Fantasy Cover Request for a Kpop Fanfic (YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THE GROUP!)

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a graphic design (cover and 2 banners) for a Kpop fantasy novel. If you are worried that you can’t make it because you do not know the fandom, that’s perfectly okay! I’ll be more than happy to explain it to you! :heart:

Kpop group in question is Dreamcatcher, a 7 member girl group that delves into horror and fantasy concepts and I absolutely adore them.

I am willing to do any payment as long as it does not require real cash (that would be wrong of you to ask me to pay you money to make graphics based on a Kpop group, like c’mon, ya know?) My main payments will be a shoutout from my profile once I receive the cover and banners, dedication in my introduction chapter, and the traditional 'Cover and banners were made by @(insert-your-username) in my summary.

Title: The 7th Princess of Dreams
Subtitle: A Dreamcatcher Fanfiction
Author: fundom_galaxykek
Summary: Gahyeon, the maknae of the Kpop girl group Dreamcatcher suddenly dies in an accident and finds herself in the Isles of Dreams, a magical world where 7 princesses rule specific realms. Gahyeon discovers she’s the Crown Princess and the Dreamer of World-Jumping (the multiverse basically). But the Realms are threatened when Gahyeon attempts to return to her world and finds that the Isles are beginning to shatter and the Twisted Nightmare and its 7 princesses begin to battle to either save or destroy the Isles of Dreams.
Ideas: Since this is a fantasy novel, I would like the protagonist (Gahyeon) 2b9b7ad45fdb0375687b6b1286d0c1de.jpg (563×846) ( plz use this picture or something similar (princess-themed good and evil (like this style) 94f3fbdd3eb66c7217274aac31a26819.jpg (564×797) (
Background: A throne room of sorts (like this: 303586198-352-k362799.jpg (352×550) ( or 5d2b0bda99330a64db72b44b63d124e9.jpg (564×852) (

1st banner: The 7th Princess of Dreams
Subtitle: fundom_galaxykek
(matching the cover, plz)

2nd banner: Thank you for reading!
Subtitle: The 7th Princess of Dreams
(matching the cover, plz)

For banners if you want to, you can remove Gahyeon :heart:
If you are interested but want to know more, don’t hesitate to ask! :smiley:

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giving this a try!!

Heyo, here’s my attempt at this - the MC isn’t blonde in this (i dunno if that’s overly important??) but I found a photoshoot of dreamcatcher on a throne and thought it fit the whole royalty thing?

open in new tab for full size

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I absolutely adore these! And you! :heart: I’ll be more than happy to use these!

For payment, please let me know and I’ll complete it on my fanfiction account, fundom-galaxykek!

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Just a follow! And if u want, mention me making it in the book’s description! That part’s up to you tho, idm

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Absolutely! I’ll go ahead and log onto my fanfiction account and give you that follow. Give me a few weeks so so to get the story published though.

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