EMERGENCY!! looking for beta readers ASAP!!

Hi! Are you interested in beta reading a fantasy YA novel? If so, here is the summary:

She will not spill the blood of her own. Or will she?

With her entire kingdom against her, Nyraen Qaudri, the princess of Ethele is forced to choose between herself or her siblings. After her mother tainted her as a child, Nyraen, a Scar born of natural magic, would do anything to prove herself worthy of the throne. However, her recent mistake to spare the Crimson Witches only leaves her on the King’s bad side.

She is exiled.

Alone in the vast kingdom with her siblings allied against her, Nyraen has one last chance to prove herself. But an unexpected visitor, her childhood enemy, Prince Erys of Belwick, interrupts her mission. With no choices left, Nyraen is forced to make a shaky alliance with the Mortal prince to save his friend from the hands of the witches and bring down their lair. The difference between history and truth, a grave or a crown, blurs as Nyraen asks herself the most important question of all.

How much will she be willing to give up for herself?


Please write below whether you will be interested. I will dm you with the google docs share link! I will also include any other info if needed. I really need to get this done so I can send it off to agents. I would greatly appreciate your help.

If there is anything i can help you with, please let me know! I will try my best. Thank you.

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I’d be interested, although I’m not fully sure how beta reading works. What would be expected of me, exactly?

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I’d just expect you to read my book and give me comments on it as you go. You would basically read it as a normal reader would and check for any plot holes, character development, progress and all that sorts of things.

(I would also appreciate if you could write short summarized reviews after reading each chapter or every 2-3 chapters to give me an overview of what I need to fix!)

If you would like, I can dm you my book link. I’d really appreciate if you can finish as soon as possible (no rush but yes rush haha because agenting is a longer process and I’d really love to get opinions of first time readers but I don’t want this to take forever at the same time). So please let me know!! thank you sm for ur interest btw

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Yeah, I can give it a shot. Send it to me.

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I can do it, I’ve beta read before. but i’m insufferably critical so if you don’t have thick skin… probably don’t pick me lol

Oh no, that’s great. Sending you the link now!

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sent u the link through dms :blush:

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thanks! sorry for the late reply, I work nights so i had to catch some z’s, but I’ll open it up tonight.

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Id be willing to take a look at it. :slight_smile:

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sent u the link!

this is still open!

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