Do you have questions for fellow writers? [for a NEW IG post series of mine]

I know I have a thread about LGBTQIA+ -related questions for writers, but I was wondering if you had some other questions for writers?

I wanted to start a new series on IG. The writers who follow me are both experienced writers and new writers, and there’s also many writing coaches and writers who are also editors. There’s race and age diversity, and some writers are parents.

Do you have questions to them?

The format of the question can be first person. I think it makes it more personal-sounding.

Ex.) “I don’t want to write romance. How can I avoid it?”

Got any questions?

(if you’re curious to see if your question will get an answer, my IG is @ foxwoodauthor and I can also share the answers here)


Are any of you writing STRICTLY for hobby purposes with ZERO career goal in mind?

“Is your refrigerator running?”

Honestly, I dont tend to have a lot of questuons for other writers.


Why do some people forget that fiction is fiction (yes, it can be based on real life) but it’s not an autobiography you’re writing?


How much are you inspired by video games/anime?


Good one :grin: