Does anybody add any pop culture references in their novel or not?

I just realized the one I’ve made was from The Wizard of Oz. LOL!
My MC asked the person who brought him to another world how does he get home. My MC asked if he has to click his heels and say what Dorothy said “there’s no place like home”.

NOTE: My MC is not wearing red shoes or rather red sneakers. LOL!

What about you though?


All the time. Some are more appreciated than others.

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If something comes to mind and fits, yes.

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Cool. Thinking about it I have never did that.
I don’t normally add pop culture references in my stories. However, this time I thinking about it and how funny it would be to add one.

The work I am working on right now is full of pop culture references, phrases and alludes to postmodernism.

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If it’s this then yes but I dont see this as Pop culture for me it’s something that’s now like music and no classics but yeah if it fits.

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Wait, so it isn’t really a pop culture reference?
Aww, man! :frowning_face:

I do. I’ll reference a ton of stuff; old stuff, new stuff. I’ll only do it if it’s relevant though :rofl:

I’m waiting for one of your MLs to call the chick a Sneaky Link. Lmao


I have a challenge now xD

Well, it’s certainly a way to bring in the smut–and possibly toxic not-relationships.

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Depends. It’s usually really vague just because I feel like specific things can really date a book, and I want mine to feel fresh. Like I had a joke about the team assembling like Voltron before taking out the specific name and just saying giant robot.

It renews, so that could be the early 80s or about 2010, and likely will come out with yet another around 2030. lol

But if you want to bring in the Anime view in a more ageless way, it’s a Mech Suit (that’s what they are often sold under), or Mechanical suit–basically a robot augmentation of man, and they can be barely more than armor like Halo or big enough to host a team.

And big fighting robots are my favorites, probably due to being a baby on Voltron.

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I just keep them out, make things more streamline to me.

I highly doubt it’s “pop culture”, but if I can reference something I like, I’ll take the chance.

Is a character singing “Out of Control” by Battle Beast a pop culture reference? It’s a bit obscure.

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Not me, I write dark epic fantasy set in regency inspired periods, usually pre-industrial worlds, so…


They’d probably have their own pop culture.


Yup. Their world is worlds away from ours


Yeah, usually lots of. After all, my characters live in a world similar enough to ours, so they also have Pop Culture, so more than references, is those media also existing in this world

In my current novel, about an alien invasion, there are lots of actual politicians and celebrities involved

“Welded Hearts” wants to achieve making Pop References from the '40s, so I’m looking into musicians and stuff from the era

“The Automatic State” also references lots of real-world events and celebrities and stuff

My most recent project, which is still unnamed, is the first time I do a parody with names instead of using actual names, that’s because the whole project is a critique of a real-world politician, so instead of Jose Antonio Kast (Real name), he’s just referred to as “Antonio Last”, or “Leader Last”, however, other real-world personalities and events are mostly the same as in IRL

This results in stuff such as a character being a fan of BTS, or characters reading real books, and stuff

For example, in the unnamed project I mentioned, there is a TV Show called “Pasapalabra” (Pass the word), it’s a REAL LIFE Game Show, but in this world, due to Antonio’s government, it’s way more politicized and religious

In Welded Hearts, a character mentions this whole situation reminds her of “The War of the Worlds”

Etc. etc.


I have to be careful because my books are set in the future, but yes, yes I have…