Do you want to name my NaNoWrimo 👀 TW:Murder

I have a working name for my NaNoWrimo but its trash “The One’s That Killed Me” like… What even is that but im never good at naming my stories so throwing all the info here and maybe someone can drop something I love or inspire me to find something I like.

Central Character


Bliss was an Autistic scientist who strived to be “Normal” she didn’t like to complain. She didn’t want to be a bother and you’ll see in the snippet below how that reflected but in chapter one Bliss dies. The story is centered around their death. The people she reached out to before dying. The investigation etc. Though Bliss is the central character they have no voice beyond the first chapter everything else will be flashbacks of how the people around her saw her and the hallucination of a person who didn’t know her

Main Characters


Owen is Bliss’s husband and suspected of killing her. The two had a co-dependant toxic relationship Owen not learning of his wife’s death for four days because he had turned his phone off and skipped town with his Mistress. This makes him the prime suspect because he is unwilling to admit he was anything but a good husband.

Michelle (I dont like her name so if anyone has a suggestion)

Bliss’s younger sister who used to look up to her until Bliss was diagnosed as Autistic at 19. After that Michelle became very protective of her older sister to the point she treated her like a child and was dismissive of Bliss’s statements.

In the story Michelle will be haunted by certain things her sister told her months before the death about feeling unsafe and worried. Michelle dismissing it as Bliss’s anxiety.


Bliss’s best friend. Jasmine was studying for the bar exam when Bliss called. She would not learn of her death until after the test the next afternoon and will struggle with wanting to continue on because of that guilt.

Jasmine is the only one who knew Owen wasnt what he said he was and the two will often clash.


Farhan was the last person to see Bliss alive. He thinks he knows who killed her but is scared to come forward because his hook-up that night threatened him. Farhan deals with the guilt of letting Bliss walk off on her own and fear of both the other witness and who he thinks is a killer in their midst.

The Detective

Please Help I dont even have a name

I’ve decided to make this character a cis-man. He will be a functioning boozer who is really good at his job. This character will fall in love with the idea of Bliss while getting to know her from documents, videos, social media and family accounts as he tries to figure out who it was that killed her. This will cause him the blur lines and take things personal often himself clashing with Owen.

First Draft Of Ch1

Content Warning Mentions Of Death


Bliss Asher skipped into the cool October night. Her face freshly rinsed in the company bathroom as she met her co-workers Farhan and Amari outside.

“What are you in the mood for?” Amir questioned, his skull mask resting on top of his shaved dark head.

“I guess it depends. Do you like Indian?” Farhan questioned. The only one not wearing a costume that night in a stylish overcoat with his medium-length wavy hair flipped behind his back.

“Are you guys going out to eat?” Bliss smiled, ear-to-ear. Jumping off the solo step leading into their firm.

Farhan and Amari exchanged glances. Though Frahan was openly bisexual Amari considered himself straight. He was a family man. A Christian man. He had never done what he was considering doing. He wasn’t even sure if he would do it. A big smile on his face as h replied, “Yeah, you want to tag along?”

Farhan rolled his eyes. He wasn’t the one who suggested they keep the party going. Amari was a good friend and though he noticed him eying him lately he told himself he was imagining. Then Amari kissed him when the three split off to the bathroom. He was cute and newly single so he figured what was the harm? He didn’t sign up to be shoved back in the closet.

“Nah, I don’t think my husband’s home which means I have a pile of shit waiting for me,” Bliss’s giggle lacked humor. Farhan’s brow arched slightly.

She had mentioned she had been fighting with Owen lately. The bubbly young woman drunkenly confessed things weren’t so perfect in the Asher household.

Between a game of charades and Jinga, she had confessed he had left her at the start of the pandemic. The mind games he played when he left his then-pregnant wife without a word. Locking the bank account in his name. Taking the documents with hers.

Farhan, Bliss’s friend from engineering Sage, and their friend Christine, the only straight person out of the bunch gathered around the women’s bathroom sink as with tears in her eyes she confided, Owen had left nothing but divorce papers sitting on the bed. Bliss enraged when she discovered he had never filed. Simply wanted to shake her up a bit. A tearful smile on her face as she said, “Then he came back and we were okay until we weren’t.” Wiping her tears, taking a deep breath a skipped back to the party to load up on more drinks.

Sage had suggested they do something. Christine assured the pair must have worked it out. The tears residual from a memory past. Farhan told himself it was above his pay grade. He came for the open bar and a few games. Relieved when Bliss was her usually bubbly self for the rest of the night.

As he looked at her in that moment, he wasn’t sure. Bliss loved her dogs like they were her children. Though her anxiety seemed to be making it difficult for her to care for them or even make it to work without her royal purple stress ball she toyed with for half the night, she wouldn’t have rushed out without at least making sure they were taken care of."

“Where’s…?” Farhan questioned, unable to remember Bliss’s faceless spouse.

They had attended the same year and a half-long fellowship program. They had been working for the firm around the same amount of time and Farhan was sure no one had ever seen Owen. Only sure he existed because he knew an upperclassman who had attended her small wedding.

“Owen,” Bliss informed. “I… He’s having a boy’s night I think.” She said but in the back of her mind, she could see him thrusting in and out of some unknown woman.

Bliss had known since he had left there was someone else. It was the only thing that made sense but Owen assured it wasn’t him, it was her. Her mood swings. Her constant depression. The endless miscarriages taking a toll on the young man.

She believed him at first. She resented him because she knew he resented her despite the intense belief none of it was her fault. Bliss told herself she couldn’t help if she was manic. She was autistic and didn’t like the medications offered to her. She couldn’t help that she depressed, it was chemical and environmental. She could have been a mother, had he not left two days after she showed him the positive result.

“It was his birthday yesterday. When he told me he was going to be gone for the weekend I didn’t know that included Thursday but who knows. I think his phone died.” She lied.

The truth was, Owen had blocked her number months ago. He liked to control the dialogue between he and his wife. He knew if he let her she would text and call endlessly. Crying. Threatening. Begging. This way was a lot simpler. Bliss the only one who called from a blocked number.

“So what are you guys eating?” She smiled, feeling better at that moment than she had in two years. Despite her humorous relationship and her husband who she knew wasn’t in love but also refused a divorce, life was getting back to normal.

The New normal. Bliss one of the leading biochemical engineers at the lab at the far end of town.

She couldn’t remember the last time she went to a party. Let alone stay out past midnight. It would take another twenty minutes to get home but was worth it.

“Um… Mexican maybe?” Amari cleared his throat taking a step from Farhan before saying, “Unless you like Halal?”

Farhan lowered his eyes as he wondered if that were a genuine question or if in Amari’s eyes all brown asains came from the same place.

“Yeah I don’t mind,” He turned to Bliss and smiled. “Would you like to come?”

She had almost said yes but then she noticed a look in Amari’s eyes. Disappointed and something else she couldn’t quite place but recognized.

It was the same look she would give her sister when she and Owen had begun dating. Though Bliss was older, Michelle had always been protective of her big sister. Especially after she had been diagnosed on spectrum when she was seventeen.

It was a whole new frustration to the popular girl who never felt as if she belonged. Michelle often overstayed her welcome when all Bliss wanted was a private moment alone.

“Nah, the dogs” she had reminded backing away. “Besides I forgot my eye cleanser. This doesn’t look on purpose.” Bliss pointed to the remnants of the black eye makeup she dawned for her vampire costume. A simple black corset, black jeans, and faux leather jacket Ingrid from HR deemed inappropriate for a company party. “Im ahead home.”

“Well, we’re heading to my side of town in Forster, where do you live? We can drive you.”

Bliss smiled as she explained she lived a town over. Keeping to herself she had only come because she hadn’t wanted to be alone.

“I usually take the bus but Ryan said they don’t run at this time.” Bliss explained, both men finding the statement strange.

Though he didn’t take public transportation the firm’s headquarters was located in the shipping district. Everyone knew it was because it was cheaper than the previous location but easily accessible due to the warehouse workers coming in and out from town.

“No…” Amari said himself, having worked in the area before he was hired to do security for the Upperton location in the nice part of town. “The buses run all night.”

“No, I think they changed the schedules,” Bliss insisted. “Ryan had told me before he left. He was going to give me a ride but I wasn’t ready to leave yet.”

Farhan furrowed his brows. Something about it didn’t feel right but he couldn’t place it. Extending his hand as he offered, “Come on, I’ll drive you home.”

“It’s fine,” Bliss waved him off. “I live in the city and you’re going that way.”

“At least let me drop you off at the train. Where is it?” he insisted, unable to escape this strange feeling in the pit of his stomach.

She didn’t know. Bliss had walked from the train when she had arrived but looking over her shoulder she wasn’t sure if she turned left or right on the quiet road. Quietly pulling out her phone as she suggested restaurants they two could attend.

“Bliss?” Farhan frowned as she quickly glanced at the map, switching the page to show a Mexican restaurant she liked was still open.

“It’s really good and the train is just twenty minutes away. Leaves me right across town from my house. Zip-Zoom.” She assured.

“I don’t know…” Farhan said, unable to escape the nagging feeling as Bliss backed away.

“I’m fine. I’m fat and I’m black. Statistically, no one is checking for me.”

“You know damn well you’re not fat,” Amari teased. “But she’s right. She’ll be fine. All she gotta do is look mean. No one wants to kidnap someone difficult.”

Bliss thought of the crime shows she would listen to. The ones where sometimes even the mean girls died they just died putting up a fight. Feel chill she quickly laughed off and shook away.

“How’s this?” She wrinkled her nose, her baby face making the men laugh.

“Im terrified,” Farhan called as she made her way further down the cobblestone ally.

“Then I’m good. Have fun, see you tomorrow!” She waved turning and bouncing away.

Bliss made a left at the end of Saints Washington. She did her best not to look back or glance at her map in case her colleagues were still watching. She didn’t want to worry them and she didn’t want to make them go out of their way for her. Farhan one of the few people who still treated her normally after she divulged her neurodivergent after the incident the previous fall. Bliss her head forward repeating the name word in her mind until she was out of sight: Go left and head for the bridge.

Bliss made at left on the eerily quiet street. One headphone in her ear as she made her way to the train. She thought to listen to music but everything in her said to be on alert. She couldn’t explain it but the further she walked the more uneasy she felt, taking out her phone to call Michelle.

The call rang twice before it went to voicemail. Her brows furrowed as Bliss extended another call.

Putting Joel to sleep. Michelle replied to Bliss’s frustration.

She thought to call her again but decided against it. Making a wrong turn on the fork down the road as she called her best friend Jasmine.

“You have reached…” The robotic messager rang, Bliss’s jaw tensed as she waited for the beep.

“I could be dying right now,” She complained. “I could be calling for help and you’re ignoring me. Some best friend,” She ended the call knowing Jasmine would laugh and call her dramatic in the morning.

As she looked up from her phone, Bliss realized she had taken a wrong turn, rolling her eyes as she looked at the back of her work building.

“Fuck my life,” She growled, turning startled to see she wasn’t alone on the street.

It was too dark to see his face. Her glasses doing nothing as they rested at the top of her head but Bliss saw a man in black. Her breath caught in her lungs as he ducked around a corner.

Her heart pounding, Bliss told herself not to overreact. He had probably gotten lost and turned around when he saw it was a one-way street and yet, she didn’t want to turn back onto the cobblestone street. Instead deciding to go around as she called her sister once more.

The phone went to voice mail. Bliss feeling uneasy as she reported, “Hey, I know you had trick or treat duty but can you call me back? I’m walking alone and I’m a little scared.”

Something told her to look over her shoulder but Bliss was too terrified. Too aware she wasn’t alone on that long street as she tried to make quick steady steps. She told herself she was being a baby. Listening to too much Small Town Murder and Morbid. She told herself she was fine and yet she couldn’t bring herself to turn around. Pulling out her phone and called Farhan.

“Hey,” She said to his voicemail. “I know it’s last-minute but it you’re still around can you meet me. I think these drinks are getting to me.”

As she bent the corner, Bliss was sure she could see someone and yet, sure her mind was playing tricks on her. It was the spooky season. She had been drinking and her mind was playing tricks. Knocking her glasses onto her nose and circled to her course as she tried for Owen.

“Your call has been forwarded to—”
His machine rang and part of her knew it would. He had turned his phone off hours ago when she called him to complain she had needed the car.

Her jaw tense, Bliss thought to call her dad but she didn’t want to worry him. Trying again for Farhan. Then Michelle. Jasmine and Owen all over again.

She willed him to answer. Calling and calling when she footsteps just as she reached the bridge.

“I need you to answer the phone.” Bliss looked over her shoulder and confirmed she wasn’t imagining it. The man was following her down the one-way back road.

Her heart raced as Bliss looked again and spoke into her headphones. “Someone is following me. I know you think I’m dramatic but I’m scared, Owen. Please. Answer the phone. If he knows I’m—”

She could hear his steps pounding against the pavement. He didn’t run but he was moving faster than he had been.

Bliss thought to run but told herself not to. Told herself he didn’t know she knew he was following her. All she had to do was stay ahead. To make it to main street and she was in the clear. She was fine but she was also scared.

On instinct, Bliss called Owen. “Someone’s following me.” She whispered. “He’s wearing a black hood and I don’t know if it’s a costume. I’m… I’m near HQ but everyone left. I…” Bliss raised her voice, giggling as she said. “Im coming, I’m coming relax. I just got turned around. Just meet me halfway okay.”

Ending the call she pretended to listen to music. Pretended to move to the beat as she tried to increase her pace, thinking to herself the underpass didn’t seem so long the first time around.

Her jaw tensed Bliss pretended to scroll through her phone. She couldn’t call the police. What if the person had gotten lost? What if they needed directions and she got them in trouble?

She told herself she wouldn’t do that. She also told herself she also wouldn’t stop if asked. Her heart racing Bliss tried for Owen. The urge to cry as she got his voice mail again. The only light at the end of the tunnel that she was almost out from under the bridge. Then she heard it. Running. Heavy beating steps ripped her heart from her chest.

Bliss didn’t look back. Phone in her hand she dialed her last call. Owen. Hoping God was on her side as she raced.

“He’s chasing me. He’s chasing me Owen I don’t think—”

Bliss Asher wasn’t a heavy girl. She wasn’t athletic neither. A lab rat with a history of Asthma she pushed herself. Running for her life as her breath began to tighten.

“I can’t — I can’t let that happen again I’ll die first.” She swore.

It was less than five minutes her lungs burned and her legs ached. Bliss was too drunk and too tired to keep up. She thought to fight but worried he was strong. Thought to scream but she knew no one would hear her. Owen’s voicemail the only thing to keep her company.

The train just in sight Bliss felt a ray of hope. There would be an attendant or passengers. She would be safe but as she grew closer she noticed pink cut-off tape, a sign of the station.

“No — No — No,” Bliss looked over her shoulder. He was still there but wasn’t running anymore. The realization she had been pushed into a corner brought tears to her eyes. “Owen I think… I think I know him. I think,” She turned around backing away as she tried to focus on his face. His hands were gloved but she could see a strong jaw. Reporting it to her husband to keep a record.

“Why are you following me!” She called but he didn’t respond. Just advanced, something dark telling Bliss she wasn’t going home.

“I love you,” She said into the phone. “I know we’re not perfect but I love you and I need you to listen.” Her jaw tensed.

She didn’t plan to go out without a fight but Bliss listened to enough true crime to know if the feeling in her gut held any truth she had to give the police what they needed to bring her justice.

“If I don’t make it home. The one who killed me is average height. A lot taller than me but shorter than you. He had a medium build,” She backed towards the street, trying to determine the best course of action.

If she ran towards him she could probably dodge. It was a wide road but she kept going forward there had to be another train or at least people.

The man in the hood tilted his head. With her glasses on Bliss was able to see he had a pointed nose. Not big not small just pointed. Reporting it to her husband’s voice mail before took off running in search of another train. She wouldn’t make it.

Still here? Great well what would you/should I name this :thinking:


Kind of a Trail of Breadcrumbs thing going on, you know Hansel and Gretel.

So, since it’s a multimedia kind of thing, maybe Records of Breadcrumbs would be a decent place to start thinking of names.


I haven’t watched any of these yet, though I intend to. I have trouble coming up with titles, too. Hope they help! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

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Did I ever tell you I love your brain. Something bout records feels good idk about bread crumbs though

MVP will look at now

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I understand. It’s about an unsuitable trail to get back home, and also evokes a biblical saying.

A people the Jews shunned was the Canaanites (a people they mostly conquered), and a Canaanite woman asked for Christ’s help, and he said something about it not being right to feed the children’s food to the dogs. And the woman quipped back, that the dogs at least ate the crumbs under the table, and so Christ said she had a great faith and did as she asked of him. There’sa lot more that’ssupoosed to be going on due to the history behind what he was saying and likely some more detail by the choice of the Greek, but even in English, you get the idea that it’s not enough care given to the woman’s needs until she demands the tablescraps.

But that’s a rather…literary, as much as I mock that, lol

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But I wouldn’t be heavily sold on breadcrumbs, either.

Records do not Lie or Memoirs of guilt, things like The Cost of Relations or The Stain of Records


Records of the Guilty or Memoirs of the Guilty
They all have guilt, even if they weren’t guilty of murder, and it evokes a more whodunit style that makes you wonder if one of the people’s media/recollections will eventually lead to her killer.


I would read this :eyes:

Doesn’t feel like something I could write though :thinking: its so fancy. Ooo im tempted.

This made me make a guttural excited sound omg this just might be it :eyes:

Okay shoot me down if this is corny… Its probably corny I’m bad at this

“Related Guilt" or something like that.


It works. The thing is does it work for you?


Okay, this is dumb, but the first thing that comes to mind when I hear about all these characters being torn apart by the knowledge they each have and/or learn is:
Ignorance is Bliss


Piggybacking off @J.L.O 's suggestion: Guilt by Association. I also think Breadcrumbs could work as a title.


I find that I never like any of my titles so I usually gather a bunch and then have people vote.

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Kinda like it but doesn’t fit for me cause I wouldn’t want people to think im teaching something lol it’s me this is a HBO series on paper.

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I kinda like it (Guilt by association) but then im like it doesn’t make me go OOOOOH my attention span is a short I read books on does this cover look nice? Is this title doing it for me? So I feel like I need to catch something throwing it into the vote.

Instead of Ist Degree Muder or Murder in the 1st Degree, plug in other words

Guilt in the 1st Degree
1st Degree Relations
Records in the 1st Degree

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I wouldn’t want to put that cause it feels more crime drama, but it’s literary drama I’m unsure if I’ll solve the crime. Looking for something that feels like “Gone girl” but like not that cause plagiarism.

The Path to Death
The Unresolved
Restless in Death

Hrm…some sappy poems about not appreciating people before they die may be a good reference too.

:musical_note:You don’t know what you got till it’s gone :notes:

'Til She’s Gone

Nah the vibe is more self-centered they dont all feel that way the detective doesn’t know her just loves the idea of her and image she puts out online. Her husband is basically going to lie to himself and pretend the perfect relationship they had was real. The sister is going to go darker like contemplate killing the person who killed her sister. Her best friend who was always doing what she was meant to do is going to be impulsive how she was. The co-worker wasn’t her friend just the last to see her and thinks he knows who the killer is but is too scared to say anything.

It’s like they’re all fractured in a way but not exactly mourning if that makes sense like just trying to make sense of this life they’re in while hiding the fact there was something they could have done to the media circus

Ah, that goes the direction of things like

Fractured Faces


Coming in the Air
as an homage to this song:

I was little when this came out. It has a latant rage to it, and the urban legend has it about a murder that was covered up (the singer disagrees).

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Is this already a book :eyes: