Feedback/Advice Needed - Re-Desgning Cover, but stuck on how to do it.

Yeah I have no further critique

I got a new photo editor called Affinity Photo, and redid the art effect with it:

It looks really retro! That’s cool!

What do you think of this?

hey, this looks great.
only suggestion i’d have is to try and
change the tone or the hue of the
bottom half of the cover to a greeny/yellow
to match the aesthetic and to keep
the cover consistent.

you can play around with this
in photoshop, just use hue+saturation
on the layers that contain the bottom
half of that cover, with the houses
and stuff. the sign is perfectly fine though.

How about this?

How is this?

Here is a new preview of the cover:

What does everyone think of this version?