Dystopian Sci-Fantasy Cover Needed


I’m Rue, though for this book, I want my name to be Shay Speare. I’m looking for a manipulative blend by the title of “Feral” and, if possible, a subtitle of “Everyone has something they’re willing to fight and die for, good and bad.”

Here’s a color palette to use:

Onto the plot: 5 centuries into the future, technology and radicalism has become the way of the world. Sela Kearney, a peacekeeper, harbors her feelings for her best friend, Nili, deep inside herself, for having them is illegal. But when a tragic accident renders her deaf, she finds herself abandoned outside the walls of society, classified as a Feral in the eyes of the government. Low on hope, she believes there’s nothing left for her. That is, until a group of others that society abandoned takes her. Now painted as the face of a revolution against stiff hearts, Sela must relearn everything she thought she knew to be the leader that her newfound deviants want and need.

What do I want on the cover?

On the cover, I see a red sunset over a forest, a wolf peaking out, and somewhere above the title, I see a DNA strand emoji.

If you can make this cover, I will complete a payment of adding your book to my reading list, a shoutout, a permanent follow, and a dedication in one of the chapters.

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Bookmarking this. I don’t think I will be able to make anything worth while, but I kind of want to use this as practice. I started something this morning, but can’t fully commit to finishing this yet, I’ll update you if I make more progress on it. :slight_smile:



I have no clue if this is even close to what you wanted or something you will even like. I think it came out pretty good compared to what I usually make and I’m proud of it, but I will understand if it’s nothing like you were thinking. I had fun making it anyways. If it is something you like and would be interested in using I can make some changes as I’ve saved the PSD version. Please let me know what you think. Let me know if you want the DNA thing removed and if the colors are wrong, you said red sunset but then the colors you gave weren’t very red accommodating.

Hi. I like it, but I’ve recently come up with a more fitting idea that encases my inspiration.

The cover above is my inspiration. I see an hourglass taking over the cover, inside, on the top half is a woman with black hair. On the bottom half of the hourglass, there is a forest encased and glossy. I would find a more futuristic font, please.

If you can do this, I would be ever grateful. And I would dedicate two chapters to you.

Also, please look for dark green colors instead if you choose to redo this.

Thank you
x Shay

Do you have a font you like? I download from dafont.com

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I just searched, and this is completely free.

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Great, ill see if I can come up with something. :slight_smile:

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Here’s the second cover with your new idea. Please let me know what you think about this one. I hope you like it, and once again I can make changes if needed. :slight_smile:

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