Discussing A.I. Art and... idk what to title this. I have two questions.

So, there’s ai-generated art. I have these two scenarios.

1: What if I take that ai art, look at it, and draw my own version of the same thing. I don’t trace or do any copying, but draw the generated image in my own style. Is the finished piece then my original art or is it considered “copying art and illegal”?

2: What if I trace ai art, but color it in the way I want to in my style? Is that still a no-no stolen art situation because I traced art?


As an artist, a lot of other artists do this. Everyone uses references to draw and it would be considered your own art as long as you haven’t traced it! There’s a rule my art teacher says that if we are incorporating something, it must be more than 60% original art, interpret that however you will.

Going into iffy territory here, I would say yes. It’s still being traced and coloring it a different way would be all too original.

I’m not against Ai generated art, it’s very cool in its own way but the way it incorporates real art from other artists is not something I’m okay with, especially if someone uses it to claim it as their own art/profit from it. From what I see, there’s nothing wrong to use ai art as a reference or inspiration, that happens in the art world too. Tracing and blatant copying is what you’re going to get in trouble for, so as long as you’re not doing that, treat the ai art as if you are treating someone else’s art


Good to know this! Because I got some cool ai-generated art that I want to practice with for book cover creation. They would make cool book cover backgrounds, but I don’t want to use ai-generated art. I don’t like that kind of iffy territory that comes with it :sweat_smile:


Depends on how close the generated image is to the original source images. The issue is you’re not exactly going to have a way of knowing.


Machines don’t have intellectual rights. So AI cannot be the author of an artwork. Some AI art applications use public domain material so it’s completely fine to use that art or appropriate it in any capacity.

However, the company or programmer who feeds the AI could be the author in some instances. Most major AI art applications would attribute authorship to the company who created it.

As for using the material to create your own art… it should be fine as long as it is not a blatant duplicate. Using AI art as an influence to your creation does not infringe artistic integrity.


That’s the thing :sweat_smile: That’s why I’d rather avoid using ai-art all together.

It won’t be a duplicate, but it’ll be easy to tell that I used it as reference.

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here’s the problem with ai art, all ai art is stolen. the way ai art works is that a bunch of artwork is fed into a generator and then that generator recobbles all of the stolen art together to make a “”””new”””” piece. My advice personally is to just stay away from it completely, EVEN as reference material. The end result will only be a copy of a copy.


But great artists steal is how the saying goes, how can that be bad if you steal from multiple sources to create a new art piece? How is it different from a human taking multiple points of inspiration?

The legality of the practice is fuzzy, of course, but I fail to see how it is any more unethical than a human artist.

If I primarily use ai generated art to help me develop compositions, does that make me a bad person for using Ai? These are the sort of questions that knee-jerk reactions to ai always forget to address.

But if I’m using it as a reference, I wouldn’t be copying it, so wouldn’t that be okay?

Don’t artists use other people’s art as reference all the time? Especially if you’re learning.

the problem with ai art is that it recobbles a bunch of people’s art without their permission. its one thing if artist take inspiration from one another. everyone’s got their inspirations after all, but ai art isnt making something from its own hands. its a cut and paste. its one thing if i take inspiration from someones original piece, but its a whole other thing if i take that person’s piece, cut it up, take out the parts i dont like then recobble it together and act like i made something new.

im not saying it makes anyone a bad person, but i do think its bad business. ai art is not here to help us artist, its here to replace us. i think it is in the best interest for artist to just stay away from it. not even to use it as a reference. its likely, more than likely in fact, that the people the ai bot took from did not give permission for their art to be used that way.

its true that most artist learn by referencing, but the thing is is that a lot of artist did not give permission for their art to be used in the way ai art is using it. as an artist ai art is not our friend. the more it gets used the more it learns and it wont be long that the people the ai bot stole from will be put out of work. i suggest if you want to learn that you just find other references. of course i cant stop anyone from doing anything, and if you really want to use the ai bot then go for it. im just sharing my two cents.


I think you’re just repeating fear-mongering headlines. The future is going to be stranger than you can comprehend.

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