Disabled Animal Protag

So I have a character, an adolescent T. Rex who has a massive wound on his left leg from a croc bite. It never quite healed.

He is named after Ivar the Boneless, who, despite apparently being “boneless”, was a feared viking cheiftan. I felt that he needed a physical disability like his namesake.

I was just wondering how to portray a disabled, sapient animal who is also a badass.


The only thing I can think of is having him walk with a limp?


That is a good idea, forcing him to put all his weight on one leg.

I do think he would eventually get support fir his leg, but I’m not sure what.


Well, really “disabled” is often a mental barrier.

And this winds up stepping one toes, so to speak:

(And discussions on how much better G force is on legless people do exist.)

The thing is that when a person puts their mind to it (in some cases), their handicap works like an asset.

In spite of clear moments where you can shows that those with a disability are plain better at various tasks than those without, the majority of those who have the same issues will not try to strive for “better than normal”. (But then, it’s probably comparable to the numbers on who would be an Olympian out of those with “no issues”.

So, when writing this, you need to figure out how much an injury would harm a truly athletic being physically vs mentally. If they are tough, they will compensate for the weakness and possibly outperform those who are “normal” out of sheer stubborn practice. But like any sentient being, they will have moments of doubt early on, when the wound is fresh.

But from a mechanical standpoint: my dislocated knee used to pop the shin bone up regularly through the joint (and I’d fall) a lot the first year. That’s become less frequent with age. I trust the joint a lot more now, than I did then.

But sometimes I think we would be better off like dogs, without as much mind. There’s dogs who are missing a leg or two who can keep up with humans before they get a wheel chair. No concept of whether or not they should do for themselves, they just up and do it.


He would get by but it’s inconvient.

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If he’s stubborn, he’d train to compensate. If he’s laid back, he word take more time before gaining confidence in the weakness.


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