Extreme cases of sibling brawls in your story...

Do you have two characters that are siblings, and they don’t get along with each other? Like they constantly fight, bicker, and plain hate each other to extremes.

My Turn:
I have one but it is a spoiler, and I don’t think it counts really. Still, they are siblings, and they are brawling against each other. Proceed with caution or don’t if you are too curious.

Nixora and Kizaris are siblings. Yet Nixora has no idea that Kizaris is alive and well apart of Knighthood Federation which is her enemy. Whereas Kizaris knows nothing about Nixora at least not anymore and he cut all ties with his family. So, he has no idea that Nixora is his sister. What the two siblings also failed to realize is that they fought each other in a battle with their mechs.

So, mine counts and yet it doesn’t at the same time.

What about you? Do you have an extreme case of siblings at each other’s throats or not?


My whole story’s main conflict is between Errol and Nattaleah, who are adoptive siblings. The very first chapter starts with them literally trying to kill each other and Natt has a knife to Errol’s throat.

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Oh geez. The hate is strong with those two.

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Very, lol.

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A sibling brawl would be a massive understatement for my WIP :skull: blurring the following paragraph since it’s spoiler-heavy.

The protagonist, Edin, is the biological twin brother of the antagonist, Damon. Not only has the latter been sending the former death threats since they were minors, but they’ve also fought in multiple battles against each other and nearly killed each other at multiple points throughout the series and the series’ background. They do end up allying with each other in the middle of the trilogy but that’s largely thanks to Damon’s manipulation skills and use of misleading half-truths coupled with Edin’s amnesia and naïveté. And the alliance doesn’t last long. After that, they go back to trying to kill each other :skull:


I haven’t gone there because I had wonderful relationships with my brothers when they were kids and while it is not perfect as adults, it’s not WWIII. Sometimes no conflict means you don’t think to do stories in the same directions.

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That’s so sweet! :pleading_face:

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I do have a case where a sibling ignored his brother who was suffering from domestic abuse and left the house. The older brother suffered the same and didn’t want to get involved. It’s not hate, but avoidance, I guess. Ultimately, it led to the death of his family. He kind of regrets not helping, but not really. He’s protecting his own mental health. It’s kinda tricky.

But extreme hate?

None of my characters with siblings actually really hate each other. They dislike each other but consider the other tolerable.

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Oh wow.

Do the siblings eventually get close to each other again and be brothers again or something?

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More a case of overbearing siblings than fighting ones.

…This is all character backstory…
Hannah (an adopted orphan) is hyper-protective of her step-brother, Leon (younger by four years). When Leon’s eighteenth birthday (and enlistment date) approached, he suggested joining an Army combat unit. Hannah responded with volcanic rage. She pinned him against the wall, arm across his throat, and yelled at him in several languages at glass cracking volume. About half an hour later Leon offered to join a support / non-combat unit instead, and Hannah’s verbal barrage ceased. When Leon enlisted he became an Army mechanic and discovered a natural talent with machines.

In high school Hannah developed a habit of seducing Leon’s crushes. A way to prove they were not worth Leon’s time. Whenever Leon demanded Hannah stop sleeping with his girlfriends, Hannah would demand he stop choosing the ‘easy ones’. Hannah has yet to grow out of this habit, much to Leon’s annoyance. None of Leon’s dates could escape his depressingly alluring and manipulative older sister…Although to be fair Hannah (a Military Intelligence officer) is training herself to become the perfect spy / psyche master (a human AWACS / early warning system for her adoptive family)…

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Nope :sweat_smile: The younger ends up in a mental asylum at the end of his story. Older brother never visits.

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Wow, that really sucks.

Yeah, well, it’s a tragedy story :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, I can see that now. LOL!

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I… actually don’t. xD My MC and his adoptive sister (her mom adopted him) have fights, but they’re just bickering. They are kind of close and aren’t super destructive toward each other. xD

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Now I do have one! :smile:

Rathana has threatened to make her father ill with a deadly disease. MC Sovanna is like, oh my gosh, if she hurts Papa, I’m going to kill her. They might have a fight.


Just remembered my second novel has an example and history of ‘friendly’ brawls between siblings.

Ivanov (ex-Spetznas Major / mercenary leader) and his step-sister Tara (ex-Air Force Major / Sukhoi test pilot).

During high school Tara developed a reputation for being too energetic and vigorous, often challenging the boys to wrestling matches and winning. Ivanov was Tara’s favourite sparing partner, being the only kid who had a chance of matching her strength. Although Tara always claimed the bouts were just games, Ivanov replied she was the only student who called snapped ribs ‘playing’.

Tara was not the most intellectually gifted student, and she never grew out of her keen playful manner…Joint-locking her brother, giving him physics-defying wedgies, at every opportunity even when they joined the military…Ivanov often rebuked Tara’s playful careless nature, suggesting her muscles had smothered her brain. However, Tara did display an affinity for flying and dogfighting, and reached the rank of Major before Ivanov.

Despite their unending bickering / teasing the siblings grew to respect each other. Ivanov recommended Tara as a priority recruit for the mercenaries, stating she is the best pilot in Russia, and Tara only joined the mercs because Ivanov asked her (and he promised to ‘play’ with his big sister more often). Tara is also quite protective of Ivanov and his friends. She will, without hesitation, kill (atomise*) anyone who harms them.

*When Tara was recruited by the mercenaries she departed Russia with a prototype, stealth capable, Su-27 fighter (borrowed with no return date) and it swiftly attained a commendable ‘victory’ tally.

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Most of my characters either don’t have siblings or if they do, they get along pretty well with their siblings. (or their sibling is dead.)

I guess the siblings with the rockiest relationship would be the Criley twins, Ryder and Celia.

gonna copy my answer from another thread lol.

For the most part, they’re pretty close and have a good relationship with each other. In life, they were a couple of Victorian-era Aussie grave-robbing/bandit lowlifes. Ryder was killed in 1863 after a heist, when he was back-stabbed (quite literally) by his partner-in-crime, Celia. They both ended up dying in the ensuing fight with each other. Whoever struck first depends on which twin you ask. They’ve since buried the hatchet (that one’s figurative) in the centuries since in the afterlife. Ryder and Celia are still partners in crime to this day, robbing other ghosts blind.

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My MC, Lucian, has word wars with legit all of his friends… Like every single one of them piss him off… Even his talking sword yikes.

Ferris & Master Maverick fight like little kids when they’re together.

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