Epic Battle Game ⚔️ Epic battle for your characters! 🛡️ (SUBMISSION OPEN FOR THE ANNIVERSARY ROUND)



      About us?

Welcome to Epic Battle game! I am @Crimson_Scythe and usually called Crimson or Crim, the founder and head moderator of the community! ^-^

Epic Battle Game (EBG for short) is a community for interactive game for everyone’s characters, where we fight for competition and to have fun with many different author! This is not just for character development but to see our characters shine, to test their skill and power in our massive crossover!

Each several months, a new round comes, with different setting and plot, with different requirements and to fight different enemies. Check the current story, your characters, and watch them fight with another character from different story, or even to face the super special original boss battles from EBG itself!

Our game continue to evolve through the years. After the old Wattpad forum closed, the game resurrect to a fresh new universe where many excitement awaits! Each round, each month, the system and the gameplay continue to improve for even greater experience. Everyone’s input and ideas can help us to make us better. So don’t be shy to try playing here and express your opinion to the community! Everyone welcomed here, not just to play the game but to socialize, making friends and having fun!

All in all, in behalf of the community, we welcome you to Epic Battle Game!


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  1. Follow the official Code of Conduct of the forum.

  2. Respect each other, whether they be the players, moderators, or visitors of the community. The golden rule is to treat others the way you want you to get treated.

  3. No trolling! We do allow and welcome jokes, banter, memes, or any silly chat, but a malicious form of trolling that disturbed the community will be reported!

  4. No roleplaying! Writing scenes of your characters interacting with another characters along with their dialogues are okay, having a banter and jokes about how the characters interact with each other are welcomed, developing your characters to see how they fare in the story is supported, but please remember that EBG by itself is not a roleplay, but interactive game. EBG meant to be for friendly competition and discussion about our characters, which include getting into their personality and perspective, even creating dialogues and quotes, but not for an actual roleplay. A little bit of roleplay is okay, just don’t get overboard.

  5. Most importantly, be friendly and respectful! :smile:



Additional disclaimer about our content rating


A little disclaimer that even though the forum is usually PG13 in general, EBG aimed more to teenage and young adult. Our contents may sometimes include:

  • Fantasy Violence: Including the standard violence rating. Since we’re mainly focused on fantasy battles and such actions, any form of combat is possible here, from actual fighting, use of weaponry, magic, worldwide destruction, etc.

  • Blood and Gore: It goes without saying that when there’s people fighting and dying, things like this bound to happen sometimes. The severity depends on the context of the story, which includes many brutal depiction of character’s death.

  • Crude Humor: As characters interacts in many possible situations, much like in the real world, sometimes our sense of humor can go off the scale. You can’t expect everyone to be polite with well-mannered language in the battlefield.

  • Mild Language: Realistically, people use strong languages sometimes. That’s just natural and it can’t be avoided, much like on the real world. Depending on the characters, we can go from a bit of cursing to extreme level of profanity.


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      What is EBG?

EBG is an interactive game where everyone can submit their own characters!

To simply summarized EBG… Have you ever seen a discussion on the internet about who would win between two fictional characters from two different stories? EBG was originally born from such communities, but gradually evolved into something even better. We share our characters and to see them interact in a massive crossover story, instead just about fighting.

However, the process can be complicated or even daunting for new players, which is why the training ground exist, so newbies can play the tutorial first before jumping to the battlefield.

Anyway, here’s the rules of the game, including how to play the game, what to do and what to expect before you play the game. This serve as our primary guideline in the game.



The basic summary of our rules and how to play the game!
  • You can play the game by submitting a character! Before you make your character form, make sure to check the Power Level Measurement guideline on the next post below this one. Each round has their own levels, because there’s a round for ordinary peoples, a round for legendary fighters, a round for godly beings, and many more possible rounds!

  • You know a new round is up when we posted a ROUND INTRO! A round intro will introduce you to a brand new story, as each round has independent setting. Each round has their own story, plot, theme, requirements, and such unique features. Each round usually last for about a month or two. Usually, players only submit one character per round, but exception apply, such as for example, a round for couples or a round for a whole team. You can submit the same character, or choose a different character for another round, depending on the demand of the round. Because we have multiple rounds in a year, then we suggest to choose your character carefully, to decide which one to submit for which round.

  • A guideline for making our character form can be found in Character Form Template which also include some lengthy explanation to help you understanding what you need add to your form. Newcomer might struggle on their first attempt, but that’s okay. Just remember that we use our forms as our official reference to our characters, which mean, we discuss based on what information provided there. This is why a lackluster form would create disadvantage, because, even though your character is canonically able to destroy the world, slain gods, wield forbidden magic, would always resurrect themselves, even got plot armor or such abilities, they cannot be added to the game unless you explain them properly on their ability section. (The same applied to their weaponry section, and any other combat-related aspects of your characters)

  • In each games, we might nerf and buff the characters as much as we need to. A nerf is weakening our character if they’re too OP and a buff is to strengthen our characters if they’re not strong enough. The modification procedure will occur AFTER the round is opened, and will begin as soon as someone submit a character form on the game, as we will do our best to make the said characters acceptable to the round. A moderator or veteran player can help you with nerf and buffing, in according to the requirements of the current EBG round.

  • This is obvious, but you can’t steal copyrighted characters. Which mean, if you make a fanfic of Harry Potter, you can submit your OC but don’t submit the actual Harry Potter characters. Same case with any other stories, may it be video game or anime. Your characters need to be your own characters made by yourself.

  • As soon as submission period ended and all characters are accepted to the game, then we will begin to battle! The gameplay depends on the round, which ranges from a 1v1 matchup (PvP) or a battle royale, perhaps we instead teaming up against the NPC of the game, or any other possible mode. Everyone may discuss as they please later, regarding their strategy, how their characters would interact with each other, among other topics.

  • The moderator of the game will write a battle scene based for each part of the game, where we would depict the fight and the talk among many more events on the story. The writing will be based not only on our discussion, but using our character forms as our reference. The moderators may also decide the fate of your characters, whether they will survive or die, whether they would win or lose. Many things will be considered, so it’s not only about their personality and power but also the circumstance on the settings. Sometimes, some characters might be eliminated, but sometimes, even when they’re defeated, they might still exist in the story, and might return back to the game. Everything depend on the round, because each stories are different.

  • The bosses of the game, usually are the biggest villains on the story, are created and played by the head moderator. Each bosses are original to EBG and does not belong to any books out there, because each of them are designed to fit into the game, to specifically fill the need of the round, including to be a great challenge for our characters. There might be multiple bosses on the game, such as mini boss (may also be called as the mid boss or sub boss) and of course the final boss, as the final battle of the round.

  • The final boss battle is usually the ending of the game, and at the end of the round, we will wrap up everything, explaining and analyzing many factors in each events and how they turned that way. We will also reward the best characters as the champions of the game, and each round has their own unique system for the championship, as each rounds has their own methods to measure their points. Some rounds might prioritize their involvement in the story, some would account their score in battles, among many more factors. Sometimes we will go against our habit and formula, such as picking more champs than the usual, or giving different rewards. This is done not only to prevent our games from being predictable, but also necessary because every characters of every stories may deserve to be appreciated in their own way.

  • All in all, remember that this is just a game. It’s all for fun. While being beaten might hurt, and losing might be disappointing, take it as a learning. Beside, each rounds might favor different type of characters. You might not win this time, but you might win another one. Some players would lose many rounds before they can finally be the champion. Because we can’t have everyone keep winning all the time. In the end, just be respectful and keep the competition healthy.



That’s all for the basic rules of EBG! For veteran players that wish to review our gameplay guideline, please check the link below, that serve as the codex of the game.

Please ask our mods or veteran players if you got more questions!

Good luck and hope you’ll enjoy the game! :blush:


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In our game, and in any game ever, there’s always a way to measure how powerful are the characters. Since this is not a video game, we cannot just use numbers to measure damage and such stats, which is why there’s something called the “power level” as measurement.

The power level meant to be classification on the current level of power, including our characters, or any characters on the round. Which mean, a power level exist as guideline to makes sure nothing went too OP for the game. Which also mean, how powerful your characters can be, that also depend on the maximum allowed power level.

Usually, the most typical measurement of power level is via damage measurement. You might heard of terms such as “planet busting” before, and it’s one way to measure damage. For example, piercing through tanks, breaking boulders, that’s just few among countless options to measure damages. You can compare it to nukes, grenades, missiles, lightning, volcanoes, tsunami, meteors, and many more disasters that you can imagine. On lower power level, we usually just compare things with firearms, sword slash, car crash incident, and such attacks that are more achievable even by normal human being. These are what known as “damage measurement” and what we often use on our game to measure how much damage that their power can cause.

Also, here’s our latest standard of power level based on damage measurement, explained in summarized, simple graph with explanation for each categories.



[   Click here for the full size of the graphic!   ]


Explanation of each tier and deeper understanding of the system

Power level is usually measured through damage measurement, which mean, how much damage that they can cause, or how much damage that they can withstand.

VERY LOW are the lowest possible point in the system, represented by ordinary, average peoples with no superpowers, or compared to weak fantasy creatures. Using magic and such abilities are still possible here, but the threat that you can cause should be nothing more than merely common tools, which mean, the damage that you may cause, are no more spectacular than feats of household objects, such as stabbing someone with a kitchen knife, burning papers with a lighter, and alike. Attacks comparable to guns and explosives are too OP here and belong on a higher power level. This is why, the “Very Low” tier is usually too low for any characters ever, unless if we’re talking about powerless peoples.

LOW is a step higher, but can still be easily achieved by normal human beings, even in the real world. This feats often seen in action movies, typically done by martial artist that could break doors and deal some damage to your furniture. The threat level is comparable to someone with weapons and adept skills in combat, or an inexperienced person with dangerous armaments such as guns and grenades. Characters that befit this tier are usually common warriors, may they be swordsman or archer, among those who’s capable on taking down peoples and animals.

AVERAGE LOW is borderline superhuman, or at least, peoples with the right equipment to achieve this level of destruction. An example of real world figures would be a modern day soldier with a great deal of weaponries, such as the anti-tank rocket launcher, for example. The most obvious difference compared to the previous tier is the fact that peoples on this level can blow vehicles to pieces, cut down trees at ease, even breaking boulders or damaging such durable construct. Guns still belong here, because bullets travel in high velocity, and even for people on this level, moving past the speed of sound is still impressive. Characters on this tier are usually distinguishable from commoners, but still far from godlike, as such feats can be achieved even by the basic of supernatural powers.

AVERAGE might actually be higher than your expectation, because this is NOT the average for commoners, and more like the average of superheroes. We reached a point where car crash would barely felt like anything, because even tanks might be blown away! This power level is shortly known as “building busting” because this is great for those kind of scenes in movies where skyscrapers are collapsing amidst the battle, while missiles firing down here and there, and monsters roaming around the city. The highest possible damage on this power level is sinking battleships, because it would took more effort than demolishing buildings, but still realistically possible.

AVERAGE HIGH is when even superhumans might struggle to survive. At this point, we’re dealing with things that can wipe the whole city or even threatening an entire country. Such threats are easily comparable to nuclear blast, though it doesn’t meant that you really need to nuke the battlefield. This kind of round welcomes natural disasters, from tornado to tsunami, earthquake to volcanic eruption, among many more possible catastrophe. This round is best reserved for legendary mages, divine beings, demon lords, huge monsters, among many more powerful entities that can wipe out an entire civilization in a day or less. Characters of this level are most often appeared in anime, video game, comic books, or action genres in general.

HIGH is the point where godlike characters are starting to get acceptable. We reached such fearsome height where legendary figures from mythologies begin to show themselves and jump into the fray, where slaying giants become something feasible. From this level and onward, destroying the world become possibility, because at this point, even nukes doesn’t seems to scary anymore. The best of natural, real world event to measure this power level would be meteors, because we’re talking about something that can damage the landscape of the earth, and not just the buildings anymore. This power level is often referred as “blowing mountains” but always be careful when you say that, because size matter. A mountain might be just a large mount that can be ruined easily, and is totally different than something like the Everest of Himalaya, that is larger than most of cities. Another measurement is destroying islands, but only the small ones.

VERY HIGH is the peak of global warfare, because we’re talking about things that can wipe the whole continent, or threaten the other side of the globe. We reached a point that cannot be replicated by real world phenomena, because both of manmade technologies and natural disaster can hardly fit into this category. Behold, outstanding feats where the lands and oceans might be torn apart, sky opened and the moon might fell down! This round is reserved for godly characters, also a point where only the strongest of superheroes and supervillains would survive. However, this doesn’t meant that you can just blow the planet. Oh, that’s for another tier…

SUPER HIGH is something that most of characters cannot reach, and can only be reached by the most of powerful beings. Either that, or we’re talking about stories where planetary destruction is common, such as a certain type of shonen anime. This is the terminal point for earthly battles, and often used as the climax of an action story, where the world might literally get destroyed. Such feats is impossible to be done by mankind, unless in science fiction where antimatter weapons exist, or you can just use spaceships to blow the earth. Because the round requirement is so extremely high, we rarely do this power level, or anything beyond.

HYPER HIGH might sounds similar to the previous level, but realistically, this is a whole different category. Taking example of real world scientific events, meteors that can blow the earth, cannot even deal a significant damage to Jupiter because how big it is. We reached a point where getting hit by asteroids are only ouchies, and get showered by solar storm is not the worst day ever. This power level is where we accept planet busting while watching on a supernova, because even such celestial destruction is welcomed. Best example of something OP here would be a black hole.

ULTIMATE is the zenith of the game, and is the highest maximum power level of EBG! This is not longer about saving the earth, but already about fighting for the universe. We reached a point where intergalactic war can be wage by just two individuals. This is where godly beings become ordinary peoples. We’re no longer talking about natural disaster such as meteors, but already about the impossible phenomena in physics, where time and space might be broken, reality might be collapsing, and all that exist might be gone. We never ever reached such round before, but if we ever, EVER tried playing this one, then it’s likely gonna happen only once in many years.

UNLIMITED is where power level doesn’t matter anymore. This should not be mistaken as the highest power level of the game, neither should be considered as something higher than the ultimate round. “Unlimited” is a special round without power level, and this is only possible when there’s no story to be told. Which mean, it’s basically just a simulation where we can throw whatever characters that we wanted, without caring about the gameplay. The only round where we do this is the “Screw Round” which is where we just have fun, not writing any story, not having any setting, just tossing whoever we wanted. There’s no power level, and there’s no story of the round, or any other requirements of the game. This kind of round is done just for messing around, a stress-free opportunity to do whatever that we wanna do.

We usually carefully measure the power level of the round, so it’s time for us to talk more about measuring the power level, because even small things might be problematic.

Remember, what considered as “OP” (overpowered) for the game depend on the round and the setting. In a realistic story, such as medieval society with no modern technology, where people cannot use magic, where there’s no legendary beings such as dragons and titans, then godlike characters that can nuke the cities would be ridiculously overkill for the game. However, in a whole different story where there are characters that can summon meteors or such disaster while deities are fighting here and there, then nuking the place is acceptable.

This means, just because your characters are too weak to be in “Average” does not mean they sucks. Meanwhile, just because your characters are deemed to be godlike, almost unbeatable on the canon story, and considered as the most terrifying entity in the world, does not mean that they cannot enter the game, because it’s entirely depend on what kind of round that we’re having here.

There’s many more ways to measure the power level, and not just through damage measurement, because not every abilities need to be damaging. For example, speed is also an important stats beside strength and durability. Supersonic characters in anything below “Average” would be way too OP, but they would be pretty norm in “High” or beyond. People usually measure their speed based on Mach, and the speed of sound is 1 Mach. On Average to High, you can go between supersonic or hypersonic, maybe even faster, depend on whether your character focused on speed or other stats. The speed of lightning is way too fast for even High, so you can try going one step below, such as meteoric speed. If that’s still too fast, try ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) that said to be around Mach 20. Just try to avoid lightspeed until you reached the point between High to Very High, at least. Also, any of these speed are only OP if they’re used badly. When used realistically, even supersonic on low power level is acceptable, because bullets travel faster than sounds.

The most problematic are those that cannot be measured by damage measurement or stats, such as for example, manipulating mind or devouring souls. In order to make it fair, use the defense of your opponents as the damage measurement. For example, if this is an “Average” round, then you can easily control the powerless, average peoples, but would struggle against superhuman characters, meanwhile godly beings would be too strong for you to influence. The higher the power level, the more loose it is. On lower power level, abilities that can instantly kill others regardless of their durability would be banned, but on a higher power level, we might see a deity of death reaping the lives of the whole country at ease.

The same rule applies to any other magical effects that can bypass through stats. They’re typically known as “hax” which mean they’re cheating, such as that, a holy sword that can kill any undead doesn’t matter how powerful they are. A similar term would be “absolutes” that often get mistaken as a hax, but is actually not a cheat. For example, if you got an unbreakable shield, perhaps it would not be hax if it makes sense, such as that they’re made from physically unbreakable material, but they’re susceptible to certain magic, certain elements, or other measures. In summary, a hax means that you’re just plain out cheating, but might be legally allowed depend on what limitations that you give them, such as able to stop time for only once in a battle. The absolutes are more about something that cannot be bargained, but are not cheat, such as that your character is made from flame, so they’re immune to flame, which makes sense. Though of course, whether the said hax or absolutes are accepted to the game, it depend on the round, because they might still get nerfed anyway.

Measuring power level is not easy, but remember that the mods would always be ready to help you, because we will review your characters, then we’ll see what to do to make them acceptable to the game. In one more tip that I can give, is to always be ready to compromise, to modify your characters, because not everything need to be accurate to the canon story.

Anyway, I think that’s all for our quick lesson about the power level! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



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Every game need a moderator, the same with our game!

Our game can be a rather complicated sometimes and it’s not easy to manage everything, from the submission of the players and their interaction with each other, not to mention writing the battle scenes and deciding the result of the matches. Sometimes conflicts and other issues arise, which is why moderator exist to keep everything in the community in check.

So, who’s part of the modding team? They’re veteran of the game, with some of them being one of the most earliest players, when it all begins. Some of these moderators are inactive or been retired, however to honor their deeds, their name remain here as part of our family.


      Head Moderator



      Senior Moderator

@ImperialSun (Retired)

@litericy (Active)

@Shadowdrakon99 (Inactive)

@BookRyt (Inactive)

@KaiserCross (Active)

@FutureStories123 (Inactive)

@thegreatcycle (Inactive)

@ZacKember (Inactive)

@Aero_Gottesbesitz (Retired)

@Jaydee (Active)

@Lotus (Retired)

@Maverick (Active)


      Trainee Moderator:

@Flame (Inactive)

@NightFright136 (Active)


What are mods and what we’re doing? What’s our job? How to be a mod? Wanna learn more about how we work, how we manage the game, and to help us?

Click the button below to read our guideline!

Further information regarding the moderator duty

EBG is lead by the head moderator, who would handle everything, as leader and founder of the game, while any other moderator would handle specified job, or just to be helpful to the community in general. A veteran players can become a moderator under a trainee system, which then they could graduate into a senior moderator with jobs to do.

Any other moderator are trained veteran players that’s seasoned with our past rounds, as their experience may help to guide the newbie to start the game, and to help with any modding duties regarding the game. Those that played our game long enough will get used to the system, and thus may help to improve our game.

Everyone can help with the game, including a player, not only with the discussion, but also doing voting or in general sharing their opinion. A moderator however got a further authority to directly support the game, such as reviewing the submissions, beta testing the future rounds, and managing much more sector of the gameplay.

To be a mod, you’re first entered as a trainee mod. Right now we don’t have an official training system yet, so their duties are mainly just assisting the game and given tasks as tests. Any players can apply to be a trainee mod once they’re experienced enough with the game. The standard is to play through three rounds, however in special occasion, someone could be accepted as a moderator if they displayed the right skill and talent in the job. Once you’re experienced enough, you’ll be given the standard mod rank.

Normal mods got the authority to nerf and buff to the submission, however they still need to report their job to the head moderator, on what nerf and buff applied, and whether the characters already acceptable to the game or not. A moderator is also allowed to beta test the future round, and to discuss the plot of the story with the head mod, including helping with the design the boss characters. They might assist the head mod in many more endeavor, depending on our agreement. If they’re feeling like starting their own round, they can even do that! :wink: (With my approval, of course)

Finally, the head moderator of the game is the leader, the founder of the game itself. My responsibility is not just the game, but the community itself, including any issues presented on the community. The head moderator is usually also the one to post the official stuff, such as the round intro, the battle scenes, the result analysis, and alike. Any other moderator could help with the game, but only a head moderator could create and modify the system and rules of the game.

And most importantly…

Keep in mind that we’re not perfect, we’re not an all-knowing almighty beings, we could be wrong, our judgement could be incorrect, our analysis could be inaccurate ruling, and such mistakes. We’re just human. We got our skills, we to got our weakness.

We value everyone equally. While we do favor some characters over another depend on the plot and the concept of the round, everyone have the same status of the game. Just because someone is a moderator, they’ll not gain a special privilege to have higher winning chance against non-mods. This includes the head moderator, that could have lose his battle just like anyone else. The game should be fair for all.

And everyone, regardless moderator or player, are encourage to contribute to the game, to speak out, even if it’s just to share an opinion or posting comments.



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EBG is more than just throwing a character and to see them fight. We did more than simply debating on who’s strongest, not just arguing who will win or lose. We did discuss our battles, but we’re also here to see those epic battle becoming reality!

Each EBG round got multiple battles, each shall be written on their own scene. After we’re done discussing our battles, the moderator in charge will write down the “battle scene” which portrayed how the character fight and interact with each other, and with the world itself.

Since each EBG rounds set in different arenas, it means each got different stories, and each stories have their own plot behind their concept. Sometimes we might struggle to portrayed everything accurately and correctly since the stories might not align with the characters, but nevertheless, we will do our best to write the best battle scenes for everyone!

When EBG started long ago, we never thought on writing the battles. It started as tradition, as a bonus for the most interesting match on the round. However, soon it became core segment of the game itself, to see how our characters get into the action, and how the story unfold.

So, how did it started? How it worked? Come in and learn!


The Official EBG Guideline to Battle Scenes



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This is our basic character form. Use this as a template for your form.

Remember, this is just the base. You can modify them to your liking, adding and removing sections whenever needed, or just to rearrange the categories.


Character form template

Name: (Including alternate names, alias, titles, what story they’re from, etc)

Age: (Optional)

Gender: (Optional)

Species: (Optional)

Origin: (Where they’ve come from? Such as city, name of nation, name of universe, etc)

Introduction: (Who they are, general description of character)



Like/Dislike: (Optional)

Backstory: (Story behind the character, their motivation, etc)

Base Stats: (Natural stats of your characters without their power, which mean, their durability without their protective spells, their base strength and speed. In general, unless stated in here, we’ll assume the physique of your character is normal human being, not superhuman. Please read the note below for further explanation about characters stats)

Weaponry: (All armament that they use, different than armor and ability)

Equipment: (Anything other than weaponry, unless if their equipment is their weapons, then both section can be merged. This section is NOT for describing the fashion of your characters, that will go to their appearance section)

Ability: (Please explain the capability of your characters, what they could do, an ability may it be offensive, defensive, passive utilities, and any form of their powers)

Fighting Style: (Please describe how they fight)

Quote: (Optional)


(NOTE: You should remove the description of each sections, such as the “please describe how they fight” notes on those categories when you fills them with your character’s information, since those are just the instruction)



      [   A guide of creating character form   ]

There’s a lot of in consideration when we’re creating a character form, which is why our guide continue to expand and improve as EBG change through the years.

Eventually, we decide that the guide would be too big to be put in the forum, so we decide to put the guide on a doc instead, in order to keep our forum post simple and clean. Remember that this guide is geared toward experienced user, and not to inexperienced newcomer.



      [   Using the Google Doc   ]

By our today’s standard, everyone use Google Doc to publish their character form, instead submitting directly on the forum. This proven to be the most effective method, for a clean, neatly organized, and aesthetically pleasing. You can learn how this worked by reading the forms of the veteran players, however not every veteran players should be taken as exemplary, as some character forms might goes too far with extensive list of abilities. The basic is about font type and font colors, while some prefer to add images as well. After several months in here, you should be able to figure out your own original style. Please don’t be intimidated or felt pressured by the standard. Everyone got their own style, and you just need to be yourself.

  • NOTE: Once you finished their character form, click the blue “Share” button on the upper right side of the page of their doc. This will lead you to this screen. Click on this to allow everyone to read your form, and then just copy the link to share it!


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      Welcome to EBG community!!

Here’s our current taglist, which also includes some of the old members from the previous version of the forum (which already closed long ago) though we keep the old members tagged here, even if they never visited anymore. Some of them didn’t made an account yet, that’s why the tag didn’t worked. The tag will automatically spring to life when they decide to make an account.

NOTE: Anyone that have created an account in the forum will be listed as “active players” regardless whether they are active or not, meanwhile everyone that have yet to create an account will remain on the “inactive players” list even if they’re actually an active players. These statuses may change anytime, when the said players finally joined the new forum.


[   The Official Taglist   ]

NOTE: The forum allow us to create a group tag, so instead of tagging everyone individually, we add everyone into this taglist, because the forum has an automated tagging limitation system. We use the first taglist for the whole list of EBG players and the second taglist for participant of the current round.

@ebgplayers           @ebgtaglist


[   Active Players   ]

NOTE: This category is for anyone that have made an account on the forum. Anyone that are part of EBG will be added here once they confirmed to create a new account.

@ZacKember @ImperialSun @BookRyt @alternative520 @Sandcat @Nightfright136 @crimson_mystery_cake @TheTrueTerrydactyl @Lotus @Jaydee @cupcakesparkles101 @nighted @Benxall @merlifan @lst-my-shp-sil @Maverick @kabanerry @PaperThinSkin14 @Flame @kacchan @AlteruneSC @w41k3r_19880 @AtomicEon @GlitchandGlitz @KaiserCross

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The Story of the Round

Somewhere out there, there’s a world consisting of two opposite realms, considered to be two separate universes, however, often compared to the analogue of the heaven and hell, as each represent contrasting extremes between light and darkness, chaos and order, even perhaps, creation and destruction…

One is an infernal realm, chaotic universe filled with the worst of monsters, beast such as dragons alike, leviathans of the depth, barbaric titans, and even eldritch abominations, in a world tainted by dark power. Even the sky and the earth, and the space between, are stained in burning, bloodthirsty red, as endless war tore apart everything, in a world where the strong eat the weak.

As you travel beyond the scarlet horizon and crossed the border between realm, the red sky gradually shift to purple, to an average outer space. When you reach the other end of the cosmos, a calming, mesmerizing sea of stars await, as if you ascend to the heaven. A world where order reign above all else, ruled by laws that bound everyone and everything, for mankind or any other intellectual races that wish to join their glorious holy empire, or so they said.

An endless conflict wages between the two. In the clash of ideologies, between chaos and order, light and darkness, there exist those that watched over them, to prevent them from annihilating each other and the rest of the world. There exist those that lies in between, the guardian of balance and peace that protects the lives of the innocent.

One day, the equilibrium was shattered as the Behemoth of Chaos was awakened, overwhelming both mortals and divine. This battle destroyed the sacred Sancturary and the great Worldstone within, unleashing an enormous amount of energy that wipe the whole battlefield. This triggered the collapse of the universes, the calamity that known as the Convergence



NOTE: The round was opened last year and just closed weeks ago! The new round will be ready in few days, so stay tune to the game!


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Gives the greatest cheers for the brave heroes and warriors that sized the victory! Here we proudly showcased the achievement of those among the best that strive beyond, for those that we recognized as the champion of the round!

For complete info of each champions, the bosses and the round itself, with links to the original character forms, please click the link below:





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Behold, the powerful bosses of the game! Here’s those who reign above the heroes, monsters and titans, dragons and demons, mortal or gods, villains or not, they’re those who pose as the final challenge to the game on each round!

For complete info of each bosses along with the round where they belong, also with links to the original character forms, please click the link below:





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EBG has been here for years and we continue to change through time, but we keep our record to the past, to preserve the memory that we made, and to remember their glory.

However, ever since we moved to a new Wattpad forum, the old forum is no longer functional. In here, there are list for threads that are both active and inactive.


[   List of our threads on this forum   ]

Epic Battle Game :closed_book: Edition 21 (Revived) Epic battle for your characters!

Epic Battle Game :earth_americas: Edition 22 :ringer_planet: Epic battle for your characters!

EBG Community Discussion Thread (Our Chat Thread)



[   List of our threads on Nanowrimo   ]

:star: Epic Battle Game - Writing Prompt Edition

:fleur_de_lis: Epic Battle Game - Training Ground Version

:four_leaf_clover: EBG Chat Thread 20th ~ Reincarnate to Brand New World!



[   List of EBG threads from the old forums   ]


Click here to view!

First Thread (The very first, original thread)

Second Thread

Third Thread

Fourth Thread

Fifth Thread

Sixth Thread

Seventh Thread

Eighth Thread

Ninth Thread

Tenth Thread

Eleventh Thread

Twelfth Thread

Thirteenth Thread

Fourteenth Thread

Fifteenth Thread

Sixteenth Thread

Seventeenth Thread

Eighteenth Thread

Nineteenth Thread

Twentieth Thread




EBG Chat Thread Edition 13 - Terry Edition

EBG Chat Thread Edition 14 - Edgelord Edition

EBG Chat Thread Edition 15 - The Council Reunited

EBG Chat Thread Edition 16 - This Thread is Legal

This used to be Mini EBG but then became our temporary chat thread

EBG Chat Thread Edition 17 - We Reborn!

EBG Chat Thread XVIII - 2020 sure comes like a storm



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Oh boy, yes! We got our own memes here!

Here’s the compilation of our inside jokes, both old and new, both that are still used and those that already forgotten throughout the years. Some of these are so absurd and vague, it’s unclear whether they’re really memes or not. Some however, spawn so much ridiculous jokes that they’re worthy to be called the dank memes of EBG!

The list below might be incomplete, and I will update the list regularly.




Also in case that you want the raw file of the neko, his name is Bellezza Felutia and these are some of his WhatsApp stickers. And yes that’s a boy. Anime traps are the best of neko waifu. He’s also used as Yukonyan for our legendary meme round!

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taiga yay happy









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Anyway welcome everyone~ :slight_smile:

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