Do any of you know a famous or a well-known author who fits this sentence, entirely?

“I suck at writing character that are the same gender as I, but I can write the opposite gender no problem.”

Do you know of any characters like this? Whether you read their work or simply overheard, do any of you all know?

Thoughts and feelings?


Nope, I imagine authors can only become famous if they can write any gender without any real difficulty. Did you hear someone say that quote?

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Nah, I am just wondering, if there’s an author who write better at one gender than the other.

Granted the author’s way writing a gender, it’s more like its weak in comparison to the other gender they can write, the opposite.

Sometimes it’s the other way around.

What I meant is that they can write a character that is the same, but it is only weaker in comparison to the way they write an opposite gender.

That is what I am trying to get at. My bad for not being clear enough.


I can name a storyteller who I’d rather not write women because all of them are just as hideous as the men.


Who the hell is that I wonder?

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Nobuyuki Fukumoto. Just look at his artstyle, it looks good on nobody.

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Ah, I see.

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In my experience there are three types of artists:

The ones who draw both men and women as equally pretty

The ones who draw women as pretty and men as more cartoonish, average, or sometimes just ugly looking

And the ones who draw men and women as equally ugly

Theorectically there may be an artist out there who draws hot guys and really ugly women but I have never seen it.



What about another mangaka though, but not through drawings, rather through actions and behaviors?

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Everyone is also ugly on the inside, which makes the story interesting.

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I have to admit just how true that is…
I’ve read plenty of manga and watched plenty of anime that fits those options all too well.


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The ugliness from within shows outwardly.

If you’re ugly on the inside, no matter how physically beautiful you are, that ugliness shows outwardly.

If you’re a hot supermodel who is a horrible person, you might as well be the ugliest thing to ever walk the earth.

Just saying I suppose.


On that topic, Ichijou from Kaiji is the most disturbing looking character in the series because he is drawn to be conventionally attractive in such an unflattering artstyle, being the bisie villain of the story. Some of the faces he makes are properly nightmarish.

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When the theoretical happens, it’s usually for a page or two, to make a point about the characters.