Does your character have parents who are currently deceased but were good to them?

Does your main character or any of your other characters in your story have dead parents that were good to them?

These deceased parents are remembered fondly by the character due to being great parents for a number of reasons, yet they died too quickly. Maybe their death was fuel for the plot and character’s motivation. Whatever the reason may be, the death of these good parents is why the character are the way they are.

  1. What was it about the character’s parents that made them such wonderful and amazing people that the character remembers them fondly over?

  2. What led to the character’s parents’ death? What is the character doing to avenge their parents’ death or what does the character want to do?


My Turn:

From The House of Naivin, there are the children of late emperor Tavian.

Tavian was considered a good dad who spoiled with children with love, supported them and cares but loves them deeply. However, he wasn’t perfect because he first fell in love with commoner that he was forced to leave and ended up marrying then starting a family with his best friend who he never saw in a romantic light.

Tavian had two children named Nixora and Kizaris with a commoner woman named Rumia who he loved so much, and it pained him from leaving.

Then Tavian had three children named Soren, Thallan, and Maiandra with his best friend Solana.

Nixora and Kizaris had wonderful memories of Tavian and Rumia that it pained them when Tavian just up and left. However, Rumia was never upset over the fact Tavian left and never came back. She only missed him and even towards her death.

Soren, Thallan, and Maiandra had great memories of their parents whenever they were together or separate. Yet that was somewhat pretend because Tavian was never truly happy being with a woman he only saw as a good sister type friend.

It hurt all of Tavian’s children when they learned about each other. Still, they only had great memories of their father and their mothers.

What about you all?


Oh yeah, I forgot another story too.

From the story Renna, Silas to Ryker.

Silas is an amazing father figure to Ryker who is Machina-Rhak (a humanoid robot capable wielding magical powers). Silas care deeply about his creation who he deems his very own son.

Even when the town that Silas and Ryker lived in rejected them, Silas never abandoned Ryker for his own sake. He continued to stay with Ryker even to the bitter end.

Umm… as a person who has a deceased parent in real life, you might want to re-phrase your thread title? It comes off a little… insensitive. “Deceased parents are the best”? :grimacing:

I know they’re genuine questions for your characters, but losing a parent, especially one you were really close to, is not just some useful plot device to flesh out your characters. It’s real. And regardless of the “good memories” you have of them, no memories can replace the gaping hole in your life where your parent used to be. I just feel like you have an idealistic imagining of what grief is, whatever the Hollywood movies feed us or something, and maybe some people are like that in real life, but it seems… oversimplified. It’s been about 5 years since I lost my mom, and it destroyed me. I’ve never been the same since. I know others who are the same. Obviously we live our lives the happiest we can, but even happy occasions like birthdays, weddings etc. will forever be bittersweet.

Good memories are a blessing, but can feel like a curse, especially when we live in a world where unfortunately so many come from broken/toxic households, no one understands the pain of losing a parent where you were raised in a decently happy household. You are the odd one out from actually coming from parents who were decent parents. Crazy, right? They wanna know why you can’t just “move on” and it’s because once you’ve experienced/are blessed with that kind of love from a parent, if you are lucky enough to have it, when it’s lost, and you realize you will never feel it again, it changes you.

Anyway, didn’t mean to get so personal, but in case this triggers anyone else, I just ask that you handle this topic a little more delicately. :pray: :sunflower:


Already taken care of. I changed it.
I do apologize for that.

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It’s no problem. I honestly didn’t mean to have it come out like that. So, again I do apologize for that.

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So, it was pointless to make this thread, huh?

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I know you didn’t mean it. I’ve seen your other threads, and you’re so active/excited about your story, especially your world building. There’s nothing wrong with asking about grief/deceased parents, just the wording needed tweaking. And that goes for anything else you’re using in your story that applies in real life. :+1:

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Yeah, it was a trope called “Deceased Parents are the best” and it didn’t even dawn on me how insensitive it came off as. I’m glad that you mentioned it sooner than later.

Nah, like I said, you can ask about those things, but just be aware there are people that have experienced those things in real life, so you have to, as I said, handle it delicately. I don’t know you personally, so I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced grieving someone you’re really close to, but if not, I’d advise you to do some research if you want to make it believable in your story. Everyone handles grief differently. Even the ones that seemingly “move on” have signs that they’re grieving. Little things you wouldn’t even expect. I know one thing was when I went to a doctor’s appointment, and I realized I had to write my emergency contacts. And I’ve done that all my life, and put my mom, so once she was gone I was like… what am I supposed to do now?

I don’t wanna depress you haha just research. It’s also different between western and eastern cultures. The west I think is more focused on “moving on from grief” whereas the east honors their deceased and finds way to incorporate them in every day life still, like those little shrines they have in their houses.


True, very true. Also, thank you.

I could’ve have gone with the parents of my character just out of the picture and the characters doing their own thing.

I appreciate you mentioning this to me. You don’t have to share if you have characters in a situation like that.

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Going with my side character, Fianna.

They were good people. Kind and warm to everyone they met, and always willing to go out of their way to help others.

They were both in the medical field, but made sure to spend time with their children, and weren’t afraid to have fun (dancing, singing, music in general was played every night) they made an effort to make most things a bonding experience.

They all cooked together, cleaned together, played together. They cared about their kids’ opinions, even when they were silly (batman is better than superman) and tended to handle disputes with firm empathy.

Her parents were good people, but they were also recreants (basically: all humans have magic. magic is corrupt. there was a religious agreement not to use it. recreants use it anyway) who were attempting to live amongst common society.

Basically, what occurred: After Hurricane Osanna, her parents began an underground medical business utilizing their magic. Her father was a healer and could help mortally wounded people. Her mother was an earth/metal user and assisted in rebuilding or helping to dig people out of the rubble.

Eventually, it got out that they were recreants. In order to protect the town (who were ready to rally behind them) from the military group, they left and went to Pyke–the nearby capital city, to look for work.

This was an incredible risk, but Pyke at the time was the most stable place in the country due to the recent hurricane. Here is where refugees, and people who’ve had their lives came, and so they thought they would help here.

Meanwhile, we have Fianna’s main antagonist: Pirate Captain Caspir.

A while back, Caspir stole this ancient device that speaks to him, pleading with him to open it up and unlock it. Caspir isn’t a recreant himself, and none of his crew are willing to become corrupted, so Caspir searches for word of where a recreant dwells.

He travels to different places and discovers that there’s only one person who could open the device: a descendent of whoever’s soul is locked within the device. He receives information that this person is in Pyke, and so he travels there and searches for the recreant with the power to open the device.

He goes to Pyke. By this time (months later) he’s become near mad with the voice in the device telling him to free it. So, when he gets word about Fianna’s parents being recreants, he tracks them down.

Both her parents (who are pacifists) plead with him to stop. When it’s clear he won’t, they attempt to make a distraction so Fianna and her younger sibling can escape. Thinking they’re attacking, the pirate captain kills Fianna’s father. Enraged, her mother unleashes her magic on the pirate captain, who’s momentarily struck down. She grabs her children and nearly gets away but is eventually struck down via bullet.

Later on, her sister is killed trying to open the device, and she’s rescued. The pirate captain is killed (not by her) and she’s taken in by her rescuers. There’s no one to get revenge on, but her rescuers are part of an organization that fights for magic to be used again. Fianna takes on this belief (to an almost obsessive degree, and to staunch her guilt) in part due to her parents.

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My deuteragonist had good parents who were very loving and supportive. Well, they were one of the many people who died during the “incident” :grimacing:

As for the protagonist, he did have bad parents who were later ambushed and murdered when he was a kid, but then he got taken in by his uncle’s family and were raised by his uncle and aunt. So, even though technically they’re not his parents by blood, they did act as parent figures—good ones at that too. And they also died during the “incident” :skull:

I’ll expand more on those later

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I have… But there will be no spoilers today… I have my reasons…


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I was not expecting this to get anymore comments.
I am a bit happy though. I really don’t want to hurt any feelings anymore.

I really do need to be cautious for next time.

Yes! My MC was very close to his family, and when they died, he was distraught. Even though it’s been three years and he was fourteen when they died, he doesn’t remember many good memories because he’s pushed it away so he isn’t as hurt. Then again, it doesn’t help when he’ll just think of them and then break down. :rofl: :sweat_smile:

They had a very healthy relationship—acted as parents, but also as friends. They had heart-to-heart conversations, lead him in the right direction, and let him choose his path without their opinions in the way. They were also very supportive of him (he’s bisexual, though in the book’s world, the LGBT+ community is normal and mostly accepted (you may have your crab-apples, but I don’t show the negativity—at all or that much)). They also encouraged him whenever he picked up a hobby or wanted to do something for his future.

His parents and little brother were murdered by a group of magical species who burned down his home and village. During the event, he ran away into the nearby forest and for two weeks, lived on his own. He nearly died, and would have if it weren’t for a soldier who saw him and came to his aid. She took him in under her wing and basically adopted him. At fourteen, he formed a plan to become a solider and create a crew to find these species and kill their queen (who was the one who ordered the kill). He’s now seventeen and finally fulfilling that mission.

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At this point? Surprisingly no :joy: They’re either still alive or the characters weren’t all that font of them. Sometimes both :joy:

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Ah, I see.

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Yes, in To Marry a Dragon, Elvira remembers her parents exceptionally fondly (as a bonus, both her siblings are also dead and she also loves them). Her love for her family is one of her primary motivations.

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In my current WIP, werewolf August lost her mother young and misses her dearly, if/ when she remembers her, it’s in dreams that bring her back to mundane daily life moments with her mother.

Since her mom was a single mom, August usually did alot with her and they were very close. She respected that her mother pushed boundaries within the scope of pack life (had a typically male job) and taught August to always be self sufficient, be useful to her pack and do what she could help her pack in any way possible.

Her mother was brutally murdered by her own mate (not August’s father) so it ends up shaping August’s rejection of the idea of mates. It does eventually translate into revenge against the man who killed her.

And I’m back to explain :woozy_face:

In Arden Mægenstern’s case—the deuteragonist—both parents were loving, supportive, and just wanted to spend quality time with her. They were just like any other pair of good parents. Admittedly I haven’t spent much time on their relationship because they don’t really show up in the trilogy, but I have thought about their dynamics.

Arden is an only child, so obviously she got her parents’ full attention. The two of them spoiled her in the sense that she got nearly everything she wanted as a child—I mean, she did come from a very rich family—but they weren’t afraid to say no to her when needed, and they taught her to be grateful too. She was spoiled, yes, but not a spoiled brat. They also taught her manners, morals, and the value of working hard to achieve something.

I’d say the dad was the more “fun” parent. Swordsmanship is one of his skills, so when Arden was four years old, he started teaching her basic swordsmanship techniques. And he did it in a fun way too, not in a strict way. The two shared many fond memories of their swordsmanship lessons, and when Arden was in her teenage years, he gifted her some of his heirloom swords. Arden’s mother was a stay-at-home parent, so she got to spend more time raising her and playing with her. She was also very trustworthy and taught her how to keep secrets.

Arden didn’t get to spend a lot of time with them starting the age of five, since she had to go to boarding school. There wasn’t really a choice—she started showing signs of magic as early as four years old, and was already starting to lose control of her power, so they had to send her to a magic school before she accidentally wrecks the house and hurts people around her. The mother didn’t want her to go to school yet, actually, because she wanted Arden to have a normal childhood for as long as possible. It was her father who made the decision to send her to school—both parents were ordinaries, people who don’t have magic or powers, and he feared that if Arden doesn’t learn to control her powers soon, they might die trying to stop her if her magic spins out of control. It was for his daughter’s own good.

After she graduated, she went straight to work. Her parents wanted her to relax for a few years before starting her job as a guardian—I mean, she was only fifteen when she finished her education—and didn’t want her to grow up too fast. Well, she didn’t put off getting a job, but she had short work hours that gave her ample time to spend with her family and friends. They were also the kind of parents who didn’t want their daughter to spend so much money on them, even if she was earning a ton of money. They just wanted to pamper her and spend time with her.

This one is insanely tragic :skull:

Arden was twenty-one years old when she was supposed to wed Loren Illenræn, one of her closest friends whom she’s known for sixteen years. Their wedding was supposed to be a grand event where all of their friends and family were supposed to show up, Arden’s parents and her entire extended clan included.

While she was walking down the aisle, Damon—the villain of the trilogy—stormed the cathedral on the back of a dragon-like beast. First, Loren pushed her out of harm’s way and sacrificed himself to save her. Then it was basically chaos as she witnessed every single person she knew and loved die before her eyes. Her parents were literally eaten alive by the beast. She tried to fight them off, but she—and Damon—ended up being the only survivor of that tragedy. Everyone else died. Since her parents were eaten, she couldn’t retrieve their full bodies. Part of them were already digested by the beast’s digestive system :skull:

Arden spends the entire trilogy protecting the realm from Damon and his monstrous army. Obviously, she wants to kill him. Damon did much worse than murder all her loved ones on the day she was supposed to get married, so she’s not only avenging her parents, but every single victim of his—which may or may not be in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions :skull:

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