Epic Battle Game ⚔️ Epic battle for your characters! 🛡️ (SUBMISSION OPEN FOR THE ANNIVERSARY ROUND)

Announcement: The round is delayed until further approval by the Wacky mods.

Context: Because the current round is include the horror genre, then it’s only natural that some of the content here would be creepy and scary. Problem is that, the Code of Conduct might prohibit us from posting things that deemed too disturbing for the public.

2.L.v Violent Content

Violent or gory content intended to shock or disgust users, or content encouraging others to commit violent acts is not allowed on Wacky Writers.

Which is why we would consult with the mods of the forum before we open the game.

Thank you for your patience, and we’re sorry for the delay! :sweat_smile:


Our game has received the approval of the mods!

That means…


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Cant wait!


Glad to hear that, because we’re gonna open the game now! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Welcome to the brand new EBG round for 2021! After many months of waiting, our beloved game returned back to the forum with a freshly baked story!

The previous round, Singularis with its Convergence, was such a big event that it last longer than our expectation. I’m sorry for all the wait, and I’m even more sorry for everyone that was overwhelmed by the scale of the game. The power level is definitely wacky in its finest, which is why we try to keep things low now, mostly realistic, for a grounded story in an earthly setting.

After the fusion round where even gods are involved, we want a round that focus on the struggle of an everyday life, or to be exact, the strive of peoples to survive their days. The concept of a “survival round” already been talked from many years ago, but the design continue to change as time passed. At one time, the round is all about adventuring in the wilderness. In another time, it was purely survival horror, but things changed after we discuss them out.







Based on the voting poll, we can conclude that the round would not be a purely survival horror, but would not be entirely action-oriented either. The focus is still on survival horror, only that there’s still a strong sense of action there. You can see that more people want the action than the survival, so that will be taken into our consideration. You can still feel the fear, the thrill of dread against some deadly threat, but you can also fight back against the terror. In my opinion, this is the best and how it meant to be. I’m not a fan of being completely hopeless against evil, even if they’re the hunter and we’re the prey.

In regard of the story, we can confirm that this will most likely be based of fantasy than science, but ironically, the paranormal aspect will be kept at minimum. The horror is mostly psychological, but they’re something real, as in, our nightmare become reality. This is similar to survival horror games with psychological element like Silent Hill, where the monsters symbolize our fear, our trauma and phobia, instead just generic, typical supernatural creatures. However, we also want to add some mythological lore here, and even more important is the Lovecraft aesthetic. Just like what Lovecraft said; “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” This is a sentence best fit to describe a story with eldritch horror, as we deal with something incomprehensible beyond our sense of rationality.

Obviously, the story isn’t going to be a copy-paste of Bloodborne, but because the round is highly based on the game, then it’s mandatory for us to show what kind of game it is, because you gotta feel the atmosphere of the setting.

Well, our gameplay isn’t going to be so action-packed with such high-speed movement, but nevertheless, the vibe is pretty close to our game.

However, to avoid similarity with our previous rounds from 2020, especially Claritas Bastion where we traveled into a cursed haunted medieval castle with tons of supernatural and paranormal beings, or the land of Westermarck that took Victorian aesthetic to its finest form, we need to carefully designed our new round and set some differences. Though our upcoming game has Gothic architecture, it set in modern era, and closely resemble to some cities in the real world, comparable to Paris, Prague, and such European places, unlike Claritas which is medieval and more based on DnD universe. Also, though we’re in a modern era with Gothic cities, the setting is a post-apocalypse, unlike in Westermarck that was in war. Additionally, Westermarck was all about politic and military, almost purely scientific, while our current round is almost exclusively fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, and Lovecraftian.

I doubt that we can call this a Lovecraftian round, though, because we’re not dealing with another cosmic beings after Singularis and all of its universal threats. Through many canonical works Lovecraftian mythos out there, most of time, it was all about mortals and their desperate endeavor against the almighty gods from another world, so it fits with the power level, especially when Lovecraftian works got many weaker monsters that we can handle with mundane weapons.



Again, remember that the round is not purely Lovecraftian, neither the round is entirely survival horror, nor this is action adventure. The round is many things at once, but for the sake of clarity, calling this as a survival horror round is acceptable, but I would prefer to call it the “nightmare round” due to its concept. The only reason why I would not call it that way, is that because long ago, we got a round that set in the mindscape, in the dream realm, where psychological manifestation of negativity become evil monsters. Though that was just a mini round, the “OC round” to be exact, so it’s totally different than this one.

To be honest, this round will be more like round 14 in the second generation of EBG, the one and only “zombie round” of the game. This time, we’re not having another zombie apocalypse, but the undead are here too, albeit there are many more freaky monsters that await us there.

Before we start, I want to say thank you to @KaiserCross @LSaLient @NightFright136 @Flame that helped me making the round! They’re the mod team of the round, and they contribute to the design, the story, and the gameplay of the round. So yeah, it’s thanks to them that the round ended up like this! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now then, let’s jump to the story of the game!





The Story of the Round


The Republic of Marveille was once a prosperous little country by the edge of the continent, with norm climate that’s neither too cold nor too warm. A nation of growing economy in a modern era, a humble society with fine tourism spots all around the regions, where beautiful nature remain pristine from the mountains to the shore, around their towns and villages. Though not the best of vacation destination, it was still a nice place to stay, until the nightmare begins…

Little was known and none was prepared when the calamity befall humanity. One day, it simply happened, spreading out like a plague. Some say it was a zombie apocalypse caused by confidential experiment, some said that the dead rise from the underworld as the judgement day arrived, and some even said that they’re alien that invade from the bottomless void. Nevertheless, they’re hostile and malevolent, as many died by their onslaught, and many suffered fate worse than death, tormented by the unspeakable…

Days passed to weeks, and months passed silently, as the scream of terror eventually recede, leaving only the sound of wind against the leaves of dying trees, swept through the empty streets. Remnant of the civilization is still there, with old, rusted, broken-down cars around cities. Ruins of buildings stood still, though weathered by rain, yet remnant of the bloodshed still seen under the shade. The entirety of Marveille become a complex of abandoned ghost towns amidst the embrace of gloomy nature, now without the blessing of sun anymore, as mist and cloudy weather shrouded the sky, preventing the sunlight to ever reach the world ever again.



The glorious modern age of mankind has been reduced down to a husk of its former selves, as the government couldn’t maintain the contamination, thus every instances, from education to healthcare are shutting down, power grid failing and most form of electronics become unusable. Global business completely went to a halt as communication between nations was disrupted as many servers are gone, stopping the flow of information and leave the people on their own, limited by what they could reach around their neighbor.

More than half of the world’s population was gone, and those that survived the massacre must now live in a world of horror, as the streets and the buildings, the land and the ocean become infested with horrifying creatures.

What they dealt wasn’t merely vampires or werewolves, nor like traditional depiction of demons, and many of them are not undead either. Attempts at analyzing and classifying the creatures bare no result, oftentimes producing even more questions. Both of experts in science and masters of magic are confused by the beings that defy logic nor they belong to any myth. Sometimes, they’re akin to conventional fantasy monsters, but more often they’re something so twisted, that not even man could produce such warped abominations.


[   Images blurred as the illustration of the monsters might be considered disturbing   ]




At first, most believe they’re the dead that now returned as cursed, tormented monsters from the depth of hell. However, the possibility was ruled out when those with paranormal connection confirmed that — despite the fact that the unknown creatures often seemingly reminiscent of someone’s personal relatives, they’re not the spirits of the said person. Especially when these beings often imitate the living instead, as if they mimic the appearance of their victim’s most beloved person, and twist them to a degree. Sometimes, they instead took the shape of their worst enemies. In another time, they remind them with more than one individuals. Most of time, they resemble no one but abstract nightmare fuel.

They appear from anywhere and everything, with no sign nor warning. No source or origin have ever been traced, which made many believe that they’re not invaders from another world, but are instead malevolent creatures that manifest here due to some certain evil force. Thus, heard rumors about their creator, she that they called as their “Mother” and most likely the source of the calamity, according to the theory. However, it is all but an urban legend, as no one knows the credibility of the lore, and even if it’s true, no one know about what kind of entities do they speak of.

Regardless of the cause, the threat of the monsters are as real as the damage that they caused. Many died, many hurt, and many fought back, but not many made it to the end. Those who were left behind must choose between succumbing to hopelessness, or they keep fighting to the very end. From knives to guns, the peoples armed themselves with what they got.



Though the number of monsters outgrow humanity in a degree, mortals manage to wipe bunch of them by using firearms and explosives, among many options at hands. However, there are those among them that are stronger, tougher, and harder to handle, to the point that brute force is no longer efficient. Among thousands of the creatures, few of them shows distinctive intellect, on top of having troublesome abilities, each unique to their design. These unusual breeds are unlike the rest of the crowd, as if each of them possessing their own souls, representing deeper layers of nightmare.

Eventually, words spread around the surviving communities, and from those scarce information comes guidance. Though not much was known from the monsters, they typically called the creatures as Bogey because they’re like living nightmare that prey upon the fear of the living. Among them, the weakest are simply called as the Spawns, which may vary between shape and forms. Some are like zombies and goblins, some are like ghost and demons, others are more demented, twisted and warped. The special breed among the Bogey are known as the Nemesis, as they seemingly represent the deepest fears, phobias and traumas as each person, now brought alive as their worst of enemies. Unlike the mindless Spawns that may simply appear here and there, Nemesis are rare, only will be born from an especially troubled of minds, as if they symbolize not only fear, but are the sins of each persons.

The Nemesis are powerful, difficult to handle even with an adequate equipment, as each of them are different in their own ways. Some are more beastly and some are incomprehensible, unsightly abomination of unspeakable terror that born from the sickest of the worst. Some are however humanoid, possessing intellect and even personality, each seemingly mirrored the mind of their prey. This is why many believe that the Nemesis are not merely abstract malevolent entities, but are the fear, traumas and phobias, even the sins of the living, now given form and walking the earth to hunt them down.



The Nemesis are the definition of your worst enemies of your own creation, and because they specifically represent the bad side of each persons, it would be almost impossible for the said person to beat them by themselves, because sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy. Yet sometimes, they can also only be vanquished by their own prey, just like the saying that only we can conquer our own nightmare. This is why even the army would eventually failed their mission of protecting the country, because everyone has their own monsters that they need to worry about. Even worse, due to how unique they are, bullets and bombs, making it harder for the people to defend themselves.

However, there are reports of an even more powerful monsters out there, but there’s never any survivors from the encounter, and even if there are any, they would lose their sanity from the madness that they witnessed. Despite that there’s no concrete proof of their existence, such a strong, reeking presence of evil stained the air of the cities tell the tale that a huge, terrible and terrifying beast inhabit the place, lurking deep in their nest. Without a reliable source of information, people could only guessed what lies beyond their reach. Perhaps they’re the heart of the swarm, the brain of the hive, and the closest thing to the source of the nightmare, as far as what they knew.



Whatever it is, they exist, and they’re dangerous. Even the army failed to bring them down, and the surviving resistance of the civilians grows thinner by each passing days. The fear of being hunted, the worry of not living to see another day, soon consume everyone with despair and madness. One by one, those who survived the massacre succumb to insanity, soon would join the creatures, as the moment their heart become stained, then their mind would be corrupted. Only matter of time, perhaps months or years, before every living being that we all know are no more, leaving only abomination to walk the earth.

There’s not many option was left, as the people can only choose between running away, hiding in their home, or fight back to their last breath. However, in a world where the living are trampled down by the cruel, evil, wicked creatures that embodies their worst of fears, then safety is a luxury and peace was never an option. Running and hiding only delay the inevitable, as sooner or later, they will be hunted down, one by one, along with those that they loved. However, fighting back meant that they gambled their precious life, where the most probably outcome is that they’re going to be ripped to shred.

Welcome to the Republic of Marveille, the ground zero of the calamity, where the deepest nightmare of every souls are real, as real as the pain and death that they bring. A world in the brink of ruination, shrouded by everlasting mist and clouds over the sky, where the daylight reach the earth no more.




Gameplay & Objectives


In a round where we focus more on survival horror, what’s the importance of combat, and how much we can fight back against the terror?

In this round, the survival of our characters should be their priority, however, in the end, the decision is in themselves, on whether they would run and hide, or would they fight back against the impending doom.

Unlike in most of EBG rounds where our characters could always win the game, in here, death would always loom over us. There’s countless of possibilities on how this will go, and many ways for them to die. You escape your inevitable demise or you face your fear, risking your life, against those that would likely going to rip you to pieces. Whether you fight for survival, or for someone else, that’s entirely up to you. We might not be able to save the world unlike in any other EBG rounds with heroic objective, but we might still have someone to protect, someone worth fighting for, even when the world fall into ruin.



The round welcomes both the brave and the coward, the selfless and the selfish, the good and the bad. Regardless of their intention, you would be hunted down by the monsters of your own making, the manifestation of your fear, the symbolization of your sins, the reflection of your mistakes, the shadow of your nightmare. Whatever they are, they will represent the dark side of your character, might it be based on their trauma and phobia, or perhaps their issues, or many more possible weakness that haunt them like the scar of their mind.

Because the round is so strongly tied to this concept, then your character submission need to have something for the Nemesis to become, because the Nemesis would only be born from an especially troubled person. This doesn’t meant that your characters need to have an extreme mental condition, and no one saying that they need to be a sick demented psychopath either. A simple set of weakness, a list of few fears, a cliché tragic backstory, or even an ordinary person with a sufficiently complicated relationship such as having a broken family or dying lover should be enough. Even their likes and dislikes would help the mods designing their Nemesis, because we just need to know them enough, to know what would be their worst enemy.

Whatever would be the Nemesis of our characters, they would countered them greatly to very personal level, but of course their combat feats are counted too. This would make sure that you can’t just 1v1 your Nemesis, and even if by miracle that you would ever win, that would require an exceptional effort in strategy and tactic by taking advantage of the environment. Because of the low power level, it’s totally possible for you to exceed the limit of the game by being smart on the game. Sure, we would nerf everyone down to the appropriate threshold, but nobody tell you to not blow up the nearby gas station, right? Even without any magical abilities, anyone can set the place to explode. Now, imagine what kind of things that your characters can achieve with their power.



Before you start blowing up cars, you should read the power level section later. Beside, all of the Nemesis would be designed based on the needs of each characters, so each has their own strength and vulnerabilities. Not all of them can be attacked physically, and some need a much more complex method, depending on what your characters can do, and based on their concept as a whole.

The Nemesis are the primary enemies of the game, but are not the sole threat around the world. Matter of fact, Nemesis are rare because they only manifest from people with sufficient negativity, and for the convenient sake, most people are too weak to manifest such a powerful Nemesis like what our characters had, because each of them mirrored the person. This is not only about the gameplay, but also about the lore of the world. If everyone got their own Nemesis, then there would be millions or even billions of them all over the world. If our characters, that are most likely above ordinary human standard, would struggle taking them down, then how the civilians would survive?

This is why there’s many classification of the monsters here. Collectively, all of them are nicknamed as “Bogey” by the commoners, taken from Bogeyman, because they’re creature of nightmare. Unlike than the Nemesis that specifically represent the dark side of a certain individual, most of them are Spawns; random abstract creatures resulted from various fears and negativities of the peoples around the place. They can be like typical undead such as zombies and vampires, or they could be more like goblins and gremlins, perhaps orcs and trolls, even ghost and demons. In the end, everything depend on what people feared, because all of them are truthfully the manifestation of everyone’s nightmare.



The difference between the Spawns and the Nemesis are quite clear even in the untrained eyes of the civilians, because the Spawns are generic monsters that can manifest in large numbers. This means, a whole town can be infested with bunch of undead and they all looks more or less the same. A Nemesis is unique on their own, almost impossible to be similar to another person, because each person are unique in their own way. Which is why, if anyone see some weird, unusual, peculiar and intriguing creatures, then they would likely be a Nemesis, especially if they stood out against the crowd, such as, for example, a monster that looks like a burning demon lord. Though the clear defining factors on what differ the Nemesis from the rest is that a Nemesis manifest from a single individual, which makes them reflect an even more personal, deeper psychological aspects. That, and the fact that each Nemesis are very powerful, making them pretty much supervillains with their own abilities.

None of them are as bad as the source of the calamity, though. Right now, the locals only got two clues regarding the sources. One, is the legend of the “Mother” which would likely be an eldritch horror beyond human comprehension. Two, are the incredibly strong evil presence that seems to corrupt certain regions of the countries, which are all turned into highly-dangerous hives of the monsters, and would likely where they come from. Both of these are however merely rumors, and their credibility are questionable. What we all know is that if you venture too far beyond your bubble of comfort, then you might regret your decision. No one know what kind of monstrosity await out there.



Regardless of how your Nemesis become, they would be your opponent on the game. Yes, you heard that right. This mean, on this round, there’s no PvP matchup because there’s not much reason for you to fight with another characters. But of course, you’re free to attack anyone, as much as you’re free to be an ally with anyone. Imagine this as an open-world online game, instead of a fighting game. Where you go, what action you took, everything depend on you. In this round, you have the full control of your character. Would you like to spend your days building a house on the countryside, or would you hunt down the beast by your bare arm? Would you gather friends and strategize for maximum profit, or would you manipulate others like your pawns? Your call.

This mean, there’s no specific objectives on the game. Everyone can decide their own end goal. Would you wish to save the world and everyone in it? Would you rather destroy everything in the cleansing flame of purgatory? They’re among many more possible action on the game. You will discover more options are the game goes later, especially with our brand new gameplay feature: the rumor board!

The rumor board is basically the “quest menu” of the game, that will be displayed and updated in each chapters of the game. The game will be divided by multiple chapters (exactly just like in Westermarck) and there would be a list of rumors that spread around the area. Your characters can choose to follow any of the rumors, such as for example, there might be rumors about important resource stored in one of the building, or there’s a distress signal of a possible group of survivors in one of the district. Some of the rumors could be true or false, no one can tell. This is done for the sake of strengthening the element of mystery and paranoia of the game, simulating the sense of doubt in such uncertain times.

There’s so many ways to go in this post-apocalyptic world where you’re free to walk wherever you please, but beware the consequence of your action, as you may never know what you would find among the abandoned cities.



The list of rumors and possible resources will be listed later when the game begin, but the board is not the only breakthrough that we did on this round. For the first time ever since EBG begin, this round be the one and only time where we would allow players to submit their characters at any time on the game! Yes, this means, the character submission would never ever be closed!

This is because EBG always last for months nowadays, and many people waited for such a long time to submit their characters. Oftentimes, there are those who arrived late to the game, and they need to wait for many months until the next round. On this round, your can submit your character at any time on the game, and it work well because we do “chaptering” on this round, instead of calling them as matchup or boss battles. This mean, you may join on chapter 1, but you arrived late, you can jump in to chapter 2 or 3! But of course, arriving late is not without a consequence, as you’ll miss all the rewards and developments from the previous chapters, including what could probably buff our characters.

Another feature of the game is the map of the country! I draw the map myself and the mod team been reviewing the place for weeks, back then when we still call them as Salem, Ashling, Reverie, among many more names. Now, it became Marveille, in reference to Versailles, France, although the map is in the size of Britain. The name of the regions are however mostly inspired by Czech, in combination of Latin and Germany. In summary, the place is mostly based on Europe or western countries in general.



The details on the map are mostly notes on what each regions are known with, but because each regions may have their own towns and villages, then there are countless of more business and industries among other interesting spots. A more detailed info of the places would be explained later, one by one, when the game begin. For now, here’s a quick introduction of the regions.


Maleth: The capital city of the Marveille. An industrial metropolis for many kind of business, from fishing to housing, with many large market here and there among the modern building blocks. The place is comparable to Europe or America but has Gothic medieval vibe akin to places like Paris or Prague. One of the biggest shipping route for export and import by the sea, where goods from other cities and villages are coming and going. This is the epicenter of the calamity, where the infection start spreading. Right now, the place become like old abandoned ghost town, shrouded by mist and filled with monsters.

Eldin: The biggest fishing town on the country, also the connector between Yhane to Kamila, both are remote islands with their own resources, especially about the sea. Eldin export its fishing goodness to the capital, Maleth, or to Oldrich, the old capital.

Oldrich: Nicknamed as the “Old Town” as the place used to be the previous capital city, when the surrounding region, from Ardal to Hildengard, used to be the best tourism spot around. Nowadays, Oldrich might not be as active as before, but it has its own charm as the place has the strongest of Gothic taste, with countless of castles and cathedrals. Even now, it remain closely connected to Baldor, that nowadays mostly used for mining.

Tereza: Part of the mountainous region around the land. The mountains border between here, to Oldrich, Ardal, and Amos. Though it’s not the best tourism spot, neither has fertile soil for farming, the cold high ground is charming in its own way.

Denmore: The biggest farming state in the country, where the best of farmers make all the veggies and dairies among other goods for the export.

Amos: The forest region, a rather rural place, often reserved for tea plantation among many other resources from the jungle. Reason why it’s close to the capital is that because many of the rich has villa there.

Kanrienka: Known as the “Great Plains” among many calling, Kanrienka is the biggest state of the country, which has strong resemblance to some real world region such as Texas, though the place might be reminiscent to the Grand Canyon as well. Kanrienka is mostly harsh wasteland, with valleys and mountains, grasslands among deserts. The place is primarily used as the HQ of the army and also places to develop heavy industries, including mining and oil refinery. It borders to Gries and Oster, remote islands and less popular tourism spot.

Jarvik: A city of entertainment, profiting mostly from sport industry, considering its strategic location, being near two tourism destination, also being so close to the countryside and where young students gather.

Caleph: The biggest city around, and though not any bigger than Eldin, Caleph is much more developed. This sophisticated place is prosperous because it borders to two tourism region, Ardal and Hildengard, though Caleph is more about destination for education. Hosting the best academies, libraries and archives, Caleph is a tourism spot for cultural trip. Due to the fact that it lies between Eris and Lysterna, which both are paradise for marine life, then marinology is a popular degree here.

Lysterna: The research center of the country, primarily focused on studying the ocean. Many students from Caleph goes here to learn more about the ocean, and working in related fields. Right now, this is where the most advanced science expert are trying to analyze the cause of the calamity behind the monsters.

Hildengard: Once was the most popular tourism spot, and now still a hot destination to escape from the cities, into beautiful countryside near the shore. Hildengard is best known for its culinary, known to be heaven for seafood lovers all over the world.

Ardal: One of the most remote region of the country, Ardal is also a tourist destination, and best known for its beautiful great lake, rivers and waterfalls. The biggest water reserve of the country, used mostly for the farming in Denmore.

Nemure: Once used to be a big market for open trade where ships goes in and out of the countries, especially when Oldrich is still the capital city. Nowadays, Nemure is the farthest away you can go from the capital city, making it an ideal escape from the authority. Because of this, also its connection to the seas and its surrounding islands, Nemure become the hot spot for piracy, where illegal trade, black market, and other criminal activities happens.

Freideya: A remote but big island, and currently the hottest tourism spot of the whole country. Freideya is somewhat young in compared to any other tourist destination around, but become famous in modern age as it held the best of resorts. You can find the best of beaches, diving spots, villages and gardens around the valleys, all over the place. It’s practically a paradise. After the calamity, it close itself, because all the refuge wanna go there. Most of the refuge instead go for Serva or Zelich, the neighboring islands around the capitals.

Yhane: A least popular tourism spot, despite its beautiful nature. Yhane, much like many countries around the ocean, primarily run on fishing industry, unless that Yhane insist on protecting its heritage, making most places around the island a pristine land, untouched by modern civilization, where villages and all of its traditional culture still remains. Yhane would be a good place for the refuge, if only it’s not so highly impacted by the calamity. Many said that the infection actually started from Yhane, before it spread into the capital.

NOTE: The smaller islands are usually not named, and even if they have names, they’re not really important. We just named the medium to big islands. Among all the islands that are out of the mainland, only Lysterna, Yhane and Freideya has any importance here. The others are just map filling and bonus lore.

So, that’s the basic knowledge of the country. More will be explained later when the game begin, because each chapter of the game can be in a whole different city, depending on the action of the players. For example, we may start the game in Maleth, then on next chapter, we’re in Amos because we decide to evacuate into the wilderness. Different regions means different resource and features, thus, choosing the stage has their own benefit, also hold different dangers. The pros and cons will also be explained later on the game.

Depending on the region, you might find various of bizarre phenomena, such as warped structures, parasitic vegetation, flooded region with toxic water, even bloody gore massacre, among many more possibilities. Some places are more nightmarish than others, depend on the influences of the Nemesis and many more beings there. For example, some places might have more body horror based on their specific fears, such as eyes on the walls and floors or other objects symbolizing the dread of being watched from the dark. There might be living faces of person that they’re hated or loved the most, among many things resembling them all over the place. Specific phobias could lead to more extreme cases, such as bugs infestation on the buildings. This depends not only on fears alone, but also negativity in general, such as rage and hatred, or their bad personality aspects, such as envy and greed. The personal issues of anyone can also be reflected here, such as that if they’re alcoholic and smoker, then their nightmare too can somewhat symbolize them.

The extent of the corruption depends on how far the eldritch curse spread. The more peoples that was slaughtered by the monsters, the more warped the place become. Places with no survivor, such as a whole village that’s already wiped by the monsters, would be completely devoured by the grotesque nightmare fuel, becoming like a living hell. This is the eventual fate of the world, if the horror successfully dominate the globe.



Once more, the fate of the world lies in our characters, or so I would likely said. Though this time, that might not be the case, because none of can would be strong enough to bear the burden of the whole world. The best that we can do is to do our best to survive the horror and fight back against the terror, either for ourselves or for others. Perhaps, we still could do something good for the world, but alone, we’re nothing here. This is why defending the weak and protecting the innocent are not the mission of the game, because not everyone capable to do that, in a world where we struggle to keep ourselves alive.

In the end, the goal and objectives of your characters are your own decision. They can run and hide, so they can fight their way. They can be good or they can be bad, as much as they can do this for themselves or for others. We would not tell you what to do, only show you what you can do. When the game begin, we would simply introduce you to the place and all of the possible route, but everyone are free to choose their own way, to go wherever they please.

This round is just like Westermarck, where the decision of the players can affect the plot of the story and change the ending, for the better or for the worse. In here, there’s no guarantee that the heroes would win, as we might not always be able to save everyone. Would they fight for survival, for the better good of the world and the living? Perhaps, none at all? In a world where you’re free to do anything without boundary, where your feet would bring you, through the misty roads?

Welcome to Marveille, and do your best to survive until the end.





Character Requirement of the Round!


Minimum players : 8

Max players : 25

Special Requirement : As mentioned in the previous section, your characters need to have their own internal conflicts, might it be trauma or phobia, among many more possible weaknesses, especially one that are tied to their mind and personality. This is because each Nemesis would only be born from an especially troubled person, and they would be like the nightmare of our characters turned alive. Whatever issues that we have, whatever scars of our past, may they be problematic relationships, tragedy of losing their loved ones, stress of their workplace, negative mindset about the society, even their bad habits such as being addicted to online games should be included in your forms, may they be in their personality section, on their backstory, or you can even make a brand new segment to explain all their fears and sins.

Because whatever haunted your characters will come to hunt them down here, we highly recommend submitting a character with lots of intrapersonal conflict or someone with many issues left to resolve, but we’re fine with ordinary characters too. Whoever that you submitted here, they should have something that can be used as the building blocks for the mods to design their Nemesis. The more complex their personality, the more unique their Nemesis become.



Power Level : Very Low to Average Low!

Despite the “Lovecraftian” genre of the round, we’re not going to deal with cosmic beings that can destroy the world, unlike in the previous round where planets are blown to pieces. In here, our eldritch abomination can be taken care with physical weapons such as guns and bombs, or the basic of magical abilities.

Unlike on the previous round, we won’t have battle between gods. This time, we’re mostly alone, just ordinary peoples against monsters in situation akin to a zombie apocalypse, but we’re dealing with our own nightmare instead. Because of that, it makes sense that most of the creatures here mirrored the strength of their other selves, because they’re born from the fear of the living. For the sake of not violating the power level, we can also say that it’s impossible for the evil force to manifest gigantic beings in par to dragons or titans, or anything else that can decimate the countries, regardless of what phobias and traumas that the people had. The monsters might be symbolization of everyone’s fear, but there still should be a sufficient power to brought them alive. Taking this rule into consideration, creating godlike entities would be impossible, as this is not a fantasy world ruled by mythological beings. There’s not enough energy for such feats, thus explains why everything remain at a reasonable scale.

Because of this, it’s always possible for our characters or anyone else to beat them, but that’s not something that should ever be done easily. Though we might fight back, we risk our lives to save ourselves or to protect others from eldritch abomination beyond our understanding. We might be able to hurt them, but this is still a survival horror game. We would struggle, we might need to run and hide, we should also took advantage of the surrounding. They’re the hunter and we’re the prey, so if we want to hunt them back, then we need to use our wits and gamble our luck, then pray that we’ll return back alive.



The Nemesis of each players would be designed to counter every characters, not just based on their abilities, but also personality. It would be done in a way that no players would be able to 1v1 their opponent, which would make teamwork necessary to survive the game. Defeating the Nemesis are not mandatory, as we do said that every players can do whatever they want here, may they either fight, run or hide. What everyone need to know is that they will be hunted down, and what they would do about them are up to them.

The low power level help not only on the monster design but to also allow everyone to fully utilize their environment too the fullest of capacity. In such a realistic scale, even an explosion from a gas station could already wipe a large sum of enemies. We highly encourage creative solutions to tackle your problems, such as taking advantage of industrial machine to do your jobs. Even an ordinary household substance can be deadly in certain circumstance, and common tools could cause devastating damage if done right. The Nemesis might be too powerful for you to defeat by yourself, but you can try to maim them by luring them into a factory and pour molten metal on them, or you floor the room then electrocute them. That’s just one among many possible ways to deal with the monsters.

Different case with the Spawns that can appear here and there, but can also be taken care by anyone, including the civilians among the survivors.



An ordinary civilians without a proper combat experience shouldn’t be able to deal with the Nemesis, because even an armed soldier struggle against them. Different case with our characters, because the players of the round are most likely above normal human standard, but still not very far from peak human performance. We’re talking about legendary martial artist and warriors alike that can break your furniture with bare hands, or taking down wild animals with melee weapons. Outstanding feats, but should be still realistically achievable.

Your submission can go one step higher than that. Imagine the basic of movie superheroes, video games and anime characters at low power level, where they could beat down dozens of peoples at ease, kick down doors or even punching the walls. No, we’re not talking about people that blow buildings. We’re talking about people that can wreck some cars, knock down the trees, and maybe break small boulders. Something above human standard, but still not too far from the realistic scale. Because we’re dealing with monsters that can mow down the army, so we need to be stronger than your average of soldiers.

So, the power level should be somewhere around these three points:



We recommend you to set your average of combat abilities, weapons and stats around “Low” and keep your ultimate moves or stronger arsenal up to “Average High” at maximum. Basically, anything around average human standard are free to go without nerf, but anything that goes superhuman might either get nerfed or they require limitations, so you don’t spam them around. Anything above low are to be considered as something extraordinary, not to be taken lightly. In such realistic setting, nobody would rip open your door and act as if it’s something normal. Yes, that’s possible, but that’s above the standard.

Just remember that this is still a survivor horror, so we wouldn’t be able to wipe the floor as easily as in other rounds. We’re not powerless, so the Spawns shouldn’t be much of a trouble. However, when dealing with the Nemesis, then we’re all screwed, and there’s no exception. This is just like an action game where we can fight back our enemies, but the dread of death is still gripping us tight. We might defeat them, or they could butcher us down first.

In the end, the round allow us to be stronger than average human beings for valid reason, and not just for the action. This is not a zombie apocalypse, we’re not dealing with vampires and werewolves either, nor this is a demon exorcising mission. We’re talking about eldritch beings beyond our understanding, nightmarish monsters that invoke the primal fear of mankind. When we’re facing abominations that prey upon men, it’s only fair that we’re a beast on our own, because otherwise, we would never survive such a harsh, dangerous, deadly and dreadful world.

In this world, we fight for our survival. Whether your choose to run, or you grit your teeth and bare your claws to hunt down the hunter.







As the tradition goes, I’m going to share more awesome art for the round, that I have to use. Not like they’re any less better, it’s just that we run out of space, or these pics aren’t really relatable to the setting of the game.

They could be a good illustration to imagine more of the round, but because the round intro is already over, I’ll put them down here instead.

Here, I featured some of the best illustration that I collected for the round!

(Some of them might be used on later part of the round if necessary)


Click here to view all of the illustrations!







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