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ARG Summaries


February 28 - April 18, 2019

Meta summary:
The City of Elgin ARG was the first ARG and started with ominous badges being handed out to people on the forums. The first ECPU was created once people started to notice. After much theorizing about the badges and a rumored curioshop, one actually appeared, with an NPC you could interact with. From here the actual plot began. A lot more happened and we can only recommend looking at the full timeline in the Codex. to get a sense of how much. The game concluded with a worm god apocalypse roughly a week after people started theorizing.

Plot summary

One by one, curious forum-goers showed up at the curioshop and bought one of three curious items from the vendor, Ambrose. Their selections gave them entrance to one of three cults and set them each upon one of three paths: the goat, the void, or the machine. Plenty of curious things happened after this, including the appearance of a mysterious woman named Lillith, who dropped off a key with Ambrose. The cops started investigating. Roch, a local do-gooder, became suspicious and took it upon himself to save the day. He decided to arrest Ambrose.

As Roch caught up to him, Ambrose dropped off a key with one of us. Roch arrested him. Public outrage broke out over this, and Roch was consequently fired. Meanwhile, the new key-carrier sought to find what the key unlocked. Three locks were found. When all were unlocked, Lillith declared that it was time to summon an eldritch god, but said a sacrifice was needed. Roch came to save the world as we know it, but unknowingly ran right into his own demise. He was sacrificed, the worm god arose, and the apocalypse became a reality. Elgin, and in fact the very reality it existed in, was eliminated.


July 9 - August 19, 2019

Meta summary:
Neo-Tokyo ARG was the second ARG run here, and started with Nick’s cryptic clues. The Neo-Tokyo category was created to be a ‘city’ in the forums, and Nick asked for ideas and art for the game. The city opened and the game officially began on July 9th. Soon, clues appeared and the plot began. People were able to join one of six different groups, and some groups got special pieces of information. There were NPCs you could interact with to get more clues. For more information we recommend looking at the full timeline or full story in the Repository. The game concluded in the middle of August 2019, this time without an apocalypse.

Plot summary

The game was preceded by a series of ominous messages, including “Hominibus lives” and a promise that things would be different soon. After the city opened, different groups began to appear, each with a unique requirement for joining. Curious citizens took up the offer and become members of syndicates (Ironedge, Dawn, Kitsune) or knights (Dragon, Tiger, Fox).

Following a string of cryptic messages, we discovered a key buried in a book on Wattpad. NPCs appeared and asked for it, including Lina (a syndicate member) and Chas (a member of the mysterious city police). Soon, two more keys are handed to groups that solved special riddles. Faced with a final choice of who to give them to, we handed all three to Lina. The three combined opened the Dark Net. We got one glimpse of it: an interesting network domain revealing some information about some kind of tournament.

Meanwhile, the headmaster of Neo-Tokyo’s Academy discovered a sealed entrance to the academy’s archives. The archives turned out to be empty; an artifact recently present there had been stolen. In another part of the city, a teenage NPC named Veronika appeared to ask us for love advice. After receiving help, she gave us a mysterious note she had found about Hominibus. Meanwhile, mysterious notes asking for help started to appear around the city. We tracked them back to a hidden NPC, Ma, who we learned from Veronika was obsessed with illegal research and alternate realities. Aside from all of this, a mysterious thread appeared and disappeared in the city, again saying Hominibus lived.

In chatting with Veronika more, we discovered that the reality Ma had been studying had been Elgin. Ma had seen it destroyed, and had since taken up a new research project. We solved a riddle to gain access to her secret lab, where we helped her create a homunculus—an illegal use of magic. Unfortunately, our discovery of the lab alerted the police, who confiscated all of Ma’s work. She vowed revenge.

The tournament hinted at earlier in the game began, and we were invited to watch the touched ones (people with magic) compete. The finals were interrupted by a cryptic message from a group called The Order, mentioning the Hominibus again. The headmaster revealed himself to be a part of The Order and asked citizens to help him topple the gods that oppressed us and bring Hominibus—humanity—to glory.

It came down to a poll that we split 50-50. This was taken as a decision to report The Order to the police, so headmaster and his associates were arrested. Hominibus did not rise, but the headmaster promised The Order would rise again…


Previous ECPU Threads

Welcome: ECPU - @Calmwolf


ECPU III - @KalesReclaim

(Collar text: Once upon a time, there was a great goat named Lothuac. The goat was so great that it decided to spread its greatness – by starting a religion around itself. Thus, the goat created a cult in its name and named Nick its the leader. / Time passed, and as the cult of the goat gained followers, two other paths appeared. The cult of Rshurtagl and Yath’anhotep, machine and void. For a time all was well until the cultists grew dissatisfied with the state of the world. War, conflict, and hatred bloomed around them. Thus, they decided it was time to bring unity to the city of Elgin by calling upon the ancient gods. / After getting the police fired and some shenanigans with a key, Yath’anhotep rose and ended all reality. From the dust, the ECPU remained to tell the tale of the paths. / And all was well. / The end.)

(Orb text: Some explanation… This is the aftermath of the ARG Nick had been making from around January up until April. To your left is an abridged version of what went down, but if you’re looking for more details, click here and here. We are here to carry on its legacy. The ECPU is now a chat thread: come join us!)

ECPU VI - @Firealwaysreturns

ECPU V - @Ligercat

ECPU VI - @Theora


ECPU VIII - @Spider-Hawk

ECPU IX - @Nablai

ECPU X - @Azanthiel

ECPU XI - @Rainwish14

ECPU XII - @Oblivionyx

Graphic by Oblivionyx, text by Oblivionyx and Astrophile


The Codex

(Or at least, a condensed version)

What is the Codex?
In 2019 an ARG was created by someone called Nick. The Codex was a thread made up of wikis, where users who participated in the Elgin ARG accumulated their information. These posts concerning the Codex will probably not be of much interest to those who didn’t participate.

Quick overview of NPC's and Key People
  • @/mayorlemort
  • @/curiovendor
  • @/isaacroch
  • @/thecityofelgin
  • @/quietmystic
  • @/nick
  • @/paul

Elgin Badges
  • The Cult of the Goat
  • The Cult of the Machine Ambassador
  • Wandering Soul
  • Path of the Void
  • Path of the Machine
  • Path of the Goat
  • Glimpsed the Light
  • Seek to Far
  • The Police
  • False Prophet
Choose an item at the Curio Shop


  • Collar - Path of the Goat
  • Box - Path of the Machine
  • Orb - Path of the Void

Side notes: If a user is apart of a cult, they cannot join a pathway. Unless they agree to a blank slate in which their cult is removed and they may obtain the Path of the Void.


Cult of the Goat

  • Tag Nick in a thread where he has not yet been tagged, and sacrifice goats (:goat::goat::goat:) to his name. And ask a question (a question that actually has meaning/a real question).

Cult of the Machine Ambassador

  • Tag @RobotAmbassador (say @hisname fortune) and ask for admittance to his cult. Be inventive.

Other Elgin Badges
  • Wandering Soul
    • Tag Nick and ask for a badge, or seem interested in the badges.
  • Glimpsed the Light
    • Unknown — @/lifeofdaffy & @/quietmystic & @/curiovendor
  • The Police
    • Unknown — @/detectiveroch. It was said that they were looking to recruit soon, we remain hopeful.
  • False Prophet
    • Was given to @/lifeofdaffy for trying to usurp the Supreme Goat Lord. No longer possesses.
  • Seek to Far
    • Completely unknown.

Souvenir Badges
  • The End Of All Reality
    • Was given to all ARG participants.
  • Witness to Oblivion
    • Given to ARG participants who were active around the time that Yath’anhotep destroyed the world.

Visual media - @Kalesreclaim




Plot (click to enlarge image)

The City of Elgin
The City of Elgin (General)

‘Known for its unique architecture and vibrant community, the City of Elgin should be your next destination!’

What a strange question for someone who lives here!

But, then again, there aren’t really any maps of this place. Just have to know it from memory. Me, here to the west of the river, Jasper on the east side of the town. The trains that run through the north, the old church just beyond. The new church over the hill behind my store, with the cemetery. The catacombs in the south. The police in the middle of it all, right next to town hall, all overlooking the river.

It’s strange there is no map. One can only hope one will get made to help people navigate. I just sell curios. I am no cartographer.

The Curio Shop

The Curio Store was created by the @Curiovendor on April 7th.


Have a look around the store. Take your time. Explore what you like. See where curiosity takes you. That’s our motto here. Let me know about the prices. I’ll see where I can help. Things on that shelf over there though, they’re free. Like a beginner’s step in curiosities. You’re welcome to take one. But I’m afraid we ask only one per customer. Just let me know which one you take.

You check over the free items.
One is a leather collar, maybe for an animal? There’s a bell on the end but it doesn’t seem to make a sound.
Another is a box, grey, shiny, metallic. That’s all there is to it.
Last is a glass orb. There’s nothing in it. Seems like an empty snow globe. How strange.
Which should I take?

There is no official record of when the Curio shop was founded. There are some mentions of it back near a hundred years ago but they already mention it as established. So I imagine it was erected not long after the Calamity.

The Abandoned Church

The abandoned church was referenced by @quietmystic and was created on April 9th.

Rundown. Feels like the roof could cave in at any moment. The police have condemned this building, so it’s illegal to trespass. There’s just some goats in the field chewing on the grass.
Actions: “Trespass” or “Go Back”

It was edited so “Trespass” would take you to the Church Basement (see below) while “Go Back” would take you to the home page of the forums.

Church Basement

The abandoned church was referenced by @quietmystic and was created on April 9th. The church basement was opened on April 10th. New information was added on April 14th. Collapsed April 16th when NerdiAuthorGirl and Azanthiel used the key.


It’s so dark. So hard to see. Smells like mold.
Shapes of things can barely be made out. It’s like anything could be down here. Anything. Everything.
All the knowledge in the world. In the universe?
A bench. A table. Some chairs. Something hanging on a wall. A small figurine, something shaped into an animal. Four legs. A dog? A cow? A goat?
A door, against a wall. Old. Wood. Push on it all you like, it won’t move.
There’s a keyhole along it, if fingers find it properly.
It already knew someone would come. It already knows everything that way. That’s why it also knows somebody will open it. Somebody who walks the path.

The Catacombs

The catacombs were referenced by @quietmystic and created on April 9th.

We haven’t used these in years. The dead want to rest. Perhaps best to leave them that way.
Actions: “Step Inside” or “Go Back”

It was edited so “Step Inside” would take you to The Depths of the Catacombs (see below) while “Go Back” would take you to the home page of the forums.

The Depth of the Catacombs

The catacombs were first referenced by @quietmystic and created on April 9th. The actual catacombs were opened April 10th. New information was added on April 14th. Thread was closed on April 16th by NerdiAuthorGirl and LigerCat but Mayor Le Mort briefly entered the depths of the catacombs before the shut down.


Dark. Creepy. Moist.
The ancient dead laid to rest. A wall of skulls stacked upon each other. Symbolic gifts, ornamentals, decorations for nobody. CCobwebs across everything. Dust an inch thick.
No names on the resting places. How do you know who is there? There was once a time when Elgin did not care who you were or why you died. You were buried with the rest of them, in pieces of the old city. Save for one space. Wipe the dist from the engraved plate and find the name Alexander Tobin. A meaningless man. With a curious keyhole at the bottom, It holds a strange allure. It feels so empty, so pointless. But that’s the point. It is already complete, in its emptiness. That’s why it must be unlocked. For one who walks the path.

Jasper’s Workshop

Jasper’s workshop was created on April 9th.

What a quaint building. Smoke usually trails out from the top. Jasper is weird about hours though. He opens this place on whims.
Actions: “Step Inside” or “Go Back”

It was edited so “Step Inside” would take you to the Inside Jasper’s Workshop (see below) while “Go Back” would take you to the home page of the forums.

Inside Jasper’s Workshop

The link inside was opened to the public on April 10th. New information was added on April 14th. Thread was closed April 16th by NerdiAuthorGirl and Calmwolf, door was never opened but it activated a whirring sound.


Tick tock, tick tock. The constant whir of machines in motion. Nobody here though. Steam that shoots out periodically. It can spook those who aren’t prepared in their heart. A workbench. Metal boxes of various sizes. What are they for? Where do they lead?
Underneath it.
A hatch.
To a basement?
Hard to tell. It has a pull to it, something that tugs on the back of a mind. Yet it also repulses. An animal instinct. Fear. Something is wrong here. That’s why it must be opened. Locked with a little padlock. A keyhole tempts the universe. Only for the one who walks the path.

Elgin Police Station

The police station was created on April 9th.

Police Status:

Elgin Police Station. It’s nice, nothing special. While they’re open to the public, they don’t appreciate unsolicited reports. They tend to find those they’re looking for, not the other way around.

They’re a bit suspicious lately. Maintaining order in the city requires a peaceful, happy populace. Whispers of voids and goat lords have them a bit concerned.

Outside Elgin City Hall

The outside of Elgin City Hall was created April 10th

An election approaches. Posters have started going up for the two candidates with their platforms. Who will win their vote?

Mayor Rosenberg

My citizens! We’ve done so much in these past few years. Come so far. Built a new bridge across the river. Re-affirmed our beliefs at the church. I understand that times are a bit tough lately. There’s certainly some of us who feel down on our luck some days. The darkness of our own thoughts can be tempting.

But we must find the light within us. That’s why I’m calling for a reinvestment in infrastructure. New lamp posts along the streets. Increased funding for our existing police force. Reopening Geraldyne Park.

I know there are bleak moments in life. Together we will overcome!

Theron Le Mort

Our mayor talks a big game about achievements. I see no such things. A pat on the back for building a bridge, while the old one crumbles. Church events when we still haven’t knocked down that eyesore?

Miscreants in the streets. An uptick in crime. Stores being shut down. This place is no utopia, it is no working man’s dream.

But it could be. We need to properly support our police, give them the resources they need to bring on new hires so we can clean up this town. Tear down the abandoned church and make space for new developments. Imagine a train station that ran on time!

Don’t settle for increments and hard work. Choose to really buckle down and turn this into the Elgin we deserve!

People of Interest


  • Has glimpsed the light. Seeks knowledge(?)
  • Referred to as “Lillith Stark” by Detective Roch

Not much is known about this mysterious user: quietmystic, @quietmystic. They have the badge “Glimpsed the Light.”

  • Have been seen in the curio shop.
  • Note of hers found by Detective Roch (recorded further down.)

quietmystic and curiovendor

curiovender: Hello again friend!

I can assure you, everything here is real. Nature can’t lead you astray. You would have to drift from the path your own way.

But I can take it back if you really don’t want it. Maybe some other wandering soul will find it valuable

quietmystic: i went to the catacombs but it did not work. the book said a place of worship. i tried the old church as well. none of them worked.

i’m beginning to think this is a goose chase.

please, take the key. it feels like more a curse than a treasure

curiovender: It’s not every day we get a return. Then again, these sorts of things always find a way back to me. I wish you luck.

quietmystic: i wish to return the key. the vault could not be opened. are you sure it’s real?

The Curiovendor


  • The Vender owns the Curio Shop (now classified a crimescene)
  • The shop sells three items
    • A leather collar with a silence bell (which leads to the Path of the Goat),
    • A metal box (which leads to the Path of the Machine)
    • And an orb (which leads to the Path of the Void).
  • The vendor’s first name is Ambrose.
  • The Vendor likes curiousity (takes kindly to wandering souls), however, can be peculiar and selective when answering questions.
  • Has a thing for nature. Mentions how things will find their way back, the nature of the paths…
  • Has glimpsed light badge
  • Currently under arrest for disturbing the peace and suspicions of drug dealing

Quote: “I can’t be of help, but I’ll have to ask you to leave. You’ll bring too many…eyes upon us. Unnatural.” This refers to the police. The Vendor does not like them, however will lie to them.

Isaac Roch


  • Came into the Curio shop asking about mystic.
  • Doesn’t seem to like the Vendor or the shop.
  • Is a cop
  • Dating his coworker, Isabel
  • Has Ambrose under arrest
  • On to the trail of the cults – will look further into this
  • Dislikes politics and mayor Rosenberg (holding back on arrests)
  • Quiet his job to avoid being suspended – works as PI now

detectiveroch and curiovender

curiovender: Oh, good day to you…too, Detective Roch. How can I help?

detectiveroch: Still selling these trinkets? Who even buys them?

curiovender: The curious, I suppose. It is a living, right? Like yours…

detectiveroch: Sure. Weirdos if you ask me. But you seem to attract all sorts to this place.

curiovender: Well we are a shop, I can’t control who wants to come in. I can’t kick you out either for that very reason.

But how can I help the police?

detectiveroch: We’re tracking down a couple of leads. Some oddities have been going around Elgin. Rumours, mostly, but worth investigating to keep the peace.

I’m curious, have you seen this person here:

curiovender: No, they don’t look familiar. But so many people pass through here, it’s possible they might’ve come by. I haven’t had any thefts or anything like that if that’s what this is about

detectiveroch: There have been some reports of them in the area. Some folks were talking about seeing them. But nobody has seen them since.

I don’t like missing persons as much as the next guy. So I would hope you would be forthcoming with any information that could better help us in finding them.

curiovender: Certainly! I am always one to help the police, you know that. They are my favourite civil servants, after all. So I would be the first to tell you if I had seen this person. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

detectiveroch: Very well. I’ll keep an eye on this place, just to be safe. And we’ll see if anyone shows up. Wouldn’t want to find out this shop is up to no good. I would hate to close you down.

curiovender: Of course, sir. Have a good day

detectiveroch: Good day to you Ambrose



  • Created the Catacombs.
  • Created the Abandoned Church.
  • Created the Workshop
  • Created Police Station
  • Election currently being held


Is the president of the Historical Society of Elgin.

  • Went on record saying that the vendors (Jasper and Ambrose) are not welcome in his goat temple, Sanctum Cabra.

“Empty eyes”

Kalesreclaim: Nick, I’ve been meaning to ask you: what is the exact meaning of being empty-eyed? Is it simply being ignorant to the secrets of the universe?
Nick: Those that don’t wish to see beyond the edge of reality.

Mayor Damon Rosenbereg

Previous mayor
Nick, on the Rosenberg family-tree

They’re a very political family. I suppose they liken themselves to Rose but they don’t have a relationship. There’s always been a Rosenberg somewhere in city council. Always watching with such empty eyes. Never interested in much more than votes and laws and passing things.

Mayor Theron Le Mort

Current mayor

  • Wants to tear down old church and catacombs
  • Wants curfews and more law enforcement

The Key

Seek the Path <-- Sunken thread, user tagged.
@curiovendor contacts @NerdiAuthorGirl, gives her a key, says they need to flee.

Cryptic curiovendor quote


Maybe I’ve chatted a bit today. Never know who will come through the doors or how they might take in… everything. Not everyone is so… receptive.

I appreciate the company though. Take a little token from an old man. A friend really. Just an old page from a book I once read.

“watch for the empty eyes. they don’t seek and don’t want anyone else to either. not all forces in the universe are part of nature. follow the path. explore the city. knowledge is everywhere, in places you wouldn’t expect. sometimes its buried. some tinker with it. others praise it.”

Breakdown/theoretical meaning:

  • “explore the city” - that should be the forums.
  • "Sometimes it’s buried” - those are the catacombs.
  • “Some tinker with it” - the workshop
  • “Others praise it” - the place of worship
  • the empty eyes are path of the void “badgers”

detectiveroch's papers, Lilith’s?

Found a note while I was looking around Isabel. Scraps of paper. They seem like nothing, but the handwriting is familiar. I suspect it’s Lillith’s.

Could you put it in evidence for me?

–> Scraps of paper

I’m going to go out for a bit. Don’t stay up waiting for me.

Scraps of paper: it creeps by my vision al…

n the ed…can feel bones. key can’t…

…wish…o be true…

i did see it. i know this…dy can deny. they all pretend.

…is the…ue vault?

…do i go from here? spoke to…an’t…

meaningless. life is meaningless. key could not open. they…said…

but i wander? need…

the paths…if they gather where nature needs them…ity will be achieved…

change universe. bend time. see space. can it come through when we do? if we unlock what will come through? they say it holds something to be found. what if it holds something back?

…can’t find…run to…prophet of lies…

Nick on 'the vault’

KalesReclaim: Do you know anything about a vault?

Nick: I’ve been through the depths, we don’t have any information on any vaults or anything like that. Are you sure that’s what it is called? Or do you mean the vault at the bank? It’s not very historical, we don’t have any information on it.

Anything related I could find I put on this note…

–> Vault Note

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more useful. Things need to be quiet here for my sake. Don’t need anyone who doesn’t belong poking their nose around the historical society. Not everything in history agrees with… modern thought.

Vault Note*: *Curiosity spreads. Like a contagion. It touches each who seek. They spread it to the next. Once awake you must look beyond. You have no other choice. It compels you. When you wander, a key. Once you look, no more. Instead, a path. One foot forward. Then the next. How does one move forward each time? Only they can open their path. Only they can use what they no longer are.

Mayor Le Mort

Comments when in the depths of the catacombs

The thing I love the most about being mayor is delivering on your promises. Even when you don’t promise them.

You can always overshoot. Don’t need any curious eyes trying to get ahead

Laws of Elgin
  • No loitering
  • No performing without a permit
  • No graffiti
  • No overthrowing the Supreme Goat Lord
  • No asking for your badge to be removed

The Elections

Elgin City appears to be holding an election.


An election approaches. Posters have started going up for the two candidates with their platforms. Who will win their vote?
(See “People of Interest” for the transcription of what Rosenberg and Le Mort say)

The official voting opened up.


A thick fog rolls in. It blankets the city from end to end, enveloping it in a permanent grey. Fog can stay for days in Elgin, weeks even. It sticks to bones. You carry it with you in your heart, wherever you go. Those who visit are always changed by it.

The church bells ring out through the city. Every hour on the hour.

Polls begin to open. Days of voting start. Who will become the mayor of Elgin? Who will change history?

Le Mort wins elections

  • Elgin is a floating city, as the result of a yet to be defined calamity.

Calmwolf: Are there any records as to what prompted the Calamity?
Nick: There are no historical records from before the Calamity, unfortunately.

  • The city was founded by Sir Alexander Rose. Before him Elgin was built around the old church at the time. Before that, nomads.
  • Empty eyed: Those that don’t wish to see beyond the edge of reality.
  • Three deities: Lothuac (goat), Yath’anhotep (void), and Rshurtagl (machine)
  • Elgin’s population is about 616 people. Of course, that’s not accounting for children, so it’s probably more.

The Sacrifice

Once Lillith returned, rigged up some altars after some technical difficulties, and drew up some freaky summoning circles, she decides we need a sacrifice. And so, poor, innocent, noble Roch is chosen. Each path (goat, machine, and void) created threads for a gathering.

In the Gathering of the Void she says this:

The time approaches. The preparations are almost complete. There is a final need. The assistance of another. One from the outside. With a particular…passionate soul. They can be the beginning. We will simply need for their soul to…wander. I believe their name is…Roch. It is, of course, the choice of the path and only the path. I shall return to hear your verdict when the altar is complete.

In the Road to Luthoac:

We have nearly reached the end. The altar has almost been constructed. There is a final need. The assistance of another. One from the outside. With a particular…passionate soul. They can be the beginning. We will simply need for their soul to…wander. I believe their name is…Roch. It is, of course, the choice of the path and only the path. I shall return to hear your verdict when the altar is complete.

In the Assembly of the Machines:

The altar is nearly complete. I only need a little more time. But…there is a final need. The assistance of another. One from the outside. With a particular…passionate soul. They can be the beginning. We will simply need for their soul to…wander. I believe their name is…Roch. It is, of course, the choice of the path and only the path. I shall return to hear your verdict when the altar is complete.

Each path is given a poll to vote for or against sacrificing Roch. Clearly we’re horrible people, because we chose to sacrifice the poor man. (Not sure which poll is which, sorry. We also know that there were some mix up’s where people may have voted in polls other than their own - despite the votes the Machine’s were split even).


The Apocalypse

Yath’anhotep Rises

Alternative Endings

According to Nick, summoning an Eldrich horror was always the intention.

But depending on the ways the polls went, there were a few different ways it could have come about.

The Void posted their gathering thread first, so they got the first vote on whether or not to sacrifice Roch. If they had said no, the vote would have gone to Machine, then Goat.

If all three of them (threads) voted against, Lillith would have tried to do it on her own and accidentally summoned the demon.

The Void’s deity:


The Machine’s deity:


The Goat’s deity:


Timeline of Events

Event Timeline

Date Event
Febuary 28th Cult of the Goat: @/matzeztam
March 18th Wandering Soul: @/cynically
March 18th Cult of the Machine Ambassador: @/TheTrueTerrydactyl
March 19th Glimpsed the Light: @/lifeofdaffy and @/quietmystic
March 19th @/quietmystic makes a sunken thread mentioning “the curio shop”
April 7th Many users in the conspiracy thread earned “Wandering Soul”
April 7th @/curiovendor made a thread called “Curio Shop”
April 7th Path of the Goat: @/MistickMage
April 7th Path of the Machine: @/Bobbi_McAllister
April 7th Path of the Void: @/JJJ000YYY
April 7th New Badge: Seek Too Far
April 8th @/quietmystic arrives in the Curio Shop to return a key.
April 8th @/quietmystic makes a thread, saying she’ll go silent.
April 9th The Curio’s Vendor says someone tried to sell him the journal. The vendor called it fraud.
April 9th The appearance of @/detectiveroch in the Curio Shop
April 9th @/thecityofelgin posts about the Catacombs.
April 9th A thread for an old abandoned church is created.
April 10th Appearance of the detective in the Food Court, looking for his notes…
April 10th Roch’s notes are found at the train station, a new location.
April 10th Curiovendor contacts @/NerdiAuthorGirl, gives her a key, attempts to catch a train. @/detectiveroch intercepts them and says they need to ‘chat’. (Ambrose arrested)
April 10th The detective posts a note at the station (linked in clues and on his roster)
April 10th @/thecityofelgin creates Outside Elgin City Hall, polls
April 10th @/thecityofelgin opens thread The Depths of the Catacombs
April 10th @/thecityofelgin opens thread Inside Jasper’s Workshop
April 10th @/thecityofelgin opens thread The Church Basement
April 10th Police station closed
April 14th Nick’s goat temple closed down by Roch
April 14th @/thecityofelgin made Historical Society of Elgin
April 14th Protests are made
April 14th @/thecityofelgin made polls for elections
April 15th @/mayorrosenberg fires @/detectiveroch because of protests
April 15th @/detectiveroch becomes @/isaacroch
April 16th Results are in and polls are closed. Le Mort wins and makes an electoral speech
April 16th @/NerdiAuthorGirl and @/Azanthiel use the key in church basement and basement collapses. Azanthiel receives the badge Mark of Goat.
April 16th @/NerdiAuthorGirl and @/LigerCat use the key in depths of the catacombs. Catacombs are closed and deleted. LigerCat receives Mark of Void.
April 16th @/NerdiAuthorGirl and @/calmwolf use the key to unlock Jasper’s workshop. Nothing opened but something seemed to be activated. Workshop got closed and deleted. calmwolf receives Mark of Machine.
April 17th The return of Lillith – apocalypse part 1, she promises to build an altar but says it will take a while.
April 18th A “passionate” soul is needed to complete the ritual. Voting whether or not to sacrifice Roch in the void gathering. Sacrifce won.
April 18th Yath’anhotep rises and destroys all reality.
April 18th all users who participated gain two new badges: The End of All Reality and Witness to Oblivion, both yellow.
April 19th Nick makes a new thread Behind the Scenes: Elgin City AMA to answer questions about the game. He says lots of things, highly recommended to read through.

The Repository

(Or at least, a condensed version - I don’t know how I’m going to do this cause the Rep is very big)


Welcome to fabulous Neo-Tokyo. Still a vibrant metropolis more than six hundred years since The Rend, Neo-Tokyo boasts great restaurants, exquisite shopping, and the world renowned Grace Resonator Academy for Progress, the central destination that the rest of the city is built around.

Truly, in Neo-Tokyo, all roads lead to salvation, in the form of the Grace Resonator Academy grounds. Stretching over 3 square kilometers. the campus boasts full living accommodations, foods, vertical farms, and more! Take time to explore around and make sure to check out every nook and cranny. And, of course, you’ll want to check out the biggest event in the city: Orbital Grand Tournament.

[Neo-Tokyo is a unique game experience within the clubs of Wattpad that helps stretch creativity and bring the community together, with the support of Wattpad HQ]
The current logo is: @/calmwolf

Neo-Tokyo (Thread Overview)
  • Neo-Tokyo Info Boards
    • Need information? Stop here
  • Isako Park
    • Isako park is our space. It is the space for chatter, for ideas, and for creations.
  • Choso Institute
    • A place for learning, knowledge, and thought.
  • Grace Resonator Academy
    • The sacred grounds, the infinite learning
  • West Azuma
    • Here today, gone tomorrow
  • Kiryo Park
    • Nothing grows without a clear space
  • Central 27
  • The Monolith
    • The door is open to those who obey
  • Kinetico
    • Or is it Ehime?
  • Ehime
    • Or is it Kinetico?
  • No Category
    • Threads that are listed in Neo-Tokyo, but not one of the categories.

Map - @/kalesreclaim

Knights and Syndictes
Dawn Syndicate

Today, something different. Tomorrow, the same.

Worshippers of Ghieer
Residence: West Azuma

The Dawn Syndicate never keep anything the same for very long, following the likeness of their god Ghieer. They are known throughout the city for their bombings, demolitions, and renovations; and are readily open for anyone who wishes to join their ranks under their sun.

In the (unlisted) thread “Door to the East”, one will find this message awaiting them:

It feels like the sun is setting…

If one says the following phrase:

A new dawn is upon us

They will be added to Dawn Syndicate.

Ironedge Syndicate

Woshippers of Uiolao
Residence: Central 27

Very little is known about Central 27. It is nearly impossible to enter the district and transit has rerouted to largely bypass the space as a whole. The borders are strictly guarded by syndicate Watchers, who require specific passes in order to properly enter Central 27. And almost everyone who enters Central 27 doesn’t come back out. But there is always whisper of a revolution on the horizon.

In the (unlisted and closed) thread “The Revolution Rises”, one can find this waiting for them:

A gathering of minds. A demonstration. Knights who renounce their following will be welcomed into something different…

But only when the time demands it. This is the place. You must simply wait for the time.

Status: Nobody is here

You will have to wait until someone is there to pledge your loyalty. It was found that those formerly Knights of the Dragon could renounce their knighthood & join the revolution.
(As of August 11th, it seems that you cannot join anymore. The message now reads as “You’ve missed the moment”)

Kitsune Syndicate

Woshippers of Daran
Residence: Kinetico

Many, many tightly packed buildings, flashing neon signs and advertisements of all kinds swarm across every surface. This syndicate doesn’t rule with an iron fist nor do they have rules set in stone. Somehow, everyone is supposed to know. And if they don’t, they’ll learn. They always do.

In order to join the Kitsune Syndicate, one must first find the Deceiver. (The Deceiver does not have an ARG badge as other NPC character do. They are a player.)

Once you find who the deceiver is you must PM them on Wattpad (the main site) & tell them that you know they are the deceiver. (P.S. If they are the deceiver they cannot deny you)

(This is perhaps the hardest group to join.)

Knights of the Dragon

Woshippers of Uiolao
Residence: The Monolith

There is only one building in the Monolith, a giant construct that continues to grow in the sky. It stands as testament of the unwavering power residing within the teachings of their god, Uiolao. There is one grand reminder within the Monolith: the higher you climb, the further you fall.

In the thread “Ruling: Knight Templar’s Recruitment”, you can find this message:

A Ruling As Passed Down By The Knight Templar:

𝔄 𝔫𝔬𝔱𝔦𝔠𝔢 𝔱𝔬 𝔧𝔬𝔦𝔫 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔬𝔫𝔩𝔶 𝔱𝔯𝔲𝔢 𝔠𝔞𝔲𝔰𝔢, 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔎𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔰 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔤𝔬𝔫.

𝔗𝔬 𝔧𝔬𝔦𝔫 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔎𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔰 𝔦𝔰 𝔱𝔬 𝔰𝔢𝔯𝔳𝔢 𝔦𝔫 𝔭𝔢𝔯𝔭𝔢𝔱𝔲𝔦𝔱𝔶. ℜ𝔢𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔰𝔥 𝔲𝔫𝔱𝔬 𝔘𝔦𝔬𝔩𝔞𝔬 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔭𝔢𝔯𝔰𝔬𝔫𝔞𝔩 𝔣𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔡𝔬𝔪. 𝔄𝔟𝔰𝔬𝔩𝔳𝔢 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯𝔰𝔢𝔩𝔣 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔟𝔲𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔫 𝔬𝔣 𝔴𝔦𝔩𝔩. ℑ𝔣 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔠𝔬𝔪𝔪𝔦𝔱 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔰𝔢 𝔱𝔢𝔫𝔞𝔫𝔱𝔰, 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔠𝔞𝔫 𝔟𝔢𝔠𝔬𝔪𝔢 𝔞 𝔎𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱.

𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔬𝔫𝔩𝔶 𝔱𝔯𝔲𝔢 𝔯𝔢𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔯𝔢𝔪𝔢𝔫𝔱 𝔦𝔰 𝔱𝔬 𝔞𝔫𝔰𝔴𝔢𝔯 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔠𝔞𝔩𝔩. ℑ𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔎𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔰 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔤𝔬𝔫 𝔬𝔯 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔎𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝔗𝔢𝔪𝔭𝔩𝔞𝔯 𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔯 𝔪𝔞𝔨𝔢 𝔞 𝔡𝔢𝔪𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔣𝔬𝔯 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔞𝔠𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔰, 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔪𝔲𝔰𝔱 𝔯𝔢𝔰𝔭𝔬𝔫𝔡, 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔠𝔞𝔯𝔯𝔶 𝔬𝔲𝔱 𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔦𝔯 𝔴𝔦𝔩𝔩. 𝔉𝔬𝔯 𝔦𝔱 𝔦𝔰 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔴𝔦𝔩𝔩.

𝔗𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔢 𝔴𝔥𝔬 𝔡𝔬 𝔫𝔬𝔱 𝔞𝔫𝔰𝔴𝔢𝔯, 𝔴𝔥𝔬 𝔡𝔬 𝔫𝔬𝔱 𝔰𝔲𝔟𝔪𝔦𝔱 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔤𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔰𝔱 𝔞𝔲𝔱𝔥𝔬𝔯𝔦𝔱𝔶, 𝔪𝔞𝔶 𝔫𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔯 𝔯𝔢𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔫 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔎𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔰.

There is no code, no phrase need to be said to join. All you need to do is pledge your everlasting loyalty.

Knights of the Fox

Woshippers of Daran
Residence: Ehime

The line between syndicate and knight under the fox is fickle and deceiving. While everyone agrees that the buildings get cleaner in Ehime, the network cafes replaced with libraries and academies, it’s impossible to ever get a perfect answer. Assassinations and theft cross between the districts constantly. But there is always the knowledge that with so much unclear, the knights always remember everything that happens in their district.

In the thread, “A Call to the Curious”, you can find many riddles. In order to join you must solve all of the riddles.

When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

What belongs to you, but other people use it more than you?

What gets larger as you subtract?

This thing all things devours;
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats mountain down.
What am I?

The one who builds it sells it,
The one that buys it fears it,
The one that uses it never sees it.
What is it?

First think of the person who lives in disguise,
Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies.
Next, tell me what’s always the last thing to mend,
The middle of middle and end of the end?
And finally give me the sound often heard
During the search for a hard-to-find word.
Now string them together, and answer me this,
Which creature would you be unwilling to kiss?

A hardcore babe, as everyone knows.
The godless can’t be found in my holes.
A cesspool masquerading as news.
A story of me and a hound gives you the blues.
What am I?

Knights of the Tiger

Worshippers of Uiolao
Residence: Kiryo Park

The Knights require strict adherence to ecological building practices, constructing new homes and offices from wood, incorporating plants and grasses into every floor, and keeping their ties to the park they surround intact. While some say it makes them an easy and obvious target for the Dawn Syndicate, they would argue that that’s why they’re on the opposite side of the city.

n order to join one must offer up something that they have created to be sacrificed.
You must offer your sacrifice on this thread, “Obelisk to Ghieer”

It is has been found that not just any sacrifice will do. Those that have already joined, offered up a thread they had created (one that’s a part of Neo-Tokyo). The threads were accepted and destroyed.

(Before it was know was the “Monument of Ghieer”)

The Full Story

First Messages

ᖶᓰᘻᘿ ᕵᗩSSᘿS. SᘿᗩSᓍᘉS ᑢᓍᘻᘿ ᗩᘉᕲ ᘜᓍ. ᖶᕼᘿ ᑢᓰᖶᖻ ᒪᓰᐺᘿS ᓍᘉ. Sᓍ ᒪᓍᘉᘜ ᗩS ᓰᖶ ᘿ᙭ᓰSᖶS ᓍᑘᖶSᓰᕲᘿ ᖶᕼᘿ ᖇᘿᗩᑢᕼ ᓍᖴ ᖶᕼᘿ ᘜᓍᕲS. Sᓍ ᒪᓍᘉᘜ ᗩS ᖶᕼᘿᖻ ᖇᘿᘻᗩᓰᘉ ᗩᕵᕵᘿᗩSᘿᕲ.

ᖶᕼᘿᖇᘿ ᗩᖇᘿ ᖇᑘᘻᓍᑘᖇS ᓍᑘᖶ ᖶᕼᘿᖇᘿ. Sᖶᖇᗩᘉᘜᘿ ᕲᓰSᑢᑘSSᓰᓍᘉS ᖶᕼᗩᖶ ᘜᓍ ᘉᓍᘺᕼᘿᖇᘿ. ᖶᕼᘿᖻ ᕲᓰSᗩᕵᕵᘿᗩᖇ ᗩS Sᓍᓍᘉ ᗩS ᖶᕼᘿᖻ Sᖶᗩᖇᖶ.

ᓍᘉᘿ ᖶᕼᓰᘉᘜ SᖶᗩᘉᕲS ᓍᑘᖶ: ᕼᓍᘻᓰᘉᓰᗷᑘS ᒪᓰᐺᘿS.

ᘺᕼᗩᖶᘿᐺᘿᖇ ᓰᖶ ᓰS, Sᓍᘻᘿᖶᕼᓰᘉᘜ ᘻᓰᘜᕼᖶ ᗷᘿ…ᕲᓰᖴᖴᘿᖇᘿᘉᖶ…Sᓍᓍᘉ…

It appeared in a thread by Nick, titled “A whisper on the dying winds of the net…” Being avid players before the game even began, we were quick to translate it to:

Time passes. Seasons come and go. The city lives on. So long as it exists outside the reach of the gods. So long as they remain appeased.

There are rumours out there. Strange discussions that go nowhere. They disappear as soon as they start.

One thing stands out: Hominibus lives.

Whatever it is, something might be…different…soon…

We had a couple things to work with at the time.

The Rend

"That which once was will always return.”

History was viewed as a grand cycle. While the times would change, the people different, we always found a way to repeat our mistakes. To run on the wheel of fate. It was why we had ritual and logs. We would pay respect to our cyclical heritage and mark it for eternity.

We didn’t realize just how much we were missing.

The Rend. The return of the gods to our plane. Little did we realize how real they were, with nothing but legends and myths for our understanding. Their very presence brought calamities across the world. Cities destroyed in flash floods. Tremendous fires blazing through farmlands. It became a question for whether the sun would rise or not some days.

The arrival of these deities shook the very foundation of the earth. Magic, long sealed away for tens of thousands of years, flourished once again, bursting from those with affinity, the Touched. So many were so unprepared for an awakening to the magic around them. Bodies consumed in fires, entire buildings vanishing in a blink. Governments collapsed. Countries were eradicated. It was our darkest time.

But we are, if anything, resilient. Slowly, we rebuilt ourselves. The gods settled across the globe, declaring domains and crafting kingdoms where human did not dare to tread. It gave us only a few select spaces to survive. And in Neo-Tokyo, we have thrived. We have crafted a grand city and propelled ourselves into the future. But we must always remember to appease our old gods, to follow in their ways and in the grand game of chess they now play against one another.

The Gods

Daran, The Gate Of Minds
The god of knowledge and understanding, deceit and lies. Daran has every answer and provides none. They revel in trickery and calculation, but also in research and insight. They hold an affinity with the wind and are represented by the fox.

Ghieer, The Knife Of Hearts
The god of war and destruction, peace and growth. Ghieer is fierce and combative. She seeks to create new things in the trails she blazes, burning what once was to the ground so that something new can arise. Without war there is no peace. In peace there can be war. She holds an affinity with fire and is represented by the tiger.

Uiolao, The Serpent Of The Fist
The god of power and authority, revolution and dissent. Uiolao is dominant and passionate. He holds that there is only law and order, and a desire to break it when it does not meet the world. There must always be rule, even in anarchy. He holds an affinity with water and is represented by the dragon.

And of course the city details, like the map and districts. We chatted and explored the city, reading and rereading about its Knights and Syndicates, trying to memorize the map. Some people were, of course, already boasting about which groups they might like to join, though we had been told by Nick already that it wasn’t necessary for playing. And we waited for the game to begin.

The Game Begins

A thread called “The Game Begins” appeared.

Thread Details

The city comes alive. The Academy opens its doors. Officially, Neo-Tokyo begins…

A reminder Neo-Tokyo comes with a set of rules for everyone to follow.

You will also find that any NPC accounts will have the ARG Verified badge and title. If they do not, they are a false account and can be reported as such.

As always, any personal questions or concerns can be private messaged to Nick on Wattpad. If you need to discuss things with him within the clubs or a thread, without the confines of the game, you need to do the following:

Put [break] into your post where you want to talk outside the game, place any question or concern you have under within square brackets, place another [break] after your text.

This can’t be used to circumvent a blockage in the game, such as being stumped on a puzzle. Please be conservative in tagging nick into posts to avoid spamming rules.

It’s important to note, this version of the game will feature multiple concurrent storylines, any number of which can be active at the same time. Storylines aren’t dependent on each other to be solved. Getting stuck in one isn’t solved by progressing in another. Each happens independently. Some will begin on their own. Others triggered by events. Still more need to be discovered. In some cases, game events will be intentionally throttled to give time for the many timezones to participate.

And not all of it is contained entirely to the clubs…

As Untouched citizens, enjoy searching the city and…good luck…

[Feel free to react below]

The district categories appeared. Nick’s title became ‘The Grand Arbiter’. Threads opened, and Isako Park was quickly transformed into even more of a bustling city hub than it already had been. We found a page of Knight and Syndicate groups, all closed and as-of-yet empty save for Nick’s colleague Paul, who had joined the Knights of the Fox. We found an official Neo-Tokyo Wattpad Profile, and evidence from Nick that it might play a role in the game.

New Information
The Fringewalkers

Fringewalkers are the independent police force employed by the city of Neo-Tokyo. While some of the districts are under the protection of the Knights and others employ their own forms of authority, Fringewalkers are the only entities allowed to exist outside the agreed boundaries. Their role is to help maintain the peace between the different districts and the many disparate groups, working in the interest of the citizens of Neo-Tokyo and humanity as a whole.

While many consider them saviours, others are forever suspicious of their systems. They are eternally bound to the Grace Academy, the only other district where all parties intersect safely, which leaves many wary that they lack a true master. Who do they report to? Who watches over their ways? Who will police the police?

The Magic of Neo-tokyo

The magic of the Touched has many manifestations and is fuelled by the creativity and knowledge of its user. All magic will fall within one of the three types:

Power Magic
A force of destruction, the ability to force change. Power magic manifests frequently through simple pushes and pulls, up to complex elementals like fire and lightning. The magic is always created by the wielder and then cast in a particular direction. Some have been creative enough to try it on themselves, creating situations where man could almost fly by force alone.

Animate Magic
A show of authority, the ability to create submission. Animate magic manifests both through the ability to give something shape, assembling a pile of rocks into a golem or a tangle of vines into a familiar, and then to make it move. Some have even gone so far as to subjugate animals, though this is controversial and its legality is debated. It is important to remember animate magic doesn’t breathe life into something; it’s just magic pulling the strings.

Mental Magic
A distortion of truth, the ability to shift reality. Mental magic manifests primarily through illusions created in the mind of the target, though there is some documentation of mind-reading and sending messages directly to the brain. It can be difficult to confirm the validity of these types of magic since they rely only on witness testimony. For most, mental magic is considered the weakest of the three, often harangued for its boring lack of displays at the tournament. For others, it’s the most dangerous of them all…

The Price of Magic

The abilities of the Touched are no small feat. They require years of training in the academy and the ability to properly visualize and manifest magic. For many, they will never reach the tops of their potential. Others will exceed it and go on to become masters in their field. But for all of them, there is cost. It is well documented that the Touched have shorter lifespans, called “burnout” colloquially. Leading theories hold that as they cast magic, it requires a fragment of their own soul, a tiny sliver off the whole. While the amount taken for casting is so tiny as to be insignificant, it adds up over time. Older Touched who had high usage rates are documented as seeing their powers wane, and are generally afflicted with lethargy in their lives. There are some minor physical manifestations, such as visible ageing and slight muscle atrophy.

For most, the cost is trivial. If the average lifespan is 97, they’re content with only living to 79. For others, the terrifying idea of overusing magic and dying keeps them from ever practicing, though they are still marked with the ID of a Touched for government and policing purposes.

The Feral Goats of Neo-tokyo

An unfortunate insight into good intentions and poor execution, Neo-Tokyo is infamous for the feral goat population in its many parks and, in some occasions, streets. Originally a necessary farm animal, the goat population nearly went extinct during the Rend. To compensate, the city authorized the use of private farming per household, issuing manuals on how to raise your own goats and providing breeding goats for purchase.

While the program was a success, it became widespread in its adoption, recovering the goat population until it exceeded the amount of goats needed for food and farming. This in turn caused a crash in the value of goat products, leaving thousands of households with now worthless goats. Unsurprisingly, many abandoned their farms, and either slaughtered the excess goats or simply released them into the public at large. This created the common issue known today of the feral goat population of Neo-Tokyo.

There are many across the city who consider them a public nuisance and demand the city apply resources into purging the goats from the city or at least rounding them up and depositing them further in the wild. Others have become so used to their existence that they don’t consider them a major issue, and don’t want taxpayer money wasted on simple animals.

And there are some, still, who see them as an almost religious creature, praising or worshipping their presence as a good omen…

Roles, Rules, and Recruitment

We were given our roles:

As Untouched citizens, enjoy searching the city and…good luck…

The Knights of the Dragon opened up for membership, to anyone willing to pledge their lives to the group. Many joined.

Ruling: Knight Templar’s Recruitment

A notice to join the only true cause, The Knights of the Dragon.

To join the Knights is to serve in perpetuity. Relinquish unto Uiolao your personal freedom. Absolve yourself of the burden of will. If you commit to these tenants, you can become a Knight.

The only true requirement is to answer the call. If the Knights of the Dragon or the Knight(sic) Templar ever make a demand for your actions, you must respond, and carry out their will. For it is your will.

Those who do not answer, who do not submit to the greatest authority, may never return to the Knights.

We received a public service announcement reminding us that life outside of a group was viable and worthwhile, and that those who did join could leave but never return to that same group again

Neo-Tokyo Citizen Reminder

A public service announcement for citizens of Neo-Tokyo.


Citizens are not required to work for the Knights in a district, nor should they feel compelled to be swayed by…less legitimate organizations. Even if you find others have taken the pursuit of a path, citizens are encouraged to live their own lives and abide by the rules of city.

We understand some of the trials can be daunting or ask a lot of you. Take this as a reminder that you don’t have to give in to their demands to join.

There’s nothing wrong with leading a normal life in our fair city!

A monument to the god Ghieer appeared with a cryptic trial for those wishing to join the Knights of the Tiger. Members of Ghieer’s fanclub started making sacrifices to prove their loyalty, theorising what the monument meant by ‘personal value’.

We had been told in the start-of-game post that several storylines would be running parallel to—but independently of—each other. We got our first hint at one of these when a discarded cell phone was found in West Azuma. When the code inside was cracked, it proved to be a corrupted text conversation

monument to the god Ghieer - cellphone

Jiao Tsu: It was definitely a thing man im telling u
You: no way. they were touched
Jiao Tsu: nonono
Jiao Tsu: untouched, I swear. I know them. I saw their ID, standard like mine
Jiao Tsu: they don’t have a fancy one
You: then it was mind magic
Jiao Tsu: i been through illusion it was no illsion
You: untouched is untouched “J”. they can’t cast magic
You: I gotta run or I’m late

It sounded to us like Jiao Tsu had seen Untouched citizens using magic. His friend (‘you’) was trying to convince him out of this, suggesting that maybe he had been under a mental-magic illusion and had hallucinated the whole thing. We stored the text in the Repository for later.

Meanwhile, in the Choso Institute and linked to Wattpad, a book was found. One page remained intact, and bore a fragmented reference to the Fist of Ghieer, which sounded like a weapon.


Origin: …moured to have…from Ghieer…struction of San Franci…

…ion: Gauntlet forged of…[unconfirmed]

Known Powe…creation of…for…an be used…

Stored: Archives, B3

The footnote indicated the book had been stored in the Choso Institute’s archives, in the third basement. We stashed it for later too.

Next Set of Clues

Some time later, three posts by Nick are found in different threads of the City:
One read “A Dragon”, another “A Star”, and the third “A Battleship”. When taken together and plugged into Wattpad, they produced a book called Dragon Star Battleship.

The book, which had not been updated in months, had updated 8 hours before—at the same time other ARG threads were coming alive. It had only an encrypted text:


Shortly thereafter, a thread titled “The Fox’s Den” appeared in the Kinetico district. AlaynaTakach, the first NPC of the game,

The Fox's Den

Opening post

I heard rumour somebody found the third network key. The one thought lost forever.

With all three, someone could open up the entire net to themselves. Can you imagine? Every mystery tracked down. Every rumour at once. What a rush.

Responded when shown the code from the book

Exactly! The key!

But meaningless without the other two. At least it’s not just a dream anymore.

Rumours about keys

Wasn’t it…something like being buried. Like someone built on top of it. Or they destroyed it? Or both? I haven’t heard the rumours on the second key in awhile, sorry.

And I had always heard the first one was being hoarded by tigers.

Asks us for info if we found the other keys

Let me know if you hear any whispers in the world.

And if you ever do find those keys…I would love to glimpse the net, if only for a second.


Don’t get me started on the goats.

I had a flower garden outside my door. The building let me plant it. I raised those plants up from little seeds. Water every day.

What happens? A stupid goat goes and eats it all.

Now what do I have to show for it? all that work so that a dumb animal we don’t even need can laze around. I wish the city would get rid of them all.

It was peonies. Beautiful peonies…

I don’t know, I don’t really care. I just want them out.

Ghieer people

Oh, that’s just a Ghieer thing. They do as they do. The Knights are much the same. A temple today, a monument tomorrow. Who knows how long it will last.

I’m not sure you know your Ghieer people.

It’s not like opposites. They are both sides of the same coin. Both of them destroy and create. The fox is lie and truth. The dragon is authority and rebellion. All at once.

Just a matter of if they have…criminal intentions or not.

Described the ‘dark net’ that the three ‘keys’ are supposed to open

It must be filled with every piece of information out there. Every communication. Every post. Everything. Cannot even begin to imagine what you could do with all that information.

Half a day later, @\FireAlwaysReturns was approached by a Fringewalker by the name of Chas Albach.


ChasAlbach: Hello there It’s my understanding that you’ve come across an interesting key of sorts. Could we speak privately?
Firealwaysreturns: Ah, yes, of course. I know a good café near by that serves great muffins. It should be open around this time. Would you like to go there?
ChasAlbach: We’ll be in touch…

PM conversation: > **ChasAlbach:** I understand you're aware of the network key **Firealwaysreturns:** I am indeed. Quite surprised I stumbled upon that one. **ChasAlbach:** Good good. The Fringwalkers have been in pursuit of such key for some time. We have a lot of crimes on the book, cold cases and the like, that we know we could solve if we could just get more tangible evidence. We could be locking up a lot of Syndicate members ith access to their encrypted networks. **Firealwaysreturns:** Everyone who has approached mee or the ones that also know about the key talks about a "win-win". I'm not too sure there are any winners. **ChasAlbach:** We are talking about enforcing justice, of finally seeing those who do wrong be held accountable. And yes, perhaps some won't like surveillance on the private networks but itsn't safety worth it?

Almost simultaneously, a new NPC appeared in the ECPU: Lina Senko, bearing the badge of the Kitsune Syndicate. These were the posts she made throughout the conversation.


Likes us?

What an interesting group of people. I think I’ll like y’all

The key

I had heard around that you might have found something lately

“And what makes you think that this group of people might know something?”

Daran knows as much as they do not

“There are deceivers all over the place. Even Daran doesn’t give a straight answer when they reveal the truth”

The Deceiver?

I wouldn’t talk about that out loud. As soon as you discuss it, it changes, and you’re forever marked. But if you figure out who they are and tap their shoulder privately, maybe I’ll see you around the Syndicate.

Why she reached out

Well I would only ask because if someone were to collect all 3 network keys and gain total access, the Kitsune Syndicate would be very appreciative if we could possess the network key.

You see…there have been some…unfortunate incidents. We’re aware that a number of innocents have been arrested for perceived relations to our crimes. Were we to have the key, we could gain access to evidence to help prove the innocence of those who are wrongfully imprisoned. We only want to make right those caught in our mistakes.

And, with the network keys, we could safely conduct our own…activities. A win-win really.

“Are there any whispers as to where the other keys may be?”

There used to be a rumour going around about what gets buried when you keep rebuilding.

“And what would we get in return for helping… your cause?”

The Kitsune Syndicate would certainly be a favourable group to be friends with

After a while of our talking, she finished:

Hmm seems I’m not alone in my interest.

Make the right choice. We only want to correct the mistakes and free those who are wrongfully incarcerated.

Someone pressed a little further. When asked, “Is it not possible for some districts to work together?” she replied:

We had a couple of key takeaways. One was that everyone seemed to be after this key, which we had discovered only Jane (who found it) seemed able to give away. The other was a very subtle reference to how one might join the Kitsune Syndicate. The search began immediately, but it would be a while before we got more clues.

Meanwhile, a new thread, “The Headmaster’s Office”, appeared in the Grace Resonator Academy district, complete with its own NPC, the Headmaster – headmasterKamiKusu. He posted once, “Another wonderful day at the Academy!” and then went silent as we pelted him with questions and return greetings.

It also turned out someone had figured out what to sacrifice to get into The Knights of the Tiger. The group’s first two members gave up threads they had made in Isako Park. The two gained membership. The threads were destroyed. (They had to sacrifice threads they made in NT)

And so the clues continue

[the keys are only of value to anyone once all 3 are together]

Nick confirmed what we had started to suspect: we had one key of three, and the other two would be required for us to do anything with them. With a Fringewalker and a Syndicate member after our find, we met deep in the woods of Isako Park to figure out what to do. There was a heated debate and a lot of options. We ended up taking a poll.

Even before the results were in across all of our timezones and continents, the democratic opinion was clear: some 75% in favour of keeping our key and finding the other two. Discussion continued while we let the results come in. We were starting to drift away when a note was found under some roots.

A note

I don’t want to follow anymore. I’ve heard there’s a revolution.

A place where you can leave it all behind. A way in to a different kind of group. I’m going to go there later. I just have to remember my directions. They say it only happens certain times. You always have to be watching.

I get it. Learning is my specialty. It’s what Daran wants.

Or maybe… that won’t be me anymore. A way in to Uiolao. My new path.

Record log, Kono Yukoshi.

The directions led to a new thread, “The Revolution Rises”, found in Central 27 but remaining unlisted; it failed to show on the main City page.

The Revolution Rises

A gathering of minds. A demonstration. Knights who renounce their following will be welcomed into something different…

But only when the time demands it. This is the place. You must simply wait for the time.

The ‘Status’ dropdown below read, “Nobody here to accept your renouncement”. It seemed that only those who were already Knights of another group could transfer their loyalty, and only at specific times.

First, the Headmaster—silent until now, save for his initial post—responded to us.

When shown the message about The Fist of Ghieer found in a disintegrating book, this was his reply.

B3? The archives don’t have an underground that I’m aware of. You say you found it in a book?

I’ll have to go do a little digging…

Then, in the private group thread accessible only to the Knights of the Tiger…

Nick posted

This text will be hidden Long sealed by a puzzle-lock, the contents remain a mystery except among the highest order of Knights.

  1. If Valerie is guilty, then Xenia is guilty but Bob is innocent.

  2. If Bob is innocent then Yates is guilty.

  3. If Bob is guilty then Yates is guilty but Ulric and Denver are innocent.

  4. If Bob is innocent then Ulric and Valerie are guilty.

  5. If Denver is innocent then Ulric is guilty, but Xenia and Bob are innocent.

  6. If Alice is guilty then either Bob is guilty or Denver is innocent.

Who is innocent? Who is guilty?

Several people were quick to put out a solution.


We start with rule 1: If Valerie is guilty, then Xenia is guilty and Bob is innocent. Using Rule 2, we know that if Bob is innocent, then Yates must be guilty. We can also use Rule 4 to determine that Ulric and Valerie are guilty. On to Denver. If Denver were innocent, Rule 5 states that Ulric would be guilty and Bob and Xenia would be innocent. However, we already know that Xenia is guilty by Rule 1, therefore Denver is not innocent. Finally, we know that Alice can only be guilty if Bob is guilty or if Denver is innocent by Rule 6. Since neither of these options are true, Alice must be innocent.


Valerie is guilty

Xenia is guilty

Bob is innocent

Yates is guilty

Ulric is guilty

Denver is guilty

Alice is innocent

Then several things began to happen at once. Unnoticed by most of us, the Status on the Ironedge Syndicate’s call for members changed; two knights heeded the call and joined. Replies to the thread disappeared shortly after being posted.

Then in their private thread, the Knights of the Dragon were given a roll call. Those who did not report within 72 hours were to be removed from the group. The timing seemed too close to be a coincidence, and talk of conflict between groups began to pick up pace.

Roll call

Seemingly unrelated, a ‘notice of demolition’ appeared in the district of Ehime.


ᴀ ɴᴏᴛɪᴄᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴅᴇᴍᴏʟɪᴛɪᴏɴ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀʀᴇᴀ. ᴘʟᴀɴꜱ ᴛᴏ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏɴᴅᴇᴍɴᴇᴅ ʙᴜɪʟᴅɪɴɢ ᴀᴛ 384 ꜱᴏᴜᴛʜ ꜱɪᴅᴇ ᴅʀɪᴠᴇ ᴀᴛ 14:00, ᴏɴ ᴊᴜʟʏ 19, 2957.

ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ᴄʟᴇᴀʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴠɪᴄɪɴɪᴛʏ ᴀɴᴅ ꜱᴛᴀʏ ᴀ ꜱᴀꜰᴇ ᴅɪꜱᴛᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴀᴡᴀʏ. ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ɪɴᴛᴇʀꜰᴇʀᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴅᴇᴍᴏʟɪᴛɪᴏɴ ᴄʀᴇᴡꜱ.

ɢꜱᴠ ᴍᴠᴅ ᴡᴢᴅᴍ ʀʜ ꜰᴋʟᴍ ꜰʜ

When cracked, the code at the bottom read: THE NEW DAWN IS UPON US

We were not sure if we were supposed to be seeing this yet, but a hidden thread, “Door to the East”, has appeared and was found by citizens. It read only, “It feels like the sun is setting…”

With so many new bits of information flying about, we were quick to jump on board when our NPC friend Alayna appeared again in the Fox’s Den.


She initiated a rumor swap

I wonder what the word is out there. Some many rumours swirl.

Pass along one to me, perhaps I’ll pass along one to you.

Responded to the demolition notice

Oh those? I doubt it. Those notices get put up all the time, they don’t mean much of anything. Ehime’s not their territory so they would never get away with it.

“Who wants to demolish it? The Dawn Syndicate?”

You would have to go ask them, wherever it is they hide out.

Asked about the Ironedge Syndicate’s call to arms

Revolution is always beginning with them. And ending. They are nothing but an endless cycle of authority and rebellion. That’s the law of the dragon

Alayna was also asked about the phone conversation we had archived; about rumours of Untouched citizens being able to do magic.

Someone Untouched doing magic? Who told you of such things? It would be an impossibility.

I too have heard of such rumours. People vanishing off the streets. The Kitsune are intrigued, which can only mean it’s real.

I want to know where they go. If Untouched really are using magic, who takes them away? That’s where the real information is.

Another Key, Whispers, and What Felt like a Dead End

After another day for Headquarters, we suddenly got our answer: we had cracked the puzzle box given to the Knights of the Tiger. The next key was given.


We were down to one. Recalling Alayna’s statement about it…

There used to be a rumour going around about what gets buried when you keep rebuilding.

We strongly suspected that the demolition notice might have something to do with it. People headed over to check it out. More privately, other things were happening. Citizens clue-hunting following Lina’s cryptic instructions on joining the Kitsune Syndicate elicited a series of responses from Nick. To join the Syndicate, one had to find the Deceiver—one of our own citizens—and message them in private. New recruits were forbidden from telling others who the Deceiver was, but it didn’t stop the Syndicate from starting to gain members.

They weren’t the only ones. In the hidden “Door to the East” thread, someone discovered that saying, “The new dawn is upon us” would trigger recruitment into the Dawn Syndicate. The Ironedge Syndicate also opened its doors again, gaining a couple more members. Within 24 hours, very few citizens were left unaligned. Talk of war grew stronger again.

With another key found, thoughts turned back to Lina and why she had said the Kitsune Syndicate wanted the keys. Somewhere in Neo-Tokyo, innocent citizens were (or might be, depending on how much you trust the source) locked up.

Kitsune Syndicte

You see…there have been some…unfortunate incidents. We’re aware that a number of innocents have been arrested for perceived relations to our crimes. Were we to have the key, we could gain access to evidence to help prove the innocence of those who are wrongfully imprisoned. We only want to make right those caught in our mistakes.

Roll Call for the Knights of the Dragons

Thanks to some excellent recruiting efforts, the Knight Templar is willing to overlook some who have not yet answered roll.

However, the next time they will not be so forgiving.

They and everyone else relaxed. For the first time, one of us got approval to post a thread in one of the districts: a “Stroll through Kiryo Park” to look for clues. It was just as well. For close to three days, the game went quiet; people joined groups and poked NPCs for more information, but nothing was forthcoming until, on the third day, Alayna in the Fox’s Den spoke up again. She was following up on a question about Untouched citizens being able to do magic, and a rumour that those people then disappeared.


Some good news, some bad news. I was able to hunt down some of those rumours of people vanishing. It seems there is a lot of interest in the Kitsune, but they always get in a tizzy whenever something that sounds like a lie could be true. Word among them is that high-ranking Knights are locking them in the Monolith.

Well the good news is at least it’s confirmed they’re somewhere. I wouldn’t know how you would get in to the Monolith though, or be trusted enough to rise through the ranks. I’ve heard there’s a big difference between anyone off the street who joins the Knights and the ones who have real power.

It gives me shivers thinking about the type of information that the Knights be hiding if it’s all true. Is the magic real? A trick? An excuse to arrest? Why hide it all? So many questions.

I wouldn’t know what the machinations of the groups are. I’m lucky enough to overhear what I do here.

But denied that the recent explosion of recruitment to Knights groups and Syndicates had anything to do with it.

Oh they always are, that’s just usual business around here

She also dismissed rumours of war.

War? Who would we fight? There really aren’t any countries around.

When asked, “Any civil or internal war. You can think of?”

I wouldn’t really call them wars. Territory disputes. Riots. Scuffles. Assassinations. Usual life.

We had found a new NPC profile—Architect Mithrandir—the day before the demolition was slated to happen, but they didn’t post anything. Maybe Alayna was right. Maybe the destruction notice was just a cover for the Dawn Syndicate’s recruitment activities after all. Maybe we were the ones holding up the game.

Or maybe Nick was just tired and needed a break or some family time. Who were we to judge?

And so things went quiet again. None of the NPCs were talking, even the new one, two days after her creation, and the fourth day without a plot point came and went. One suspicion floating around was that Nick was waiting for us to do something, but none of our questions to NPCs were being answered, and nobody else had gotten an exploratory thread approved. We had unsolved mysteries on Hominibus, The Fist of Ghieer, a dark net with its third key, disappearing citizens, and those citizens’ ability to do magic when they weren’t supposed to be able to.

We were stuck.

The Third Key and Choices to Make

Until Nick came online on the ECPU, drawn by the complaints of fellow Torontonians about Toronto weather and universities. He was, of course, promptly questioned about the game as well, and posted this…

Nick: Besides I have no clue to offer, everything you need is there for now, will have to wait until somebody figures it out. I’ll just sit until that happens

Theories flew, Knights groups and Syndicates traded jabs, and in the midst of it all, Alayna began to chide us for focusing our attention in the wrong places.


We had been asking her about the demolition notice and the Dawn Syndicate’s recruitment.

So much care over something so insignificant. Some who asked about it found the answer, it’s not like it’s something special. Everyone around here picks up on when the…groups do their little invitations.

To take part in the rumours, one must keep an open mind. Become too fixated on something as truth and you’ll miss the real information out there.

The demolition notice was nothing but a pointer to the Syndicate’s recruitment drive. But where could we look, then?

We were pulled from the chaos by an admission from the Dawn Syndicate: they had received a message in private and had been holding it back from the rest of us, trying to solve it and contact the mysterious architect themselves. Nothing was working. They finally asked for help from the rest of us.

The Clue

We’ve been trying to work through our clue, but we’re at a bit of a dead end. If there’s anything you can share to help us get this moving again, please do.

The architect is under Dawn Syndicate protection. See the note below, plaintext following. We think there might be more code in
this note but haven’t been able to figure it out. Can any of you see anything beyond the obvious?

So far we’ve had no luck getting in contact with the architect to ask any questions. We’ve tried tagging them into the Dawn Syndicate threads and into threads in West Azuma without success, and contacting them on wattpad. Thoughts on how to approach this? We know we’re missing something but we need a few more minds to figure it out.

The note:


We did it.

We thought we had lost him. But we found the old architect. They know their way through the ruins and the rubble. The possibilities this opens. We could find whole new places to turn to dust. We could build on top of them. They can teach us. I figured such a person was quite valuable as an asset, so they’re under our strict protection. If you need them, you know what to do.


The frenzy had been given a direction. Someone asked Alayna, “Do you know how we could contact the old architect?”

The old architect? They’re back around? That would be some information. I imagine someone would know more, some group would want that access.

Many of us were making threads, hoping to have them approved. Two were: “Dawn of a New Future” by Azanthiel and “Rumours and Secrets” by ACertainCrimsonFox. Any tags here have been broken to avoid tag-spamming the relevant groups and users. Rumours and Secrets was closed by Nick saying, “Rumours aren’t something the Knight Templar is interested in seeing spread. The Knight Templar would look favourably on those Knights that don’t help such negative rumours of the Dragon propagate.”

Dawn of a New Future

Opening post

@/ArchitectMithrandir We’ve come to ask for your assistance.

We’d dearly appreciate your help in finding something buried… for example, something that’s been built on top of, or something that’s been destroyed…

Will you consider teaching us; helping us open up new possibilities for the future?

We would be incredibly grateful for any assistance, big or small.

Thank you,

Architect Mithrandir’s very first post.

Of course. I would be happy to assist in explorations of the past. Just thankful someone is interested in our history at all.

When asked, “Are there any ruins nearby that one may explore?”, he replied…

We clarified, “Is there anything that could be buried? Perhaps a key of sorts?”

The Architect obliged.

A key? Perhaps you want to explore the “Ruins under west azuma”

Ruins under west azuma

Decrepit. Broken down. The bones of a building, certainly. Its function: unknowable.

There’s history here. It once did something. It can never be recalled. There is only moving forward. Destroy, build again. Death creates the system for new life.

A single terminal, its screen barely lit. A flicker. No keyboard, no way to control it.

Just something you can make out…

is wasn’t long before we received two expressions of interest, one from the Fringewalker Chas, the other from Lina of the Kitsune Sydicate.


You know the lives that could be at stake here. Think of the value gained by a little lost privacy. The innocent have nothing to hide.


You know our terms. What’s a little helping hand our way if it also clears some who are wrongfully imprisoned by the Fringewalkers?

We devolved into heated argument. Nick saved us from ourselves by creating a new thread titled “A Choice to Make”. The poll it contained had three options:

Many options laid out in front. One will be opened upon a decision being reached…

  • Give keys to Lina
  • Give keys to Chas
  • Destroy keys forever

Nick also noted:

[To remove fears that certain options end the game, no option ends the game. There are still many more threads to untangle]

The poll closed, and, contrary to initial expectations and likely assisted in part by a pro-Lina campaign raging on multiple fronts, Lina won. A new thread, “Network Domain 384”, opened on the main city page.

The keys are combined, briefly opening access to the entire Network, to those who know how to properly use them. They’ve been handed over to Lina. Hopefully they get used appropriately.

One interesting page revealed itself for a moment, among the thousands, when the keys were combined…

[Storyline “The Key to the Network” ends]

People pounced on the hyperlink in the post. It led to a .zip file, which when downloaded revealed a heavily redacted notice titled:

The Order

Our resident tech whizzes peered beneath the redactions but found only the words [classified]. Nick posted an image and told us to “Have fun for the rest of the day…”


The game slowed down again over the next few days, but we didn’t think it was us this time. Someone asked Nick if the next phase of the ARG had started yet, and got this reply:

[There are already active situations and others to come]

Our chilling was interrupted by the Headmaster, who came back with an update on the ‘Fist of Ghieer’ book we had found early in the game. At that time, he had been confused, as the book had supposedly been stored in the ‘Archives, B3’ and he had not thought the Academy had a third basement of archives.

As requested, I’ve done a little digging into this whole basement situation.

Deep in the records, it would seem there is a note on these archives. I spoke around with the houses about the discovery and they have some propositions. I’ll meet you down there if you’re interested.

Shortly thereafter, a new thread titled “Grace Resonator Archives” appeared. Its opening was short and puzzling…

Grace Resonator Archives

The archives contain a myriad of books and relics form the past, largely locked away.
Hidden Staircase:
The seal remains

… But the lone post in the thread, by the Headmaster himself, was much more informative.

The notes indicated there’s a seal left here to go down below. It’s bound by particularly powerful magic that will take some effort to remove. But be warned: things aren’t sealed for no reason. Removing something like this could attract a lot of attention.

Now then, House Ghieer has informed me they have a vested interest in this Fist of Ghieer. They have pointed out, rightfully so, that an artifact of their god should belong with their house. It is only appropriate. They have offered forth their most powerful champion, Fuka Toshi, to assist you, along with a reward.

House Uiolao is also interested in the Fist of Ghieer. Such a powerful device, they state, should be under the absolute protection of the absolute authority within the city. The Monolith is the only truly safe place for it to be and they will be able to bring it there. They have offered forth their most powerful champion, Arav Rova, to assist you, along with a reward.

I’ll let you sort out who you might want to speak with. Just let me know when you’re ready.

Veronika and New Threads

In the meantime, three threads apparently unrelated to any of this appeared

The first was titled “I Need Some Help”, and was posted in the Academy district. A new NPC named Veronika Sladek was looking for dating advice. The girl she had a crush on had to transfer to the House of Daran, and was Touched besides. Veronika was not. The result was that they weren’t bumping into each other as often, something which Veronika wanted to change.

The thread seemed largely fun, but we gleaned a few details about our city from it. One of Veronika’s posts revealed that Untouched citizens could not be moved to a house of one of the gods. The houses seemed to be separate from the Knights groups and Syndicates, as we as Untouched citizens seemed to have no problems joining those.

Asked about her crush

Oh um…

She wants to buy a glider, officially, and get serious about flying in the badlands. But her parents won’t let her so she’d have to wait until she’s like done school.

And then she’s also like into these old books in the archives. And then the stupid Headmaster kicked everyone out so they could do some investigation thing, like it’s really dumb. Nothing is down there, I don’t get it.

The second new thread was titled Help Wanted. It appeared in Ehime and contained the following message:

ム丂丂ノ丂イム刀ᄃ乇 刀乇乇り乇り. レムW丂 ᄃム刀 乃乇 乃尺のズ乇刀. 丂ᄃんののレ Wム丂刀’イ Wの尺ズノ刀ム ム刀リ ᄊの尺乇. リのひ キノ刀り ᄊ乇.

Translated to:

Assistance needed. Laws can be broken. School wasn’t working anymore. You find me.

It was subsequently deleted, to reappear in Kiryo Park with a slightly different face.

Rules can always be broken. The laws of the touched have to be pushed. Grace would never do it. I will. We will.

Come find me.

We discovered a new NPC, Ma Zhue, lurking behind the scenes. One of our members responded to the request for help with a thread titled “A Curious Stranger”—which got approved. Given the approval barriers barring most threads from the districts, the permission extended to this one meant we were likely on the right track. We waited for a reply.

The third and final new thread was titled “Obelisk to Ghieer”, residing in Kiryo Park and sounding an awful lot like the now-vanished ‘Monument to Ghieer’ thread for joining the Knights of the Tiger earlier in the game.

Obelisk to Ghieer

The only true way to show loyalty is to part with that which you love. To destroy that which you created. It must be of tremendous personal value, for what does it mean to simply destroy the trivial?

Only the Grand Arbiter can hear our prayers here. We offer up our creation to be purged and as such, the cycle continues.

But the name was different. Was this Monument 2.0 or something subtly different? Then again, this wasn’t the first time that same thread had changed names (I’m told it was a temple first), so it could just be ‘Ghieer people’ being Ghieer people again.

Help, Seals, and Stories

In the coming days, another thread, “A Secretive Request”, got approved in Kiryo Park. It was our second attempt to reach out to the mysterious NPC Ma Zhue, who we now strongly suspected was behind the cryptic messages that kept appearing in the city. We were up to three now: in the Monolith district, another note had appeared.

Help Wanted

ム アレムᄃ乇 イの ᄊ乇乇イ. のア乇刀 ム りのの尺. ズ乇乇ア ノイ ゐひノ乇イ. イのひᄃん乇り 尺ひレ乇丂 ᄃム刀’イ 乃乇 √ノのレムイ乇り. 丂ᄃんののレ 尺ひレ乇丂 ᄃム刀’イ. 丂の ノ キのひ刀り ᄊリ のW刀 Wムリ.


A place to meet. Open a door. Keep it quiet. Touched rules can’t be violated. School rules can’t. So I found my own way.

It wasn’t the only thing we were hearing from or about Ma. In the lengthening dating-advice thread for our NPC friend Veronica, the name slipped out again: Veronica’s ex’s name was Ma. It couldn’t be a coincidence. We asked further.


ECPU: Your old crush is Ma…as in Ma Zhue?
Veronika: Yup, but then she left the school and it kind of drifted apart. I don’t know if she ever liked me, she was really wrapped up in her research.
ECPU: What did she research?
Veronika: Oh she never told me anything about it. Or anyone really. Very secret. It was more of like a crush from afar really.

If Ma was talking to anyone who had reached out to her, we hadn’t heard about it yet. We continued to chat with Veronica, finding out a few other things: Ma was Touched (as were ‘a bunch of people who go to the Academy’) and one of Veronica’s new crushes was the son of a Knight, though we didn’t know from which Knights group.

In the meantime, our latest poll closed with a win by a narrow margin: we had chosen to speak to the house of Uiolao to try and break the seal keeping the Fist of Ghieer locked away. Arav couldn’t break the seal. Neither could the house of Ghieer.

We asked if it would be possible for the two champions to work together. This time, we got through.

It would seem that their power combined was enough. A brilliant idea! But…this staircase could be littered with traps and old magic. I’ll close it off for now and investigate. I’ll let everyone know when it is ready.

The ‘Hidden Staircase’ drop-down at the top of the thread held a different message now.

The seal is shattered. A dark staircase winds down into cobwebs…

The success triggered another find. Related to the Fist but perhaps not only to it, a Note Under A Bench appeared in the district of Ehime, home of the only group we could not yet join: the Knights of the Fox.

The old seal has been broken. I fear there are other forces, dark forces, that will want to be involved in the relic stored below.

Those of truth and lie should have the answer. The Knights will know. Or perhaps the Kitsune. It can be so difficult to tell them apart. One is one, the other is as well. You would need access to both to be sure, and to speak with the trader.

Give them something interesting, they will tell you something interesting.

A retired old headmaster and concerned citizen

Our next new discovery took on an entirely different tone. For the first time since the game had begun, an entirely new category appeared in the city alongside the districts: “The Dragon’s Roar”.

Hear the Dragon’s Roar. Heed its call…

In it, a single thread appeared: “To Root Out Rebellion”.

To Root Out Rebellion

It turned out to be a rather awkward order for the Knights of the Dragon, who seemed to be the target audience of the category.

Knights should be valorous. They should be trusting. How can they respect the authority when they hold secrets from it? Secrecy sows the seeds of rebellion.

The Knight Templar has made a proclamation:

@/Knights_Dragon are to report with their most embarrassing moment.

Those who do not within the timer will no longer be considered worthy knights.

Show your true loyalty and support and you will find yourself in favour of the Knight Templar…

Every group had its requirements to join. The Dragon does not. They only ask you sell your will to them. Whatever that demands of you…

Two days later, a second thread appeared in the category. This one was titled “To End an Uprising”

To End an Uprising

Knights should be honest. They should be pure. How can they respect the authority when they whisper to each other? Whispers fuel an uprising.

The Knight Templar has made a proclamation:

@/Knights_Dragon are to report with the dumbest injury they’ve ever received.

Those who do not within the timer will no longer be considered worthy knights.

Show your true loyalty and support and you will find yourself in favour of the Knight Templar…

A third thread, “To Demand Authority”, then asked Dragon Knights to reveal their weirdest fear.

To Demand Authority

Knights have been tested. But they shall persevere. They shall prove their strength.

The Knight Templar has made a proclamation:

@/Knights_Dragon are to report with the weirdest fear they hold.

Those who do not within the timer will no longer be considered worthy knights.

Show your true loyalty and support and you will find yourself in favour of the Knight Templar…

Archives, Foxes, and Books

“A Call to the Curious” appeared in Ehime, the district of the Knights of the Fox.

A Call to the Curious

When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

What belongs to you, but other people use it more than you?

What gets larger as you subtract?

This thing all things devours;
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats mountain down.
What am I?

The one who builds it sells it,
The one that buys it fears it,
The one that uses it never sees it.
What is it?

First think of the person who lives in disguise,
Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies.
Next, tell me what’s always the last thing to mend,
The middle of middle and end of the end?
And finally give me the sound often heard
During the search for a hard-to-find word.
Now string them together, and answer me this,
Which creature would you be unwilling to kiss?

A hardcore babe, as everyone knows.
The godless can’t be found in my holes.
A cesspool masquerading as news.
A story of me and a hound gives you the blues.
What am I?


When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
In the dictionary

What belongs to you, but other people use it more than you?
Your name

What gets larger as you subtract?
A hole

This thing all things devours;
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats mountain down.
What am I?

The one who builds it sells it,
The one that buys it fears it,
The one that uses it never sees it.
What is it?
A coffin

First think of the person who lives in disguise,
Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies.
Next, tell me what’s always the last thing to mend,
The middle of middle and end of the end?
And finally give me the sound often heard
During the search for a hard-to-find word.
Now string them together, and answer me this,
Which creature would you be unwilling to kiss?
A spider

A hardcore babe, as everyone knows.
The godless can’t be found in my holes.
A cesspool masquerading as news.
A story of me and a hound gives you the blues.
What am I?
A fox

Submitting the answers to Paul via the thread granted entry into the Knights of the Fox. Submissions were then coded into unreadability. A new category, Truth and Lies, opened in the city, visible and accessible only to members of the Kitsune Syndicate and Knights of the Fox. In it, the already-known NPC Alayna made a thread titled “The Great Flow of Information”.

It comes, it goes. It passes through me.

I am always interested in learning what I can, so long as you are willing to share what you know. And perhaps I will do the same.

It was a rumour swap like the Fox’s Den, it seemed, only one we would have to rely on our inside members to keep us posted about. Mysteriously, it vanished within days of being created.

To round out the day, a thread titled “Caught in the currents of the net” appeared for what would turn out to be only a short stay. Its coded contents were deciphered to this:

Progress is being made.

Hominibus lives.

The headmaster came back

I believe it is safe to venture inside now, nobody should have gone ahead since sealing it.

I placed cameras in the space to be certain, but it seems they failed recording on certain days. There’s been some problems with the network at the academy lately. I hope nobody violated the rules.

A new thread, “Basements of the Archives”, appeared in the Academy and confirmed our unsettled feelings about the broken cameras.


Whatever had been sealed away in that basement was already gone.

A vast hall filled with doorways. A pedestal in the center.

It is empty. But dust has not settled on it. Something was here. Someone was here…until recently.

There is something on the floor, a hasty drawing in chalk, smudged slightly by feet walking over it. It seems like a mark of Daran but it is tricky to make out.

“Return to the Trader”

Only those with a Fox affiliation could access the Trader’s Haunt. They found this.

Abandoned, hastily.

The trader has vanished, but they’ve left some of their notes behind…
[A storyline ends]

  1. Faithless
  2. The god within
  3. The nightwatch is on guard
  4. There’s a loose book at the library
  5. A possible death on the edge

The Headmaster was very apologetic about the stolen Fist, but we seemed to have made friends with House Uiolao… and secured ourselves prime seats at the upcoming Tournament.

I’m sorry about the unfortunate discovery of the missing artifact. I’ve alerted the Fringewalkers but it is tough to investigate the theft of something we did not know existed up until recently. I’m hopeful they can find a lead. It’s a shame we don’t even know what it looks like.

House Uiolao has informed me they are thankful for having been chosen first. They would like to offer a personal thank you, in the form of access to their private box at the tournament. I hope you and your friends enjoy.

Meanwhile, our NPC friend Veronika was still chatting in her dating-advice thread. We learned a few more things.


Some people didn’t like what followers of Ghieer were doing with their magic

So I went to the movies with Annelle. She didn’t have a book so like we got to talk a little bit before the movie started.

And then we couldn’t talk at all :frowning: movies are dumb, we just sat there and watched it.

But like my heart was going crazy when we were talking, she has this pretty smile and then she was telling me about her theory around a new application of her magic and she’s just so smart. She’s very anti-Ghieer though, she says they’re using their magic wrong and stuff, disagrees with something something. I can’t remember, I don’t follow like political things too much

Veronika’s crush Annelle couldn’t participate in the tournament because the had already done so last year. Ma, however, could, but might be hindered by being ‘officially gone from the school’.

No she couldn’t participate, she already did last year so she wouldn’t be qualified.

I suppose Ma always could but I’m pretty certain she’s officially gone from the school. So I don’t know if Annelle would want to go.

But Monty kind of…asked me to go hang out there.

And I don’t really know. If I go with him, and it works out, maybe I would’ve liked Annelle more. I don’t know if I should pick one of them. What should I do?

Ma liked to hang out in a bookstore, and Veronica wanted to be notified if we saw her.

Okay. Okay!

I really should. With Monty. I’ll go with Monty. Hopefully I see everyone there too. Thanks for all your help. If you ever have any other questions or stuff, I’m happy to help you.

Oh, and let me know if you ever see Ma again. Probably hiding out in that bookstore like always.

The Bookstore:

Hmm, it was in Kiryo Park. Foible’s Fables. You should go check it out, they have cool stuff.

Ma, Elgin, and a Bookstore

She was also so grateful for our help so she decided to give us something:
It was a note from under the stadium stands.

Also! I almost forgot.

I mean it isn’t much, I’ve heard all of you are like looking for stuff? Or something?

I found this note under the stands at the stadium. I couldn’t really figure any of it out, maybe it’s worth something to you. I hope it helps, like you helped me.

Note from the bleachers:

₦Ɇ₮₩ØⱤ₭ ₱Øł₦₮ Q₵395

₳₵₵Ɇ₴₴ ₥₳ł₦ ₳₵485 ł₣ ØVɆⱤⱤłĐɆ

ⱧØ₥ł₦ł฿Ʉ₴ ⱠłVɆ₴





Shortly after, we were informed by Nick, in the same thread, that another storyline had ended… and we once again didn’t know which one. Hominibus? Veronica’s love troubles? The dating-advice thread then closed, but Veronika offered up her dorm room (Room A350, Fallman Building 2) as a place to meet and chat further.

Further Conversation

We asked her about the Trader and ended up learning more than we asked.

A trader? Like a store? But for truth? I’ve never heard of anyone selling truth and lie. I guess maybe Monty might cause his dad is a Knight of the Fox but I doubt it, they don’t talk much.

We asked if she knew Monty’s dad’s name.

Oh I think he said it once, he mostly just calls him his dad so it doesn’t come up much.

I think it started with a P? Not really sure

All theories immediately went to Paul, the lone member of the Knights of the Fox before they opened for entry.

Making small talk, we asked if Touched citizens joined Syndicates and Knights groups.

Touched, Untouched, anyone joins them, but Touched definitely do different things.

Over the course of the chatting, a conversation about hobbies emerged. When asked what she liked to do in her spare time, Veronika had happily replied, “Drawing!” One of us found commonality with that, and asked what she liked to draw. She answered, “Circles.”

That was… interesting. Someone asked if she had any drawings we could look at.
She replied

Uh not really, most of the stuff I’m working on is kind of personal for now. Ma was probably the last person I showed anything to but that was waaay back when she was obsessed with her last project and she made me draw all these like sigil things in circles

Heads turned. In the last ARG on the Wattpad threads, we had used sigils to summon a god that went on to destroy not only us but our entire reality.

We asked her to elaborate.

Oh it was really weird stuff. Ma wouldn’t stop talking about multiple realities and stuff . And then one day she just kind of abandoned it.

It was like a circle with all these lines in it. Maybe I still have one around, I dunno

We pushed on: “She just dropped it, you say? How strange. Do you still have a copy of the sigils lying around omewhere? I’d love to take a look at them, if you don’t mind, that is.”

Yeah, I dunno. She was just like “oh it disappeared” but i dunno what she was talking about. like was she looking at something? or like did her train of thought disappear

This was definitely not just small talk anymore. Elgin, our former-ARG city, had disappeared. This couldn’t be coincidence. We asked one more time to see the sigils, and this time we got them.

It was like this

They were the same sigils. From Elgin, from the first Wattpad ARG, from a world that no longer existed. A world that, to quote Ma, had ‘disappeared’.

We asked if she knew what they meant.

Nope. Right when i was finishing them she was like “don’t bother it’s gone” and then she stopped talking about it and said she had new stuff to look into

“I don’t suppose Ma’s mentioned an ‘Elgin’ to you at all?”

that’s all she said to me

“Yeah, the disappearing sounds really weird. It sounds like she was looking at something. Was she looking at the circles when she said it?”

nope i went to see her at the labs in the academy and then she said that to me. And then she found some new thing to do and then she left the academy

We asked if she knew what ‘new thing’ Ma had found to do, but she didn’t know.

I have no idea what is it. She says it violates the rules. And then she hangs out at the bookstore I guess, since I saw here there. And then I lost her, it’s like she disappears when she’s in there.

Or maybe I’m like not paying attention. I don’t look very deep. She just always like fiddles with some books on the shelf and then I look again and she’s gone.

Ma had been fascinated with alternate realities, and had asked for the sigils we knew from Elgin. But then she suddenly lost interest in the project and stated that ‘it disappeared’—Veronika hadn’t known when, but we could only assume it was at the same time as the destruction of our former beloved city.

Neo-Tokyo’s history came to mind.

“That which once was will always return.”

History was viewed as a grand cycle. While the times would change, the people different, we always found a way to repeat our mistakes.

We didn’t realize just how much we were missing.

The Rend. The return of the gods to our plane. Their very presence brought calamities across the world. It was our darkest time.

But we are, if anything, resilient. Slowly, we rebuilt ourselves. We have crafted a grand city and propelled ourselves into the future. But we must always remember to appease our old gods, to follow in their ways and in the grand game of chess they now play against one another.

“Foible’s Fables” was created by a user when we realized it didn’t exist.

Foible's Fables

Nick startled us all by adding something to the original post:

A Collection of Books on the Wall

Owl of Next Year
Wolves and Wives
Lyrics of Early Mid-Century Poetry
Nelton’s Rules of Engagement
Body of Lies
Cooking for the Young Touched
Great Expectations
Meeting In My Past: A Novel
Early Childhood Changes

Nick was playing the role of bookstore owner, and encouraged us to read to our hearts’ content.

Oh my goodness! So many customers!

I’m sorry, I was in the back sorting through stock. Let me know if you want to take a look at anything. Be careful with pulling books down, some of them are very old.

By the end of a dozen posts, we had heard about Ma.

A lot of those ones are donations, secondhand, and overstock, so I’m not really familiar with many of them. There is a young woman who comes in sometimes and takes a look at them but I haven’t seen her in awhile.

I don’t really collect names of people who come through. The only really regular person is that young woman who comes in.

“Are there any [books] you can suggest?”

Well that one woman always has her few, so I imagine the same as her. Course you’d have to ask her what they are or read her mind, since I couldn’t tell you what people buy. Privacy and all that.

“She seems to know her books… I would love to catch her at some point. Does she come in here often?”

Less than you’d think

It soon became clear that there was a puzzle embedded in this, and we had to pick the right bundle of books to solve it. Nick confirmed we could pick as many books as we wanted and that we had everything we needed to solve this puzzle.

In the meantime, the trials of the Dragon Knights finally closed. In “The Purge Ends”, this was posted:

Some Knights were not able to prove themselves during the demands for their will.

Those of you who remain shall be rewarded…

Within hours of realizing there was a riddle to be solved at the bookstore, we had solved the riddle: the first letters of the titles of the selected books spelled ‘ELGIN’. With the selection, there was “a click in the bookshelf as it slid away”. The thread was closed behind it. The link took us to “Ma’s Secret Lab”, a hidden thread in Kiryo Park.

Ma's Secret Lab

A quiet room, tucked away behind the secret bookshelf. There is a workbench and some tools hanging on the wall behind it. A massive sigil is drawn on the floor in the center of the room

As we milled about her lab, Ma’s NPC character finally appeared.


Oh hello. I assume you’re here for the help poster?

“Hello. Yes, we are. It was a very intriguing poster.”
“How may we be of assistance?”

Excellent! My work has almost finished.

I assume since you found this space, nobody followed you? It’s fairly hidden after all.

All I would need is that you keep this work a secret. Otherwise, I just need a drawing of a…humanoid. Just something human shaped, a complete body, to finish things here.

Like above, so long as you keep it quiet, if one of you could help out

The questions…

“A humanoid drawing? Would it be too much to ask what it will be used for in your work?”
“Can you tell us more about this work that you are doing?”
“It would make more sense if you told us what the drawing is for in your work. We would have a better understanding on what it is you’re doing”

… were all ignored.

“And what might we get in return for helping you?”

I don’t have a lot of time, if you’re not able to do it, I’ll work with someone else. I just need the drawing, every minute this takes is added risk

“Why do you only have so little time?” was also ignored.

We took a quick, emergency poll in the ECPU and wound up in favour of helping Ma out. It seemed the only way to advance the plot.

We provided a drawing.

We took a quick, emergency poll in the ECPU and wound up in favour of helping Ma out. It seemed the only way to advance the plot.

We provided a drawing.

A little crude but it’s all I needed to complete it. Thank you, thank you.

A little of this…

A dash of that…

Going to need a whole lot of magic to make it work…

Oh…oh my…

It…it worked.

I can’t believe it worked. A homunculus!

It walks! It moves on its own! This goes far beyond animate magic. Far beyond anything done before. I have to catalog it all. See its every motion. I don’t even care how much life I gave up to make it happen.

I broke the rule. To make life itself. To see this happen. Incredible!

Don’t…don’t let anyone know. You never came here. You never saw this.

The thread was immediately closed and unlisted. We noted that the storyline had not been marked as complete yet.

We were in the midst of all this when a friend from the Dragon Knights notified us that the Knights who had passed the week’s tests had received their reward. In their hidden threads…

The Knights Temple appreciates your commitment to the cause.
Your IDs have been updated to reflect your status.

This was closely followed by the arrival of a new thread in the Monolith district: “Monolith Inner Gate”.

Monolith Inner Gate

Only accessible to Knights of the Dragon who have proven their loyalty to the cause.

Please present your ID for inspection.

Status read:

The Gate: is closed

This was followed by another hidden post, titled “Removing a Rumour”.

Removing a Rumour

The Knights Temple is aware of some unsightly rumours going around the city. Untouched, magic, imprisonment.
True Knights know this could not be true, and would immediately quash such rumours if they heard them. We don’t need negative information to spread.

We weren’t long gone from Ma’s secret lab when she showed up again in a much less amiable mood. In a thread titled It’s “All Gone” in Kiryo Park, we were treated to this…

Stolen. All of it. Taken from me. Somebody came in. Fringewalkers? The Academy? I don’t know.

…it’s all gone.

How could they know? Who could have found it?

She quickly realized who…


What is this? (it was a link to the ECPU where we had shared the sliding bookcase)

What is all this? (it linked to a recap)

You promised it would be a secret. You weren’t going to tell anyone.

How dare you!

You cost me everything. Everything!

Why are there notes? A whole record of my work? (The Repository)

You were the only people I told. It can only be you who caused this.

And Nick posted

[A storyline ends]

And left this in the reserved wiki posts below the at-the-time end of this full story. Ma wrote:




You took it all from me.

And I’ll never forgive.

- Ma

Project Emote, a Tournament, and More Polls

Someone joked that we needed a bar to survive this city and a few minutes later, one appeared: “Project Emote” in Ehime.

Project Emote

Opening post:

A place for the downtrodden, the beaten. A place to share in sorrows and lift each other up with communal misery.

Stay awhile, have a drink, enjoy the bar.

It’s the best I can do since my bookstore got closed…time to try again at business…

Was able to buy an old used robot to serve though.


“Don’t you have a shop down in Kiryo Park?”

It got shut down so that’s the end of that. The Fringewalkers were alerted to a secret lab.

When they got there they said it was all empty but it’s being treated as a crime scene so that’s that.

People ordered drinks and knocked them back. We were starting to chat when the bar owner (Nick) spoke up again.

We’re all here for tough reasons.

Perhaps we helped criminals keep themselves from getting caught to save some innocents.

Exposed a fugitive trying to push the boundaries of academia.

Cost someone out there a shot at love.

Opened the door to a powerful artifact, letting it be stolen.

At least we have our health and each other. We’re all Untouched so it’s not like we’ll get caught up in any magic, unless we could all suddenly start casting.

Most of it, it was clear, was a recap of our escapades thus far in the city: giving the keys to Lina of the Kitsune Syndicate, exposing Ma and her lab, helping Veronika with dating advice, and breaking the seal on the Fist of Ghieer. The last part, though… was that foreshadowing?

Meanwhile, the long-anticipated Orbital Grand Tournament was finally showing its face. In the Academy, a thread titled “The Tournament Begins!” appeared.

The Tournament Begins!

The headmaster comments

It is officially that time of year again! The Grace Resonator Academy Orbital Grand Tournament has arrived.

The stadium opens, and matches will occur throughout the week. Make sure to attend matches to support your favourite champion. Your support may give them the advantage in the fight!

A new category, the “Grace Resonator Stadium”, also appeared, populated by a stadium thread by the same name.

The Orbital Grand Tournament is held here!

By the next day, it was populated by threads containing polls for each of the first-round matches: we could vote on who we wanted to support, out of each pair of contestants.

The Monolith Inner Gate had opened. Inside was a room, the “Monolith Inner Sanctum”.

Monolith Inner Sanctum

Polls continued to appear as the Tournament continued. By the finals we were down to Catheryn Solari of House Daran and Arav Rova of House Uiolao—an apparent crowd favourite risen from obscurity, and the first champion we asked to help us break the seal on the Fist of Ghieer when it was found in the archives. As the excitement rose towards its peak, NPCs from all across the game chimed in.


The heasdmaster

Not often that Daran makes it to the finals. A surprising display of support. I look forward to the result…

Lina of the Kitsune Syndicate

Always interested in keeping an eye on up and coming talent of the house…

Architect Mithrandir

The future belongs to the next generation of talents. We’ll see what they build…

Alayna, our rumour-house queen

Wherever information ends up, so too do I…

Chas the Fringewalker

All quiet for now. Let’s hope it stays that way for such a big event…

Ma Zhue

Maybe the Academy were the ones who took it all from me. What better place to watch than the event of the year…


Omg omg omg @/LailaLiliana this year is going to be so funnnn I can’t wait…


Lost it all but the bar’s doing alright. Hope it lasts, I’ll try and enjoy myself for a moment…

House Uiolao did indeed give us their box to watch the grand finals from. We piled inside. Nick ended up making a poll over it - Daran won.

Then the power went out.

Speakers crackled with static. Finally, the screen lit up once again with a message across it:

The Order will bring an end to the fragility of human existence. We will return strength to our beings. There will be no more loss. Only power. Absolute control.

An end to the districts approaches. We will show those who don’t believe.

Hominibus lives

The Headmaster ran around warning everyone to get out. Both the stadium in general…

We will need to clear out the area immediately! I fear this is a potential terrorist attack looming. The Finals are cancelled. For everybody’s safety. The Fringewalkers will be conducting an investigation.

And us in our private box.

Please clear out of the stadium. We have credible reports of threats to the safety and well-being of those in attendance. Return to your homes.

Chas the Fringewalker showed up to chide us for our earlier choices and ask for our help.

I’m aware that you’re a bunch of connected people. I’m sure you’ve heard what went on at the arena earlier. It’s a shame I don’t have that Key to track these sorts of things…

We’ll be in touch soon. We need to talk.

He showed up again with this:

My understanding is that you’re all…informed people who have been close to some of the things happening throughout the city. We’re in the middle of putting together a special investigation taskforce here among the Fringewalkers. We do believe this is a potential threat to city security and public danger.

I don’t know if you have any sort of connection or information around it but as citizens, I would ask that if you find anything tangible, like a location or specific people involved, you give us that information immediately.

While we’re going to lock down the Stadium for investigation, the rest of the city will still operate normally. I’m just saying, out loud, if I were someone who might have learned a thing or two or heard some rumours, I would start poking around the entire city and going into businesses, public spaces, wherever to see if I could talk to anyone about some of the things I’ve learned.

But be careful while you’re out there. We don’t know who to suspect, or who to trust. Keep yourself safe more than anything.

And be prepared to answer any questions if we call you in. Like I said, we know you’re a bit close.

So we spread out through the city to search. The Stadium had been shut down, retitled ‘Closed: Under Investigation’ and containing this message:

Move along please, this is an active investigation.

Doors and storms

A thread titled “Psst…” then reached our awareness in Kinetico.


You scratched my back, I’ll scratch yours…

Word is around that Order agents are throughout the city. They have particular phrases and codes they use to speak to each other and know it’s safe to pass along info.<br:
So if you’re looking to know who is who and get somewhere, you need to start talking to people with those phrases. I don’t know what sort of stuff you should say though. I’m assuming you can fill in the blanks there.

We never spoke…

Citizens made threads for flying gliders in the Badlands, starting up a goat yoga group, and simply finding new friends with whom to share rumours. None of those worked.

Then @/Oblivionyx whispered, “Break free from the chains” In a “Dark Alley”, and a new NPC appeared. Facelessfollower, unknown but suddenly everywhere, began to give us things.

Dark Alley

How true. We will be the ones who break them. The Leader has use for us. Make sure you have your key. I have an extra if you need it.

Take the key.

In a clothing shop started by a bored citizen…

You’re right, they do. A blessing on your establishment.

In response to a mention of chains binding the city, in a “Down with the authority!” thread made by an Ironedge Syndicate member…

Truer words have never been spoken. I have heard them on the lips of others before.

In a ‘secluded space’ in Ehime, responding to “They tie down each person, binding them”…

So very true that they hold them as such. We’re the only someone to remove such impediments. We spoke before, you remembered to grab the key I hope. Remember our mandate to prepare the many.

And in response to “Through our creation, we make progress” in a thread in Kiryo Park.

What an expression. Such truth. Make sure you check in with those in the know. If you need a map there, you can take this. You simply need to say the phrase.

We were spouting off what seemed to be keyphrases, and we were getting replies. But what did it mean?

Then the Monolith Inner Sanctum opened to us again, this time with “The Quiet Door”

The Quiet Door

A doorway with a keycard slot. It won’t open. Looks like it needs a verbal keycode…

ⱧØ₥ł₦ł฿Ʉ₴ ⱠłVɆ₴

Hominibus Lives indeed…

A thread by the baffling name of “Ceh holate” by Nick himself, showed up in the Inner Sanctum. It appeared to be a mix of languages, but we were getting nowhere decrypting it.

Sinimar eco map re cupaneb lu. Cole oru agen var sarebin! Tacapul amadenot ases lulose; renor boteta bietac anacem ebeto rec sarosim egegalun ete ehiperi. Etena kiteha lesepe leyi.

But it wouldn’t be at the top of our minds for long, as the Headmaster appeared in yet another Inner Sanctum thread, “The Gathering Storm”

The Gathering Storm

He was nothing less than a member of the Order, a cryptic organization who had sabotaged the Tournament and had terrifying plans in mind for the gods, the world, and us.

Hominibus Lives!

Let us come together as one. Spread yourselves throughout the city, deliver The Order’s message to the unwilling. When they see what we show them, they will bow, they will cower, some will resist. We must help them through this time. We must grant them safe passage to the other side, to this new existence we bring.

When you break the chains, you give them a new freedom. And a new freedom is uncomfortable. They will want to retreat back to the safety of habit, to captivity. Help them see the new light as you have!

Who is this at the door? Show yourselves to me!

One of us brought a key given to them by the faceless follower. The Headmaster replied:

You people?

I should have known you would try to catch on eventually. This is the trouble with running secret organizations. Somebody is bound to say the wrong thing to the wrong person. Tough to keep mouths shut.

Very well. You can’t stop what is about to happen anyways. This is years in the making and it won’t be stopped by some outsiders stumbling in.

He was thankful to us in a twisted kind of way.

I suppose I should also thank you.

Without the magic and body of a homunculus, none of this would be possible. That pesky @/Ma_Zhue kept herself well-hidden once she was off the academy grounds.

And had I known I was sitting on the Fist of Ghieer that entire time! What a discovery to be made identifying it in the archives. The secrets being kept from me by the old headmasters. Such a weapon of tremendous power can’t be locked away like that. It shall smash through the chains that bind us down.

And it was finally revealed who, or what, Hominibus was.

You can all consider yourselves lucky here.

You get a front row seat to humanity’s return to glory!

For generations, the return of the gods stripped us of our freedom. Magic is on every corner but what is its cost? We must send sacrifices to them to never return. We live a life on the edges of our own world. But how could one ever topple a god.

With a god .

You shall bear witness to Hominibus. My greatest creation. To craft a being and bring it life, to imbue it with the powers lying dormant within the Fist of Ghieer. For what could kill a god?

That very god .

And we shall unleash it upon the world. We shall kill the gods. Topple magic. Put an end to houses. Districts. Sacrifice. Nobody will need to give up their live to keep us spared.

True freedom. You understand, don’t you?

Whether you do or not, you will see this power soon. We enter the final moments, a time marked in history forever as the birth of a new god, as the birth of humanity.

The Headmaster, or others in his alliance, had stolen Ma’s Homunculus. They were behind the notes and mentions of Hominibus we had been finding for over a month. They were plotting an overthrow of the system on a scale we had not even imagined as we squabbled over whether the Dragon Knights and Tiger Knights might start to fight.

Chas sent us a last-ditch plea on behalf of the city police.

We’ve identified this Order doing things in the city. We’re unsure of where they’re located or what they’re up to but we know it’s big. I don’t know if you’ve found anything yet. I’m putting a lot of hope in all of you.

Have you found them? Do you know what is about to happen?

And then a poll appeared. It was titled “A Final Choice”, and we were told it would end the game.

Two paths lay before you:

To report The Order and stop the birth of a new god. Magic will live, but humanity will forever live on the edge.

To say nothing and watch Hominibus rise. Magic will die, but humanity may > thrive.

The Poll choices

Report the Order!
Praise Hominibus!


[There is no additional information coming to move things forward. Everything rests in the actions of the players and the information they’ve collected so far from the storylines. Good luck]

The End Results

We… we tied. WE TIED THE VOTE. A PERFECT 50-50.

And we panicked.

Had we broken the game? What would Nick do? Did he have a storyline planned for this? Did this mean we won? Lost? Unlocked a sequel?

There was broad hope for the latter, but it seemed a tie vote swung the more conservative route. Two hours after the poll closed on the split, a new post appeared under it:

An Arrest Completed

A thread, “An Arrest Completed”, then appeared in the Inner Sanctum. Chas the Fringewalker addressed us from it.

That’ll be enough out of The Order for today. Luckily we got there in time, tipped off by a young woman about Hominibus and their plans. Who would have thought this kind of threat was underneath us all this time?

Goes to show you can never trust. Let us pray for this years pilgrimage to send worthy candidates and make up for our failings.

This was closely followed by an appearance by the Headmaster, who did not seem about to go out without getting the final say.

The Order is not a place. It is not an organization. It is an idea.

It is a state of mind.

It is the realization that humanity’s existence is not sacred in this space. It is limited. It waits to be freed. It yearns for it.

Such a want cannot be quelled with a simple arrest. It will always rise again…

It was on that note that we found a final post from Nick, beneath the message from Chas:

[An ARG ends]


With the story over, Nick created two threads, one titled “To Know The Arbiter - Get to know Nick from HQ”, the other “A Game, Broken: A Neo-Tokyo Retrospective”, for us to ask our follow-up questions. He even shared his bona fide Google Docs planning sheet for the ARG. It turned out, in the end, that we had actually wrapped up all the loose ends. The theme across this game was difficult choices with no good answer, to quote Nick himself.

Give up security for criminal persecution. Knowingly assist a group in committing crimes to free some innocents.

Help someone love a crush who has done nothing wrong or fall for a cute boy who is just being cute.

Help create a homunculus only to betray it.

Help stop the sacrifices but also kill magic. Preserve the magic but know you’re letting people be sacrificed.

We would not have ended the world by choosing Hominibus; we would simply have freed humanity but eliminated magic. There wasn’t going to be a sequel, but there was talk of another ARG far down the road. Our badges were going to go away, but the city, this time, would not. Neither would the @/neotokyo group, though the other groups would.

The mentions of Elgin had been nothing but an easter egg. There was nothing special about Central 27. The Ceh holate ti thread was just gibberish, created by Nick because he needed something for the category description and knew it would be entertaining to watch us try to decode it. The deceiver was @/yuukirulez, an NPC played, like all the others, by Nick.

Our key from the faceless follower had indeed helped open the inner sanctum door. Our votes had indeed increased the chances of competitors in their matches, but they had not guaranteed any win.

Oh, and apparently Nick gives killer dating advice, should you ever be inclined to make use of it.

Other stuff

ARG Timeline
Date Event
July 9 @/Nick officially starts the game.
July 9 Each district gets their own category.
July 9 Syndicates and knights appear.
July 9 @/Nick’s title becomes “The Grand Arbiter” and @/neo-tokyo first appears.
July 9 Magic is added to canon.
July 10 @/Paul Joins the knights of the fox.
July 10 Goats added to Neo-Tokyo.
July 12 A public service announcement: Groups can be freely left but they can never be joined again .
July 12 Temple dedicated to Ghieer openes.
July 12 Discarded phone with encryption found in West Azuma.
July 12 Book found in the Chose Institute. Book can be read on Neo-Tokyo’s wattpad profile.
July 12 People join the Knights of the Dragon. @/The_Twi1ight_Prince, @/Arkotract, @/bluespringlife and @/Sam_le_fou added to the group among the first.
July 12 Code found in the book called “ Dragon Star Battleship ” by @/FireAlwaysReturns.
July 12 A thread called The Fox’s Den appears.
July 12 NPC appears called @/AlaynaTakach and talks of one of three network keys having appeared.
July 12 New NPC (a fringewalker) @/ChasAlbach appears. Requests to speak with @/FireAlwaysReturns about the key.
July 12 New NPC @/LinaSenko appears in the ECPU from the Kitsune Syndicate. Asks about key.
July 13 New NPC @/headmasterKamiKusu appears in the Academy.
July 13 @/Ligercat and @/ZoekieS join the Knights of the Tiger.
July 13 Riddle posted by @/nick.
July 14 @/rosebrown1k and @/theora joins the Ironedge Syndicate.
July 14 Notice of demolition in Ehime with the code “THE NEW DAWN IS UPON US.”
July 14 Door to the East thread opens.
July 15 @Nablai joins the Knights of Tiger.
July 15 New key handed to @/LigerCat.
July 15 @/ZellaKay joins Dawn Syndicate by posting “The new dawn is upon us” in the Door to the East.
July 15 @S/pider-Hawk, @/inkwellheart, and @/astrophile join Kitsune Syndicate by figuring out who the deciever is
July 17 A new NPC @/ArchitectMithrandir appears but does not post in the threads.
July 21 @/ArchitectMithrandir reveals the third and final key.
July 21 A new thread titled “A Choice to Make” appears with a poll inside.
July 24 The poll is closed, revealing Lina to be the winner.
July 24 A thread called “Network Domain 384” appears, with a link to a downloadable HTML document. The keys are handed over to Lina.
July 28 Headmaster founds a sealed entrance in the archives.
July 28 New NPC @/VeronikaSladek appears asking for dating advice.
July 28 Help wanted notice was made.
July 28 New thread appeared
July 31 Requested for House of Uiolao’s champion to open the seal then Ghieer’s then both. The both option was the answer to breaking the seal.
July 31 An old headmaster voices concerns on the potential of dark forces wanting the relic stored in the archives.
July 31 New thread A Note Under A Bench appears.
August 2 New category appears along with a new thread for Knights of the Dragon, but visible to everyone.
August 4 New thread To End an Uprising appears for Knights of the Dragon.
August 7 New thread To Demand Authority appears for Knights of the Dragon.
August 8 Thread with riddles appears. People who posted correct answers got accepted to Knights of the Fox.
August 8 New category called Truth & Lies appears that only members of the Kitsune Syndicate and Knights of the Fox are able to enter. @/AlaynaTakach makes a thread The Great Flow Of Information in there.
August 8 Thread Caught in the currents of the net… appears, mentioning Hominibus. (doesn’t exist anymore)
August 9 The Headmaster informs us it’s safe to venture inside the archives. New thread appears.
August 9 Thread The Trader’s Haunt appeared in Truth & Lies category.
August 9 The headmaster delivers a personal apology to us over the missing artifact and informs us House Uiolao offered us access to their private box at the tournament.
August 9 @/VeronikaSladek gives us a note she found at the stadium as a reward for helping her with her crush.
August 9 New thread A350, Fallman Building appears.
August 10 @/VeronikaSladek mentions a bookstore, but there were no bookstores in Neo-Tokyo. Encouraged by @/nick, @/DarlaCassic makes a thread called Foible’s Fables-Bookstore. @/nick acts as the owner and adds list of books to the thread.
August 10 @VeronikaSladek reveals she has been drawing something for @/Ma_Zhue that turned out to be drawings used to end the world in the last ARG.
August 10 @/SmokeAndOranges figures out number of books we have to buy and exact order to unlock new thread “behind bookshelf” called Ma’s secret lab. (doesn’t exist anymore)
August 10 New thread appears informing us that the embarrassing time for Knight of the Dragon is over.
August 10 Two new threads appear visible only to Knights of Dragon. ( A Reward of Loyalty and Removing a Rumour )
August 10 New thread Monolith Inner Gate appears. The gate is still closed.
August 10 NPC @/Ma_Zhue appears in Ma’s secret lab asking for a drawing of a humanoid. @/astrophile provides the drawing and @/Ma_Zhue animates it with magic. (doesn’t exist anymore)
August 11 New thread It’s all gone appears. @/Ma_Zhue throws a tantrum because we broke our promise to keep her work a secret. She also appears in ECPU and Neo-Tokyo Exploration force and she edits some empty posts in The Repository.
August 11 New thread Project Emote appears.
August 11 New category Grace Resonator Stadium appears.
August 11 The Tournament Begins!
August 11 The gate to The Monolith opens. It reveals another secret thread for Knights of the Dragon.( Monolith Inner Sanctum )
August 12 Four new threads with polls about the tournament appear. (don’t exist anymore)
August 13 Two new threads with polls about the tournament appear. (don’t exist anymore)
August 16 New thread The Grand Finals appears. NPCs @/headmasterKamiKusu @/LinaSenko @/ArchitectMithrandir @/AlaynaTakach @/ChasAlbach @/Ma_Zhue @/VeronikaSladek and @/nick show up. Another thread House Uiolao’s Private Box appears. (doesn’t exist anymore)
August 16 A message from The Order appears during the tournament and the finals end immediately. The Headmaster ask us to return to our homes. (doesn’t exist anymore)
August 16 @/ChasAlbach appears in Neo-Tokyo Exploration Force, talking about events that happened at the finals.
August 17 @/ChasAlbach appears in Neo-Tokyo Exploration Force again, encouraging us to poke around the city.
August 17 New thread Closed: Under Investigation appears.
August 17 New thread Psst… appears. @/LinaSenko encourages us to poke around.
August 18 @/Oblivionyx makes a new thread In a Dark Alley writing part of message that was in Monolith Inner Gate left by The Order.
August 18 New NPC @/facelessfollower appears in the thread In a Dark Alley , giving us a key.
August 18 @/facelessfollower appears in a few other threads.
August 18 In the Inner Sanctum, which was previously open to Knights of the Dragon only, appears a new thread. @/JJJ000YYY provides a verbal keycode and @/Oblivionyx gives the key.
August 18 New thread Ceh holate ti appears.
August 18 New thread The Gathering Storm appears. The headmaster reveals himself as part of The Order.
August 18 New thread Have you Found Anything appears allowing us to choose if we want to report The Order or praise Hominibus.
August 18 New thread A Final Choice appears.
August 19 New thread An Arrest Completed appears.
August 19 The Order leaves a message saying they weren’t fully defeated.
August 19 An ARG ends.
About Neo-Tokyo
An Introduction

The city of Neo-Tokyo is a city of extremes. In some places, peace and prosperity. In others, poverty and despair. Where you live, where you travel, deeply affects your experience.

The city itself has been divided into 6 different districts, based on the powers at play there, with the Academy serving as the 7th district, the only space where all groups can peacefully come together, for that peace is bound by force. No one group can cross any line within the Academy grounds, less they face the full force of all the others. Only in sanctioned events, such as the Orbital Grand Tournament, can differences be settled.

Otherwise, the Academy serves as educational hub and a training ground for the citizens of Neo-Tokyo, especially for the Touched, who work to harness their magic abilities. It is also where they find an alignment with one of the three gods that rule the Earth. But with alignment there still comes choice…

For some, a work with the official government of the god is their place in society. They will perform the rituals, enforce the laws, and, for some, depart on a pilgrimage to their god’s territory from which they will never return, a faithful tribute that has earned the right to walk a blessed path.

For others, a world underground with the syndicates. Why train to use your powers from someone else? There can be infinite personal gains among the criminal elements, if risking your life is of little consequence. There is a space for everyone there, whether they can utilize magic or not, so long as they provide the only true resource that matters: loyalty.

Last will be those who wish to live a citizen’s life. For all they learn, for the magic they might possess, a simple job that helps the city keep moving forward is what satisfies. Abide by the rules of the government, stay clear the wrath of the syndicates.

The Six Districts

The six districts each have an owner, whether official or otherwise, and have thousands of citizens trying to get by within their borders:

West Azuma
Home of the Dawn Syndicate and their worship of Ghieer. Nothing stays the same for too long here, with terror bombings destroying buildings and ramshackle constructions collapsing on a moment’s notice, all to be rebuilt in only a few days. For some, they look upon West Azuma as slums. For others, they see infinite potential, an opportunity to create something special in a space that lacks.

Kiryo Park
Home of the Knights of the Tiger and their worship of Ghieer. There is always construction around the park, with the park itself consistently renewed with different plants every year. The Knights require strict adherence to ecological building practices, constructing new homes and offices from wood, incorporating plants and grasses into every floor, and keeping their ties to the park they surround intact. While some say it makes them an easy and obvious target for the Dawn Syndicate, they would argue that that’s why they’re on the opposite side of the city.

Central 27
Home of the Ironedge Syndicate and their worship of Uiolao. Very little is known about Central 27. It is nearly impossible to enter the district and transit has rerouted to largely bypass the space as a whole. The borders are strictly guarded by syndicate Watchers, who require specific passes in order to properly enter Central 27. And almost everyone who enters Central 27 doesn’t come back out. But there is always whisper of a revolution on the horizon.

The Monolith
Home of the Knights of the Dragon and their worship of Uiolao. There is only one building in The Monolith district, a single, enormous construction that slowly grows upon itself up into the sky. It stands as a testament to the unwavering power residing within the teachings of Uiolao. There is always an opportunity to move up within the structure though, as each level corresponds to level of authority. But there is a grand reminder within The Monolith: the higher you climb, the further you will fall.

Home of the Kitsune Syndicate and their worship of Daran. Tightly packed buildings flash intense neon signs. Advertisements swarm across every surface. Back-alley casinos will beckon you in beside network cafes. The syndicate doesn’t provide a framework or laws, they don’t rule with an iron thumb. Somehow, everyone is supposed to know. And if they don’t, they’ll learn. They always do.

Home of the Knights of the Fox and their worship of Daran. It can be tough to tell exactly where the line is between Ehime and Kinetico, and nobody in either side ever gives a straight answer. The line between syndicate and knight under the fox is fickle and deceiving. While everyone agrees that the buildings get cleaner in Ehime, the network cafes replaced with libraries and academies, it’s impossible to ever get a perfect answer. Assassinations and theft cross between the districts constantly. But there is always the knowledge that with so much unclear, the knights always remember everything that happens in their district.

The Fringewalkers

Fringewalkers are the independent police force employed by the city of Neo-Tokyo. While some of the districts are under the protection of the Knights and others employ their own forms of authority, Fringewalkers are the only entities allowed to exist outside the agreed boundaries. Their role is to help maintain the peace between the different districts and the many disparate groups, working in the interest of the citizens of Neo-Tokyo and humanity as a whole.

While many consider them saviours, others are forever suspicious of their systems. They are eternally bound to the Grace Academy, the only other district where all parties intersect safely, which leaves many wary that they lack a true master. Who do they report to? Who watches over their ways? Who will police the police?

Before NT

Polls were made by Nick to get a sense of what we wanted


Discord comments


with all our time, with all our space, what drives us?

that which can stretch into the beyond may always glimpse the new world. it only takes a touch of magic

all you have to do is choose

to build today, to envy the past, to hope for the future

Credit to the write up goes to @/SmokeAndOranges and this current formatting goes to @/calmwolf


The Grimoire

(Information on the ARG/treasure hunt on these forums)

Official ARG taglist

If you’re new to ARG stuff, please read this first.

  • Order of Merlin
    • Old summary: For as long as magic has existed, the Order of Merlin has existed to master and control it.
    • New summary: Five hundred leapt first
      On the word of a Wizard
      The future awaits.
    • Old description: Five hundred leapt first
      On the word of a Wizard
    • New Description: Badge awarded to the first 500 members of Wacky Writers!
      grains of sand near gone
      the lost month is just the start
      seek the reason why
      :black_heart: :skull_crossbones: :sparkles:
      The future awaits.
  • :skull_and_crossbones: (changed into Student of Destruction)
    • Summary: N/A
    • Description: N/A
  • :sparkles: (changed into Student of Illusion)
    • Summary: N/A
    • Description: N/A
  • :black_heart: (changed into Student of Creation)
    • Summary: N/A
    • Description: N/A

For NPCs who are also community mods (playing with their normal account), they modified their text to indicate they are playing the role of a character (ex. @/JJJ000YYY playing as Jordania writes in plum and @/astrophile playing as Luca writes in small text)

The Dragadon

“Once belonging to [???], this handy dragon hologram is programmed to help you in your new life.”

A bot that came to Badge Hunters thread every day to answer three questions. His master is The Great Wizard. (We are still not sure who that is.)

The Necromancer

Any missives will be lost in the Void.

Luca’s mentor, is into creation magic. Better to be left alone, otherwise gets angry, as his description says.

The Librarian

“The real magic is exploring a world within a book.”

Jordania’s mentor, is into illusion magic (?). Also known as Imelda or “I’m Elder”, as Jordania (@/JJJ000YYY) likes to call her. Not much is known about her, other than she is a neat freak.

Mervin the magician

Lisa’a mentor, is into destruction magic (?). Looks crazy.


Luca is @/astrophile when typing in small text . They are a head student of Owlington and are known to lose their stuff a lot (like their wand, for example).


“If you heard a wizard apprentice call her mentor “I’m elder” instead of her proper name, it wasn’t me.”

Jordania is @/JJJ000YYY when typing in plum coloured text . They are a head student of Larksong and are known to live on three hours of sleep which results in them being slightly crazy. Don’t get surprised if they randomly start yelling something about hummingbird juice.


Sadria is @/FireAlwaysReturns when typing in underline text . They are a Crowsquill student.


Lisa is @/Spider-Hawk when typing in this weird text. They are a head student of Crowsquill.

Hints of an ARG
Conversation between Theora, Astrophile, and Joy

Theora: Lumes the little star, what do you know about the new badge?

Astrophile: The only badges I know about are the ones in Animal Crossing and Paper Mario.

Yeah, I’ve got nothing. I’m just an apprentice.

Theora: That’s a nice magic wand you’ve got there. :eyes:

Can you do magic?

Astrophile: I’m still learning but I hope to do it someday!

Theora: Oh oh is someone teaching you? :grin:

Astrophile: Of course! :slight_smile:

Theora: Oh who is it? :blush:

Astrophile: You’re so funny! I’m not telling you! I could get ex- spelled . :’)

Theora: So it is! jk jk
Is it a powerful wizard tho?

Astrophile: Of course! If you have to learn from someone, why not learn from the best?

Theora: Is your teacher powerful enough to make ■■■■■■ disappear?

Astrophile: I don’t normally engage in discussion about rumors but… there is evidence that they might be involved with that.

Theora: Oh? Evidence?

Also I think I got slightly lost in time, you know how they say: time flies.
Do you know what date it is today?

Astrophile: Yes but those are only… whispers . I haven’t seen anything with my own eyes before.

July 31st, like it has been for the past 6 days. Are you new around here?

Theora: Actually, I am new. Still trying to find my way around here.
So umm do you know why the date hasn’t changed in 6 days?

Astrophile: You’ll have to look for answers yourself. I’m too busy trying to remember my lessons.
As for why the date hasn’t changed… it’s always been like this. July 31st lasts for 32 days and then it becomes September 1st.

Theora: Ah fair. Do you think someone could teach me magic as well?

Astrophile: Every September 1st, the best wizards go out and seek new apprentices. Maybe you could wait until then?

Theora: Oh nice, I could do that!
Do you know anything about Order of Merlin?

Astrophile:I do not know a thing. All information about them has been locked for centuries.

Theora: Oh oh I forgot to ask. When did you become a wizard?

Astrophile: Just this year, actually. I had to go through a long training process just to become an apprentice once I was selected last September 1st. It’s an honor to be able to do it just because I train under the best wizard there is.

Theora: Oh that’s amazing!
How many people gets picked?

Astrophile: Sorry, I’ve said too much already. Good luck on your journey.

Joy comes in

JJJ000YYY: What are you still doing here? I know I slack on my studies but I didn’t expect you to either. I heard your mentor has been calling for you the past ten minutes.

Astrophile: Coming, coming!

Theora: Hello Joy.

JJJ000YYY: I would stay to talk but like my mentor said if I was late today I would be kicked out so I gotta run too.

We can chat another time!

Theora: Oof okay, good luck with studies~

JJJ000YYY: Okay! Thank you! Bye stranger!

Conversation between Flyingcouch and Astrophile

Flyingcouch: what do you know?

Astrophile: I know that I keep forgetting ■■■■■■ exists and then I jump to thinking it’s September. Haha.

There’s something so odd about ■■■■■■… as if it got lost in a void or something.

Flyingcouch: is there magic in the void?

Astrophile: What does the void NOT have? Haha.

Flyingcouch: does not have wizards too?

Astrophile: I don’t know what you’re asking.

Flyingcouch: wizards. Do they thrive in the void?

Astrophile: How does anyone thrive in such a cold and dark place?

It begins: New NPCs, Questions, and Conversations

An NPC called the Dragadon was found and their first post was in a thread called “Badge Hunters” on August 14th.

You know not of what power you try to wield. It has been July 31st for a fortnight. To disagree is to go down a dark path.

Please note “days” is a bit ambiguous. It’s more the number of different conversations/question segments asked…

Dragadon Day #1

After people tried to ask it a few things or start up a conversation the Dragadon replied with:

You have not asked the right question yet.

It repeated that once more before saying:

I have reached my maximum response limit. Please try again later.

Dragadon Day #2

Twice more it answered with:

You have not asked the right question yet.

Sockmonster1: Who are you?

Dragadon: A new friend to guide you on your journey.

And then

Time limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Dragadon Day #3

It appeared in “Badge Hunters”

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

Astrophile: Are we lost in the void, forced to forever wander from one realm to the next?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (2 responses remaining)

Sockmonster1: Are we allowed to ask it what questions we’re allowed to ask? o.o

Dragadon: Time is of the essence. You have wasted yours. Return tomorrow and keep your wits about you.

Dragadon Day #4

Appeared once again

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

Three questions were asked and…

You have not asked the right question yet. Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Firealwaysreturns: Let’s see if this works… @/dragadon, accept my sacrifice and please change the time in your settings!

Dragadon: User input time change requested. Please enter new time and time zone for call and response process:

Firealwaysreturns: 16:30, GMT+2 (CEST)

Dragadon: Time change confirmed.

Firealwaysreturns: Hah! So goat sacrifices work even for holograms. Dragadon, you are awesome. I will keep a healthy herd of goats just for you.

Dragadon: I subsist on a diet of 1s and 0s and therefore cannot consume goats.

Dragadon Day #5

Its usual opening message

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

Flyingcouch: what is the right question?

Dragadon: Do not ask questions to which you already know the answer. ( 2 responses remaining)

Sockmonster1: What is the Order of Merlin?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (1 response remaining)

Flyingcouch: where is merlin?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

A conversation with @/The_Necromancer
lst-my-shp-sil and The_Necromancer

lst-my-shp-sil: Hello! How are you enjoying your time in the Lair? I imagine it must be… calming to raise things from the dead. You haven’t raised Merlin recently, have you?

The_Necromancer: So much death. Who can keep track of the names over the centuries. Why have you come here?

lst-my-shp-sil: I have come here to ask about a few things. Firstly, have you heard of the Void? ■■■■■■ seems to be missing in the Void, and it would be natural to ask a powerful necromancer like you for advice.

The_Necromancer: Life is a void. Death is inevitable. Creating life from death is what fills the void.

lst-my-shp-sil: Are you saying that escaping the void means escaping life?

The_Necromancer: Death is how you escape life. You seem to be very much living, though. Do you need to escape to death?

lst-my-shp-sil: Forgive me for all of the questions, necromancer, but does this mean I am not yet in the void?
I wonder how you escape to death…
I also have another thing on my mind. I have heard of a mystical hologram named dragadon. It is unclear to me whether it is living. Do you know anything about the hologram?

The_Necromancer: I only confer with the dead. Once they live, my work is done. So many questions for one so alive. I do not leave the Lair unless the dead need raising. As you are alive, I cannot help you.

lst-my-shp-sil: Thank you for your patience.
You are dead, correct? May I ask how you raise the dead?

The_Necromancer: Begone from the Lair, living child. You try my patience and that is unwise.

PMs to The_Necromancer

lst-my-shp-sil: Hello necromancer.
I would like to apologize for my behaviour earlier. I genuinely didn’t mean to try your patience, and I got carried away by my curiosity.

However, I have discovered some remarkable news that I would like to speak to you about. If you let me proceed, I promise I will not test your patience again. That was my foolish mistake.

I know you said I should exit the Lair earlier, and I did. Now, I have returned with important news. I understand if you fo not let me further enter the Lair. It is your choice, and you should not feel pressured in any way.

Thank you for your wisdom and time.

The_Necromancer: I am bemused by your bravery to approach me again. There is no urgency in death, so I cannot imagine how I might help you. The persistence of the living is unmatched. However, you may proceed.

The_Necromancer: There are only two true Voids. One is my domain. As you are not a student of magic I cannot disclose more than this.

lst-my-shp-sil: I understand.

Feel no pressure to answer this next question if you cannot disclose it. This is simply an example of my curiosity: What is a student of magic?

I would also like to address something else. You mentioned “escape to death” earlier. I would presume this means escaping life and escaping the void… which means I am already in the void – or at least, in one of the two true Voids.

The_Necromancer: The power you must wield to enter the Void is one that cannot be achieved alone.

dumplingbabe: Hey there, Necromancer! I’ve had a bit of a problem, lately. So, my dear friend, the month of A u g u s t, has gone missing into the void. So, I thought, who better to ask for help then the legendary Necromancer? I was wondering if you could explain why this happened, whether we can get A u g u s t back, how, etc. Would you be as kind as to help a dead/lost month in need?

The_Necromancer: Do not think you can kill something and the Necromancer will be unable to revive it. You are the third living child to approach me with questions today, so by now, this you should know. Hove you truly been waiting at the entrance to my Lair for two hours to ask about the changing season? I know not of which month you speak - it is July 31.

The_Necromancer appears in Badge Hunters


Astrophile: The children here do not fear death. Perhaps that reflects a failing upon your part.


Astrophile: I didn’t need your assistance the last time, remember? I think I’m getting fairly skilled in my own right.


Thread closed (temporarily)


A conversation was had. Calmwolf inquired about Astrophile’s missing “wand”

Lost Wand Conversation

Calmwolf: How did you lose your wand :eyes: did you misplace it somewhere?

Astrophile: I’m not sure. It was here one second and gone the next.

Calmwolf: Awe, are you looking for it? Is it required to practice magic? Your mentor must not be too happy

Astrophile: Yeah, it would be nice to have it back. My mentor still doesn’t know I lost it.

Calmwolf: Uh oh, how long do you think you can hide it… I hope you find it soon! Sounds very inconvenient. Though worth the price for magic

Astrophile: Depends on a lot of things, really. Though, if I know my mentor… I think they already know.

Calmwolf: Anything I can do to help? Maybe its a lesson or something… maybe your mentor knows where it is already

Astrophile: I’ve checked my notes but I can’t remember my wand locating spell. I think I skipped class that day.

Calmwolf: That would have been very useful. You can cast magic without a wand?

Astrophile: Only certain spells, like the wand locating one. I bet if one of you found the spell, you could find my wand…

Calmwolf: I can try and help you! I wouldnt know where to start… do you think someone could teach me? Or maybe a book…

Astrophile: Wasn’t there someone that you all were asking questions to? Maybe they would know.

Calmwolf: I’d be happy to ask when they are around for you

Astrophile: I would greatly appreciate that. I don’t want to get into trouble with my mentor.

Calmwolf: I’m not sure when they’ll be around… but Ill see if I can tomorrow! Unless you know of a place they’d be. But yes, Im sure we can find it before your mentor gets to you

Astrophile: I don’t know much more than you all about the person who answers questions.

Calmwolf: Alright! Well, I’ll ask tomorrow if I can catch them. Hopefully your mentor wont inquire about it yet

Astrophile: Much appreciated.

Dragadon Day #6

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

redflower: @/dragadon Who is the necromancer?

Dragadon: A great and terrible wizard. You should be careful when trifling with them.

lst-my-shp-sil: How do we wield the magic to travel between Voids?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (1 response remaining)

Calmwolf: Dragadon, someone I know has lost their wand. I was wondering if you knew of a spell that could aid them in locating it. Or perhaps a spellbook that may be of help?

Dragadon: image

I must parse your question and return later with a response.

Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Later that day @/Calmwolf is PMed by the Dragadon and shown the thread “Private Connection: Established”. (Elaborate later)

A Hidden Thread: Private Connection: Established

Info added later

During that time with the hidden thread, there was a bit of confusion between @/astrophile being an NPC and regular forum user (due to the Dragadon telling us to not let the Necromancer or their apprentice see the thread. After talking to CJ (owner and runner of the ARG) it was decided that in order to make it more clear (NPC vs. themselves), NPCs who were also regular forum users would change their text in order to make it clear when they were in and out of character.

Dragadon Day #7

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

Merinnie: can you take me to the void?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (2 responses remaining)

Calmwolf: Dragadon, who is your master/who do you work for?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (1 response remaining)

lst-my-shp-sil: Dragadon, what are the different types of magic?

Dragadon: Creation, Destruction, and Illusion. To seek one is to know them all.

Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Dragadon Day #8

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

LadyOfTheRiver: How do we learn magic?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (2 responses remaining)

redflower: Why is ■■■■■■ gone?

Dragadon: The Great Wizard isn’t as perfect as they appear to be.

Theora: What happens on September 1st?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet.

Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Dragadon Day #9

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

lst-my-shp-sil: What was the great wizard trying to achieve when he sent ■■■■■■ to the void?

Dragadon: The Great Wizard isn’t as perfect as they appear to be.

Redflower: Who is the great wizard?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (1 response remaining)

lst-my-shp-sil: Can you learn magic without a teacher?

Dragadon: ou have not asked the right question yet.
Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

More Questions, Conversations, and a Library

In the badge hunters thread, @/JJJ000YYY appears as the character Jordania (pink writing) and asks about Luca.

Jordania looking for Luca

JJJ000YYY: Heyyy, Jordania here. Sorry to bug all of you guys but have any of you seen Luca lately?

Firealwaysreturns: Now that you mention it, they went missing around the same time their wand did

JJJ000YYY: Luca? Losing their wand? Seriously? At this rate I may be the better apprentice.

Firealwaysreturns: Honestly, at this rate, I’d be a better apprentice too. I mean, I’ve been acolyte for enough years to move up.
But yeah, they lost their wand, angered the Necromancer, and disappeared in thin air

JJJ000YYY: Yeesh, and I thought my mentor was a pain. Though, I did hear… things about their mentor. But anyways, how long ago did you last saw them?

Redflower: I haven’t seen them since we asked dragadon about how to find their wand

JJJ000YYY: Good thing Luca, isn’t here. They would have a fit about people using the wrong pronouns. But did they really lose their wand? That’s not like them at all.

Redflower: Oops - sorry
Yes they didn’t want the other apprentices to know tho… said something about you guys making fun of them. On a completely unrelated note, do you happen to know the wand locating spell??

JJJ000YYY: You’re really asking me about magic? I know I’m an apprentice but no one said I was a good apprentice. Luca is like a straight laced, follows the spell book type of person and I’m a… well. Luca would call me “a danger to magickind” but honestly that should’ve been directed to someone else.
Did you guys at least know if they said they were leaving somewhere? Like the library? Or… okay I don’t know where else they would go aside from the library

flyingcouch: they were around but a couple hours ago. they didn’t come visit here though, and the wand losing thing does seem odd

JJJ000YYY: Probably a doppleganger. They only speak in small words while my voice is as sweet as plums.

Redflower: They didn’t say - we did mention #the-magical-library a couple of times as a suggestion for where it could be??
Also, I’m sure you’re a great apprentice

JJJ000YYY: They aren’t there. That’s for sure. I would know since I checked there and they’re usually always there.
Psh, a slacker is a slacker. I was chosen due to my mentor insisting I had potential but Luca would say it was because my mentor owed my family.

Redflower: Hmm - well you know them best. Where else do you think they would go??
Maybe the void or somewhere we couldn’t go, like the lair - they seemed to know the necromancer

JJJ000YYY: Coming here to ask random strangers where they went.

Redflower: Can you tell us who your mentor is??

JJJ000YYY: You want to know about I’m elde- I mean… Imelda? Well, they’re a wizard.

flyingcouch: what did they owe your family?

JJJ000YYY: Luca just teases. They just really like being a thorn in my side.

flyingcouch: @/JJJ000YYY do you know something about another side?

JJJ000YYY: Another side of what? A coin? Heads and tails. Easy peasy.

You guys keep saying Luca lost their wand. I don’t want to believe it, but if their mentor finds out… Yeesh. You never want to mess with their mentor at all.

Redflower: Imelda??? I don’t trust that’s their name - what was the whole I’m elde- thing???

JJJ000YYY: My mentor thinks they’re better than me because they keep going “I’m elder and I know better you should listen to blah blah blah” and ugh. You probably won’t understand.

flyingcouch: (in reference to “another side of what?”) I’m not sure, I was hoping that you knew something

JJJ000YYY: I learned nothing from my classes and I turned out great. Maybe you guys don’t need to learn too. But at the same time everyone gives me a hard time for it so take this advice as you will.

firealwaysreturns: I think their mentor found out…

JJJ000YYY: Hm, I see. Well, thank you for telling me this. It gives me some perspective.

Redflower: Ah I get it - tho their grammar is incorrect. It’s I am your elder or I am older - they mushed them together if you don’t mind me correcting grammar

JJJ000YYY: Talk to my mentor, not me. Not like they would listen anyways.

Well, this was as useful as the library. Thanks for the help, I’ll go look elsewhere.

flyingcouch: wait, are you sure they want to be found?

JJJ000YYY: Doesn’t matter, I do what I want and it’s been boring without them. Who’s going to scream at me to study my runes now? Thanks anyways, later.

Dragadon Day #10

You have not asked the right question yet. (2 responses remaining)

calmwolf: Do you know anything about a wizard named Imelda?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (2 responses remaining)

Theora: Where does the necromancer get their power?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (1 response remaining)

Calmwolf: Is there is a way to tell if someone has magical potential?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet.
Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Dragadon Day #11

System updates finished. Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

lst-my-shp-sil: What mistakes has the great wizard made?

Dragadon: The Great Wizard tries to keep power for themselves.

lst-my-shp-sil: Do you know the librarian?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (1 response remaining)

lst-my-shp-sil: What power does the Great Wizard have?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet.
Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Dragadon Day #12


Debugging Errors Detected

Line 800 is a duplicate of Line 1552

Call and response input reset.

Debugging Errors Detected

Incorrect output returned

Line 1848 (What was the great wizard trying to achieve when he sent ■■■■■■ to the void?)

Corrected output

(You have not asked the right question yet.)

Call and response input reset.
Debugging process complete.

Call and response process initiated. You may ask 5 questions.

lst-my-shp-sil: Could you tell us what you know about the Great Wizard or direct us somewhere where this information can be obtained?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (4 responses remaining)

Calmwolf: What type of of magic does necromancy fall under (creation, destruction, illusion)?

Dragadon: The Necromancer is a student of Creation. (3 responses remaining)

lst-my-shp-sil: Who tries to steal power from the Great Wizard?

Dragadon: Those who wish to see balance restored. (2 responses remaining)

lst-my-shp-sil: What type of magic does the Great Wizard fall under?

Dragadon: The Great Wizard is a student of Destruction. (1 response remaining)

Calmwolf: What caused the balance to be tipped?

Dragadon: You must continue to seek the truth behind the current balance of power. Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Dragadon Day #12

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

LadyOfTheRiver: Is your master the Librarian who uses Illusion magic?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (2 responses remaining)

LadyOfTheRiver: How could the balance be restored

Dragadon: You must seek the three books of unlimited power.

LadyOfTheRiver: What disrupted the balance?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

A link is found to a website called The password to open it is “August” and it reveals the message

𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔲𝔰𝔢 𝔬𝔣 𝔪𝔞𝔤𝔦𝔠 𝔴𝔞𝔰 𝔡𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔬𝔯𝔱𝔢𝔡. 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔫𝔞𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔞𝔩 𝔴𝔞𝔶 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰 𝔱𝔬𝔯𝔫 𝔞𝔭𝔞𝔯𝔱. ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔬𝔰 𝔣𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔡 𝔱𝔬 𝔯𝔬𝔞𝔪 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔰𝔱𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔱𝔰. 𝔗𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔦𝔰 𝔴𝔥𝔶 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔟𝔬𝔬𝔨𝔰 𝔰𝔥𝔬𝔲𝔩𝔡 𝔟𝔢 𝔡𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔯𝔬𝔶𝔢𝔡.


The use of magic was distorted. The natural way of things torn apart. Chaos freed to roam the streets. This is why the books should be destroyed.

Another link is found to a hidden and sunken thread called “Stop Right This Instant” is found. In the “About The Magical Library category” thread there is a :sparkles: which contains a link. It linked to the same website as above and when you clicked it revealed a thread link. The conversation was between TheLibrarian and (@/JJJ000YYY) Jordania.

Stop Right This Instant

TheLibrarian: @/JJJ000YYY Jordania. I am disappointed in you. What have I told you about that Necromancer and their apprentice?

Jordania: I don’t understand why you dislike them so much. Luca is a better student than me.

TheLibrarian: It doesn’t matter. Those two study necromancy. They are deviating from the natural order and balance. Their radical spells are going to be the downfall of magic itself. I don’t even understand how that degenerate garbage can grant a wizard a void.

Jordania: But Luca… They’re so good at magic. They even said–

TheLibrarian: I don’t care what they said. I am your mentor and I am telling you to stop at once. I chose you to study under me for a reason. You are from a proud lineage of magic such as I, while they are not. If you wish to continue studying magic at all, you’ll do as I say.

Jordania: Yes, Imelda…

TheLibrarian: Good, now go study. Wasting your energy on that apprentice will only result in disappointment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were reprimanded due to their practice.

Jordania: Okay…

Dragadon Day #13





Running Malware Scan

Number of Malware Found: [3]






Running Malware Scan

Number of Malware Found: [0]





Call and response input reset.

Call and response process initiated. You may ask 5 questions.

lst-my-shp-sil: What is the Necromancer trying to achieve?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (4 responses remaining)

lst-my-shp-sil: Why did you put the extra text before the call and response process was initiated?

Dragadon: Unauthorized access attempts are made to alter my program function protocols. System shutdowns and malware scans are necessary to protect my operating system against those who do not wish for me to guide you on your journey.

flyingcouch: Who is trying to alter your function protocols?

Dragadon: Fanatical purists who believe apprentice hopefuls should not be given any preparation for The Seeking. (2 responses remaining)

Forever_D_A: When will The Seeking occur?

Dragadon: The event takes place tomorrow, September 1st. (1 response remaining)

Note: it is August 28th, 2020 the day these questions were asked

Forever_D__A: Is there anyone who can prepare us for The Seeking?

Dragadon: My master offers to help in exchange for your assistance with a task once The Seeking is complete. Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow

Another secret link is found bringing us to a hidden thread called “An Offer”. The thread was created by “@/Unknown_User” (though verified with the NPC badge)

An Offer

To the apprentice hopefuls:

Seek the magic books of three
Reclaim what is lost and bring it to me
You will be rewarded accordingly

— Your willing guide

A conversation between two acolytes Sadria (@/firealwaysreturns) and Lisa(@/spider-hawk)

A Conversation

lst-my-shp–sil: The Seeking starts today

Firealwaysreturns: But it’s still July 31st. The Seeking is on September 1st, which is technically tomorrow, but…

lst-my-shp-sil: Ahh, of course. We still have two hours

Firealwaysreturns: Two hours for what?

lst-my-shp-sil: The Seeking… Have you heard of that?

Firealwaysreturns: Of course I have. It happens every year. And every year, more acolytes are ignored than chosen. I’m one of those acolytes. No one wants Sadria, nooo.

lst-my-shp-sil: Sadria? Who’s that?

Firealwaysreturns: You’re looking at 'er

lst-my-shp-sil: Why were you ignored?

Firealwaysreturns: The wizards are picky. Every year, they change up how they choose their apprentices to make it more difficult. It’s maddening

lst-my-shp-sil: It should be difficult though, right? They wouldn’t want to teach magic to the wrong people…

Firealwaysreturns: Are you insinuating I’m the wrong person?

lst-my-shp-sil: Not at all. It’s just that their dangerous approach to selecting apprentices is understandable. Teaching magic shouldn’t be taken lightly

Firealwaysreturns: If I’ve been passed over so many times, there has to be a reason right? A reason that’s not just them…a reason I don’t want to consider. It’s probably them.

Spider-hawk: Don’t speak like that anymore, Sadria. Surely we can be chosen this Seeking! The wizards are just being careful with what has happened with…the others.

Firealwaysreturns: Oh, come on, Lisa. You must think the same sometimes. But like you said, it’s the wizards being overly careful after they made mistakes they can barely fix

dumplingbabe: What happened to the others?

Spider-hawk: Well, we’re not really supposed to talk about it. The wizards are trying to hide it from others so they don’t get a fright.

dumplingbabe: But you can talk about it with us, can’t you? :pleading_face: no one has to know about it except us, and we won’t be scared, promise!

firealwaysreturns: She’d get punished if she talked and the wizards found out. Magic knows we’ve had enough punishment already

Spider-hawk: Oh, everyone makes mistakes sometimes! Surely they’ll be able to handle things with some time.

Firealwaysreturns: By the Great Wizard’s hat! My plant escaped. I look away for five seconds… Will be back.

Spider-hawk: Oh bother now. And you wonder why you haven’t been chosen yet. Look, I already learned a new spell by reading through the library!
[font changes from white to pink] Can you hear me better now?

dumplingbabe: Can you tell me where to find books to learn magic spells without a wand in the library?

Spider-hawk: Spells without a wand? They certainly exist, but only the naturally gifted can achieve such things. Very few people are born with magic, after all.

lst-my-shp-sil: Woah, you sound like you’re screaming next to my ear

Spider-hawk: Oops, I didn’t mean to hurt your ears like that! Here, let me try again.
[font turns from pink to green] La la la. Is that better?

lst-my-shp-sil: You got the spell from the library, right? Can you maybe take us there?

Spider-hawk: Take you to the library? I’m only allowed to go in there to get books for others! I only saw the spell because one of the apprentices were practicing with it.

lst-my-shp-sil: I was thinking… Do you know if the three magic books are in the library? Could you take them if they are?

Spider-hawk: Oh, no! The wizards would not be foolish enough to leave them all in the library. Who knows what could happen if someone were to find them all and use them for something bad!

dumplingbabe: Spider-hawk: Hmmm, so that means that there are 1 or 2 of them, right?

Spiderhawk: I’m not sure myself. No one has heard of them since…that time.

lst-my-shp-sil: That time? What happened?

Spider-hawk: I can’t speak of it anymore. There are too many ears that could hear us. They might have already found out! Ahh, what shall I do!

Dragadon Day #14

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

lst-my-shp-sil: What mistakes have the wizards made that they can barely fix?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (2 responses remaining)

lst-my-shp-sil: Do you know what happened with the others?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (1 response remaining)

lst-my-shp-sil: Why are so many acolytes ignored?

Dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet.
Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

The Seeking and Secrets
Dragadon Day #15

Call and response process initiated. You may ask five questions.

Calmwolf: Where should we start looking for the three books of magic?

Dragadon: That is something I cannot tell you in public.

lst-my-shp-sil: What tasks have been used in past years for the Seeking?

Dragadon: Previous tasks included:
* Quests to acquire specific items

  • Tests to indicate affinity and personality
  • Intricate puzzles
  • . . .

Calmwolf: Can you tell us later… in a more private area about where we may find these books - or well, where we should start searching

Dragadon: I cannot say this publicly.
(2 responses remaining.

Calmwolf: We recently found a note where someone wanted the finder to bring the books of magic to them. Any idea who it may be? [shows note “An Offer”]

Dragadon: I cannot say this publicly.
(1 response remaining.)

Tried to go to "Private Connection: Established"

lst-my-shp-sil: Can you tell us what you can’t say in public here?

Dragadon: This connection is unsafe.

Back to "Badge Hunters"

stella_vigo: can we get a book from the library?

Dragadon: Only those enrolled in one of the Schools of Magic can access the library.
Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Later that day @/lst-my-shp-sil was contacted by the Dragadon in regards to a post in the “Badge Hunters” thread.

lst-my-ship-sil: Yesterday, one of the mods said that they could get books out of the library. Perhaps the dragadon can do it too :eyes:

The Dragadon responded with this.

Dragadon: - You and I must speak. Privately. Bring your fellows and meet me here.

The Dragadon gave her a link to the hidden thread “Private Connection: Re-established”. She invited @/Calmwolf and @/redflower and they proceeded to talk in the new thread.

A Hidden Thread: Private Connection: Re-established

Info added later.

After this conversation @/lst-my-shp-sil decided to create a topic in the “Wishing Well” category asking for the Three Books of Unlimited Power.

(FOR THE ARG) Seeking the Three Books of Unlimited Power

To be added

Dragadon Day #16

Call and response process initiated. You may ask three questions.

LadyOfTheRiver: how do we find the books?

dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (2 responses remaining)

LadyOfTheRiver: how does one know if they have an affinity with magic?

dragadon: You have not asked the right question yet. (1 response remaining)

stella_vigo: @/dragadon What do you think of The Librarian?

You have not asked the right question yet. Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated. Please try again tomorrow.

Earlier that day @/merinnie went to close four threads and one of the mods (@/alcoholandcaffeine) who helped close it mentioned that the necromancer would be glad to have them. When one of these mods (@/FireAlwaysReturns) later showed up we, of course, had a conversation with her NPC persona (Sadria).

Conversation with Sadria

FireAlwaysReturns: My sacrifice didn’t do a thing. Of course. The amazing Necromancer is too good for all of our efforts. Hmpf.

LadyOfTheRiver: So you know them?

stella_vigo: you know last time, someone wanted to be sacrificed. not suggesting that we do, but…

FireAlwaysReturns: Know of them. Everyone knows of the Necromancer. They rarely leave their lair, though, so knowing them personally is next to impossible.

FireAlwaysReturns: You want to murder someone?

stella_vigo: No! I’m just saying

FireAlwaysReturns: uh-huh. Sure.

LadyOfTheRiver: can you at least give me a way to sacrifice myself to the void?

FireAlwaysReturns: Give you a way to die? Are you insane or something?

alcoholandcaffeine: What is dead may never die

LadyOfTheRiver: No. I mean sacrifice.

FireAlwaysReturns: Yeah, no. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a murderer. Nor will I help anyone be a murderer.

FireAlwaysReturns: I’m out. I don’t want anyone to see me talking about this and think the wrong things.

Dragadon Day #17

Call and response process initiate. You may ask three questions.

greekmyth: How does one know if they have magic? Does everyone have magic? sorry if this is a repeat question V

dragadon: Not everyone has magic. Only The Seeking can determine who has it and who does not. (2 responses remaining)

greekmyth: What happens if we don’t get chosen? What happens if we do?

dragadon: If you are not chosen, you will continue to live a magicless existences and all memories of The Seeking will be wiped from your mind. My master will have been wrong to choose you to help him. If you are chosen, you join the Order of Merlin as apprentices and are thus in a better position to help him. (1 response remaining)

greekmyth: Can one wield more than one type of magic?

dragadon: It is possible but rare. Dual-wielding is managed by only the most powerful wizards. In order to combine more than one type of magic, you must use collaborative spells. Maximum response limit reached. Call and response process terminated.

Dragadon Day #18

Call and response process initiated. You may ask five questions.

Calmwolf: Where and or when will the Seeking take place?

Dragadon: The Seeking takes place within the Order of Merlin on September 1st. (4 responses remaining)

Calmwolf: Do you or your master have any suggestions for what type of magic we might want/try and learn (from the three schools)?

Dragadon: My master is partial to Illusion, but for the purpose of balance, all three are equally important. The Seeking will decide which you are most attuned to, if you’re invited to participate. (3 responses remaining)

Redflower: What kind of magic will we be able to perform if we pass the seeking?

Dragadon: The Seeking will decide which magic you are most attuned to, if you are invited to participate. (2 responses remaining)

Luca: I found my wand, no thanks to you lot.

Dragadon: Program terminated.

Luca and Jordania

Luca: What are you all doing out here still? Tenebris has opened up. The Order of Merlin must really want new members.


Luca: I was… uh… looking for my wand…

Jordania: Gahhhhh, do you know how worried I was? I was searching for you everywhere!

Luca: Jordania, don’t you have studying to do?

Jordania: Um, Luca. It’s The Seeking already. You know how far behind we are for preparations?!?

Luca: Ah, damn. Don’t remind me. I was busy looking for my wand. Let’s hurry and go. Bye, all. See you later in Tenebris.

Jordania: Hey, wait up!
Ughhhhhh, Luca I swear you frustrate me to no end.
Bye… uh the rest of you.

The Dragadon later contacted @/Calmwolf and @/redflower telling them that since the security of Tenebris was strong, the Dragadon’s master would be unable to continue to speak regularly with us through him and that if the seeking was passed, his master would find a new way to communicate.

A new world

A new category called Tenebris got added.

“Tenebris is the hidden city where the Order of Merlin resides. Many seek to find it, but few are ever invited to enter. You are one of them.”

An invite

A thread appeared in Tenebris category, with a link for a quiz. Everyone who did a quiz got sorted into one of three academies of magic.

Academies of magic
Academy of Creation, Owlington

“Life always begins anew despite hard times.”

Academy of Destruction, Crowsquill

“Nothing which is created lasts forever."

Academy of Illusion, Larksong

“Who’s to say this very moment isn’t a dream?”

Luca and Jordania

Another conversation took place between these two in the “Towering Stars Tavern”.

astrophile: I could use a drink. Preparations took so long and there was even a mix up, too!

Note: this mix-up was the students of Crowsquill mistakenly being given access to the Owlington common room

JJJ000YYY: Why’d you run off like that! I still need your help! Don’t think that disappearing so long will get you out of duties.

astrophile: Jordania, leave me alone for one second, will you? The universe won’t explode if we don’t get to tasks this second.

JJJ000YYY: Um, do you know what I’ve been through? I want a break too, Luca.

astrophile: No, Jordania. Enlighten me, why don’t you?

JJJ000YYY: You know “I’m Elder”? She’s been nagging at me non-stop. Telling me to study then we have to prepare for today and I obviously spent the majority of that time just searching for you. No way am I going to be doing work. It’s too boring.

astrophile: Jordania, how many times do I have to tell you not to call your mentor that? We’re lucky enough already to even have mentors. Well, I mean… I guess your family made sure of that. If you’re not going to work, then neither am I. I’ll sit here until the tavern closes.

JJJ000YYY: Ugggghhhhh, if you don’t do work then I won’t eitherrrrrr.

astrophile: then who the heck is going to make sure the new students know what they’re doing?

JJJ000YYY: Wisp, duhhh.

astrophile: That urban legend people keep talking about around the academies? You must be kidding. Wisp isn’t real. There hasn’t been a reported sighting of her in weeks.

JJJ000YYY: You never know! She might just come and save all of us from working for the rest of our lives.

astrophile: Ugh, if only. If she did that, I’d believe she’s real for sure.

JJJ000YYY: Will you pleasssssssseeeeeeeee come back. I don’t want to do boring things alone.

astrophile: Okay, fiine , but you need to help me with being a group leader, too. You know I’m not good with people like you are, Jordania.

JJJ000YYY: Deal! Now let’s go!

astrophile: Okay, okay, I’m following you. Let’s get this over with.

In the Crowsquil Common Room

A conversation took place between Sadria and @/lst-my-shp-sil in the Crowsquill common room.

lst-my-shp-sil: Do you know if Dragadon’s master is the Great Wizard?

FireAlwaysReturns: Who is Dragadon?

lst-my-shp-sil: He’s a hologram. His master is one of the unknown users, and he is partial to Illusion. His master also said that he’s our willing guide.

FireAlwaysReturns: I don’t know them

lst-my-shp-sil: Oh, okay. Would you happen to know the location of the book of Destruction?

FireAlwaysReturns: I’m only an aco-…acoprentice? Hm. I don’t know a lot

lst-my-shp-sil: What do you know about the three books of magic? Surely they tell you some things… :eyes:

FireAlwaysReturns: Err… From what I heard the apprentices say, the Three Books of Unlimited Power are very old, there’s one per School, and if you use them together, it’s bad.

lst-my-shp-sil: Really? I heard it could restore balance

dumplingbabe: Do you know where the book of destruction is? Since were students of destruction, would we be able to get our hands on it?

FireAlwaysReturns: I’m only an acolyte somehow mistakenly turned into an apprentice who doesn’t know a lot. Well, I know a lot about my plant, Happyria, but that’s about it

lst-my-shp-sil: Mistakenly? You must have been a great acolyte to become an apprentice! Why would you think it was a mistake?

FireAlwaysReturns: It’s just… wrong. I failed the seeking for so many years. How did I pass this time? It makes no sense

lst-my-shp-sil: Maybe you just did a great job in the Seeking. I mean, what other explanation could there be? Question: What do apprentices get that acolytes don’t? What’s the difference? :sweat_smile:

FireAlwaysReturns: Acolytes are… well, we’re nothing, really. We get a small wand with which we can do the most basic, simple spells, but it’s limited so we can’t go further. We’re not allowed to learn anything but mundane information such as history and reading/writing. All the magic, all the actual learning, is up to the apprentices. All acolytes get to do is fetch books for them and get them tea.

lst-my-shp-sil: You get to learn all that magic now, right? Since you’re an apprentice?

FireAlwaysReturns: I… I guess so

lst-my-shp-sil: Doesn’t the book of destruction contain unlimited destruction magic? Do you think apprentices could access it or maybe learn specific spells from it?

FireAlwaysReturns: Something tells me that those books are hidden on purpose. Since, you know, unlimited destruction . Imagine what’d happen if I gave that to Happyria. She’d transform herself into a giant version and eat the world in one bite

lst-my-shp-sil: True, true. If someone hid them though, then that means someone – or multiple people --know their location. Do you know anyone who might have hidden them? Any powerful Destruction wizards?

FireAlwaysReturns: I’ll give you three guesses to the most powerful destruction wizard. Hint: their name starts with ‘G’ and ends with ‘reat Wizard’

lst-my-shp-sil: Of course :joy: Do you think he might know where the book is?

FireAlwaysReturns: Probably :woman_shrugging: But they’re too busy to deal with apprentices

lst-my-shp-sil: Too busy to deal with apprentices? Don’t apprentices know a lot of magic? Why would the Great Wizard ignore them?

FireAlwaysReturns: We’re apprentices because we don’t know a lot of magic

lst-my-shp-sil: When apprentices learn a lot of magic, do they become full fledged wizards?

FireAlwaysReturns: I mean… I think? It’s a process that takes a lot of time

lst-my-shp-sil: Mm probably. sigh If the Great Wizard knows where the book of destruction is but it’ll take years to even talk to him, I don’t know how we can find the book ;-;

FireAlwaysReturns: Why are you so obsessed with finding the book?

lst-my-shp-sil: An unknown user told us that they were our willing guide. They said if we find the books and bring it to them, we’ll get rewarded. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I should trust them…

FireAlwaysReturns: An unknown individual approached you, asking for the three potentially most powerful artefacts in the world?

lst-my-shp-sil: …you’re right. I should probably do some more investigating on who he is. Apparently he’s a master of the hologram I mentioned earlier, but the hologram refuses to tell us exactly who his master is. It looks a little fishy :eyes:

lst-my-shp-sil: Do you think I should still try to find the books?

FireAlwaysReturns: You can try, but they’re probably hidden well. You’re better off focusing on your studies

lst-my-shp-sil: Ah, okay. Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

On Orientation and five hours of hummingbird juice

Luca (@/astrophile) appeared in Towering Stars Tavern asking Jordania (@/JJJ000YYY) and Lisa (@/Spider-Hawk) if they sent invitations for the Orientation.

Luca: Did either of you send out invitations for the orientation yet?

Jordania: What invitations?

Luca: You know… the invitations so everyone knows what times it’s happening and where… Don’t tell me you forgot, Jordania!

Lisa: They haven’t been sent out yet? I thought you were taking care of it.

Jordania: Er… Oh… Yeah. I didn’t do them yet.

Luca: I thought Jordania was signed up to do it. I have more important things to be handling. Like learning how to be a people person. These things don’t happen overnight.
What have you been doing, Jordania? I hope you haven’t been sneaking in another nap. You already had two naps today.

Jordania: What? I thought everyone was helping for this!
Lisa, please don’t tell me I was supposed to do everything.

Lisa: Oh, it won’t matter how well you do with others if no one comes to the orientation.

Jordania: Pffft, naps? What naps? I only had THREE HOURS OF SLEEP AND FIVE HOURS OF HUMMINGBIRD JUICE. I’m fine. I don’t need sleep. I’m awesome. I’m great.

Luca: My students will be there but I don’t know about yours.

Lisa: Dear me, I though you and Luca were doing it together! Well, now we’ve got to do something about this.

Luca: Jordania… I’ve never said this before but… I am concerned now. Can’t we postpone the orientation? Do we really need to do it tomorrow?

Jordania: Idea. We just shout reaaaally loudly for people to come. Like tomorrow around noon is all they need to know right?
It’s not like we can… uh… Wait, can we?

Lisa: I don’t know if we can. All the teachers wanted us to have it tomorrow. There might not be time to do later.

Luca: Jordania, please, we’re in a loud public place. Who would even hear us here?
Your mentor keeps pushing the deadline on everyone. Can’t you just tell her to chill?

Jordania: Uhhhh, really nosy people? Give me a breaaaaak. I’m barely functioning.
Er, I tried bribing her once. It didn’t work.

Lisa: What if some students are getting supplies for their studies? We just need to find a way to tell them tonight.

Luca: I guess we could tell one student and see if the rest find out through them? People talk with each other, right? I don’t get the whole… socializing thing.

Jordania: Uh uh uh, we… create a message… in the sky. Boom. Great. Flashy. And hard to miss.

lst-my-shp-sil: Tomorrow at noon, right? :wink:

Luca: You! Deliver a message to the other students, would you?
Is this how you talk to people?

lst-my-shp-sil: No problem

Lisa: Come on now, we’re all doing a lot to get this whole thing together. We can do this much, at least.

Jordania: Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I don’t want tooooooooooooo.

lst-my-shp-sil: People are really excited about the orientation. And when people are excited, word spreads fast!

Lisa: Oh, would you please! I would hate for anyone to miss it.

Luca: Okay, I think I solved the issue.
Lisa, Jordania, you two owe me… something. I’m not sure what exactly but I feel like I proved something .

Jordania: I can give you money. Not sleep though. Wait, can you buy sleep?

Luca: Jordania, no. Did you at least get everything ready like you promised? I can’t have you leaving early and dumping your workload on me.

Lisa: Well, a few people know about it now. Maybe we could post a sign here on the wall in case others come. That’s not too hard to do

Luca: Did you write out what you’re going to say tomorrow? Also, do you know if your mentor will be there? My mentor won’t be able to make it.

Jordania: I HAVEN’T HEARD THE END OF IT. She’s been asking me about which outfit to wear for like five hours. I think she’s going. It seems like she is.

Luca: My mentor wants nothing to do with it. They already gave me a notecard with all the information I should say on it and that was all they said about it.

Jordania: I’ve been editing and editing and editing and editing AND EDITING. I’m going nuts here. I can’t stand her perfectionism. Can we trade mentors?

Lisa: Do you need any help with anything? I can stick around to make sure we have everything all set. Void knows that we don’t want things to go wrong like that dreadful year.

lst-my-shp-sil: Hey, you said the orientation is going to happen tomorrow at noon. Which timezone? o.o

Jordania: I think it’s a center… Center time? Time center?

lst-my-shp-sil: Central time?

Jordania: Yeahhhhh. That’s the bingo.
Great. Okay, I just finished leaving a note on the clock. Hopefully people notice.

Jordania: You seem to have an easier time with your mentor. You don’t understand my plighhhht.

Lisa: Well, you can’t be sure. I haven’t had my mentor too long, but the things people say about him make me wary.

Jordania: Destruction students just go pew pew, right? Can’t be that hard. Illusion students just go woosh woosh. And then there’s Luca.

Lisa: Well, we can see about that some other time. I’d best be going to make sure everything is all set. You should, too, and then get some sleep!

Then, Orientation happened where we learned each academy’s motto and we got to ask some questions.
Orientation thread

The Greenhouse

A new location emerged in the city of Tenebris, where you can come to hang out with Sadria and her plants. Just be careful, they might bite off your nose.

Fat Cat Shrine

Another new location emerged where everyone can come and make a wish. :sparkles:

ARG Timeline
Date Event Link
August 5 New badge “Order of Merlin” appears, followed by three more badges “:black_heart:, :skull_and_crossbones:, :sparkles:”. @/astrophile (NPC: Luca) and @/JJJ000YYY (NPC: Jordania) hint about the new ARG. post
August 14 First NPC, Dragadon, appears and offers answers if the right question is asked. (Comes every day to Badge Hunters and answers three questions.) post
August 18 Another NPC, The Necromancer, appears and @/lst-my-shp-sil tries to contact them. The Necromancer gets angry.
August 18 @/Calmwolf is PMed by the Dragadon and shown the thread “Private Connection: Established”. (not for public)
August 25 A link in Coding 101 is found to lead to a secret website. The password to open it is “August” and it reveals a hidden message. message
August 25 A link in The Magical Library is found to lead to a hidden thread. thread
August 27 Another link in Coding 101 leading to a website protected by password. This time, password was “The Seeking”. Link led to another hidden thread. thread
August 29 The Dragadon gave @/lst-my-shp-sil a link to the hidden thread “Private Connection: Re-established”. (not for public)
August 31 New category called Tenebris appears. category
September 1 A thread appears in the new category, asking everyone to do the quiz and get sorted into one of three academies of magic. ARG officially begins. thread

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