Does this sound like a decent idea for a story?

Here is the idea of what the story is about.

Llyria has died days after being born only to be resurrected with a horrible curse. Because of this curse, Llyria can NEVER know true happiness and must always be hated and scorn by strangers and family. Unfortunately, when people come into contact with her, they are instantly affected by the curse unknowingly. They began to cruelly mistreat her rather harshly while unaware why. Another downside of the curse is that when Llyria tends to die more than once and is reborn again to deal with the same tragedies of the curse. Llyria is cursed to relive the same pains and sorrows never knowing why that is. She’ll never know love, happiness, and joys in her life and will always be miserable and hated. However, a young man named Zavis who has been watching Llyria for a very long time has been struggling to figure out a way to break the curse for good. Zavis can’t get too close to her because that will worsen the curse if he tells her why she has it. He has to watch over her from a distance as she constantly suffers. However, if Llyria shall ever come to some type of slight realization, the curse will cause her even greater pain.

Pretty much Zavis is struggling to end the curse while watching Llyria from afar. The cause of the curse is due to Llyria’s parents. Llyria father is a deity who mated with a human monarch which is against the rules. Llyria’s father was punished for his actions, her mother was punished, and Llyria herself is punished or rather cursed for her simply being reborn when she should have died. Her father brought her back to life which is another rule he broke. Now, Llyria is cursed two-fold for something she didn’t even do. Zavis must figure out a way to save her while keeping his distance.

Now, Llyria is called the “Red Child” which means filthy abomination in the god’s language. Something that is harmful to the universe and major threat that shouldn’t be alive. She is only meant to suffer and know suffering.

Zavis is called the Dawn who is destined to save Llyria and figure out a way to end the curse somehow. He cannot confront the elder gods who caused the curse because they will not yield to him. So, Zavis has to do this alone somehow. Figuring out a way to save Llyria who is his princess.

TL;DR: Llyria is cursed and Zavis has to save her without her knowing.

What do you think? Lend me your thoughts.

NOTE: For those who read this and feel like I am repeating things over and over, I truly apologize for that really, I do.

I think it’s a lot of repeating yourself and very Greco/Roman. It works as a basic premise, and can be a good read. Needs more details, as usual.

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I see. Yeah, I didn’t mean to repeat myself a lot. I rather not go into detail on how I came with the idea. It’s personal.

I agree it does need some more work and stuff to make it better.
Because right now it makes sense and at the same time it feels like it is lacking in many ways.

Greco/Roman? What makes you say that?

Because Hera cursed a ton of Zeus’ kids.

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Yeah…how could I forget that when I used to read plenty of mythology? LOL!

To be honest, I wanted to do where Llyria’s father mates with a humanoid alien instead of a human being.

Though that doesn’t truly matter in a sense.

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