Fanfics in Wattys?

Do you know the fanfic section for the Wattys? Can it be based on a Wattpad story that is published? I have a great idea for one, based on a story by @NotARussianBot and I want to kinda enter it into the Wattys. But I don’t know if the fanfic category extends that much.


I think the description of the category:

This award showcases the worlds we love, the characters we know, and the stories we’re so obsessed with we just had to take matters into our own hands. From your favorite K-pop group to Billie Eilish, TikTok stars to The Avengers , your fandom knows no bounds! This category aims to recognize Wattpadders who have challenged and changed beginnings, endings, and relationships while staying true to the heart of the story. We’re looking for fresh alternatives, rewrites, and divergent storylines for all our favorite characters or worlds so we can spend a little more time with them after the book closes or the credits roll.

implies an IP that is widely loved in the world. If @NotARussianBot agrees, you can enter your story as a 2-authors’ story instead. Imo, it will have far more chance that way rather than as a fanfiction.