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To make this very short and sweet, I have a royal character name Demetrius (if you know, you know) and I need a brand new character goal and motivation for this dude.

The question: What is a good story for a royal prince whose is the heir to not only his house, but is also line to inherit one of the thrones of Alagossia?

I have a story that I MIGHT post online. The only gripe I have is where to post it where I can gain a decent amount of feedback/readership/comments/views.

Yes, I am asking, why am I asking because honestly my ideas and old plans suck.

I shall return much later, just keep the comments flowing.


Lol, 5his I would research the issues with putting one royal from one nation on another’s throne that’s happened s lot in Europe.

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Two things that I have to mention is that this story needs to be an epic-ish adventure with plenty of action and some magical powers.

No, you still keep all of that, but just get a feel for how thai started wars and divided the people from their kings, things like that. This won’t be heavy immersion into history, just getting highlights for some do the dynamics.

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Very interesting. :thinking:

There needs to be title for this story.
As soon I get something.

I just brainstormed like crazy. Here’s something for ya. Some old-school epic quest story.

Bring on some horrible devastating disaster that needs some powerful ancient magic to get rid of it. That magic is supposedly in a faraway land but the way there is treacherous. Demetrius will have to take his best men or women and ride to this land in search of the magic. He will be tested in ways he never thought before.

To make the journey even more interesting, there’s a few disgruntled soldiers among them who are plotting to assassinate Demetrius and on the way, the party is attacked multiple times but it’s not clear who the attackers work for.

Everyone becomes suspicious of each other.

Then you have to have some murder or horrible thing that frames Demetrius. The people start to doubt him. As the heir, he has to prove them it wasn’t him and find the culprit, and he has to prove himself worthy to the throne.

There will be lots of magic battles along the way because the prince has many enemies far and wide, and some of his own soldiers are trying to kill him. When they get to the powerful ancient magic, the big evil appears and everyone is tested.

At the end, the soldiers that were trying to kill him should be found out and be dead (even more interesting if one of the bad soldiers was Demetrius’ trusted friend). And during the final battle, Demetrius rekindles trust among his people and has a brave fight. He will be victorious and return with the power to save his kingdom that was starting to doubt he would ever return. Then he is crowned king.

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Hear me out, the one thing I would change is having the epic quest story set in a science-fantasy world.

Other than that, I greatly LOVE the idea!
Thanks, @TheTigerWriter.

Also, having Demetrius an imperial heir of a nation again sounds great…again. LOL!

I am going to copy and paste the idea to use it for my latest WIP for Alagossia.

Once again, thanks a bunches!

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Anybody else?!

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