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it wouldn’t let me create a new topic so I’m reusing an old one… buuuut I need help naming my OC, I’m not sure if I wanna go weird or unusual or something more average?

But the character is Biologically the daughter or Lily and James but is raised by Severus as his own. The names I’ve found so far are…

  • Severine Snape
  • Hazel Snape
  • Surfinia Snape
  • Cascadia Snape
  • Anemone Snape
  • Poppy Snape
  • Clemency Snape
  • Drusilla Snape
  • Penelope Snape
  • Sophronia Snape

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I will also take suggestions

middle/birth names
  • Severine (after Servus)
  • Lilium ( after Lily)
  • Remy (after remus)
  • Siria (after Sirius)
  • Siris (after Sirius)
  • Johnna (after sirius)

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The middle names are a little iffy if you wanna go for a more basic character name. Considering Harry was named after James (his middle name) I would assume the girl would also have a middle name like ‘Lily’.

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I thought about going with Lily but at the same time didn’t want to make it overly obvious, and Lillum is just a version of lily

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