Earth’s Blood Concept AMA

Once upon a time, a botto read the beginning of Crescent City #1 and thought “Huh, well, I could do that”

The best thing I could do to describe it is that the people who developed the YS jrpgs got the rights to Crescent City and created a video game where half-oni ronin carry out hits on fallen angels.

The general plot is that Kouyou the ronin is tasked with hunting down the murderer of an idol singer by a media company but the victim’s childhood friend insists on tagging along though the ugly underbelly of legally distinct Crescent City.

I am very much in the conceptualization stage but I know the exact tone and sort of world I’m aiming for and a good handle of who Kouyou is as a character. Therefore, ask me anything.


What is the MC’s character archetype, specifically form a Manga/Anime slant?

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Kouyou is arguably a kuudere or a particularly cold tsundere. She’s definitely the strong, silent type.

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The particularly cold ones are far safer than the violent ones.

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Idk Kouyou has ties to the oni crime lord so I wouldn’t want to find out

Well, for an ice cold to snap I to violence is a “finally snapped” moment.

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Does it make her easier to understand if her primary motivation is spiritual development?

Enh, that’s usually done in a cop-out manner, to make someone"otherworldly" or to conversely rip it off and show that the spiritual journey is a sham. Generally a good balance is showing they are still human, allow them to snap and still get back in the path going “that’s not where my story ends”, but it’s done less often.

So, it really depends on what you’re going for?

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Primarily her goal to get reborn as an Ashura, due to her violent past and troubled past. But she believes that if she spends the rest of her life dedicated to moral and spiritual development, the odds are that she’ll atain her goal.

Ashuras are considered a mediocre reincarnation at best in Buddism, but Kouyou is a realistic person.

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The. Failure and getting back up would probably make a nice inflection point.

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