Does anyone publish on Amazon? tips?

I’ve been doing research on the topic, but I’d love to hear from people who do it, and any tips/things they wish they knew before hand etc?

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I’m gonna watch this thread because yeah XD

i swear there’s like a barrier between those who know/have done all these things and those who haven’t lol

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I publish on Amazon, but I can’t really think of any tips other than don’t upload mobi files. No matter how perfect you make them, they format horribly once Amazon gets its grubby paws on them. I always upload epub files and they always come out well-formatted for me.

Also, be sure to advertise on your social media, because Amazon won’t do a damn thing for you unless you pay for advertising. Good luck! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


with your advertising and what not, do you find it pays off?

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I don’t advertise. At all. I just don’t have the money or the time right now, but I make a little money every month from Kindle Unlimited. So it’s worth it to me. I definitely recommend it. (*^-‘) 乃


Hm… I probably wish I knew I could do ARC giveaways and such. That would have seriously helped me with my first few books. Honestly, I say just advertise as much as you can before the release of the book. Create some kind of basic plan to help advertise so that your book gets out there because the hardest part is advertising and once the book is published, it gets harder. Better to get used to it while you are still experimenting with what helps you and what doesn’t.

Tip, I’ve noticed that enrolling in KDP Select and doing the “free” promo has majorly helped people grab a copy of my book. You just have to try and get it out there so you can start getting reviews and making your presence known.

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I only use them for paperback distribution. I haven’t generated any sales of late, so I probably won’t be the best person to give advice on how it works sales-wise. But, aside from typography woes, I have no issues with them. I guess it depends on what you want to publish. If you’re producing a light novel or manga, Lulu might have better printing options.

For ebooks, I don’t bother, because I find using Draft2Digital suits my channel distribution needs.

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can you elaborate on the paperback distribution that doesnt count as sales?

suggestions on advertising? like some mediums that work better then others?

I mostly advertise on Instagram and it works for me best.

like your own posts or paid advertisements?

You can do either. I personally don’t have money right now to pay for advertisements but I also make my own posts either way.

Question: What are your long-term publishing goals?

Figure those out before you make a decision to self publish (or not to self publish).

I publish on Amazon and my best tip would be to not do it.

But if you’re determined…

  • get your own ISBN, if you take the one that Amazon provides you will never be legally able to take that exact version of your book off Amazon and publish it through any other company.
  • The color of your paper very slightly changes the size of your book so you will need to factor that into your cover measurements.
  • Kindle Cover Creator makes ugly covers and also it is a demon to use.
  • you need to embed any fonts you downloaded to use in your document because if you don’t Amazon will say fuck it and toss all that formatting in the trash.
  • To a certain extent, Amazon has babyproofed it’s publishing process so if you have any interesting formatting, like a couple blank pages in a row, Amazon will not publish it until you get rid of those pages.
  • Amazon takes a huge chunk of the price the customer pays. Any printing press will take the cost of printing the book from the sales, but Amazon takes a fee on top of that as well, so you only end up with a very small royalty. I charge $15 for my book and I see $1.81 of that when the printing cost is only $6.85

I might think of more, I’ll come back if I do.


A year ago i didn’t even know I’d be a writer… I don’t think i can handle all the rejection of querying… so amazon it is. I don’t expect to sell hundreds of copies, but I have some nice dedicated readers that would like hard copies, and it might be nice to have a copy for myself when i’m old and looking back and like damn, i wrote those. Like i have no visions of grandeur thinking i’m gonna be the next rowlings.

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If that’s what you’re after then i recommend looking into local printing presses rather than amazon. You might not find one that advertises printing books specifically, but you can definitely reach out and ask if that’s a service they offer.

Not sure how. The sales generated was because I had bulk ordered copies to sell at a local market. I managed to sell all but a few. This option doesn’t exist now because of the C virus situation.

To generate sales requires a marketing strategy. Well, for me it did. I was aiming to sell locally at vintage markets because the story situated the types that would frequent them.