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Not sure I’m allowed to ask this as it’s not writing related, but this is the only network of people I have who might know…

About a year ago my Facebook account got hacked. I got the email from Facebook saying it had been hacked and I just needed to provide my password to recover it. Because I don’t use Facebook much I couldn’t remember my password, but I figured it didn’t matter anyway as I didn’t care about my account at the time.

But after a year of not knowing what all my old school friends/distant family members are up to I really wanted to get back my account. I miss all my old photos too!

My account is still there because when I search for me I can find it, but whoever hacked it assigned a new email account to it so when I say ‘forgot password’ I’m told
It will send a code to my email - which of course is no good because the email account isn’t mine now since the hacker changed it. My mobile phone number also isn’t associated with my Facebook account so I can’t get a code via text either.

I also can’t find a way of contacting Facebook support. I did find an email address online but I got a bounce-back. The only way I can find to contact Facebook support is to raise a pre-determined ticket. None of which help fix my issue.

Google search / YouTube videos when I search for ‘recover Facebook account without email or phone number’ don’t help either.

Any smart people here have any idea what to do?


Hit the link hidden by the words “secure it”.


But you might want to watch this first:


Thanks for sharing these!

I’ve watched the video and gone through it but keep coming back to the same problem - the email and password associated with my account have been changed and it’s impossible to find a way to contact Facebook.

From the video, the only potential way to reach Facebook is to pretend it’s a copyright issue, but it says on the form that using this form incorrectly will lead to your account being closed :tired_face:

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oh my gosh, that must be horrible! :scream:

Facebook has never been the most helpful when it came to dealing with issues :sweat_smile: Is there a place you can call? A real person to talk to and not a robot?

To clarify one thing, when it gives you the “forgot password” and you get the code sent, none of the email addresses you have receive the answer?


I know!

They don’t have phone support, nor online chat. The only way I’ve found to contact them is via predefined issues, of which mine doesn’t seem to be one!

And no, I tried requesting the code anyway, but it didn’t go to my account. RIP my Facebook account.


Well, if you can’t get into the account, you can force it to verify and shut it down because they can’t prove they are you.


I recently had to basically reset my account by sending in the photo ID thing - sucked, but got me in :joy:. Have you already tried this?


Do you remember who you contacted to do this? I can’t find any way of contacting them. But I’d be fine to send in photo ID to prove it was me!

@J.L.O Yeah, I might have to. I don’t really want to shut it down though as it has loads of photos I was tagged in going all the way back to 2006. If I could find a way of downloading them all and reconnecting with all my friends I’d be fine with that.

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Here’s two links that might help.


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