Fantasy novel... death wish?

Hey, everyone!

Here’s the thing: I’m writing a Young Adult Fantasy novel (Novels like Six of Crows and The Bird and the Blade are my inspiration), and I need something- phrase, a wish or something- that they say before death, like a tradition.

Kind of like in the 100, if you’ve ever seen that show.

Any suggestions?


Goodbye cruel world…

I’m kidding

Welcome me into your open arms? (Like death just hugging that person…idk)


“What are you gonna do, kill me?”


Lol perfection :joy:

Ooh, interesting idea! I like the ‘death welcoming’ the person, like trying to make death less harsh maybe, more of a haven for warriors. I’ll definitely play around with that. :grin:


Ooh, happy I helped:)

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Six of crows is perfection

I wanna cry when I read it

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Oml I could sob and rant and gush about that book for hours :sob:

Honestly, Kaz and Ineq? Sign me up

Wylan and frickin Jesper, that’s a frickin sob story

Nina and Matthias? Dig me a grave

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Kaz and Ineq… oh you just had to turn on the waterworks :sob: :sob: :sob: But YES a million times I love them
That book is everything amazing, I can only hope that my writing could amount anywhere close :heart_eyes:

Yes, happy writing!

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You too! :slight_smile:

Something like this usually ties into a community’s history or belief. So you should probably first figure out why they say this and who says this. Is this a religion thing? Is it something that only the main character says because of a certain even in their past? Once you figure that out, the what they say should come easier.

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The Stars will provide you

(ngl I took this from I’m Here from “Willow: A New Musical”)

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I struggle with things like this because I need to have the PERFECT sentance. Usually though it comes to me during the writing process. I think it helps being ‘in’ the moment and it can come naturally.
Other times I hurt my brain thinking about it… :laughing:
So maybe it’ll just come to you when writing :slight_smile:

The only thing I can think of is the Assassins Creed series. One of the characters, Ezio, just says ‘rest in peace’ to his victims but in Latin. Which is: Requiescat in pace

Maybe you can go into a direction like that?

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