Does your main character work a job where their sanity and life are at risk?

Many people die in this job, many lose their sanity the longer they stay, and/or many quit after a while.

But someone HAS/MUST do it, including your main character.

  1. How many times did your MC lose the people they got closed to, on the job?

  2. Why hasn’t the MC quit after witnessing so much death, bloodshed, and lost of sanity along with betrayal? What is keeping the MC there?

  3. What makes the job more dangerous than anything else?

  4. Do you have anything else to add?



In my Synthetic Series, eventually Alma will become a diplomat between alien species and humans. He will also be in charge of keeping the space ship running smoothly and making sure the mission to colonize a new planet is carried out. It’s dangerous because of the aspect that it all takes place either in space (where any number of things could go horribly wrong) or on an alien planet that is largely unexplored and already has life on it that they weren’t expecting. People are definitely going to die along the way as they try to colonize the planet, due to wildlife and the elements, as well as internal conflict among the crew and colonizers and conflict between the intelligent alien life forms that already live on the planet’s moon. The last bit is why Alma is so necessary, to keep an all out war from breaking loose between people. Every discussion must be handled delicately, or else it could mean war. Even though this job wouldn’t normally result in insanity, it is funny you mentioned that because Alma will have a steady decline in his mental stability as things progress, but that’s less related to his job and more to other circumstances within the book. His job is very dangerous though.

Answering your narrowed down questions:

  1. I haven’t decided just how many people will die or be injured, so can’t say for sure how many times Alma will lose people he’s close to. I do intend for it to happen at least three or four times though, possibly more.
  2. He knows that if he weren’t there, it would only be more dangerous and more people would lose their lives. If he didn’t keep the ship running smoothly, everyone aboard would die. Then after that, when they arrive on the new planet and have to deal with their alien neighbors on the moon, if he isn’t there to communicate with them (there’s a reason specific to the story that it has to be him and not just anyone, but that’s another discussion) it could result in a war that could kill more than just the colonists on the new planet, but if they give the alien’s reason to believe they are hostile, they could seek out earth and eliminate all human life in the universe. It’s a lot of pressure but he has to do it to make sure as few lives are risked as possible.
  3. I did explain that in the first paragraph, but in shorter terms, space, aliens, and new unexplored planets are dangerous.
  4. It’s interesting you mention danger not just physically but psychologically as well. Like I said earlier, his job does affect Alma’s sanity, but not directly, and is more influenced by outside forces. But I would be interested to hear what you had in mind for a job that causes insanity. That sounds like something straight out of a horror novel. Do you have an MC that goes through this?
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A little too often, and also a lot of random bystanders

No choice but to stay

Once the people find out about what the power can do, they will do anything and go to all lengths to get it

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Jorildyn has went through it somewhat.
Meaning, she did lose people who she wanted to save and three semi-close partners.

So, she’ll really go through more as the story progresses.
Jorildyn doesn’t handle seeing death well…in the beginning.

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Well, trauma and dangers isn’t always physical. There’s mental and emotional trauma that people fail to acknowledge because you don’t often times see it since it is kept hidden depending on the person.

There are moments when you can tell or get that inkling that some character or person is really struggling on a mental level because of their job. Yet sometimes those people will not show it until shit hits the fan.

I mean this is just an observation and I am no clear expert.

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What is the job exactly?

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Balance Keeper. So keeping Balance throughout Creation. What I said applies to all of them

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Gosh, I wanted to make a pun but don’t know a good for Balance Keeper…


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I suck at puns so probably wouldnt notice anyway :joy: But yah, once you get the job, the only way to get out of it is to die… and sometimes even that doesnt work

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Explain that because I am a tad confused.
Does the Balance Keeper stick with that role even after death, as oppose to having the position handed down or not at all?

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Lots! (I say cheerfully, lol).

Their military is set up in sects. She is in the fifth sect, which basically means she’s a demon slayer/exorcist. (EDIT: more of a monster hunter/exorcist, though demon slaying does come hand in hand with exorcising.)

Of the twenty raw recruits who joined with her, four survived (including herself). Two were able to gain enough notoriety to transfer out, and the other two remained.

She’s been there for around 3 years when the story starts, so she’s seen many men and women fall in battle. The fifth sect has the highest mortality rate, so death is almost a near promise when joining.

Of those who she was close to, none. My MC is a socially inept asshole. She has people she likes, and she respects the people she fights side by side (you sort of have to), but she keeps herself at a distance so none of them are considered friends.

Three reasons.

  1. To transfer to a different sect, you have to do something remarkable. Fell a great beast, exorcise (and kill) a strong demon, save a bunch of people, etc. My MC, why she’s proficient in battle, has not been given the opportunity to gain this notoriety.

  2. She’s been placed here on military orders. If she leaves, she’s a deserter and will be executed.

  1. She is on a quest of a sort. The fifth sect is a stepping-stone to her end goal, which she’s vowed to reach by any means necessary.

Monsters, lol. They’re more powerful than any human.

What about you Qualeshia? Does your MC have a dangerous job? What keeps them there?

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Honestly, being a Knight isn’t too dangerous (depending on the ranking). Some Knights, depending on the ranks, can get pushed to an eldritch location with incomprehensible eldritch monsters or plain monstrous Vroks (animals) to prevent those creatures from attacking the bases and nearby nations.

Then there are some where they maintain peace between nations and/or perform Total Cleansing on nations to make them Shadowlands.

Knights do different things depending on their ranks and what tier they reside in.

Jorildyn is a High Knight. She mainly deals with issues that the nation’s monarch and their military or even the police can’t deal with.

She was a Guard Knight/Guardian which is a glorified bodyguard for the rich and famous.

Jorildyn wants to stay because she finds the Knight life (no pun intended) interesting and wants to make her own path since she is the heiress of an immensely wealthy family.

The higher ranked Knights do a mixture of paperwork and action-based assignments.

Jorildyn lost some people who she wished she saved while the thre partners she had when she was a Guardian died behind the scenes.

She doesn’t handle death well…at first.

When one dies, the power gets passed to the next. Resurrection magic is forbidden on Balance Keepers because no one knows what would happen. Turns out the power goes straight back to them after revival so there’s no getting out of it that im aware of

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That is either interesting or a terrible position to be in…
So, it is truly one of those lines of work where leaving/quitting is just not happening, correct?

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Not happening at all

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Ah, gotcha!

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Yes. xD My characters are soldiers, and they’re on a dangerous mission to say the least, so I definitely would say they’re qualified to have a “risky job.” :sweat_smile:

Well… for now, he’s lost like three or so people. But throughout the series, he loses a lot more. There’s a lot of death, and I’m sure my future readers will hate me. :sweat_smile:

He knew the risks from the beginning.

When his family was murdered and he ran away from his burning village, he was out in the wilderness all alone, starving and weak, at the age of fourteen. When a woman, who was a soldier, found him, she took him in and basically adopted him. He lived with her and her daughter, and thought of them as family. But with where they live, you either become a soldier where you are given a future (clothes on your back, free food, free lodging, etc.) or you’re stuck in extreme poverty situations where you’re barely living, where most people work on the farms or in factories. His adoptive mother forced him into the Soldier Protection Program (what she is) so he could live a better lifestyle than what she dealt with at his age (because you start working, or start in the army, fairly young).

But through this, he gained the sense and need for revenge, so not only did he agree to be a part of it, he also used his training and his reasoning to be there as fuel to someday help him avenge his family. After all, he was able to learn how to fight, kill, and gain resources. Within three years, he climbed up the ladder and now leads his own crew, for which his adoptive mother and sister is a part of.

But even though he is the captain of his own crew, he definitely doubts himself a lot and there are moments where he thinks he’s not good enough to do anything. So there are moments of wanting to quit, but to finish this mission is what motivates him.

As a soldier, you don’t know if you’ll ever make it home.

Their particular situation causes them to be in more at risk because they lied to the government about their whereabouts and well, if they knew, they’d be tortured. xD

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Notnusually, but sometimes. And then even s good job csn drive you bokers at times, so…

What’s fun is putting an extreme inteovert who isnt shy–jsut cranky–as a Luna in werewolf stuff.

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Thanks for answering and I probably add a few more questions and answer your comments after I complete a few things on my end.