Do you think your titles look good together? [a make-yourself-feel-good]

Do you ever get that time where you just want to share the titles of your stories because you think they look good together? I got this feeling when Wattpad Researchers came knocking and asked me to fill out a survey about series. At one point they were asking about series as a writer and then slipped in a question about series as a reader, like, Whattpad, make up your mind :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I think my books taking place in the same world look good together.

Elgana Books
Solar Song, Frozen Fate
Storm Heart, Fire Soul
Lone Gold, Daring Purple
Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound
Paws Chase Murder Case

Ozel Emla Tales
There Lives a Beast in the Burning Heart
The Many Secrets of a Broken Light
In the Lost Protector is an Emerald Soul (ONC WIP)

Their Posthumous Lives duology
Alive At Crepusculum
Dead By Sunrise

New Soleil Books (these, not so much)
Between Roses
The Rat Girl

Chronicles of Galderkins (I have never talked about these books on here, but I’ve always liked how each title begins with the same letter. Took a lot of thinking to come up with this.)
Rise of Ryg Nok
Return of Vol Pyr
Rage of Azr Lyo
Reign of Kor Vyr

Let’s just enjoy title aesthetics, if that’s even a thing. But remember, title aesthetics can be subjective. If YOU think it looks good, then that’s good enough for me :wink:

What are your titles? List them up by series, the same world, or however you like.


I shall return soon. :relieved:

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7 ONC 2023:
The Essence of U
Djinn Trap
A Riding Need
The King’s Three Sons
Maysie’s Galaxy
Coins on a Battlefield
Wolf & C Bunny

And the first casualty of ONC:
Kindergarten Constellation
It’s disappeared, so I assume it’s been deleted.


I love the titles for your Elgana series. There’s a really nice cadence to them. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:
The Dark Between Dreams Chronicles
The Dark Between Dreams
Hollow is the Heart
The Slayer of Stars

The Red Sun Rapture Saga
(Such boring titles lol. Good thing this series was cancelled ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ )

Stand-alone sad animal books:
Marvela Mystic
The Bones Below (Current ONC Project)

Alliterations everywhere!


But…I like single-title books :stuck_out_tongue: No idea what it could even be about, I get so curious and always check the blurb :wink:

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Aw, sad animals :pleading_face:

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The Tales of Alagossia:
(These stories have nothing in common other than being in the same world.)
Red Reign: The Breaking of Renna (an AU version of The Breakers.)
The Breakers.
Red Blizzard | Book 1 and Red Frost | Book 2(?)
The Jewels of God: Sovereigns of Alagossia.
Angels that bleed copper blood.
The Cuisine Royale: Meal and Magic.

Elvarth Chronicles:
(These titles have nothing to d with each other as well, except for being in the same world.)
Gold Supremacy | Liberation | Alliance (my “retelling” of EL Dorado).
The Broken House of Mystics and The Misfits of Arcane Shadows.
A Twisted Crown.
The Strange Case of a Fallen Angel.

That is all. I haven’t even started my Elvarth stories or other Alagossian stories yet.

LOL! :sweat_smile:


Ooooh, I love these!

I only have one series, and as it happens, I am indeed rather proud of the title sequence :rofl: I’ll let you guess why :rofl:

I have been collecttively referring to these as “The Ingrid Odyssey”:

Whiskey Latte
Vodka Espresso
Tequila Americano
Flat White Rum



Wow, you have a lot of stories :grin:

Hmm :thinking: I’m intrigued :grin:

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Those are cool titles! :grin:

Reminded me of this couple introduced on the Dodo YouTube channel who had these dogs all named after alcoholic beverages.

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Some I’ve started (like two) and most of them I haven’t touched yet.

I got to figure out the exact plot and whatnot to that type of story. I have an inkling on how I want it to go, but nothing concrete.

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Omg that sounds wild :rofl: so were they like…Gin and Bourbon, or Tanqueray and Jack Daniel? :laughing:

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No, like, brand names. I do think there was a Bourbon though.

I wish I could remember the names but everyone in the comments were like “they must love to drink” and things like that XD

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Ok ok, so Tanqueray and Jack Daniel :joy: Brilliant :star_struck:

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Reminds me of how rich people (some, not all) name their dogs after luxury brands. I haven’t seen it done, but that’s not saying it doesn’t happen, because it does.

Aside from that, when I was a hardcore anime fan of younger years, I wanted to get a big fluffy dog and name it either Inuyasha or Sesshomaru. Yeah, I was that type of fan. LOL!

Now, if I have a dog, I’d name her something cute yet bizarre.

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titles aren’t my strong suit, especially not series titles that have to be cohesive :sweat_smile: but I do like a few, like

The Raven Unkindness
Magpie Black
Raven Blue

and The Compass Galaxy

The Geminids needs another work-through but I also kinda like them:
The Mighty King
The Fallen Child
The Risen Warrior
The Deathbound Soul


You mean like Descendant and Ascendant, with mid-story Abeyant and possible sequel Transcendant?

I like titles that are synonyms or antonyms of each other what can I say. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ooooooh, I like the sound of that :wink:

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I like them, too :grin:

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lol thank, that one took the longest because i had trouble fitting the reference to lugalirra in.

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