Does anyone here like desk setup aesthetic or not your jam?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE desk setup aesthetics so much whether it is on YouTube or Pinterest.
I just like looking at them makes me want my desk to look similar to it.

Anyway, this might not be a thing for everyone’s liking, but I surely enjoy it personally.
So, what about you all?

Oh, please show pictures of your favorites if you got any.
NOTE: I’ll take gaming desk setups too.



Here are some pictures of what I mean that I’ve found on Pinterest.[]=desk%7Cautocomplete%7C1&term_meta[]=setup%7Cautocomplete%7C1&term_meta[]=aesthetic%7Cautocomplete%7C1

Just go here and it should let you know!

I would like to have that asthetic…but small kids and lack of focus. Lol

I do like room design, though.

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Wow, I wasn’t expecting that I would get any comments here.
Thanks for stopping by.

Anyway, I enjoy them too.

Yeah…that can do it. LOL!

Love me a good desktop setup. Good design can be inspiring. That is a blend of both functionality and aesthetics. I don’t think a vintage keyboard is good design, even though it’s pleasing to the eye, if it hinders functionality.

My current setup works for me. It’s got everything I need. Some of my favourite titles, some theory, just the right hue of light, and fresh flowers.

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That is really cute.
And now it is gone…

Haha thanks :blush: there was compromising information on the laptop lol

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I have my Mac set up for recording music. I can take a pic sometime. As for my laptop, I just bring it with me. It’s my baby that I throw in my bag, lol.

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Ooh I wanna see the pictures.

Make sure that there is nothing personal on the laptop that you don’t want others to see.

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Ah, I see.
Thanks for letting me know.

I sadly can’t have a nice desk setup at the moment as my monitor, keyboard, mouse and tower take up nearly all the room I have. But, I’m definitely keeping my eyes open for a nice old desk to replace mine.

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So small and cute!

These are really cool.

Clutter is my aesthetic.


Thats a lot going on…

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