Does anyone have their very own printer or no?

Eh I’m poor, so I find it wasteful. If I was back in my more richer days I’d not think twice about it probably XD
I can see how useful it could be to authors. I just dont find it useful either so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit, I say poor, I live pay check to pay check until I can get back into work. For me, I consider that poor. I’m aware there are people less off than me, but yeah

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It’s a “do I have kids or a spouse that eat into printer costs?”

But at the same time, overall cost effectiveness is better with laser printers, when you’re printing in volume.


I just recently got a new printer the other day. I won’t print a full-length novel on it because that requires a shit ton of paper and ink. So, if I need to print out something smaller, I will do it on my new printer. However, if I need to print out something that it too big, I shall try asking my mother or going Staples to get something printed.

Ah, I see. Didn’t know that.

Right now, if I buy a ream of paper, it’s for my 6 year old to draw on, not for my printer.

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Ah, okay.

So, you don’t print that much neither?

Man, now I feel a little bad. I want a printer to print things out pertaining to my story. but in all honesty, I don’t know if I want to print out a full-length novel. Everyone is right that printer ink is expensive, but I just hate the editing of looking at a screen and trying it that way.

Sorry guys, I was so eager to know if anyone uses a printer like me. I was completely unaware that people here or anywhere else can afford to use a printer and buy ink these days.


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What if you just edit it chapter by chapter? One chapter at a time won’t burn through much paper or ink. I thought you prefer editing as you go anyhow? The only problem is whether that will keep you from finishing the book…

That sound doable. Yeah, I can totally print like that. Thanks for the tip.

Nah, I rather not do that.

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We’ve printed out full stories before. Just not near all of them.

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Ah, okay then.

If I print my story to edit it then it’s just going to be a waste of ink and paper (and time). I would be printing forever because I edit my stories a lot, even if the edits themselves are not necessarily huge :skull: I edit on a screen. That’s all I need.

My family has its own family printer. Do I have one with me in my dorm? Nope. I don’t need one—I can just use the school printers—and it’s just another heavy thing to bring when moving in/out anyway.


Even if it is something smaller? Like a short story or a few pages for your novel or something?
That’s what I am going to do with my printer because I realize that printing something much larger is wasteful on paper, ink, and other stuff.

Plus, I won’t get to use it so much!

Even a short story or a few pages. I still need to set up the printer which takes time, and that ink and paper could’ve been used for an important document rather than something that’s going to change and probably will undergo a lot of changes.


Alright! That’s understandable and makes sense!

Eh, do what works for you. It’s not just about the money, for some people it’s also about the environmental aspect. I don’t even buy dead-tree books unless (1) I already read the e-book version and LOVED IT SO MUCH I want to keep a physical copy on my shelf, or (2) I’m already familiar with the author’s work and want to support them, or (3) I was hypnotised by a lovely cover I need for my shelf XD

For me, I figure after printing my entire manuscript and finish editing it on pen-and-paper, I’m gonna have to eventually make the changes to the e-document as well anyway, so the extra work just doesn’t make sense.
Plus any paper copies are just gonna end up taking space unless I put them through a shredder or something – so it’s double wasteful for me.


Is there a website or app where you make your first draft an e-book without publishing it or something?

I’m sure there are ways you can make an epub file, but I haven’t looked into it myself. I just write everything on Microsoft Word and that’s where I do all my edits as well.

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I use both Word and Google Docs.

Anyway, I thank you for letting me know.

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