Dreamland Wattys Club!

DreamlandCommunity is back at it again with a new book club!

Dreamland Wattys Club is our Wattys-time-only book club! We pair you with one other person for a week, and you two really go at the first 5k-ish words for each other, through inlines, outlines, whatever, just as long as it is obvious your intent is to help the other person polish their work for the Wattys.

Find a partner you really like? Then that’s awesome! You can continue your partnership in the club!

Have more time on your hands and want more of your story looked at? Again, awesome, just talk to your partner and see if they have time to read more than the first 5k words in your work!

The only requirement for this club is to have an English work that you are 99% sure you’re going to enter into the Wattys!

Hope to see some of you guys around :smiley:

Find yourself at our book club by clicking here!


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