drafts and trying to decide what I want to write this year if im going to write anything. Ive got another good theme for Halloween. (One especially that this group would be perfect to help me break out of my shell you psychos :joy: in the best way possible.)

But I like to write with the Seasons, or for Holidays. For spring/summer I want to do a fun romance, lighter type book. You know feel the vibe of the time of year.

So ive had one in my drafts forever called ‘Three Letters’ its about a girl and a guy who are both really good at BMX and they compete against each other and are the town rivals without knowing eachother and of course the romance ensues.

That being said the idea sparked from my favorite 80’s movie about BMX but no-one really does that anymore. Three letters was supposed to play off of BMX but should I switch the story to sport bikes (since theres actual races and its more relevant to my life now) and three letters will lead to the word “win” or leave it as BMX but the competitions are unrealistic because thats just not what happens now days. :see_no_evil: whats more intersting to you?

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We got a huge BMX parks next town for kids to practice and we even got tournaments and stuff :slight_smile: I think it’s still kind of a thing!

Or what about the story happening in the 80s?

But its not something you can actually make money off of. Unless theres some major BMX circuit i dont know about haha. Whereas sport bikes theres motogp, motoamerica, superbike ect ect. :see_no_evil: im not sure I could handle a story in the 80s. Im a 1998 baby, so I have no idea.

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Added Chtrs 16 of Smear and DOTM

I was going to suggest just making the story take place in the 80s, but I saw your comment below! I guess I would change the bikes around then to be more relevant to what you know. It’s always harder to write about something you have limited knowledge about, unless you want to spend a lot of time researching. You can always re-work the title to be more fitting.

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If you know anyone interested in joining, please send them a link to this thread. :slight_smile:

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^Those on Hiatus are welcome and encouraged to join any week. I just don’t want to stress you out with too many chapters to catch up on. There’s no time limit on the hiatus as everyone is always welcome.

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I’m not sure I need to rework the title just yet, because both concepts fit with the title in my opinion and I have slight inspo for both haha. Just not sure if I’m supposed to go the route of BMX bikes or
Sport Bikes. It mostly just changes the way the racing and circuits are set up. Oh the things to figure out when you are going through your drafts from 2016

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Write what makes you happy. It’s fiction so maybe in that world BMX is still a big thing.

Ill play around with some cover image ideas and see if either spark interest more so. Im very much a find an image and make it a story type person.

I get that! for every book, I have a 5x7 journal that I use for notes and inspo. I have pics of characters, houses, general inspo, outlines, playlists. I have to have the visual stuff along with the writing!