Does anyone know illustrators that take visa instead of paypal?

Idk where to ask this, so I put it here. This is not exclusively for Wacky artists. Any illustrators that can draw anthros/furries (it’s for my blue feline MC).

So, because of my Japanese bank for some reason I can’t use paypal although I have an account :confused: But so many artists take paypal only.

Is that something I could negotiate with them or are there people that do take visa? Anyone know anyone or can help me with this?

I have considered fiverr…I think they accept visa…

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I use Venmo to transfer funds via either account or card. Both accounts are backed by either Visa or Mastercard. Chase Bank accounts already have a transfer app built into their system, so I expect a good bit of banks do this. Different cryptocurrency accounts make transfers pretty easy, as well.

So you have a lot more options, possibly.

It’s going to be a matter of what your nation backs and doesn’t forbid.

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You can try any artist who uses Ko-Fi. I am pretty sure Ko-Fi payments accept Visa! So for commission payment you would just make a donation with Visa at the price of the commission, or some artists will have commission widgets set up on their page.
I have received payments this way in the past! I definitely main PayPal, but Ko-Fi is a lifesaver sometimes in situations like these. :>

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Thanks :blush:

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