Share your weird wacky fantasy foods! The only rules are-

  1. This food needs to be made up (meaning it has a made up animal in it or is completely made up)
  2. Can be from any genre
  3. You need to interact on a previous post

Yellow Sea slug and roasted vegetables. These slugs are massive. Around the size of a forearm after cooking. It’s steamed, sliced open, and stuffed with roasted spiced veggies and potatoes.
It’s served with butter slabs and salt. When you salt the slug it shrinks up then relaxes. It’s dense but just a little chewy. People typically slice it thin, dip it in butter, veggie juice, and fork it up with a potato and eat it.
It’s quite the meal. It originates from the northern cities by the sea.

Fun fact- male yellow slugs in the northern seas are barely the size of a thumb while the female slugs are over fifty times their size!


Fire-roasted rock-fowl eggs. They are analogue to chickens, but the shell is extremely tough and won’t explode if put into the heart of a fire.

Meat fruit. An eggplant shaped fruit that has moving animal fibers for flesh. Has a nutty-meat flavor. Only vegetarian option for carnivores.

I usually am pretty conventional with food because I come from a ethnically diverse food background. (For example, we say “don’t eat the dead ones” for clearly boiled crawfish. And we say, “sucking heads and pinching tails” for boiled crawfish…my ancestors ate snails and squirrels, raccoons and possums, slimy cooked okra and as slimy raw oysters. I’m sure that some of my ancestors ate Rocky Mountain Oysters.)

Why would I need to make things up, much of the time? Made up food has to solve a problem I’ve got in the story, or else I don’t bother.

No, thanks XD Slugs are a no for me. But I’m guessing in your world there are so many and that’s why people eat them? Does anyone farm them? Where are they typically caught? Does every class of people eat them or only certain ones?

In the Human part of the world of Elgana, there’s fried scorpion which is typically dipped in hot chocolate sauce. I got the idea from the Spanish churros and how they dip them in hot chocolate.

Scorpion poison is taken out of the scorpion for safe preparation, of course. But there are many humans who have become immune to scorpion poison because they have lived in the desert for two centuries (except for the people from the walled-in cities who have kept themselves away from eating whatevers in the desert).

Anyway, it’s a typical, local desert human’s savory breakfast, claws, legs, guts and all. The guts are considered the most savory part. A tourist or non-local is easy to spot because they will either gag after eating, politely push away the plate, or refuse it all together. Good. More for the locals.

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In a medieval fantasy romcom I wrote sometime back, the Pope threw a banquet and served braised unicorn, the only made up thing.

actual medieval dishes she also served...

fricasséed stag
peacock with rosemary glacé
beaver tail
barnacle geese
figs and dates
custard darioles
cock-a-leekie soup
quince bread
onion and parsley salad
squirrel pottage
jugged hare in juniper berries
venison sausages
roast stag with acorns
swans in pomegranate glacé
stewed pigeons and hummingbirds
baked eels
mushroom pasties
toasted rice
mashed beetroot
parsnip pie
pickled chard
rose petal pudding
poached pears in red wine
fruit and cheese platter
almond milk
mulberry gin
buttered beer

They’re pretty common in the ocean so they’re snatched up and taken to market. It’s usually a poor persons food since it’s not delicious. They live in a certain point off shore and become over populated like sea urchin. They can’t be farmed because in captivity they become hostile and don’t grow over five inches.

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